I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 35: Luckily no blood

   Chen Hansheng heard that “Zhu Chenglong beat Zhou Xiao”, he knew that the situation was not good.

   “Where are the two now?”

   Chen Hansheng asked while changing his clothes.

   “Zhou Xiao’s dormitory.”

   Sophomore and junior dormitories are the next building. When Chen Hansheng ran over there, Zhou Xiao’s dormitory was already crowded with many people, and there were school security guards in uniform.

   Even worse, the instructors Guo Zhongyun and Zhou Xiao of the second class of public management are also in their class.

   “Just add **** chaos!”

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help cursing in his heart, and finally understood what Zhu Chenglong asked when he was drinking at night.

   This dog day beat Zhou Xiao, one is to help Chen Hansheng out of anger, and the other is to save Zhou Xiao’s face, so that he has no face to rely on the position of deputy head of the External Relations Department. Unexpectedly, the school security and the counselors on both sides were shocked.

   Zhou Xiao’s dormitory was messed up all over the floor. The washbasin and chairs fell all over the floor. He covered his face and sat on the bed. Zhu Chenglong’s head was also swollen and he was being held by the school security.

   “There is no bleeding, luck in misfortune.”

   Chen Hansheng let out a sigh of relief.

   At this time, Zhou Xiao also saw Chen Hansheng, his eyes full of resentment.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t take it seriously, and greeted him actively: “Mr. Guo.”

   Guo Zhongyun was talking to Zhou Xiao’s counselor. He saw Chen Hansheng coming over. He immediately said, “I’m going to see you. I don’t want to take care of the student union in the afternoon. I’ll ask you now, do you know anything about tonight?”

   Old Guo is rarely so serious.

   Chen Hansheng reacted quickly and immediately realized that Zhou Xiao had framed him. He probably said that Zhu Chenglong had done it under his instigation.

   But for Chen Hansheng, this incident is more than just explaining the facts, because once he says “don’t know”, he will be picked out, but Zhu Chenglong will definitely bear full responsibility.

   “Speak, do you know?” Zhou Xiao’s counselor also asked.

   Zhu Chenglong is not a counselor. He will not let Chen Hansheng take the responsibility for what he did. Just as he was about to argue, Chen Hansheng glared at him and said, “I know.”


   Guo Zhongyun slapped the table fiercely: “Chen Hansheng, you are still the squad leader. It actually involves a fight and must be thoroughly examined.”

   Chen Hansheng nodded silently: “I’ll write tonight.”

   “No, write it now. You must give Zhou Xiao an explanation immediately.” Guo Zhongyun said loudly.

   Chen Hansheng glanced at Guo Zhongyun, wrote an inspection on the spot, and gave a statement on the spot that this was going to end on the spot. It turned out that Old Guo planned to calm the turmoil as soon as possible.

   Chen Hansheng and Zhu Chenglong each wrote an inspection on the spot. This is a momentary choice and judgment made by Chen Hansheng based on the scene.

   Zhou Xiao didn’t see blood, it should be possible to take care of it. If he stood up to help bear it, Zhu Chenglong’s pressure would not be so great.

   At this time, the nurse from the school infirmary also came over. She checked the wounds of Zhou Xiao and Zhu Chenglong next time, shook her head and said, “It’s nothing serious. You don’t need to take anti-inflammatory drugs.”

   “Damn, Zhou Xiao, this little **** almost called the headmaster.”

   Chen Hansheng said in his heart, Zhou Xiao knew all the tricks he played, and he was deliberately making things big.

   “You write an inspection for this matter first, and then apologize to Zhou Xiao, and then report the final punishment result after studying in the department.”

   Guo Zhongyun stared and said.

   Chen Hansheng’s face was sinking, Zhu Chenglong was anxious, he didn’t expect the trouble to be so big, the fights in high school were more severe than this, but there was no such influence.

   Zhu Chenglong was frightened by Guo Zhongyun’s anger of thunder on the surface. He couldn’t see through his counselor’s intention of “the thunder is loud and the rain drops”.

   The school security saw that the matter had been brought under control and the counselors from both sides were there again, so he left with the nurse.

