I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 409: Huang Hui's new discovery

Chen Hansheng came to Zheng Guanti’s office and she was discussing matters with Lin Zhaohui.

   Zheng’s girlfriends dress more concisely, either a long trench coat or today’s satin lady’s small suit. She wears a knee-length skirt on her lower body, and her brown hair ends are slightly perm, which is naturally draped on her back.

   When she saw Chen Hansheng enter the door, she just nodded and continued to listen to Lin Zhaohui’s report on her work.

   Chen Hansheng was not polite with Zheng Guanyi, but he specifically greeted Lin Zhaohui, and then grind coffee beside him.

   Lin Zhaohui has experience in managing thousands of people’s big factories, but his thinking is not innovative enough. He raised a lot of objections with just one MP3. In the end, Chen Hansheng came up with a bad idea to send him abroad for vacation, which allowed the second round of MP3 production to be implemented.

   “Such a person, I would not use him as the second in command.”

  Chen Hansheng put the coffee beans into the blender while spitting out in his heart, but working under the hands of a boss like Zheng Guantian, in fact, there is no need for a second-in-command, and everything is done by listening to her.

   “If one day I and I will cooperate deeply, who will listen to?”

   Chen Hansheng thought of this question inexplicably, and couldn’t help but look at Zheng Guanti a few more times.

   After Zheng Guanti noticed, she smiled gently, but after Lin Zhaohui left, Zheng Guanti lowered her face: “Did you scold me just now?”

   Chen Hansheng is very innocent: “No, I haven’t spoken.”

   “You see my eyes are not normal…”

   Zheng Guantai drank coffee and said slowly.

   Chen Hansheng was shocked. He was really thinking that something like that was going to happen, or whether to kick Zheng Guanyi out first.

   “Women are really instinctual quarreling animals.”

   Chen Hansheng shook his head pretending that he couldn’t stand it: “Brother Ti, now your enemy is the capitalist Zheng from Hong Kong. I, Chen Yingjun, are your trusted proletarian partner.”

   Mentioning this topic, Zheng Guanyi didn’t have the thought of joking. He raised thin eyebrows and asked: “People from Hong Kong are probably speaking on behalf of the second room. What good do you have?”

   Chen Hansheng thought for a while: “Your equity is less than 30%. Does the factory management know?”

  Zheng Guandi nodded: “Financial reports can’t be concealed, but they think this is a normal adjustment within the family, and I’m still holding the holdings, so it’s not too strange, but Erfang estimates that this matter will be clarified.”

   Chen Hansheng shrugged his shoulders: “Will you stand in line in the new century? One side is you and the other is the second room.”

“I am not sure.”

   Zheng Guanti’s face is serious and lonely.

   “The same sentence, even if the second room wants to seize power, at least this year and next year is impossible. You can hold 70% of the shares for a while, but it will be difficult to say the next year.”

Chen Hansheng clicked on the table with his index finger, and made a “dongdongdongdong” sound like a war drum: “When I was a child, I watched TV dramas and came up with such a simple truth. .”

Zheng Guanyi pouted and said nothing. Chen Hansheng’s plan was too harsh. It really directed the core technology, talents and sales channel resources of the New Century Electronics Factory to a new factory. Then the new century will only have shells, and he will Officially broke with the Zheng family.

   “Think about it again.”

Chen Hansheng is not reluctant now, but also provides a way to deal with the current situation: “Since it is possible to divide the AB team, it is better to make arrangements in advance, and draw the cutting-edge forces in the factory in advance, such as Li Xiaokai, which has a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness. Miyoshi employees must hold it tightly in the palm of their hand.”

Zheng Guanti still agrees with this point. In fact, her business acumen is very keen, and her wrist and control are also very good. It can be seen from the internal order of the New Century Electronics Factory two years ago. At that time, all the management was played and applauded by her. .

   “In addition, don’t start the mobile phone project. MP3 is probably the last product developed in the new century.”

  Chen Hansheng reminded Zheng Guanti: “Second room has 30% of the shares, and they will oppose whatever you do. It is better to make some bad money at ease and use it as severance pay for some workers.”

