I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 4: Little crucian goddess

Hong Kong City is a small city with a very slow pace of life. People off work rode their bicycles on the street in twos and threes. Chen Hansheng and Wang Zibo paced slowly in the afterglow of the sunset, with charming light and shadow in the evening, pulling the two figures. It’s very long.

   Chen Hansheng was watching the landscape with great interest along the way. Some buildings no longer existed more than ten years later, so when I saw it again, this feeling was very unreal.

  I was observing with gusto, and suddenly there was a crisp bell sound from behind. Chen Hansheng looked back and couldn’t help but vomit: “On the first day of rebirth, how could I be entangled with them.”

   It turned out that Chen Hansheng and Wang Zibo both walked at a slow pace, and they were soon overtaken by Xiao Rongyu and the group of bikers.

  Wang Zibo also waved his hand politely. Chen Hansheng was too troublesome and he turned his head and pretended not to see it, but Xiao Rongyu stopped him.

   “Chen Hansheng, Wang Zibo, only you two have left a message on my classmate record.”

   Xiao Rongyu stopped the car and took out an exquisite hard-faced note from his bag: “Whatever you write, it is a memorial.”

   At this time, Xiao Rongyu leaned on the ground with one leg, inadvertently revealing half of his beautiful round calf, white and tender, so that the other boys were embarrassed to look more, and turned his head in unison.

Chen Hansheng didn’t have much interest at first, but seeing this scene, the soul of the middle-aged uncle guided him to start from the ivory-like legs, look along the thin waist, round and lubricious pearl shoulders, and finally stop at That pretty pink face.

   Xiao Rongyu laughed, and the pear vortices on both sides were looming, which was really pretty.

   “Chen Hansheng, you write your classmates, where do you look!”

   Gao Jialiang had also diverted his gaze, but he was reluctant to part with the good scenery in front of him, and planned to quietly scan with his side. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Chen Hansheng generously, staring at Xiao Rongyu from top to bottom.

   Gao Jia’s vigorous cursing, in fact, even Wang Zibo is wondering that Chen Hansheng is indeed a non-taboo character, but he still respected Xiao Rongyu before and rarely looked so rudely.

Xiao Rongyu is not the kind of gentle girl who can be rubbed by others. She noticed that Chen Hansheng was still staying on her chest. She immediately bluffed her face, raised her small fist and warned: “If you look at me, please go out your eyes. I will tell Aunt Liang.”

The young girl who is about to enter the university campus has already begun to develop her body. Xiao Rongyu’s chest also has a three-dimensional impression of “little lotus with sharp corners”. Chen Hansheng smiled and picked up her classmates. The words above were really clichéd and annoying. Miss.

   There is a girl version:

   No matter how long the future is, please cherish the little things we get together. No matter how many reincarnations we experience, I will still be your friend.

   also has a literary version:

   Friendship will not disappear because of running away from each other; fate will not be cut off because of graduation; blessing will not be forgotten because of the ends of the world.

   also has a simple version:

   I wish Xiao Rongyu students happiness and happiness in college forever.

   There is also a limerick version:

   green mountains and green waters, young people,

   We got along for several years.

   No other gifts,

   write a blessing as a souvenir.

   Even, Chen Hansheng turned to Gao Jia’s kindly poem-like message:

I hope we are a pair of white birds on the top of the wave. The meteor has not died yet, and we are tired of its shining; the sky is low, and the blue star in the morning light has awakened a ray of undead sadness in our hearts— — Gao Jialiang’s autograph.

  God Day’s Gao Jialiang was too shameless, plagiarized Yeats’s “White Bird” and insisted that he wrote it himself.

   Xiao Rongyu obviously also knew that this was a love poem. She blushed a little, and then pretended to be serious and said to Chen Hansheng: “Don’t mess around, find an empty place to write quickly!”

   Chen Hansheng changed hands and gave it to Wang Zibo: “Come on, you write first.”

  Wang Zibo was racking his brains to conceive a sentence, trying to impress Xiao Meili as much as possible. He took the pen in a panic, and muttered dissatisfiedly: “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

   Things happened in a hurry, and Wang Zibo didn’t have much preparation, so he could only write in a satisfactory manner: “I wish Xiao Rongyu the longer and more beautiful, and always happy.”

   Then it was Chen Hansheng’s turn. He originally wanted to write “May you leave half your life and return as a teenager.”

But this sentence is too literary and not interesting enough. After thinking about it, I finally wrote: “You live well in the pond. The loach is ugly but you can say festive things. The toad is sloppy but interesting. The snail is a Gentle autism, little crucian carp is your common goddess.”

   Gao Jialiang stood far away at first, but when Chen Hansheng started writing, the sense of crisis drove him to approach him, and when he saw Chen Hansheng write a group of amphibians, he smiled contemptuously and said: “Elementary school student composition.”

   Immediately, a girl shook her head and said, “Not necessarily, it may seem boring at first, but it will be very interesting if you read it twice. Rong Yu is your goddess.”

Although Gao Jialiang’s level of life is low, he came out of the first middle school, and his Chinese literacy is still qualified. After careful taste in his heart, he will know that he is right, but he is unwilling to admit it, and impatiently urges: “It’s almost dark. , Let’s go home quickly.”

  Xiao Rongyu can also appreciate the innocence and liveliness in this sentence, UU reading www.uukanshu. com also has a bit of personification, but she is not too surprised. Chen Hansheng usually has a very flexible head and people are also very interesting.

   Old Xu, the head teacher, once commented that “if he is willing to calm down and study, he must be a seedling.”

   “Well written, I won’t talk to Aunt Liang about smoking, but you are not allowed to do it again.”

   Xiao Rongyu preached crisply. She has grown up in a smooth environment for so many years, and her tone of voice will inevitably be a little proud.

  Wang Zibo, who had been persuading him, grinned at Chen Hansheng until the group of prospective college students on bicycles left. “I was not ready just now. You are forced to write first.”

  Chen Hansheng did not argue, but just asked in a rhetorical line: “If you write it again, it will be useful for eggs, are you going to pursue Xiao Rongyu?”

“how is this possible!”

   Wang Zibo was taken aback: “I also talked ill of her behind her back, and didn’t dare to look up in front of her.”

   This kid is a bit self-aware and dare to admit that Chen Hansheng smiled and put his arms around his neck, just as he did 17 years ago.

   “Then stop talking nonsense, go to Shuangqiao Square another day and ask you to eat that newly opened McDonald’s.”

   “Why don’t you go tonight?”

   Wang Zibo asked, McDonald’s is still a strange thing in Hong Kong City.

“Not tonight.”

   Chen Hansheng directly refused: “I want to accompany my father and mother to eat.”

  Wang Zibo was taken aback for a moment: “Don’t you always think they are verbose?”

“You do not understand.”

   Chen Hansheng did not explain much, and waved goodbye directly: “Go home.”

   Looking at his friend’s back under the dimly yellow street lamp, Wang Zibo felt inexplicably as if there were many stories.


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