   In essence, this is just a trivial matter of fighting and fighting. The security guard did not know why the student named Zhou Xiao called the medical office and the security room when he notified the counselor.

   “Sorry, Senior Zhou Xiao, today is a moment of confusion for us, and now we have realized the mistake, please forgive me…”

   Chen Hansheng and Zhu Chenglong apologized publicly, but Zhou Xiao did not say a word.

   “I’m sorry, Zhou Xiao, senior…”

Chen Hansheng apologized again loudly. Zhou Xiao never said anything. Guo Zhongyun and counselor Zhou Xiao looked at each other and said: “Since Zhou Xiao doesn’t forgive you now, don’t get in the way here. Go back to the dormitory and wait for the result. “

   They yawned and left after talking. Zhou Xiao seemed to have been killed on the phone. Lao Guo didn’t have time to wear the **** that scared him, and he didn’t even break his skin.

   The two counselors walked downstairs to the teacher’s dormitory. They blocked the wind and lit their cigarettes. Zhou Xiao’s counselor suddenly said, “I didn’t expect it.”

   “You can see it too?”

   Guo Zhongyun asked back.

   “Isn’t this nonsense, your squad leader is obviously helping others.”

   Guo Zhongyun sighed: “I just heard about the student union in the afternoon. Your students are too small-minded, and my monitor is too wild.”

   Zhou Xiao’s counselor nodded: “Zhou Xiao is a very smart student, but his mind is a little bit crooked. This setback may not be a bad thing. I hope I can learn something, otherwise I will suffer a loss in society.”

   Guo Zhongyun said, “Well, the problem of getting into society is not within their consideration. When we parted, Lao Guo suddenly said, “What about my student’s examination just now?”

   “Why, worry that I will quietly hand it in?”

   Guo Zhongyun smiled and snatched it over: “The director is already very busy, don’t bother him with this little thing.”


   Chen Hansheng and Zhou Xiao still don’t know that their counselors have reached a “peace agreement.” Zhou Xiao only felt it was a pity that they would not resist. If they were really injured, at least Chen Hansheng could be punished firmly.

   Now that it’s so painless and painless, the two **** may not even report criticism at the end. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

   “You go back first.”

   Chen Hansheng suddenly said to Zhu Chenglong.

   Zhu Chenglong did not dare to disobey. After he left, Chen Hansheng began to help clean up Zhou Xiao’s dormitory.

   Zhou Xiao sneered: “I don’t need you to be kind.”

   Chen Hansheng was too lazy to take care of it. It was not until the seven or eighty-eights that Chen Hansheng said to Zhou Xiao before leaving: “If you were not a college student, you wouldn’t have looked at me more when you died in front of me.”

   Zhou Xiao was shocked when he heard it. Chen Hansheng’s meaning was obvious. If he had already stepped into society, Chen Hansheng would not have any guilt thoughts at all.

   After returning to the dormitory, the boys in the class were all around the corridor, and they also knew the reason for the whole thing.

   Zhu Chenglong has realized the mistake, he cowered and said: “Han Sheng, I didn’t think of it like this.”


   Chen Hansheng suddenly stretched out his foot and kicked it out, Zhu Chenglong took a firm hold, then Chen Hansheng walked back to the room without saying a word.

   The boys helped Zhu Chenglong up. He was good at fighting and rubbing the kicked area. He was hesitant to go in and apologize.

   The boys around didn’t know what to do. In the end, they pretended to force the young Jin Yangming to stand up.

   He pushed down the frame of the glasses with his middle finger, and analyzed, “I think this is a good thing. Since Brother Chen kicked this kick, it means he will forgive you.”

   Zhu Chenglong heard that it made sense, opened the door and limped into the dormitory, and found that Chen Hansheng was smoking.

   “Squad leader, I’m so sorry, I became reckless after drinking, and asked you to help me out.”

   Chen Hansheng turned his head, looked at Zhu Chenglong who was full of guilt, shook his head and threw a cigarette to him.

   “It can’t be said that it is completely useless. As Vice Minister Zhou Xiao, he really can’t do it anymore.”


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