I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 5: My family has grown up

The street is still the same street, and the building is the same building. Even the broken street lamp has not changed. Chen Hansheng stood at his door. He wanted to knock on the door gently, but when he raised his hand, he heard the sound of “dongdong”. Li couldn’t help but shouted, “Mom, I’m back.”


The wooden door inside was opened first, and a middle-aged woman in her forties appeared in Chen Hansheng’s sight. As she opened the door, she unceremoniously reprimanded: “What is the noise? The whole building hears your voice. You are such an adult. Go out. No keys.”

   “It’s still a familiar formula, or a familiar taste.” Chen Hansheng thought to himself.

   The environment has a memory function. For example, on a thundering night, the staff on duty in the Forbidden City often saw palace ladies walking on the lacquered red walls. It is said that this is because the magnetic field memorizes the previous images and stores them on the wall during the previous thunderstorms.

   Chen Hansheng’s mentality was still a bit nervous, but when his mother Liang Meijuan opened her mouth, she suddenly pulled him back to the memory of 17 years ago, and there was almost no change in the way of getting along.

   Entering the house with the eyes of the old lady, Chen Hansheng didn’t feel much, but felt that the living room was too boring. He turned the sofa to find the remote control: “I don’t know how to turn on the air conditioner when it is so hot, what about my dad?”

   Liang Meijuan took out the ice watermelon from the refrigerator, and said, “I know that I will turn on the air conditioner when I get back. Your dad hasn’t got off work yet.”

   Seeing the ice watermelon, Chen Hansheng smiled “hehe”: “My mother still loves me.”

   “There is only one mouth left.”

   Liang Meijuan looked at her lively son. She was actually quite satisfied, but she still pretended to be very strict: “What about the admission notice?”

   Chen Hansheng threw the envelope containing the admission notice on the dinner table at random: “Here.”

   “I want to die!”

   Liang Meijuan quickly picked it up and confirmed that there was no watermelon juice stained on the envelope. She used a spatula to slap Chen Hansheng with a spatula: “Little rabbit, do you want to go to college.”

Liang Meijuan cautiously took out the admission notice and looked at the words on the cover of Dahong: “Chen Hansheng is admitted to study in the’Public Management Major’, please come to our school on September 1, 2002 to report with this notice”, which made her smile even more. .

   Although domestic universities began to expand their enrollment in 1999, the current influence is not so far-reaching, and the value and reputation of college students can be maintained for a while.

  Especially Liang Meijuan’s maiden nephew did not enter the university. Although his son is not very obedient, he still has a lot to do with his studies.

   Although it is only two books, it can still be admitted to graduate school in the future.

   Liang Meijuan was thinking, Chen Hansheng gobbled up half of a watermelon, patted his belly and took a shower in the bathroom. Liang Meijuan reacted: “Let the water be boiled for 10 minutes, otherwise you will catch a cold.”

   Now I still have a solar water heater at home. I have to cook it for a while before taking a bath. Chen Hansheng didn’t listen, so he picked up his clothes and walked in: “Of course it’s comfortable to take a cold shower on such a hot day.”

   “Smelly boy!”

   Liang Meijuan couldn’t persuade her, so she could only let Chen Hansheng turn her head and read the admission notice, suddenly feeling relieved.

   It takes a lot of money to support a child until college, both financially and spiritually.

   “In another four years, Lao Chen and I will be able to relax, and then we will help with our grandchildren. There will be nothing else in this life.”

   This is the small day that Liang Meijuan, a middle-aged woman in Hong Kong city, is looking forward to.


   Chen Hansheng took a quick shower in pain, and then stared blankly at himself in the mirror, young, healthy, full of vitality, and covering his eyes is an 18-year-old face.

   Let go of your eyes, you can always find the depths that do not belong to this age.

   Chen Hansheng suddenly stretched out his finger, poked heavily on the mirror and said: “Since I have sent Lao Tzu back, I must do something. Although I will not be short of money for normal development, it is boring to have so much!”

   At this time, Chen Hansheng heard the sound of the iron gate and the voices in the living room. He converged his serious expression, put on loose home shirt and underwear, and walked out the door with a grin, “Old Chen is back!”

   Standing in the living room is a handsome middle-aged man, Chen Hansheng looks six points similar to him.

   This is Chen Hansheng’s father, Chen Zhaojun, but the two of them have very different personalities.

   Chen Zhaojun talks very little, Liang Meijuan often said that he “can’t make a fart for a long time”, but this son has an active mind and doesn’t care much about rules.

