I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 34: 1: wave and 3: fold

   Zhou Deshun is the owner of the “Zhouji Fruit Stand” in Yiwu Commodity Center. He was sprinkling fruit in the store in the afternoon when he suddenly saw four boys walking quickly across the street.

   Zhou Deshun thought it was coming for business, and greeted him with a big smile: “A few handsome guys, what do you want?”

   “I don’t want fruit, I want money.”

  Leader Chen Hansheng replied with a smile.

Zhou Deshun realized that the few people in front of him were unkind. He calmly picked up the fruit knife, lifted the watermelon and cut it into two with a “click”, leaving the bright red juice on the ground, then raised his head and asked. : “What money do you want?”

   Seeing Zhou Shunde taking the knife, Yang Shichao and Guo Shaoqiang looked at each other, their eyelids were a little jerky.

   Chen Hansheng gave a chuckle, and actually moved the little Mazha at the door to sit next to Zhou Deshun, only 20 centimeters away from the bright fruit knife.

   “My uncle is Feng Jihua from the stationery shop opposite. I heard that you owe him 3,500 yuan and haven’t paid it back?”

   Chen Hansheng said, picking up the sliced ​​watermelon and eating it in front of Zhou Deshun’s noodles.

   The neck that was exposed when he lowered his head just hung under the sharp watermelon knife.

When Zhou Deshun heard this, he was taken aback, wondering when Feng Jihua had such a big nephew, and then he was furious again. After only half a year of work, 2500 yuan turned into 3,500, which is worse than usury. .

   Actually, it was not only Zhou Deshun, Yang Shichao, and the three of them heard that “2500” had become “3500”, and they felt confused, but they thought that Chen Hansheng deliberately charged an extra 1,000 yuan for the handling fee, so they didn’t say anything.

   Compared to Feng Jihua, Chen Hansheng is actually more willing to deal with Zhou Deshun, because Feng Jihua’s willingness to sponsor is up to him. Chen Hansheng really can’t force it, but Zhou Deshun’s loophole is too big, and Chen Hansheng can easily find an entry point.

   “Boy, let me tell you that I don’t owe your uncle 3,500 yuan.”

   Zhou Deshun said solemnly.

   After eating the watermelon, Chen Hansheng casually lifted his clothes and wiped his mouth, and said with a smile: “I don’t care about it, the old man said that, I am only responsible for asking for money.”

   Just as Zhou Deshun was looking at the four people, the students of the Finance Institute who watched the excitement gradually gathered in front of the fruit shop.

   “Who are they?” Zhou Deshun asked.

   These people have obvious college anger, and Chen Hansheng does not hide it: “These are my college classmates. If you don’t give me 3,500 yuan, I will let them move fruit until the full 3,500 yuan.”

“you dare!”

   Zhou Deshun knocked on the fruit knife with a “dang”, and then shouted: “Feng Jihua of Gou Ri, the debt of 2,500 yuan was deliberately said to be 3,500, and he let a group of college students harass Lao Tzu’s business and wait for Lao Tzu!”

After talking about Zhou Deshun, he walked to the small warehouse at the back. After a sound of turning boxes and cabinets, Zhou Deshun took out a crumpled IOU and stuck it on Chen Hansheng’s face: “Look carefully, did I only borrow 2500 yuan? Money, your wicked uncle is lying to you!”

   Chen Hansheng took down the IOU, and it clearly read “Zhou Deshun borrowed 2500 yuan from Feng Jihua due to personal financial constraints, and agreed to return it within one month…”

   Zhou Deshun waited for Chen Hansheng to finish reading, then said, “Did you see clearly?”

   “See clearly.”

   Chen Hansheng nodded.

   “Then exchange the IOU for me.”

   Zhou Deshun stretched out his hand and said.

   Chen Hansheng smiled, folded the IOU and put it in his pocket: “I heard it wrong just now. The old uncle actually said that it was 2500 yuan. Now the evidence is all there. Let me pay back the money, boss Zhou.”

   Zhou Deshun was dumbfounded for a while, and finally reacted.

   “Do you dare to deceive me, I wish Feng Jihua this pair of wicked uncles nephew the whole family!”

