I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 36: Freshman Deputy Minister

   As expected by Chen Hansheng, Zhou Xiao resigned two days later.

   Not only that, the so-called wall fell and everyone pushed, Zhou Xiao used to dig out a lot of black materials in the External Liaison Department.

   Why do you use your position to invite girls to eat? When sponsoring a sponsorship, you may be suspicious of filling your pockets, relying on someone behind you, and don’t put Minister Qi Wei in the eyes.······

   The dirty water seemed to have eyes, and all rushed towards Zhou Xiao. This is because Zhou Xiao’s hands and feet were not clean, and someone contributed to it.

   In the end, even Zuo Xiaoli couldn’t persuade him to move, and Zhou Xiaotie was determined to leave the sad place of the student union.

   “Xiao Li, when Zhou Xiao leaves the External Relations Department, we have to replace a deputy minister, otherwise Qi Wei will be so busy.”

   One day after the meeting, another vice chairman of the student union, Hu Xiuping, suddenly mentioned.

   Zuo Xiaoli was overwhelmed by Zhou Xiao’s affairs, and said vigilantly: “The External Relations Department also has Yao Qingguo, and Qi Wei is also very capable. I don’t think this matter is in a hurry.”

   However, Mu Wenling, the only female vice chairman, also holds the same view.

   “The preparations for the freshman party have begun, and the External Relations Department should get enough sponsorship as soon as possible. At this time, it should be specially organized to increase the promotion of capable newcomers as soon as possible.”

   Zuo Xiaoli is particularly sensitive to the words “newman” and “newborn” recently. Seeing the tacit glances of Hu Xiuping and Mu Wenling, Zuo Xiaoli suddenly realized something.

   “Who are you going to promote as deputy minister?” Zuo Xiaoli asked.

   Hu Xiuping and Mu Wenling looked at each other, and Hu Xiuping coughed and said, “We also consider this candidate from the perspective of fairness and justice, as well as new public opinion.”

   “Don’t talk nonsense, I want to know who it is?”

   Zuo Xiaoli interrupted loudly.

   “Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Public Management Second Class, Chen Hansheng.”

   Mu Wenling said calmly.

   Zuo Xiaoli was not too surprised by this answer, but sneered twice: “Since you both have decided, why bother to ask me if it is 2 to 1.”

   Hu Xiuping and Mu Wenling did not speak. There was only one chairperson position, which could reduce the strength of other competitors and put a nail in. Why not do it.

   “According to the usual practice, the new vice ministers will have conversations. Would you like to participate?” Hu Xiuping asked.

   “Naturally want it.”

   Zuo Xiaoli said bitterly.


   This is the second time Chen Hansheng has participated in the student union interview, but the first time he interviewed ordinary members of the External Relations Department, and the second time he interviewed the Deputy Minister of External Relations.

   is less than a week before and after, so it is really strange to say that this human encounter.

   The Department of Humanities has an empty activity room in the University Student Activity Center. The interview site is here. After Chen Hansheng opened the door and entered, he found that there were two men and one woman again.

   One of them is Zuo Xiaoli, who is staring at Chen Hansheng with a gloomy face.

The two vice-chairmen first introduced their identities, and then talked about the internal management order of the student union. Chen Hansheng listened indifferently. Just as the performance procedure was about to be completed, Zuo Xiaoli suddenly said: “Chen Hansheng, you think you can be A student union cadre, I urge you to think about it!”

   After Zhou Xiao resigned, Chen Hansheng decided to stop here, but Zuo Xiaoli unexpectedly jumped out again.

   Chen Hansheng doesn’t mind at all. People with his character will definitely have enemies, but there will definitely be more friends than enemies.

   “Don’t think about it, thank the organization for the trust, I will definitely live up to the leadership’s cultivation.”

   Chen Hansheng raised his eyebrows, and agreed unceremoniously.

   Watching Zuo Xiaoli and Chen Hansheng pinch as soon as they met, Hu Xiuping felt that he had taken a coup, which was equivalent to stinging a competitor, and only Mu Wenling frowned unnoticeably.

