I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Chapter 8: Chance encounter

   The distance between Gangcheng and Jianye is almost 350 kilometers. The bus in 2002 took about 5 hours. Chen Hansheng actually wanted to sleep, but Wang Zibo, who was in college for the first time, was excited.

   Just after the car started, his mouth didn’t stop.

   “Xiao Chen, I heard that college girls are much more beautiful than high school girls.”

   “When you go to university and see the world, your temperament will naturally go up.”

   “Xiao Chen, is college homework easy? It should be less stressful than high school.”

   “Universities promote active learning, high schools have college entrance examination tasks, and the learning model is different.”

   “Xiao Chen, how long will we have to come to Jianye?”

   Chen Hansheng opened his eyes helplessly: “Can’t you just shut up and sleep without getting on the high speed?”

   “I think too, but I can’t sleep.”

   Wang Zibo looked aggrieved: “Let my mother follow me if I knew it, or you persuade me not to let my parents accompany me.”

   Chen Hansheng turned his head and didn’t want to pay attention to Wang Zibo. He didn’t expect that he had just stopped for a while and he would come back again: “Xiao Chen, look out.”

“what happened again?”

   “I saw Xiao Rongyu.”

   Chen Hansheng was taken aback: “Where is she?”

   “You’re a dog, you have energy when talking about Xiao Rongyu.” Wang Zibo said angrily.

   There was a broken Santana parked next to the toll booth. The tall girl was Xiao Rongyu, and the other was the middle-aged policeman I saw at Baozipu that morning.

   “It seems that their car broke down.” Wang Zibo said.


   Chen Hansheng nodded, Xiao Rongyu estimated that he would have to wait for September 2 to report.

   Xiao Rongyu was a little helpless under the sun, and Chen Hansheng could only shrug his shoulders and was helpless.

   In fact, he didn’t want to say hello in his heart. He was almost caught for molesting Xiao Rongyu that day. The parents of the two families should know each other. The meeting was still quite awkward.

   It’s nothing but a thousand counts. I didn’t expect the bus driver to be a licking dog. He took the initiative to park next to him and asked with a smile: “Team Xiao, what’s the matter?”

   Xiao Rongyu’s dad took a look, wiped his sweat and said, “The **** car broke down. I’m about to send my child to college.”

   Chen Hansheng scolded the driver while trying to hide himself, but Wang Zibo, who was sitting by the window, unexpectedly shouted: “Good morning, Uncle Xiao.”

   “Wipe, another licking dog.”

   Chen Hansheng really couldn’t hide, he could only smile and said, “Uncle Xiao, Xiao Xiao, good morning.”

   Dad Xiao didn’t know Wang Zibo, but he was so impressed with Chen Hansheng that he actually replied, “Yes, Xiao Chen, I ran into your dad at the county government two days ago.”

   Xiao Rongyu glared at Chen Hansheng. Chen Hansheng was looking forward to the bus leaving. He didn’t expect the driver to invite again: “Team Xiao, let your daughter take my bus. Anyway, they are all going to Jianye…”

   Dad Xiao frowned. His main purpose was to send his daughter to school. The girl went out for the first time and brought a lot of luggage.

   At this time, another shiny big crown drove slowly, and a fat man with a gas head yelled: “What’s the matter with Brother Xiao, is the car broken?”

   The co-pilot also walked down an acquaintance, he was Gao Jialiang.

   These days are the days reported by prospective college students. Jianye is the city with the most colleges and universities in Eastern Jiangsu Province, and it happens to be normal to encounter on the road.

Gao Jialiang pretended to circle around the broken Santana, then looked up at Chen Hansheng and Wang Zibo on the bus, and said with accusation: “You are really the same. Everyone is a classmate, and you are all studying in Jianye. Let’s go with our car.”

   “The bus is crowded again, and the air is not good, so remember to say hello in advance to and from Jianye.”

   Gao Jialiang performed a bit, and then began to reveal his true purpose.