   “Whatever, boss Feng and I are not very familiar anyway.”


   In the stationery shop, looking at the 25 100 yuan notes in front of him, Feng Jihua smiled like a flower.

   “I didn’t expect it, I gave up on this money, I didn’t expect you to come back,”

   Feng Jihua said as he stretched out his hand to collect the money.


   Chen Hansheng directly suppressed it with a lighter.

   “Classmate, what do you mean?”

   Feng Jihua raised his head and asked.

   “It doesn’t mean anything, just remind Boss Feng that this is my money.”

   Chen Hansheng said with a smile.

   “This is too much, you can take 500 yuan as a bonus, but it is not reasonable to accept all.”

   Feng Jihua said in a deep voice.

   The two people who were in a state of cooperation just now collapsed because of the money, but Chen Hansheng was obviously even more unreasonable, and he didn’t intend to be reasonable.

   Zhu Chenglong also sneered next to him: “Did Boss Feng forget what I just said? Whoever asks you to get the debt back, the money will go to whom.”


   Feng Jihua paused, wondering who knows that these dogs can really come back. He pushed his glasses and said with a smile: “I’m just talking.”

   “You say it’s yours, but I take it seriously.”

   Chen Hansheng took a cigarette and ordered 2500 yuan directly, Feng Jihua swallowed and spit, but there was no way.

   When the money was in Feng Jihua’s hands, Chen Hansheng really had nothing to do, but once it was released and taken by Chen Hansheng, Feng Jihua couldn’t get it back.

   “Wait, Minister Zhou, you seem to have raised 500 yuan in sponsorship just now.”

   At this time, Zuo Xiaoli and Zhou Xiao were planning to leave quietly. Who would have thought that Chen Hansheng was cunning and fierce, not only deceiving Zhou Deshun’s IOU, but also directly stuffing the money into the bag in front of Feng Jihua.

   Now Zhou Xiao just wants to be a little transparent, but Chen Hansheng never let him go.

   “Let’s do it, I’ll spend 501 yuan as a sponsor for the freshman party, and a little bit of it.”

   Chen Hansheng took out 500 yuan banknotes, and then borrowed a coin with Li Zhennan~www.snovelfree.com~ and handed it to Qi Wei.

   Qi Wei was stunned, not knowing whether to accept or refuse.

   “Why, look down on?”

   Chen Hansheng asked with a smile.

   Qi Wei gritted her teeth, pretending not to see the gloomy eyes of Vice Chairman Zuo Xiaoli, directly accepted the 501 yuan.

“it is good!”

   Guo Shaoqiang yelled fiercely, and the surrounding freshmen began to cheer. They didn’t know the reason, but they always felt that this should be a victory, and they were personally involved.

   Yang Shichao didn’t think it was messy enough. He shouted at Zuo Xiaoli and Zhou Xiao’s back: “It’s agreed to let the vice minister out. Why are you now?”

   “Forget it, he won’t let it out.”

   Chen Hansheng said indifferently.

  Although Zhou Xiao swears in front of so many people, as long as he is thick-skinned and Zuo Xiaoli supports him again, the deputy minister can still be the same.

   “Drink at night, I’ll treat you!”

   Chen Hansheng called all the students in the class who came to the merchandise center to support the scene. In the afternoon, Chen Hansheng showed them another face, which is far more complicated than the students.

   Fortunately, he is our monitor.

   Yang Shichao and a few people screamed while drinking, all saying that Zhou Xiao was shameless and refused to admit these words after losing. Zhu Chenglong also specifically asked: “How can Zhou Xiao be obediently withdraw from the External Liaison Department?”

   Chen Hansheng was drinking at the time and didn’t think deeply, so he replied: “Unless he fell to the ground and couldn’t pick it up, the intensity of this matter in the afternoon was not enough.”

   Zhu Chenglong said “Oh” and continued to drink.

   After returning in the evening, Chen Hansheng was playing cards with someone, Guo Shaoqiang suddenly ran in in a panic and said: “It’s not good, Zhu Chenglong beat Zhou Xiao this day.”


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