I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 407: Scumman's adaptability

Sun Biyu suddenly announced that the lawsuit was a transnational one. Xiao Rongyu didn’t react to it for a while, let alone Wu Yimin outside.

   Chen Hansheng’s head turned the fastest, and he also figured out things from another angle.

   “This kind of transnational marriage lawsuit, it will definitely attract the attention of the media, so no matter whether you win or lose, it is good.”

Chen Hansheng analyzed it to Xiao Yuer: “Winning is to exhale and raise our eyebrows and strengthen our country’s prestige; to lose is to dare to resist and take the first step in foreign-related civil disputes. In short, regardless of whether you win or lose, this reputation must be beaten out. Are you afraid that the law firm has no business?”

   “Furthermore, the conditions required to establish a law firm are also very harsh, but after Professor Sun participates, any technical conditions can be easily solved.”

   “Xiao Chen, this is too utilitarian.”

   Xiao Yu’er is a little unhappy. Professor Sun’s starting point is noble. In contrast, Chen Hansheng seems to only consider “money and name”.

   “How is it utilitarian.”

Chen Hansheng thought for a while, and then changed his mind to persuade: “Many female compatriots in our country may have been bullied by ghosts. It is because there is no precedent for such transnational civil lawsuits, so they can only swallow their anger. Now Professor Sun has come forward. As her proud disciple and an outstanding independent woman in China, should you help?”

   Xiao Yu’er thought for a while, nodded and said, “It should be.”

   “This is it, so the law firm is only a medium, but it is also indispensable, because Professor Sun can initiate a transnational lawsuit through this medium.”

Chen Hansheng pinched Xiao Yu’er’s nose: “This kind of lawsuit will not be resolved in a short time. It may start from the preparation of documents and then to the real lawsuit. It may take two or three years, but you are only a sophomore. In this process, we can just continue to learn and accumulate.”

   “The moment the lawsuit is finished, it is the time for your lawyer Xiao to make a famous debut.”

   Chen Hansheng said with a smile.

   “What about Senior Sister Gao?”

   Xiao Yuer ignored Chen Hansheng’s teasing, and had other scruples.

   In fact, she established a law firm. She only found it new and eager to try. However, she never thought that she would be exposed to this kind of transnational case when she first came up. Her heart was full of pressure and worries.

   But fortunately, Xiao Chen was by his side, Xiao Rongyu raised Guazi’s face and looked at Chen Hansheng with trust.

   “Gao Wen is easy to handle, she promised to take it to the world.”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t have a burden to deal with this kind of thing: “Kick her out if you don’t agree. Anyway, the old lady is ready to participate. What kind of qualification problems can’t be solved?”

   Xiao Rongyu:······

   In the living room, Professor Sun is also explaining to Wu Yimin’s mother and daughter his motives for fighting a transnational lawsuit, but Wu Yimin seems hesitant.

  Sun Biyu was very angry, shaking her white head and white hair: “What are you thinking about, marriage can fail, but dignity can’t be lost. If the lawsuit doesn’t fight, my depression won’t get better!”

   “No, Mom.”

   Wu Yimin saw her mother get angry, and she was also a little flustered: “The laws of every continent in the United States are different, and the procedures here are very complicated…”

   “Do I still need you to teach these?”

  Sun Biyu glanced at Wu Yimin: “So we have to collect data first. This process may take a year, and the lawsuit will be repeated for another year and a half. I am ready to fight a protracted battle.”

   “In the last few years of my life, I can still compete with Americans.”

   Sun Biyu gave a cold snort and said proudly: “Even if he sees your dad when he is dead, he will compliment me.”

   “That’s right!”

   Chen Hansheng took Xiaoyuer to the living room and said loudly, “For the scumbag who bullied Sister Wu, I just want to fuck!”

   After he finished speaking, he noticed that Sun Tangtang was also sitting on the sofa. She didn’t even realize the “grandmother and father” lawsuit, but stared at Chen Hansheng blankly.

   “That, Tangtang.”

   Chen Hansheng explained a little embarrassingly: “‘Fuck fuck’ is just an adjective, I didn’t want to **** your grandma…”


  Sun Biyu was boring because of her daughter’s divorce. Now that she has a solution, she is refreshed again, pulling Xiao Yuer to explain the conditions for establishing a law firm.

