I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 408: Disdain before, now envy

During dinner in the evening, Sun Biyu ate two bowls of rice porridge. She was in a bad mood and appetite for a while. Now that she thought of a way to deal with it, she quickly recovered.

   Although the time span of the whole thing was a bit long, maybe Xiao Rongyu graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and there was no clear result of the lawsuit.

   But Professor Sun’s perspective is very high. She wants to set a benchmark for female compatriots in similar situations in China, and even plans to promote the improvement of certain laws and regulations. With the support of this belief, the old lady has all her strength.

   She barely stopped her mouth, she also showed her state during class, her speech was mellow and emotional, her eyes were sharp, and occasionally became kind, attracting or urging students to follow her thoughts.

   Chen Hansheng had never heard of a professor at the level of Sun Biyu before and after two lifetimes, thinking that he is a big man with a national subsidy, and the students of Dongda are really happy.

   After dinner, Chen Hansheng saw that Professor Sun had no intention of stopping, so he said goodbye and left.

   Although Professor Sun’s class can learn knowledge, it does not affect Chen Hansheng’s return to the dormitory to play cards and games.

   At noon the next day, Chen Hansheng came to the office to wander around, and suddenly saw that Huang Hui was still a little uncomfortable. There was a feeling that the police subconsciously wanted to take out handcuffs when they saw a habitual offender.

   “Mr Chen.”

   Huang Hui stood up from the computer and greeted her politely.


   Chen Hansheng responded, found a chair to sit down at random, and greeted Nie Xiaoyu to report to his work.

“Manager Kong has left Hangzhou. The distribution of colleges and universities in Central Zhejiang Province is less even than that in Eastern Jiangsu Province. Almost all of them are located in the capital city of Hangzhou. Therefore, if you take the college student market in Hangzhou, you can basically declare the occupation of Central Zhejiang Province… ··”

  Huang Hui is also listening to these reports, but her focus is on Chen Hansheng, a college student who took his girlfriend back home by train more than a year ago.

   I saw him squinting his eyes on the back of the chair, standing on tiptoe with Erlang’s legs tilted up, and asking two questions from time to time.

   Most of the data Nie Xiaoyu can answer accurately. Occasionally, if I forget individually, Nie Xiaoyu immediately ran to the computer or called to check it out, not dare to be fooled.

   “Think about it now, my initial vision is correct.”

   Huang Hui said secretly, when she saw Chen Hansheng, she felt that this college student was not easy, especially Wang Zibo for comparison.

   Later, I learned that Chen Hansheng was only delivering express delivery part-time. Huang Hui was still a bit disdainful. Unexpectedly, Chen Hansheng not only appeared on the TV station, but the company was also expanding.

   Huang Hui can’t see the flow, but knows that the turnover will not be low, because Rocket 101’s nearby ICBC and Postal Savings have been upgraded to VIP customers.

   “It doesn’t matter if you make more or less, the main thing is to expand your influence.”

   After listening to the report, Chen Hansheng opened his eyes and glanced around, shaking his body and walking up to the second floor.

   Huang Hui hurriedly lowered her head. Somehow, she seemed to feel that Chen Hansheng’s gaze stayed on her for a while.

   Huang Hui is really afraid of Chen Hansheng, she feels that she knows him better than Wang Zibo.

  Wang Zibo is a big buddy who played together since childhood, so the impression is that Chen Hansheng was embarrassed when he was a child, but Huang Hui was devastated by Chen Hansheng, her original job was lost, and now she still comes to Rocket 101 to apply for a job.

The salary here is still quite high. Chen Hansheng offers Huang Hui a monthly salary of 2500 yuan and also provides accommodation. He usually has performance and a bonus at the end of the year. Although the task is relatively heavy, Rocket 101 is a rising company. Huang Hui thinks this move is a move. correct.


   Chen Hansheng at most smoked a cigarette in the office above, then ran down the stairs in stride, and drove away without saying a word.

   “An Ping.”

   When the Xiali was far away, Huang Hui quietly called Qiu Anping. This was her direct leader.

   Of course, Huang Hui doesn’t look down on Qiu Anping very much. She feels that the entire Rocket 101 staff, except for Kong Jing, are more powerful, nothing else is worth mentioning.

   “What’s the matter, Sister Hye?”

   Qiu Anping replied politely. In Qiu Anping’s mind, Huang Hui is Wang Zibo’s girlfriend and also a college student, so she will probably get along well.

   “Mr. Chen usually goes to work?”

   Huang Hui asked in a low voice.

   Qiu Anping thought for a while: “This is hard to say, sometimes I don’t come all day, sometimes I spend the afternoon playing minesweepers in the office, it’s okay, as long as the tasks he explained are completed.”

   Qiu Anping thought that Huang Hui was not comfortable with just coming to work, so she kindly comforted her.

   Huang Hui smiled and nodded, but she thought that Chen Hansheng’s way of doing things was really hard to figure out.

   “An Ping, I heard that your boyfriend Liu Pengfei is the veteran of Rocket 101, and he is more senior than Wang Zibo.”

   Huang Hui has used her “housekeeping skills” again. She is not bad at work, and her mouth is more talkative.

   When she didn’t work at Rocket 101 before, Huang Hui looked down on these part-time college students very much. Now that she comes to work by herself, she may still think so in her heart, but her behavior has begun to adjust.

The reason why Wang Zibo fell in love with Huang Hui at first sight, and even never forgot it, is because she can hit her heart every time she speaks, and she communicates like a spring breeze, plus Huang Hui’s appearance is not ugly, but attractive Wang Zibo of any love experience.

   “Is there any veteran.”

   Qiu Anping heard Huang Hui praise her boyfriend and shook her head modestly: “We just met Mr. Chen earlier, in fact, Xiao Yu was earlier than us.”

   “It goes without saying that Xiao Yu, Mr. Chen’s right hand man.”

   Huang Hui praised, and deliberately let Nie Xiaoyu hear it.


   Nie Xiaoyu did not react too enthusiastically, and even snorted quietly. She is a personal secretary, and she knew very well that Chen Hansheng did not like Huang Hui, so she would definitely not like it.

   Like what the boss likes and hate what the boss hates. This is the duty of a loyal secretary.


   Chen Hansheng went to Zheng Guandi to discuss things, but after entering the new century electronics factory, various flattery came to www.snovelfree.com~ far more enthusiastic than in the financial department.

   The ivory tower is always simpler and more upright. Even if some students know Chen Hansheng, but the two are not familiar, they don’t bother to say hello. Some students believe that Chen Hansheng’s achievements can be achieved after graduation, so they don’t take it seriously.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t have much air, so he parked the car directly at the gate and walked to find Zheng Guanti by himself. Everyone who said hello along the way would pass a cigarette. When he walked to the entrance of the administration building, the two packets of China were almost scattered.

   “Brother, Chen Hansheng is really awesome.”

   Zhang Weilei embraced the Chinese, watched Chen Hansheng’s greetings all the way, and stopped by the technical backbone of the factory to chat more.

   Zhang Weiyu smiled without talking.

“Why are you laughing?”

   Zhang Weilei asked unhappy.

   Zhang Weiyu slowly exhaled a wisp of white smoke: “You may not even realize it. You mentioned that Chen Hansheng was always disdainful and jealous, but now I only have envy.”

   “The gap is too big. I don’t think I can catch up, so I won’t be jealous.”

   In front of his brother, Zhang Weilei didn’t hide anything.

   Zhang Weiyu helped his brother adjust the collar of the security uniform: “Chen Han dared to take us in when he was a freshman. It will be a matter of time before he takes off. From now on, we must calmly treat the ups and downs of these people.”


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