I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 33: When the routine doesn't work

   Today, for the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of the Academy of Finance, it may be a big news that has not been encountered in many years.

   briefly summarize:

  Parties: Freshman, squad leader Chen Hansheng of the second class of public administration, and Zhou Xiao, deputy director of the External Relations Department

   Event: Open competition to sponsor new students’ party

   Location: Yiwu Commodity Center, Jiangling University Town

   Referee: Zuo Xiaoli, Qi Wei and other cadres of the Student Union of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as a large number of freshmen watching by

   There are some coincidences in this competition. It was brought about by many factors, such as the roaring new life, Zhou Xiao’s self-esteem, Chen Hansheng’s persecution, and verbal rushing. It was unexpected and reasonable.

   Although the Student Union is essentially a civil society, it is contaminated with a lot of bad officialdom. The bureaucracy is small and the style is very poor. Just a few departments can intrigue and even divide into several factions.

   Zhou Xiao obviously followed Zuo Xiaoli, but cadres in other departments may not be. They just watch the show with an attitude of “it doesn’t matter to themselves, hang on top”.

   But the onlookers are extremely united. Where there is oppression, there will be resistance. It’s true.

   “The merchants sponsored by the Humanities Department are all in the Yiwu Commodity Center. I don’t think everyone needs to ask. This wastes time and energy. Simply assign a random merchant to each person to see who can get more sponsorship.”

   On the square of the Voluntary Commodity Center, Zuo Xiaoli, vice chairman of the Humanities Department, announced the rules.

   Zhou Xiao certainly agreed. Although it was said to be “random”, he knew very well in the External Relations Department which merchant was good at coordinating and which merchant would not give a chance. Zuo Xiaoli would definitely arrange it.

Sure enough, Zhou Xiao was assigned to a barber shop that had just opened. The firecrackers and confetti at the door were not cleaned. The owner was a young man in his 20s; Chen Hansheng was assigned to a stationery shop, and the owner was in his forties. Middle-aged.

   Zhou Xiao saw such a result, and thought it was nothing. Just opening a store definitely needs publicity. Young people are easy to talk, and they can get hundreds of dollars in sponsorship for any talk.

   As for the stationery shop owner, rich means rich, but he also digs out, and what he does is a wholesale business that has little interest in retail, so he doesn’t need to promote too much.

   “You wait for me!”

   Zhou Xiao glanced at Chen Hansheng, thinking that the face he had lost just now was just getting back.

Zhou Xiao excitedly pushed open the glass door of this “My Show” barber shop. Originally, the boss was very happy to see the business coming to the door, especially there were many students standing outside, but after hearing Zhou Xiao explain his intention, his face gradually Cold down.

   “We just opened, and business is not so good.”

   The owner of the barber shop is very reluctant. There are too many schools in Jiangling University Town. The Yiwu Commodity Center is basically the focus of every outreach department. Sometimes several waves of students come to catch the autumn wind in a month.

“It’s because you just opened, that’s why you need to promote it. Our department is preparing to have a freshman party. You sponsor a banner and then put a final payment. Then all freshmen in the department can see it. If you sponsor a little gift, This store is famous in our department.”

   This kind of sponsorship has a routine. It does not require much brain to copy, but the effect will not be very good. There will be no big money, but a little money can be obtained.

   Chen Hansheng was also in the shop, he put on a cigarette without saying a word, and watched Zhou Xiao talk with the barber shop teacher Tony quietly.

   At the end, Zhou Xiao’s tone was already somewhat flattering.

Qi Wei was standing next to Chen Hansheng. She shook her head and sighed: “This is the current situation of our External Liaison Department. Sponsorship is the same as begging, but it can also train people. This is a good talker, and the attitude of the stationery store. It will be worse.”

   Zhou Xiao relied on the vice chairman Zuo Xiaoli behind him, and didn’t put Minister Qi Wei in his eyes at all. The incident like noon was the result of Zhou Xiao’s own assertion, but now the entire External Liaison Department is embarrassed.

   Facing the information revealed by Qi Wei, Chen Hansheng silently breathed out smoke rings and did not speak.

   After half an hour, the young teacher Tony finally let go and promised to sponsor a 200 yuan banner and a 300 yuan haircut coupon, which can be used as a prize at the freshman party.

“thanks, thanks.”

   Zhou Xiao, whose tail was about to rise to the sky at school, couldn’t help but bowed to thank, but the face of Teacher Tony was cold and cold, and there was not much response.

   “It’s not easy, but somehow it worked.”

