I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 31: Revenge is not overnight

Zhong Jiancheng, general manager of Jiangling District of Shentong Express, is temporarily unwilling to change the general agent of the Institute of Finance, but he also put forward the condition of collecting 100 parcels every day.

   Chen Hansheng does not simply want to complete this number, talk about cooperation with others, and how to keep following the other side’s ideas, he must have his own ideas.

   After the official end of the military training, various clubs in the school began to recruit new people, but there were a lot of things in the class. Chen Hansheng discussed with Hu Linyu: “I want to run for the student union recently. You should take care of your daily work.”

   Hu Linyu was a little confused: “Aren’t you going to do business in the future? Why are you very positive about these things.”

In order to dispel Hu Linyu’s worries, Chen Hansheng carefully explained: “Business is about a balance. I have no money and no resources. If I want to improve my position in the eyes of others, I can only bless myself through these things. Only by achieving quantitative changes and causing qualitative changes can there be bargaining possibilities.”

   “But I also want to join the student union.”

   Hu Lin said dissatisfiedly.

   “Don’t make trouble, you can do your class work with peace of mind. When you become the chairman of the student union, you will be hired in the plating gold and you are done.”

   Chen Hansheng patted his **** and left after speaking. Hu Lin’s tone was itchy but he couldn’t help it.

  Student unions exist in both the college and the department. The college is more difficult. Chen Hansheng decided to advance the student union in the department.

   He is most interested in the International Liaison Department. This department is more suitable for using Chen Hansheng’s expertise and is also more beneficial to future entrepreneurship.

   The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is considered to be a major department in liberal arts schools such as the Academy of Finance, so when Chen Hansheng came to the teaching building under the sun at noon, there were already many freshmen waiting in line outside the recruitment classroom of the External Relations Department.

   I didn’t expect that there were still students in my class, but they were all girls, and fellow Tan Min was also there. When they saw Chen Hansheng, they came over to say hello in surprise.

   “Squad leader Chen, do you want to join the student union?”

   “Yes, for the future and future of our second public management class, someone must enter the student union undercover.”

   Chen Hansheng said with a smile.

   A few girls smiled and sipped, and they were about to leave after discussing with each other: “Squad leader Chen, we went to another department to see, we can’t fight each other, we must work together to deal with outsiders.”

   Chen Hansheng knew that they were taking the initiative to reduce their competitive pressure, and they didn’t say anything, and smiled and waved and said, “Okay, don’t buy breakfast tomorrow morning, I will treat you.”

   Tan Min cheered Chen Hansheng before he left: “Come on, fellow, try to become a deputy minister.”

   At this time, a junior or senior was passing by. Hearing the words “Vice Minister”, he turned his head to look at Chen Hansheng, and walked into the interview classroom with a sneer.

   Since today is only a preliminary test, it is only a preliminary screening of prospective freshmen, so everyone has a short time to speak, and it will be Chen Hansheng’s turn in a while.

   Chen Hansheng walked in and found a woman and two men sitting below, the woman sitting in the middle, and the man sitting on both sides. Judging from the seating position, the woman should be the chief minister, and the two men should be the deputy ministers.

   There are water cards in front of them. The minister is called Qi Wei, one of the deputy ministers is called Zhou Xiao, and the other is called Yao Qingguo.

   Among them, Zhou Xiao just glanced at Chen Hansheng’s senior.

   Chen Hansheng walked in with a smile, and first nodded in greetings from the three senior elder sisters of the International Liaison Department. Qi Wei and Yao Qingguo also slightly nodded, indicating that Chen Hansheng could start the introduction.

   But at this moment, Zhou Xiao suddenly interrupted inexplicably: “You don’t need to introduce it. The External Relations Department wants to recruit a girl. You are not eligible.”


   Chen Hansheng was taken aback for a moment, thinking what the **** reason was, even if I lost the election, it didn’t matter, but what was going on deliberately not letting me open my mouth.

