I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 405: A polite new student at the National Education Institute

In an environment where the school is predominantly young, the biggest worry is the group reaction caused by incitement. If something happens, at least Shi Zhengdong’s small shoulders can’t afford to delay.

   “Chen Hansheng is not a fool, he knows the consequences of doing this!”

   Shi Zhengdong thought to himself.

   Seriously, in fact, Chen Hansheng found these four teams in a daze for a while.

   “I didn’t shake people, let’s talk about such trivial matters, where is such a big battle necessary.”

   Chen Hansheng was puzzled, turned his head and looked back.

   Yang Shichao waved his hand: “It’s not my name.”

   Guo Shaoqiang shook his head: “I don’t know so many people.”

   “Yes, I called it!”

   Jin Yangming walked over calmly: “In addition to Brother Chen in the 602 dorm, I am the only one who can have this kind of careful thinking.”

   “What’s your name?”

   Chen Hansheng frowned.

   “Of course, when I saw Brother Chen coming to the University Student Activity Center to plead guilty, I didn’t know it well.”

Jin Yangming triumphantly stroked the hair on the temples: “So while I contacted the boys in the class, I contacted Anan and Nie Xiaoyu at the same time, and looked at these four forces. There are boys in the second class of public administration, student council officers, and rocket 101 Part-time college students and those who seem to be girl groups, why are they here?”

   This group of women’s groups is the student organization that invited He Chang to be the deputy head after Chen Hansheng ousted He Chang last year.

   They probably hated rich scumbags, so they heard that Chen Hansheng had a conflict with the rich children again, so they rushed over to help.


   Chen Hansheng glared at Jin Yangming, thinking that this is not harming me, Lu Gongchao is still here, and Jin Yangming in the dog days actually mobilized Laozi’s social resources in order to satisfy his own pretense.

   “Brother Chen, why are you looking at me like this?”

   Jin Yangming patted Chen Hansheng on the shoulder: “Do you still need to say thank you between the brothers? You can handle the matter first.”

   Chen Hansheng:······

Let’s not talk about Jin Yangming’s performance over there. The parents and students of the National Education Institute are a bit horrified. The number of students below is over 100. The expressions are a bit angry. The key is that there is a steady stream of students joining. Come in.

  Some parents even have to take out their mobile phones to call the police.

   “Principal Lu, I am not my name.”

   Chen Hansheng immediately explained to Lu Gongchao that he really didn’t want to rebel.

   Gongchao Lu just heard the conversation between Chen Hansheng and Jin Yangming. It is not surprising that he has such a appeal to Chen Hansheng, but he thinks that things can no longer spread.

   “Can you evacuate the crowd as quickly as possible?” Lu Gongchao asked.

   Chen Hansheng nodded: “No problem.”

   Zhang Mingkun and his father looked at each other, and said after a while: “Can I drop out of school now, just drink a cup of milk tea, even if he touches his wrist, he will mobilize hundreds of people to beat me…”

   Zhang Mingkun’s father no longer pretends to be forced, and nodded silently.

Chen Hansheng was about to evacuate these people. Hearing Zhang Mingkun’s worries, he paused for a moment and explained seriously: “Kun Kun, I am actually not familiar with the people below. Please believe me. University, it is absolutely impossible to hide dirt, and there will be no dark forces. Clean and pure are about the same as me…”

   “Squad leader, who ran to the tea shop to molested the little girl, do you want to remove your arms or legs? Just a word!”

   Zhu Chenglong roared below, he deliberately pretended to be aggressive for the sake of his aura.

  ”My Nima······”

   Chen Hansheng took a deep breath.

   Zhang Mingkun turned his head, there is no dark force, so he has the face to say it!

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t run down, the people above didn’t understand what Chen Hansheng said. In short, he seemed to be angry, and even beat and scolded the three-way guys away.

   He was kind to a team with only girls, but he sent them away politely.

   It didn’t seem to be five minutes in total. These people came quickly and dispersed quickly, and only the students who watched the excitement were left with a “wow”.

   “I don’t even know, fuck!”

   “So many people gathered at once and dispersed again. I think there must be an organization similar to the Tiandihui in the Caida.”

  ”The ground is in the high hills, and the mountains and streams are beautiful; the door faces the sea, and the rivers of the three rivers flow for thousands of years…”

   “Speaking of your mother’s anti-Qing and Ming cut poems, I see too much of Zhou Xingchi’s “The Deer and Ding Ji”!”


   In short, this group of young National Education Institute students have all kinds of silly comments.

   Chen Hansheng persuaded the team below to leave and ran in front of Lu Gongchao: “It’s gone, just a misunderstanding.”

  Gongchao Lu nodded, and looked at Zhang Mingkun and his son: “Can we meet now?”

   “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

   Zhang Mingkun’s father picked up the SIM phone card and pulled Zhang Mingkun into the activity center. Chen Hansheng stood outside with his arms akimbo, looking at Jin Yangming, who is making contributions with Zhang Fangqi, and his heart felt melancholy.