   “Uncle Xiao, Rong Yu and I are high school classmates. I was admitted to Jianye University of Aeronautics and Astronautics this year. Why not let her go with me to ensure safe delivery.”

   Xiao Rongyu’s dad and Gao Jialiang’s dad actually know each other too. Hong Kong City was originally very small, and everyone was on the scene.

   But the more so, Dad Xiao hesitated even more. He is a policeman, and Gao Jialiang’s father is a real estate businessman.

   The real estate businessmen’s rumors are not very positive, so Dad Xiao doesn’t really want to mix things up.

   On the contrary, Chen Zhaojun’s character and quality are very trustworthy. Although his son Chen Hansheng looks a little ruffian, he is well aware of his family.

   “Do you want to take a bus or take the boss’s car.” Dad Xiao wanted to hear his daughter’s opinion.


   Gao Jialiang’s tone was pleading, but Chen Hansheng was just the opposite, turning his head just to get rid of himself.

   “I want to take a bus!”

   Seeing Chen Hansheng’s current attitude, remembering the close and cheerful appearance of Chen Hansheng before, Xiao Rongyu said angrily.


   Chen Hansheng sighed and said to Wang Zibo: “There are no more seats left in the car. You can sit in the front in a while.”

   That is the position next to the driver, but because of the angle, it will get some exposure to the sun.

  Wang Zibo is not stupid, he certainly refused: “I will not go!”

   “It worked beautifully.”

   Chen Hansheng was also very refreshed: “After Xiao Rongyu gets in the car, let her sit in that position.”

  Wang Zibo was taken aback, Xiao Rongyu’s father was still watching under the car, and did he really let the white and tender skin of the “Little Crucian Goddess” go to the sun?

   “Why don’t you go sit down?” Wang Zibo finally reacted.

   “I am dizzy, and I feel sick when I get sunburned.” Chen Hansheng said with a smile.

At this time Xiao Rongyu had already got on the bus, and Chen Hansheng didn’t even intend to move his butt. Wang Zibo’s face was still too thin. After hesitating for a while, he finally picked up his luggage and stood up. He cursed in a low voice, “Chen Hansheng of the dog day, You know how to send Laozi!”

   Wang Zibo gave up his position, UU reading www. Uukanshu.com can also be regarded as “complete” Chen Hansheng and Xiao Rongyu, Chen Hansheng went down to help carry the luggage, Xiao Dad was still a little worried: “Xiao Chen, Xiao Yuer said that your school is opposite, remember to take care of you along the way. “

   “Uncle Xiao rest assured, I will take good care of our family Rongyu.”

   Chen Hansheng deliberately stimulated him.

   Dad Xiao’s eyelids twitched, suddenly regretting this decision.


The    bus finally started again, the difference is that Chen Hansheng’s side has changed from the original “black and stout” Wang Zibo to the charming Xiao Rongyu.

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t bear to let his friends be exposed. When the conductor was collecting money one by one, Chen Hansheng pointed to Wang Zibo in front and said, “Sister, can you get him a sun visor.”

   The conductor was a menopausal woman. She looked up stupidly and said blankly: “I see.”

   “Thank you, big sister, then.”

   Chen Hansheng thanked him politely, and then smelled the fragrance on the girl’s body. When he turned his head, he saw Xiao Rongyu staring at him, her long eyelashes flickering like two fans, and her beautiful eyes were agile and energetic.

   “Why did you talk nonsense that morning?”

   Xiao Rongyu questioned as soon as he spoke.

   “What nonsense, I don’t remember.”

   Chen Hansheng yawned: “I have been farming in the country for the past few days. I woke up very early today. I went to bed first.”

   Xiao Rongyu originally thought that Chen Hansheng was just bucking, but he did not expect to hear the snoring sound after a while.

   She was taken aback for a while, probably did not expect that the boy could really fall asleep sitting next to her.

   “What a bastard.”

   Xiao Rongyu felt itchy gums, and wanted to pinch Chen Hansheng’s stinky face while he was asleep.


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