I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 7: Look at Laozi's face

   “Damn, I ran into someone’s father by cheating and drinking.”

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but utter a few words when he returned home. Chen Zhaojun and Liang Meijuan had gone to work, and the kitchen was clean and there was no smell of oily smoke.

   The old lady is also a ruthless person.

   Chen Hansheng intends to take a shower first, and then sleep full all morning. He used to be busy from opening his eyes to closing his eyes. Now he has a hard-won leisure time by rebirth. Of course, he has to enjoy it.

   I slept until 10:30 in the morning, and the rapid ringing of the phone woke Chen Hansheng from his sleep.

   Chen Hansheng in his dream is still in 2019, and he opened his eyes again in the hot summer of 2002.


   Chen Hansheng went to the phone and picked up the handset.

   “Your mother!”

   Liang Meijuan said unceremoniously: “Our family went to have a meal with my grandma at noon. The chances of meeting each other after you go to university will be much less, so you should check it out before you leave.”

“Got it.”

   Chen Hansheng hung up the phone and sat on the edge of the bed blankly. One was getting up, and the other was thinking about the family situation of his grandparents.

   I thought about it, and Chen Hansheng laughed: “How can Gou Ri be like an online novel’s robbing of a house, but it has to slowly merge memory, but I am myself for 17 years before and after. How the **** is this account?”


   Grandma Chen Hansheng’s home is in the countryside. His grandfather is a primary school teacher, and his grandmother is a housewife. He has to fiddle with a few acres of land. Chen Hansheng’s grandparents died early, so he has a close relationship with his grandparents.

After taking the bus for half an hour, Chen Hansheng came to his grandfather and grandmother’s house, which will become a development zone in the future, but now it is shaded by green trees. Looking at it, there are large golden wheat ears, and the hot summer breeze blows. , “Hua La La” is the sound of wind blowing wheat waves.

   “Grandpa, grandma, get some water to drink.”

   As usual, Chen Hansheng opened the door yelling and entered the small courtyard of the farmhouse. There were quite a few people in the hall. The eldest uncle’s family, the second uncle’s family, and the second aunt’s family were all there, one by one eating watermelons.

   “Look, college students are here.”

   The second aunt said with a smile.

Chen Hansheng smiled “hehe”. None of the two uncles and the cousins ​​of the second aunt’s family were admitted to college. Others could mention the word “college student”. On the contrary, Chen Hansheng would deliberately evade, and would not even reveal his interest in college life. Expectation.

   He picked up the watermelon and ate it. The red fruit juice dripped on his body and didn’t care. The second aunt who watched smiled straightly: “I’m a college student, and I eat like a pig.”

   A few watermelons were killed in full view, Chen Hansheng wiped his mouth, and said with a loud burp, “Where is Grandma?”

   “The grain is dried on the farm behind the house.” Grandpa replied, smoking a dry cigarette.

   Such a hot day, the old man is so stubborn, Chen Hansheng sighed in his heart, stood up and said, “I’ll go and see.”

   “Don’t go.”

   said the second uncle: “We can’t even call back when we go, and she will not want to come back if we don’t fiddle with the food.”

   “That’s because I didn’t go, my grandson might be heavier than my son.”

   Chen Hansheng said with a smile, picking up a torn straw hat from the ground, ignoring the smell of sweat and rice husk, and putting a cover on his head, bracing the tumbling heat wave and walked towards the grain field.

   The room was a little quiet for a while, and my grandfather smoked two puffs of dry cigarettes, and slowly said, “The third son, this character can be eaten anywhere, and he is an undergraduate student. He will have a great future.”

  Liang Meijuan is the third child at home. The relationship between her eldest aunt and Liang Meijuan’s wife is similar, so she whispers and said, “That means getting better grades and studying hard.”

   Grandpa smiled, knocked on the pipe and said nothing.

   He is an old teacher. Observing students does not only look at their scores. Chen Hansheng has been so sophisticated and open-minded in his work since he was a child, and he is also a bit wild and unrestrained. People who study hard are not like this.

