I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 32: Bet on the name of the deputy minister

   The recruitment site of the External Liaison Department was so messy and quickly attracted seniors from other departments to watch. Zhou Xiao’s popularity is very common, most people just watched it, and didn’t mean to come forward to persuade him.

   It’s easy to find out. There are still many freshman boys on the scene. Zhou Xiao used this reason to reject Chen Hansheng, which also shattered their hope of entering the External Liaison Department.

   So in their mouths, Chen Han was promoted to a victim of “right” and Zhou Xiao was a “bully” who bullied the new-born, but this bully was miserable, and Chen Han almost didn’t dare to raise his head.

In the end, even Zuo Xiaoli, vice chairman of the Student Union of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, came over. After learning about the situation, he frowned and walked into the classroom, and said in a deep voice: “Enough, good club recruiting becomes what it is now. A freshman, if you do this again, I will call the security office.”

   Zhou Xiaoyi looked like his eldest brother, and immediately gained confidence, and quickly walked to Zuo Xiaoli’s side, enthusiastically telling Chen Han’s various excessive behaviors.

   Chen Hansheng did not know this person, and asked, “Who are you?”

   “I am Zuo Xiaoli, the vice chairman of the Student Union.”

   Things have reached this point. Chen Hansheng doesn’t care about left or right. In short, he is the same as Zhou Xiao. Chen Hansheng nodded and said, “Then you go.”

   “What shall we go?”

   Zuo Xiaoli was taken aback.

   “You didn’t mean to go to the security office, go.”

   Chen Hansheng said indifferently.

   Zuo Xiaoli choked. The security office is the official administrative agency of the school. Zuo Xiaoli can tell which green onion can be moved. He just frightened and pretended to be forced by the way.

   I don’t know that Chen Hansheng can withstand the scare, and he doesn’t give face to the vice chairman of the student union at all.

   “Which class are you in and who is the counselor?”

   Zuo Xiaoli couldn’t help but finally started to zoom in. Generally, freshmen are 100% perplexed when encountering this situation.

   However, Chen Hansheng straightened his chest and said with full anger: “I’m Chen Hansheng, the monitor of the second class of public management, and the counselor is Guo Zhongyun. Do you want to give you his mobile phone number?”


   Zuo Xiaoli couldn’t continue speaking, thinking about what kind of new life this is, why there is no rules and fear in his eyes, and he is still the monitor.

   As for finding a counselor, it is even more impossible. Where can Guo Zhongyun take care of the trivial matters of the student union, he might be able to hang up halfway through it.

At this moment, several girls from Tan Min were also attracted back by the crowd. Seeing this, they said in solidarity: “Are you relying on the large number of people? Xiao Min hurry up and call the boys’ dormitory, saying that our monitor was People are bullied.”

   Zuo Xiaoli didn’t take it seriously, because he was used to using chicken feathers as an arrow, thinking it was also a bluffing posture, but then when boys kept gathering outside the classroom, he began to panic.

   Zhu Chenglong and Yang Shichao directly blocked the door, and even Li Zhennan came, showing that Chen Hansheng is indeed very prestigious among the boys.

   “Classmate, do you think this is good? You have passed the first interview. Now go back and wait for the notice from us.”

   Qi Wei doesn’t want things to make a big mess, let alone cause mass incidents, she wants to calm down this way.

   Chen Hansheng glanced at Qi Wei. This woman was grown up and generous, and she spoke calmly and neatly.

   Now that someone handed over the ladder, Chen Hansheng didn’t intend to entangle him. The matter is over and he should add a little memory to college life.

   However, why some people are fools, because he is always confused about the facts.

   When Zhou Xiao saw Chen Hansheng’s death, first of all, his fragile self-esteem couldn’t bear this tone. In addition, the vice chairman Zuo Xiaoli was still beside him. He must say something cruel.

   “The freshmen of this year really don’t understand the rules, and they have good eyes and low hands. They actually made me withdraw from the External Relations Department. If I withdrew, will you do it as the Deputy Minister?”

  Chen Hansheng didn’t plan to care anymore. Hearing Zhou Xiao’s words, he thought that he didn’t have enough **** and his face was not swollen enough. He turned around and asked, “What did I do?”

   “Who has stipulated that freshmen cannot be deputy ministers, eh?”

   Chen Hansheng asked fiercely.

   Seeing that his squad leader is so bloody, Zhu Chenglong also cried out for help: “Of course, who has the ability to be the one. The current vice chairman and vice minister of the student union have nothing to do with bullying the freshmen?”

   This hat is a bit big. Zuo Xiaoli dare not. Next, the previous student council chairperson has graduated, and the three vice chairpersons are all competing for that position. Zuo Xiaoli is worried about the bad effects.

   “Students, the External Relations Department is an important department of the Student Union, and the Deputy Minister is also responsible for sponsoring department activities. Zhou Xiao and nearby businesses are very familiar with it. Can you guarantee that you can get sponsorship for every event?”

   Zuo Xiaoli saw that he could not be tough, but he could not be intimidated, and started to make sense again.

   “Can the minister guarantee sponsorship every time that week?”

   Chen Hansheng asked back.

   “He can.”

   In this situation, Zuo Xiaoli would definitely support Zhou Xiao.

   “Then I can too.”

   Chen Hansheng said without hesitation~www.snovelfree.com~you······”

   It is the first time that Zuo Xiaoli has encountered such a freshman who does not eat hard and soft. Especially the number of onlookers is increasing. If he does not help Zhou Xiao find face, it will be difficult for him to have prestige in the student union in the future.

“How about this.”

   Zuo Xiaoli pondered for a while and said: “The department is about to prepare for the freshman party soon. Banners, dresses, and small gifts all need sponsorship. Since Chen Hansheng feels that he can do better than Zhou Xiao, it is better to have a try.”

   “Compare, who can get more sponsorship for the freshman party.”

   This proposal seems fair. In fact, Zhou Xiao took a lot of advantage. Chen Hansheng had just entered university and he had no contact with the surrounding businesses, but Zhou Xiao had been in the External Liaison Department for more than a year.

  The classmates who were watching also understood this truth. Zhu Chenglong directly sarcastically said: “Why the **** don’t you just pass the money to Zhou Xiao? Is this kind of competition fair?”

   Zuo Xiaoli pretended not to hear it, thinking that this was also what Chen Hansheng took the initiative to blow out. He could only say that the young man had too much temper and talked too much, and he didn’t know how to save himself.

   Chen Hansheng waved his hand to make Zhu Chenglong and the others stop boobs, turned his head and asked seriously, “What if I win this competition?”

Upon hearing this sentence, the cadres of the student union present, from Zuo Xiaoli to Qi Wei, from Yao Qingguo to Zhou Xiao himself, as well as seniors and sisters from other departments, felt that the brain circuit of this freshman was very strange, and they really didn’t pay attention to Zhou Xiao at all. Inside.

   Zhou Xiao also felt very insulted, and blurted out: “If you win me, I will let you be the deputy minister.”

   This is obviously an angry talk, but Chen Hansheng responded bluntly: “So many people testify, I hope you don’t fart when you speak.”


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