   Zhou Xiao took a long sigh, and his face gradually changed from the bowed head just now to complacent, and then looked at Chen Hansheng provocatively.

   Chen Hansheng threw away his cigarette **** and walked directly to the stationery store. Unexpectedly, there was an accident at the beginning.

   The stationery shop owner was talking to the neighbor at the door. After seeing Zuo Xiaoli and Qi Wei clearly, he covered the glass door without saying anything.

   After eating closed doors, Qi Wei’s face was a little embarrassed and a little bit angry. Zuo Xiaoli deliberately picked this kind of business to Chen Hansheng, because it was too obvious to bully others.

   As for Zhou Xiao’s heart, don’t talk too much. He only hates that he is not the owner of the stationery store, otherwise he really wants Chen Hansheng to kneel and call him father.

   “I will help you start, and the rest is up to you.”

   Qi Wei dropped these words and took the initiative to walk over and open the glass door, and said, “Hello Boss Feng, I’m here to disturb you again.”

   “If you really feel bothered, don’t come.”

   The owner of this stationery store is called Feng Jihua. He is in his forties. He has shabby hair, glasses, and a bit high cheekbone. He belongs to the type of people who are not good at dealing with each other.

   Hearing Feng Jihua’s taunt, Qi Wei said with an embarrassed expression: “We are going to have a new student party, I would like to ask you to sponsor…”


   Feng Jihua directly took out the thick account book and put it on the counter, Qi Wei’s voice also stopped abruptly.

   “It’s not that I don’t support it, I also have a lot of foreign debts that have not been recovered, and there is no money to sponsor you.”

   Feng Jihua flipped through the ledger with “wow,” while taking out the IOU and said.

  In the crowd, a student union cadre whispered: “This is the same thing. Every time he wants to sponsor, he will take out the IOU to ridicule us.”

   But from the perspective of a businessman, Chen Hansheng understands it. After all, no one’s money is blown by the wind. If it is useless, why sponsor it?

  From the perspective of today’s competition, Chen Hansheng thought that Zuo Xiaoli, who was a dog, would really get rid of it. People like Feng Jihua would basically not pay.

   “I still said that, you college students are all capable people, who can help me get the foreign debt back, the money should be used as a sponsor.”

   Feng Jihua stared at the group of college students in the Academy of Finance. These people have no social experience. When the sponsorship routine does not work, they can only do nothing.

   Zhou Xiao is the happiest here. He signaled Zuo Xiaoli to announce the result of the test as soon as possible. He can’t help but prepare to attack Chen Hansheng in a 360-degree all-weather spiral.

   Seeing Zhou Xiao’s excited expression, Chen Hansheng suddenly walked out and asked: “Boss Feng, are there any merchants near UU Reading www.uukanshu.com who owe you money?”

   Feng Jihua was appreciating the embarrassment of the college students. He was taken aback when he heard it. In the past, he used to throw out this assassin, but college students retreated in case of difficulty. Today, it is rare for anyone to dare to ask.

   “Are you going to help me with the bill?”

   “It won’t work if it’s too far, I’ll get the result this afternoon,” Chen Hansheng said.

   Feng Jihua looked at Chen Hansheng, tall and tall, really not ugly, there was an unconcealable stigma at the corner of his eyes, and he smiled with frivolousness, but he spoke calmly.

   “There is one nearby.”

   Stationery shop owner Feng Jihua flipped through the ledger, then looked up and said, “It’s the fruit shop opposite.”

   “Where is the IOU?”

   Chen Hansheng asked.

   “That’s the problem. The IOU was in duplicate at the time, but the one I kept was lost. He didn’t admit it when he knew it. Otherwise, I would have come back with the evidence so close.” Feng Jihua said.

   Chen Hansheng thought that this was still a headless debt with no evidence, and then asked, “How much does he owe you.”

   “2500 yuan.”

  Chen Hansheng nodded, and he thought for a while and suddenly shouted: “Lao Yang, Shaoqiang, Zhu Chenglong, dare you go with me to ask for debt?”

   “What can’t you dare!”

   “Fourth old, don’t look down on people.”

   “Squad leader, I will listen to you!”

Chen Hansheng was not polite. He took three **** and went directly to the opposite fruit shop. The students onlookers followed all by “wow”. Only Zhou Xiao foolishly said to Zuo Xiaoli, “I shouldn’t have won. ?”

   Zuo Xiaoli originally thought that he would be sure of ten, but now something went wrong inexplicably, and he said impatiently: “You ask me, who the **** will I ask!”


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