   With the support of the two vice-chairmen, it is almost a foregone conclusion that Chen Hansheng will become the deputy head of the Foreign Relations Department. Before leaving, Zuo Xiaoli hurled out angrily.

   “Hu Xiuping, Mu Wenling, I have witnessed what happened in Yiwu Commodity Center. This person is a hooligan in his bones. You will regret it in the future!”

   After Zuo Xiaoli left, both Hu Xiuping and Mu Wenling were a little embarrassed. They wanted to say some congratulations and encouragement, but Chen Hansheng patted his **** and stood up: “Two leaders, is there anything else?”

   “No, no more.”

   Mu Wenling said in a daze.

   “Okay, then see you later.”

   Chen Hansheng waved his hand downstairs and left.

  Hu Xiuping and Mu Wenling looked at each other. After a while, Hu Xiuping said, “I thought he would thank us.”

   Mu Wenling said that this was originally a mutual use of the relationship. Chen Hansheng was able to dig out 2500 yuan from Feng Jihua’s Grande hands, how could it be fooled by us? Maybe it has long been seen through.

   “I really don’t know what Xiaowei thinks, so I actually support Chen Hansheng as the deputy minister, and I don’t know if I can control him.”

   No one thought that Chen Hansheng could become the deputy head of the External Relations Department, and Qi Wei was behind him.

   But anyway, since the beginning of school this month, while other students are still trying to adapt to the pace of university life, Chen Hansheng is already the monitor and deputy head of the Department of External Relations of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department.


   On the morning of October 1, Chen Hansheng, Xiao Rongyu, Wang Zibo and Gao Jialiang stood at the east gate with their luggage.

   “They said that you don’t need your dad to pick them up. We got home by bus last night.”

   Chen Hansheng said while wiping his sweat, this is October, and the autumn tiger in Jianye is still showing off.

   “You don’t like to take a ride. You can also take the bus now.”

   Xiao Rongyu pouted and said.

   Originally, Chen Hansheng didn’t plan to go back this National Day holiday, but couldn’t stand the nagging on the phone from Liang Meijuan, and finally planned to go home to see my mother, but the time has not yet been set.

   It happened that Xiao Rongyu’s father came to Jianye from Gangcheng to pick up his daughter, and he took Chen Hansheng back.

   “Okay, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, the seven-seater car with the Hong Kong City license should be Uncle Xiao, Han Sheng, you have to be mature, don’t forget the gentleman manner, we are now college students.”

   Gao Jialiang did not let go of all opportunities to set off himself, especially Chen Hansheng.

   “Damn, iron licks the dog.”

   Chen Hansheng spat and cursed.

   Xiao Rongyu’s father also saw the group of people and slowly moved the car closer to the side of the road.

   At this time, Gao Jialiang, who had just mentioned the “gentleman demeanor”, was ready to sprint, and Chen Hansheng took a glance to understand his intentions.

   The most comfortable seven-seater car is the two positions in the middle. Needless to say, Xiao Rongyu will definitely occupy one, and the remaining one becomes the “throne.”

  The reason is very simple. It is the closest to Xiao Rongyu and the most spacious.

   After the car stopped, Gao Jialiang really wanted to rush up. Chen Hansheng stopped him: “Let me get on first, I want to sit in the last row.”

   Gao Jialiang paused. Although I don’t know why Chen Hansheng had to take the initiative to take the back seat, this kind of seven-seater car would have been in the back row first.

   Just in a moment, Chen Hansheng got into the car with ease, but he sat down in the middle.

   Gao Jialiang was dumbfounded, and asked blankly: “Chen Hansheng, didn’t you say sit back?”

   “Oh, I suddenly changed my mind just now.”

   Chen Han Shengyun said lightly.

   When Wang Zibo saw this situation, he pulled the co-pilot away and sat on it, leaving Gao Jialiang in the last row.

   “Don’t get in the way, Xiao Rongyu is still basking in the sun behind.”

   Chen Hansheng “kindly” signaled Gao Jialiang to get on the bus.

   Gao Jialiang had no choice but to say to Chen Hansheng: “Believe you in the future, I am a dog!”


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