   “Hey, you are Xu Manping, are you Xu Shao?”

   Suddenly, Chen Hansheng saw a somewhat familiar face. He seemed to be pretending to be riding a motorcycle at the beginning of school, and his little face was touched once by himself.

   “Brother Chen, why should you be so polite, just call me Aping.”


   After the meeting, the parents and classmates of the National Education Institute suddenly discovered that Chen Hansheng was actually sitting on the rostrum. Although he was the farthest position, he still had some identity.

  Sure enough, the sign in front of him read “Vice Chairman of the Student Union”.

   It was an official speech by the school leader at the beginning. Lu Gongchao gave a few welcome speeches, and the Dean of the National Education Institute also said a few words.

   This dean is an American hired from outside. After all, the International Education Institute has forced a higher standard. It is more appropriate to hire a foreigner, but this dean does not care about specific matters.

   Here is the student representative’s speech. According to the procedure, Chen Hansheng gave a speech. Chen Hansheng took a look at the manuscript in his hand. This was not written by him himself, all of which were “fake big empty” language.

   “Principal Lu, I don’t want to say a few words to the manuscript, okay?”

   Before opening the wheat, Chen Hansheng quietly walked to Lu Gongchao for instructions.

   Gongchao Lu looked at Chen Hansheng. Chen Hansheng’s eyes were calm and calmly facing each other.

   Finally, Principal Lu nodded slowly: “Pay attention to the rhythm.”

   “Parents and classmates of the National Education Institute, hello everyone!”

   Chen Hansheng turned over the manuscript, which showed that he was out of the speech.

   “I am Chen Hansheng, vice chairman of the Student Union of the University of Finance and Economics. I am sorry to let everyone see the scene just now. First of all, I have to apologize. Of course, it is not for the slap, but for the impact.”

   Zhang Mingkun touched his face, Chen Hansheng’s meaning was very clear, he didn’t regret slapped that slap, but he was sorry for the group gathering behind.

“College students first focus on study, but your family conditions are very good, and you may have to go abroad for further studies in the future, so you may not value your undergraduate grades. I understand this, but you can’t study if you don’t, don’t interfere with strangers who want to study. Classmates.”

   “Secondly, being rich is only an advantage, but you can’t rely on this advantage to play hooligans. If you can bully others, then other people can bully you.”

“The last point, if you want a girl to QQ, you have to talk about some tactics. There is no reason to be strong. It is really impossible to make up a reason, just say that I am a student union XX organization, and I want to be a follow-up questionnaire. Can a senior girl ask for a QQ? , Most people would not refuse…”

   Chen Hansheng couldn’t stop talking about this kind of thing. In the end, Shi Zhengdong coughed, and Chen Hansheng stopped abruptly.

   “Anyway, if you want to be a good student, if you really don’t know how to do it, then follow me…cough, follow the chairman Jiang Yuxuan next to me to learn.”


   After finishing this simple but down-to-earth remark, the parents and students below have a much better impression of Chen Hansheng, but Zhang Mingkun still dropped out, probably because of the face that ultimately couldn’t make it through.

   “It’s a pity, one person is missing.”

   Shi Zhengdong said regretfully to Lu Gongchao.

   Lu Gongchao shook his head: “It may not be a bad thing~www.snovelfree.com~ Maybe the troubles at the National Education Institute are also much less. Chen Hansheng beats people improperly, but he unknowingly sets a rule.

  Shi Zhengdong naturally disagrees with this logic, but now Rocket 101 is getting stronger and stronger, and it is said that it will be on Sudong Satellite TV, so the school leaders are very tolerant of Chen Hansheng.

   After the welcome ceremony, there were more than 100 very special students on the campus of the University of Finance and Economics. They do not need military training, have foreign teachers in class, and have a separate teaching building, occupying the best dormitory of the University of Finance and Economics.

   But they are still young in nature, they like to participate in youthful activities, and they also like to drink sweet milk tea.

   “Chen Hansheng, I think the discussion on the BBS is biased. Although the juniors and sisters of the National Education Institute are rich, they are all very polite.”

   After Hu Linyu and Shen Youchu returned from buying clothes, Hu Linyu was working part-time in the milk tea shop while talking to Chen Hansheng mysteriously.

   This morning, Hu Linyu’s sweater was broken for Reunion. Hu Linyu was reluctant to have a reunion, so he asked her father for money, and took her mother to Yiwu Commodity City to go shopping. He missed the show at noon.

   “How to be polite?” Chen Hansheng asked.

   “Watch it for yourself.”

   Hu Linyu pointed to a wicker chair.

   Not far away, Zhang Fangqi walked over with the milk tea. Two boys from the National Education Institute pointed to the tabletop and said, “You put the milk tea down first, and we will pick it up again. Don’t touch your fingers.”


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