  Qi Wei and Yao Qingguo were also surprised, obviously they didn’t expect it.

   Zhou Xiao put his head over and said to Qi Wei: “Sorry, I forgot to discuss with you in advance. Our External Relations Department often has to deal with merchants and sponsor sponsorships. I think female status is more advantageous.”

   did not wait for Qi Wei to answer, Zhou Xiao turned around and said to Chen Hansheng: “Classmate, you can leave, don’t delay other people’s time.”

   There are many freshmen both inside and outside this classroom. They cast sympathetic glances at Chen Hansheng, and they were a little afraid of Zhou Xiao’s actions.

   Zhou Xiao is sitting in danger, he is very satisfied with the use of power in his hands.

   But after waiting for a long time, seeing that the freshman was still on the podium, Zhou Xiao put down the pen in his hand with a “pop”, and exclaimed, “Same thing, do I need to say it a third time?”

   Qi Wei and Yao Qingguo don’t know why Zhou Xiao did this, but it’s always inappropriate to treat a freshman like this, and they are trying to ease the situation.

   However, Chen Hansheng spoke first.

   “You’re a **** little official, you are really broken, do you need to help you know your hips?”


   After Chen Hansheng said this, the entire interview classroom of the External Liaison Department was full of exclamations.

   Xinsheng provokes the deputy minister, this is really eye-opening.

   Qi Wei and Yao Qingguo were confused, wondering if the day was wrong today. First, Zhou Xiao set the rules for the freshman for no reason, but this freshman seemed to be a super stab, and immediately counterattacked.

   Of course, Chen Hansheng will not bear it. There is no place for him to stay here, but even if he wants to leave, he must finish the face.

   Forbearance became more and more angry for a while, and took a step back, the more he wanted to lose. Chen Hansheng was not unable to bear this insult, but he scored.

  The deputy head of student relations of the Humanities Department of the Second College, wherever he needs Chen Hansheng to accompany a smiling face.

   Zhou Xiao may have never encountered such a situation. UU reading www.uukanshu.com suddenly discovered that the corners of the eyebrows and eyes of the freshmen on the podium are full of jealous, and there is also a wildness that is not stingy.

   Chen Hansheng stared at Zhou Xiao with gloomy eyes. In addition to pretending to be forceful in the student union, people like Zhou Xiao didn’t know how to solve the problem when they really encountered the problem. Chen Hansheng looked at him with fear.

   But he didn’t want to lose face, so he could only pretend to be inconsistent with Chen Hansheng and said, “Nowadays freshmen are really getting more and more unruly.”

   “Classmates, this is Qi Wei, the head of the External Relations Department, please calm down, and misunderstand that we can communicate.”

   Finally, Qi Wei took the initiative to stand up and wipe her ass.

   But once Chen Hansheng’s uninhibited dog temper comes up, he is basically not afraid of anyone except Lao Chen and Liang Meijuan. He looked at Qi Wei and said: “I am calm, just have a few words to talk to Minister Zhou.”

   After he finished speaking, he walked towards Zhou Xiao. Yao Qingguo was worried that Zhou Xiao would be beaten, so he stood in the middle and tried to stop him. Chen Hansheng flicked his arm and Yao Qingguo was almost overturned.

   “What are you doing?”

   Zhou Xiao also started to be scared at this time. Chen Hansheng was a head taller than himself, long and strong, and the key was fierce and fierce.

   “If the other conditions are not suitable, it’s okay, but what about gender, is there discrimination between men and women in the selection of the student union?”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t plan to do anything at all, and once the beating was justified, it became unreasonable.

   Zhou Xiao moved a few steps back, and when Qi Wei stood between the two again, he boldly said: “The External Liaison Department needs communication and coordination. Of course, it is better for women.”

   “Fart, complete the task is considered good, what does this have to do with gender.”

   Chen Hansheng stared at Zhou Xiao disdainfully: “Besides, if you really need girls, why the **** don’t you get out first?”


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