I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 406: I want to fight a transnational lawsuit (Thank you, the leader who chose the name...

“Xiao Chen, why do you always come to Dongda these days?”

   Since the National Education Institute almost broke out on the day of school opening, Chen Hansheng has come to Xianning University City for “political asylum” for several days in a row, hoping to let the limelight pass as soon as possible.

   Of course, Xiao Rongyu is happy to be accompanied by Chen Hansheng so diligently, but she is also very surprised that Chen Hansheng has no interest in sitting in the library, but this time he can stand his temper.

   “Hey, it’s a long story.”

Chen Hansheng was sleeping, rubbing his eyes to tell the story, but the location of the incident “Meet the Milk Tea Shop” had become “Rocket 101”. He was worried that Xiao Rongyu’s curiosity was coming, and he really wanted to go to the Milk Tea Shop. .

   “That’s it.”

   Xiao Yuer finally understood, and naughty patted Chen Hansheng on the head: “Goodbye, then you can take refuge here with peace of mind. The reward is to accompany me for a walk, eat cakes, and buy some clothes and accessories.”

   “Please, when you show affection, can you think about how other people feel.”

   Bian Shishi, who was sitting on the opposite side, looked disgusted and held up the book to block his vision.

Not to be outdone, Chen Hansheng wanted to pat Xiao Rongyu’s head. The two played silently in the library for a while. Finally, Xiaoyuer was tired from playing, with Guazi’s face resting on the back of his hand, and his eyes staring straight ahead. Shake your long eyelashes from time to time, which is very cute.

   Chen Hansheng smiled, put his hand on Xiao Rong Yuyuan’s graceful back, and gently stroked it back and forth.

   This is an action that often occurs between men and women in love. These intimate little interactions can increase emotions. Xiao Yuer turned his head and smiled sweetly at Chen Hansheng, with a moving pear vortex on his cheek.

   The two chatted quietly, but Xiao Yu’er didn’t know what he was thinking of, and suddenly pouted, “Professor Sun is not feeling well recently. I have seen it several times and I am still a little worried.”

   “Did you go to the hospital?”

   Chen Han didn’t have time to visit Sun Biyu after he was promoted. I heard that this Tsundere old lady was not in good health, so she was really worried.

   Xiao Rongyu sighed: “The doctor said it was a depressed heart, but when we asked her the reason, the old lady stubbornly refused to say it.”

   Chen Hansheng thought for a while: “It is probably related to Sister Wu or Sun Tangtang. When these two mothers did not return to China, Professor Sun was able to hit a car on a bicycle.”

   “I hate it!”

   Xiao Yu’er took Chen Hansheng’s hand and shook: “Why don’t we go see her together tonight, you say a few words with the old lady, I feel that Professor Sun also likes you.”

   “Could it be that she wants me to be a grandson-in-law, but Sun Tangtang is actually pretty generous.”

   “Comrade Chen Hansheng, this is the end of your political asylum. Deportation will begin immediately.”


   Although it is said, Chen Hansheng still bought some horseshoe cakes and went to Professor Sun’s house in the evening. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, but the campus is still very shady.

A century-old university like Dongda, the old campus does not have any modern buildings that are too high. They look like old-style buildings with vines, or they are surrounded by thick sycamore trees, and green plants everywhere block the view, so the campus always feels Quiet and refreshing.

Especially in the family building where the professor lives, you can often see small vegetable gardens with green vegetables growing underneath and loofah stands on top. This kind of scenery Chen Hansheng has seen in Jianye University, Tsinghua University, Yanda University before. Probably this is the so-called “precipitation”.

   Bian Shishi also followed, she had made up her mind to follow Xiaoyuer to eat and drink.

  Professor Sun’s door is still open. Even though Wu Yimin and Sun Tangtang have moved in, she still keeps this habit so that students can come in and ask for advice.

   “Little fish is here.”

   Wu Yimin first greeted Xiao Rongyu affectionately, and then said to Chen Hansheng slightly flatly, “Hello.”

   As for Bian Shishi, Wu Yimin just nodded.

   “Sister Wu, how is Professor Sun today?” Xiao Rongyu asked.

   Wu Yimin was a little worried: “I still read in silence without saying why.”

   Sun Tangtang poured three glasses of water over. She is not as stupid as she was when she first met.

   “What have you been up to lately, are you still working part-time over the Lion Bridge?”

   Chen Hansheng looked at Sun Tangtang. She was wearing a casual hoodie and jeans. The quality could not be said to be very good, but it was not so shabby anyway.

   Sun Tangtang replied in non-standard Mandarin: “I took a model ad and I was taking a photo recently.”

   Chen Hansheng looked at Professor Sun’s face and proactively said: “There are many unspoken rules in the advertising industry, and you are also beautiful. If someone talks to you about terms, don’t agree with how much money, I will help you introduce safer jobs.”