   “Han Sheng has been on the Jianye TV station. It seems that he is doing a lot of business. Renting an office and registered capital should not be a problem for him. As for the three qualified professional lawyers.”

  Sun Biyu said faintly: “This is a trivial matter. I have so many students. Just find three of them to charge up. When you get the relevant certificates, you can clear them out.”

  Professor Sun also looked at Bian Shishi when he was talking, and Bian Shishi pointed his nose in surprise: “Professor, can I participate, too?”

   Xiaoyuer is very strange: “Shishi, don’t you want to try it?”

   “Yes, I really missed it.”

   Bian Shishi excitedly hugged Xiaoyuer: “I knew it would be good to hug your thigh tightly…”

   Chen Hansheng grinned, Professor Sun and other big coffees participated, and many problems disappeared.

   “Dingling bell~”

   The phone in his pocket rang, and Chen Hansheng glanced at Zheng Guanti’s. At this time, Professor Sun was chatting with Xiao Yuer, and Chen Hansheng calmly walked to the balcony to connect.

   “Brother scum, answering the phone so slowly, is there any girl you are staying with?”

   Zheng Guantai guessed very accurately, but Chen Hansheng did not admit it.

   “Long brother, short brother, don’t care if your brother has no money.”

   Chen Hansheng muttered, “I just ate in the cafeteria, what instructions do I have?”


   Zheng Guandi smiled on the phone, then stopped and said, “Your name in Jiangling District is so popular, there is actually a TV interview, and the small front desk of the administrative department in the factory is still talking about you.”

   “Thank you for conveying it, I miss her too.”

   Chen Hansheng’s “affectionate” reply.

   “Bah, scumbag, still want to pedal three boats?”

   Zheng Guanyi joked and began to discuss business matters: “Someone from Hong Kong is coming to Jianye in a few days. I guess the person is not good. You are a shareholder anyway, do you want to come and discuss it?”

   “I don’t even own 1% of the shares, let’s discuss it.”

   Although Chen Hansheng said so, New Century Electronics Factory was very important in his plan, so he agreed.

   Chen Hansheng made the call with his back to the door, his face facing the balcony window, but while chatting, Chen Hansheng suddenly saw a familiar figure coming from the window.

   Judging from the size and hairstyle, it is undoubtedly a small fish.

   Chen Hansheng’s first reaction was to hang up, but later he thought it was wrong.

  Because he hung up the phone directly, not to mention that Zheng Guanyi might call again. Xiao Yuer would also think this behavior was very suspicious and would have the idea of ​​checking the phone.

   Chen Hansheng’s mobile phone cannot be read. Xiao Yu’er can hold on for more than 30 seconds, even if she is “broad-minded”.

  The so-called art master is bold, Chen Hansheng decided to continue chatting with Zheng Guanti, only to change his tone slightly.

   “Since you are relatives, I suggest that you don’t quarrel for the first time. Between the seven aunts and eight aunts, it’s normal to have some disagreements, but don’t let outsiders read jokes.”

   Not only did Chen Hansheng not lower the volume, but instead said loudly ~www.snovelfree.com~ but he didn’t turn his head, pretending not to see Xiaoyuer behind him.

   Zheng Guanti heard Chen Hansheng’s suggestion and thought he was reminding himself to adopt a gentle attitude, which is also a strategy.

   “I see, when will you come over?” Zheng Guanyi asked.

   “I can do it anytime. In addition, you have to pay attention to your health. You can’t retire early. Anyway, the money is enough. Why do you work so hard?”

   Chen Hansheng said in a tone of impatience but with concern.

   “I know, I know you are kind, but it’s too early to talk about retirement.”

   Zheng Guandi smiled and said, “Well, thank you Chen Zhannan for your concern. You can go with the little girl.”

   Listening to the busy tone of the phone, Chen Hansheng frowned and turned around, still muttering in his mouth.

   Chen Hansheng pretended to be taken aback when he saw Xiao Rongyu standing pretty in the door frame, “You are a ghost, what are you doing here?”

   “Supper is ready, I call you to eat.”

   Xiao Yuer lightly tapped Chen Hansheng, and asked casually: “Whose phone number?”

   “I am a girlfriend.”

   Chen Hansheng said calmly.


   Xiao Yuer didn’t believe it at all: “It’s a relative in the family again, a retired person, and your tone of voice, it must be Aunt Liang.”


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