   Listening to Chen Hansheng’s tone, it seemed that there was only one way to establish a new factory. Zheng Guanyi sighed quietly: “I see. Let’s bring Li Xiaokai to dinner at night. He has been working hard since he became the deputy director.”

   Chen Hansheng only learned about Zheng Guanti’s “very hard work” after seeing Li Xiaokai.

   Li Xiaokai’s original hair can’t be said to be very dense, and he can still design a few hairstyles anyway, but now the top of his head is much thinner, and the hairline is even more obvious.

   Even if he is the famous teacher tony, he can only suggest to shave a big flat head.

   “Yes, a bit bald.”

   Chen Hansheng said, the last time I saw each other seemed to be in December last year. It has only been less than half a year, and Brother Kai has become like this.


   Li Xiaokai and Chen Hansheng shook hands tightly: “You suddenly became a celebrity, and I’m pretty happy for you.”

   When the three of them were eating, Li Xiaokai deliberately toasted Chen Hansheng.

   Chen Hansheng thought it was the reason that he had helped him, and was about to say something polite, but Li Xiaokai patted Chen Hansheng on the shoulder: “You are the first person who saw my hair loss and didn’t say anything, I respect you.”


   Chen Hansheng nodded his head while feeling the profoundness of Chinese, “You know Brother Kai, I am the most kind.”


   As it enters June, the warm air in Jianye has the breath of summer. Compared with winter, college boys obviously prefer summer.

In summer, you can stay in bed for a while in the morning, and you don’t need to use your body to warm your bed at night. You don’t even need to get up shivering when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The most important thing is that the girls in school and on the street show their white necks and arms again. .

Some of the more mature seniors, they wear transparent high-heeled sandals, and their toes are also playfully painted with two red nail polishes. They step on the campus and make a “tack tack”. This temptation is still for boys. Very strong.

   After Rocket 101 took over Zhejiang Province, the marketing team returned to Jianye under the leadership of Kong Jing.

   There are currently 5 people in the marketing team. In addition to Kong Jing and Zhang Mingrong, there are also three girls that Kong Jing personally interviewed.

   Chen Hansheng also had doubts at the beginning: “Why don’t you hire some boys?”

Kong Jing said with a smile: “The main job of Rocket 101 is coordination and communication. Women have the advantage. In addition, when opening up the market on the university campus, safety is also guaranteed. Even if you need to move something, there are local Shenzhen Express franchisees. Help, so girls are more suitable.”

   Chen Hansheng suddenly realized that Kong Jing has her own set of management philosophy. Whenever she wins a certain market, she brings her team back to Jianye.

   One is to report on work~www.snovelfree.com~ Let Chen Hansheng rest assured that he knows where the current progress is;

   The second is to summarize, take out the problems in the process of market development, and take out a meeting to summarize;

   The third is rest. This is equivalent to a holiday for the marketing team. There is a process of repairing the body and mind, so that you can concentrate on the next development process.

   However, after the marketing department came back, the small double-storey office seemed much smaller. Huang Hui felt it was too crowded, but she did not dare to complain.

  Because Chen Hansheng directly gave up his position to the marketing department, sitting on the tiled floor outside the door with half a watermelon in his arms, eating a large mouthful of the watermelon, and the juice flowing down the corner of his mouth, he just wiped it indifferently.

Kong Jing also stood outside the door. Naturally, she would not be so disregarded of her image. She was wearing a Korean style lantern sleeve gown. The lower body was a neat suit skirt. The flesh-colored silk stockings extended from the bottom of the skirt and wrapped the thin legs, which looked mature and elegant. Charm.

   Chen Hansheng didn’t know what he said, Kong Jing covered his mouth and smiled softly, the hot sunlight swayed down, Kong Jing looked up, and walked back to the office with a calm and graceful step.

   Chen Hansheng was still sitting outside holding the watermelon rind, squinting at the bustle of the street.

   “What do you think these two people have?”

   Shen Youchu’s character can’t control Chen Hansheng, so will he cheat?

   Huang Hui suddenly felt that she seemed to have discovered the New World.


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