   Guchang is actually a spacious open space in the village, reserved for processing rice husks and drying grains. Chen Hansheng’s grandmother is a little old lady, which is easy to identify in the crowd.

   “Grandma.” Chen Hansheng exclaimed.

   The old lady raised her head a little hesitantly when she heard the familiar voice, she was really her grandson.

   “Oh, why are you here?”

   She put down the broom and walked over, holding Chen Hansheng’s hand without letting go, and said loudly to the others on the valley: “This is my grandson. I’m going to Jianye to study college this year.”

   University students are rare in the countryside, and everyone around them stood up and looked at Chen Hansheng.

   “This is the old third family, right? Nose and eyes are exactly the same.”

   “How long hasn’t seen you, I’m going to college in a blink of an eye.”

   “I’m as handsome as I was a kid.”


   It’s so straightforward to compliment people in rural areas. Chen Hansheng accepted all the orders, and even talked to acquaintances with a smile: “My aunt praised me for being handsome, and I didn’t see you introduce Sister Xiaoyu to me.”

   It happened that Xiaoyu was also in the Valley Field. She sipped her mouth and said, “My daughter is three years old, and I don’t know how to let Sanyi go to our house to propose marriage soon.”

   People in rural areas are all related to relatives. Liang Meijuan goes three, so the younger generations are called “three aunts.” Chen Hansheng smiled and replied, “It’s not too late. I’ll just wait for Sister Xiaoyu’s daughter.”

   “Bah, beautiful to you!”

   The round and charming sister Xiaoyu gave Chen Hansheng a hammer, causing the villagers around to laugh. Everyone likes this tune during the slack season.

   At this time, Chen Hansheng said to his grandmother: “Go back, it’s such a hot day.”

   The old lady shook her head: “This is not good, it’s not ready yet.”

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but took the tool from his grandmother: “Then you go and watch it, I will do it.”

   “You don’t understand this, go home and watch TV.”

   Grandma is not at ease, plus she feels sorry for her grandson.

   “It’s okay, why the little old lady is so stubborn.”

   Chen Hansheng murmured, put on his gloves and began to scorch the rice. Chen Hansheng is not a student who is indifferent and does not distinguish between grains. In the past, his father Chen Zhaojun often encouraged Chen Hansheng to go back to the countryside to help.

The old lady saw that Chen Hansheng did a good job. UU read the book www.uukanshu.com several times to no avail, so she went under the tree to enjoy the cool. After half an hour, Chen Hansheng was finally busy, but she was soaked all over. You can breathe hot when you take off your straw hat.

   After I went back, Chen Zhaojun and Liang Meijuan had arrived. Seeing her son’s embarrassed appearance, Liang Meijuan distressedly called a basin of water: “Come and wash your face, the little bunny will get tanned and don’t cry.”

   Old Chen didn’t care at all, and smiled and blew the fan: “A little bit darker looks healthy.”

   Many people eat and it’s lively. They talked about parents’ shortcomings. After eating, my grandmother quietly called Chen Hansheng to the kitchen, took out a cloth silk from her pocket, and opened it with ten 100-yuan notes.

   “What are you doing, grandma?”


   The old lady looked at the hall and said, “Don’t let your uncles hear, you take the money to Jianye to buy snacks.”

   “I don’t even want money from my parents, so what do I charge you?”

   Chen Hansheng shakes his arm and is about to leave.

   The old lady pulled her away, Chen Hansheng had no choice but to take one out and put it in her pocket and said, “100 is fine, meaning.”

   Of course, Chen Hansheng didn’t take it for nothing. He had been helping out in the countryside a few days before school started.

September 1 is the day for the official registration. At the gate of the bus station in Hong Kong City, Wang Zibo finally waited for his friend’s figure. He immediately complained: “I have not been able to contact you these days. .”

   But after seeing Chen Hansheng’s appearance, Wang Zibo, the dog, smiled heartlessly, “Why are you darker than me.”

   “Laugh a fart, watch Laozi’s face and act.”

   Chen Hansheng cursed, and strode onto the “Gangcheng-Jianye” bus.


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