   So even if his only son greeted him, Chen Zhaojun just said faintly, but noticed that Chen Hansheng had just taken a bath and there were still water drops on his back. Chen Zhaojun silently walked over to raise the temperature of the living room air conditioner.

   Before Chen Hansheng had time to talk to the old man, Liang Meijuan took Chen Hansheng’s changed pants, took out a pack of cigarettes from it, and put it on the table with a snap: “Okay, Chen Hansheng, have you learned to smoke sneakily?”

   This is the Hongjinling Mausoleum “captured” by Chen Hansheng from the head teacher Lao Xu. He forgot to hide it just now, but it was searched by Liang Meijuan.

   Chen Hansheng’s expression has not changed: “Old Xu forced it to me. He said that I performed well in the college entrance examination this time. Give me a pack of cigarettes to comfort me.”


   Liang Meijuan didn’t believe it at all: “How can the class teacher give the students cigarettes, Chen Zhaojun, you still care about your son.”

  Chen Zhaojun didn’t want to mix up the “war” between the mother and son, and was about to walk into the bedroom quietly, but Liang Meijuan didn’t let him go.

   Old Chen glanced at his indifferent son and his angry wife, and finally decided to stand on his side.

   “It’s too early to smoke now. Even if you take into account the needs of communication, at least you have to wait until you officially go to college. I will put away this pack of cigarettes.”

   Chen Zhaojun put the cigarette in his pocket when he said that. Chen Hansheng wanted to go around and it was finally cheap and old Chen, but he was embarrassed that he didn’t carry anything in his hand after crossing back.

   Forget it, this pack of cigarettes will serve as a gift!

   Chen Hansheng thought generously, and then the family began to eat. Liang Meijuan discussed with Chen Zhaojun as they ate, “Remember to ask for a good time off, and then we will send Hansheng to university together.”

   Chen Zhaojun nodded, and Chen Hansheng shook his head.

   “It’s fine for me to report on my own. Just do what you should do.”

   Liang Meijuan glared her eyes: “A few hundred kilometers, and there are thousands of dollars in tuition.”

   “I’m carrying it the same way.” Chen Hansheng said.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t let his parents send it to the report before, and now it’s even more so. But in 2002, he basically paid in cash when he went to college. He was also very nervous when he took a few thousand dollars in a bus.

   “In addition.”

  Chen Hansheng paused and said: “If it weren’t for our family’s conditions to apply for student loans, I would not even bother to falsify materials to take advantage of the country. I want to apply for student loans.”


   Liang Meijuan put down his chopsticks and said, “Although our family is not rich, it is okay for you to go to college. Don’t play with my mother, and learn something honestly.”

   Liang Meijuan still knows her son very well. UU reading www.uukanshu.com has too many ideas and is out of control.

  Chen Hansheng didn’t listen at all: “In short, I’ve thought about it. Except for the first semester, I will not ask you for tuition and living expenses in the future. I will try to make money by myself!”

“you dare!”

   Liang Meijuan and Liu’s eyebrows are vertical.

   “What dare not!”

   Chen Hansheng replied, stroking his neck.

   “Chen Zhaojun, you come to make an evaluation!”

   is still the old rule. Whenever there is a disagreement between mother and child, Lao Chen will be the referee. This habit will continue into the future.

  Chen Zhaojun thought about it seriously, and said slowly: “Han Sheng is a man. It’s okay to have the idea of ​​making a fortune, but learning can’t be left behind.”

Seeing that Chen Zhaojun also supported Chen Hansheng, Liang Meijuan was not happy: “How good this kid was when he was young. Later you said that boys should cultivate independent character, cultivate tenacity, cultivate a sense of commitment, and always support him in fulfilling some strange ideas, so At the end of the training, my old lady didn’t listen to her words.”

   However, the family democracy voted 2 to 1, which was formally approved by Chen Hansheng’s proposal to “report separately” and “work to make money”. Liang Meijuan was still depressed during her evening break.

  Chen Zhaojun comforted his wife: “Han Sheng may not be the best in learning, but you pay attention to it. His hands-on ability and emotional intelligence are better than many of his peers. This will be more obvious when he enters the society.”

  Previous life Chen Hansheng started his business right after graduating from university. He has failed and fought repeatedly, and finally succeeded. The tenacity and communication ability in this are actually closely related to the deliberate training of Lao Chen.

   “Little bastard, he is beginning to be sensible without knowing it.”

   Liang Meijuan muttered to herself.

   Old Chen smiled: “My family has grown up.”


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