   “Thank you sister Xiao Yuer, thank you brother Han Sheng.” Sun Tangtang nodded politely.

   “Little things~”

   Chen Hansheng wanted to pat Sun Tangtang on the shoulder to show encouragement. Xiao Yuer “coughed” next to him and glared at him. Chen Hansheng smiled and retracted his hand: “The minimum wage is 8,000 yuan.”

   Sun Tangtang understood the meaning of “8000 yuan”, and Lan Youyou looked at Chen Hansheng with quiet eyes.

   8,000 yuan touch once, it seems to be a little secret between the two.

   No matter how deep Xiaoyuer’s defenses are, I would never expect Chen Hansheng to be able to flirt like this.

   At this time, Professor Sun came out of the study, her complexion was a bit dull as expected, her gray hair was very elegant, but now there are only traces of aging.

  Professor Sun heard the conversation between Chen Hansheng and Sun Tangtang, but she didn’t say anything, and intimately took Xiao Yuer’s hand and walked into the study.

   Wu Yimin and Sun Tangtang have envy in their eyes. Sun Tangtang has never enjoyed this kind of treatment, and Wu Yimin also traced back to his childhood.

  Bian Shishi sits quietly on the sofa and reads the newspaper. Anyone who can be girlfriends with a school girl will not work without a strong heart.

   “Xiao Chen, come here too.”

   Xiao Yuer usually allows Chen Hansheng to fend for himself in the living room. Today, it is rare to bring Chen Han with him. It is estimated that he had just eaten some vinegar.

  Professor Sun didn’t say anything, and asked Xiao Yuer to extract case fragments as usual, many of which were in English.

   There was only the sound of “Sashi” writing in the study, and when Xiao Rongyu finished the excerpt, Professor Sun explained the essence.


   Chen Hansheng thought that I have seen a small stove, but I have never seen a small stove like this. Professor Sun is like a martial arts master who is imparting a little bit of his internal strength to Xiao Yu’er.

Every time    Xiao Yu’er comes over, he has to be dragged and preached for more than an hour. Is this the hidden advantage of “good-looking”?

   Chen Hansheng felt very boring, but every time he wanted to go out, Xiao Yuer looked up from his book and looked at him pitifully.

   “Well, good-looking is an advantage.”

   Chen Hansheng thought helplessly, opened the bookcase and fumbled here and there.

   “Old lady.”

   Chen Hansheng suddenly remembered something, and asked casually: “There is a doctoral sister from Jianye University. She wants to find Xiao Yuer to open a law firm in partnership. Do you think this is feasible?”

“very difficult.”

  Professor Sun replied briefly.

   Chen Hansheng was not discouraged, and said with a grin: “Money is a trivial matter, what difficulties are there?”

   “Some things cannot be solved by money, such as qualifications and reputation.”

  Professor Sun said to Xiao Rongyu: “Do you really want to try?”

   Xiao Yuer is very well-behaved: “I listen to you.”

   Sun Biyu smiled dozingly, sometimes seeing Xiao Rongyu, she seemed to have found herself when she was young.

“Xiao Yu’er, the establishment of a law firm is only one aspect of its qualifications. The most important thing is to have industry recognition~www.snovelfree.com~ so that it can continue. Therefore, generally newly established firms hope to win once. The lawsuit that shocked the whole country, like this…”

   Professor Sun was talking, his voice getting weaker and weaker, but his eyes brighter.

   Xiao Rongyu glanced at Chen Hansheng, Chen Hansheng gently pressed his hands down, indicating that he did not need to be nervous, and watched the changes.

   “Little fish, Chen Hansheng.”

  Professor Sun suddenly said: “Do you know what is the reason for my depression?”

   “What is it?”

   Chen Hansheng said that he did not know.

Professor Sun retakes a photo of the desktop, with a very excited expression: “As the founder of the domestic legal industry, I wrote many of the “Marriage Law”. As a result, my daughter divorced and did not get a penny of family property. This is not only a matter of personality. The insults are more of national discrimination and intellectual contempt!!!”

   “You set up a law firm, as soon as possible!”

  Professor Sun stood up suddenly, opened the bedroom door and said, “I want to fight a transnational lawsuit through this law firm. I will fight for myself, Yimin, and the Chinese!!!”


(It’s gone tonight. Don’t wait. Happy Christmas Eve. PS: Some book friends leave a message on Christmas Eve. How to strike up a conversation with girls on Christmas Eve. In fact, if your personality is not as cheerful as Chen Hansheng, it’s okay to talk less, but try to ensure every sentence Be humorous and humorous, don’t get emotional too early, there will be baggage in your heart, simple things will have unexpected results.)

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