I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

: Mengxin has finally signed a contract! (By the way, the next great era, 1994)

   At the beginning, Super Cute, who only had one book, has finally signed the contract. It is gratifying.

   But why am I a little uncomfortable.

   Probably because of the big brother Xiong, Guo Zixian, Wang Meiren, Xiao Zhou, Miss Guo Er, Chen Qiurong, and the young woman Zhao who is about to XX.

   Miss my “Big Times 1994”.

   The most accurate news may not be able to be written this year. I will release it in the future, Lao Liu, I must finish writing the story of the big brother Xiong!

   Rogue Chen Hansheng is the second male protagonist I created. This character is very interesting to portray. He and Xiong Baizhou have similar personalities, but they also have their own strong personalities. Moreover, he is quite bad. He is simply scumbag, bad and affectionate.

   There are also a few girls with different personalities in this book, but they are slightly less than the big time, so I can have more space to refine them.

   Hope that after 500,000 words, the reputation of “Rogue Chen” will be the same as that of “Big Brother Xiong”, resounding in the urban era.

   Finally, I would like to say to the big readers who have always supported Lao Liu: “Thank you for your company. Thank you very much, especially for your perseverance at the low point. Lao Liu is in my heart.”

   “Your support has made Chen Hansheng a living image from his mind.”

  PS: After signing the contract, the guarantee is 2 more, around 12 noon and around 7 pm.

   Today’s keyboard is extraordinarily cold and hard, and the breeze blows across my face. I am very confused. I wish a big reader could see through my prowess and let me enter his (her) heart with rewards.


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