I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 410: Coercion in Love (Part 1)

Chen Hansheng had a loud hiccup after eating the watermelon, and after returning to the office, he had a meeting with the marketing team.

  According to the previous plan, the next destination of Rocket 101 is Shanghai.

   If you win the universities in Shanghai, you will almost be able to form a “Su-Zhe-Shanghai” three-place linkage. During the heated discussion, I suddenly heard a roar from downstairs.

   “Chen Hansheng, where is your bastard, don’t hide if there is a kind!”

   The voice in the office stopped abruptly, and everyone looked at Chen Hansheng without knowing it.

   Chen Hansheng was very calm, stood up and said, “I’ll go out and have a look, you guys talk slowly.”

   However, at this moment, no one has the mind to continue, some are curious, some gossiping, and some worry.


   Nie Xiaoyu was climbing halfway up the stairs, and seeing Chen Hansheng actively open the door, she pointed to the boy below and said, “He is looking for you.”

   Chen Hansheng considered many possibilities, but when he really saw this person, he was also taken aback, because he never thought it was Ye Qi’s ex-boyfriend Zhang Eryu.

   Zhang Eryu stood on the first floor, emotionally excited, his chest was constantly rising and falling, and there were two boys standing next to him, who should be roommates and friends.

   “What are you doing in my office?”

   Chen Hansheng asked as he walked downstairs, Zhang Eryu is actually quite handsome even with this appearance, it seems that being handsome and beautiful is a lifetime thing.

   “Chen Hansheng!”

   Zhang Eryu raised his head with red eyes: “As a college student, a young entrepreneurial star in Jianye City, can you grab someone else’s girlfriend with your own money?”


   Huang Hui couldn’t help but tremble, thinking that I just suspected that Chen Hansheng might be cheating, and the result was a real hammer, and her boyfriends all came to her door.

The others didn’t understand what was going on, and they all looked at each other. Nie Xiaoqian still approached Chen Hansheng and whispered, “Minister Chen, you are increasing the workload of the little secretary. Is she more beautiful than Shen Youchu?”


   Chen Hansheng glared at Nie Xiaoyu dissatisfiedly, and explained seriously: “This is a misunderstanding. That girl and I are just friends.”


   Nie Xiaoyu nodded her chin, but there was doubt in her eyes.

   Chen Hansheng sighed, thinking about Nie Xiaoyu nmsl.


   Zhang Eryu came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime aggressively. After he saw the news about Chen Hansheng on Jianye TV, he immediately remembered that this was the boy who sent Ye Qi back at noon that day.

   Especially in the past few days, Ye Qi has become more and more indifferent to her, and she often finds reasons to avoid meeting. This made Zhang Eryu panic and began to think wildly.

   Now “Rocket 101” and “Chen Hansheng” are easy to find on Baidu. The company only recruited people a few days ago, and the addresses were all ready-made, so he took two roommates and found them easily.

   Zhang Eryu wanted to ask, why does a college student who has received so much praise on TV want to get involved in other people’s feelings?

   “Er Yu, what do you communicate with this kind of person? Let’s talk about this kind of garbage shop first!”

   Zhang Eryu has a roommate who has a grumpy temper and is about to smash the computer when he picks up a stool.

The employees of Rocket 101 will naturally not allow it, especially Qiu Anping. Many things are decorated by her little by little. Maybe there will be a more modern and luxurious office environment in the future, but there will never be such a memorial. Up.

   “Stop it!”

   Qiu Anping opened her hands to block in front.

   Although she is small and she is usually quiet, but such fearless behavior and vibe shocked the boys who wanted to do it.

   “Chen Hansheng, are you hiding behind a woman like this?”

   Zhang Eryu doesn’t want to pester the girl, his target is Chen Hansheng.

   Chen Hansheng patted Qiu Anping on the back: “I didn’t react to it just now. Don’t do this next time. Even if it’s all broken, it’s a matter of spending a little money. Things that can be repaired with money are actually worthless.”

   Qiu Anping turned her head. In fact, she is also a little scared now, but she really rushed up when her head was hot just now.

   Huang Hui looked at Qiu Anping with a little admiration, she didn’t expect that she was so courageous.

   Chen Hansheng walked to the boy who was about to smash the shop, and looked up and down: “I heard that your accent is from Sudong Province, right? Where is it from?”

   “Yangzhou, what’s wrong?”

   Young college students always have this kind of aura that the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. The root cause is that they have never suffered.

   Chen Hansheng nodded, dialed a call and then pressed the speakerphone.

   “Hey, Mr. Su from Yangzhou of Shentong Express? This is Chen Hansheng from Rocket 101.”

   “President Chen, what’s the matter?”

   “Are you familiar with Yangzhou?”

   Chen Hansheng looked at the boy: “I want to go to Yangzhou to find someone and visit his house.”

   “Familiar, I have been living in Yangzhou for almost 40 years, and I am familiar with all the three teachers and nine liu.”

   “That line, I will find out the address first.”


   Chen Hansheng didn’t evasive during the call. The boy who was about to hit the shop just now became nervous slowly, and the stool he held in his hand had to be put down.

   “Don’t let it go, don’t let it go.”

Chen Hansheng put away his mobile phone, pointed to the stool and said, “This round stool was bought by Senior Sister Qiu for 15 yuan each. I don’t want it after you touch it. I will compensate you for 100 yuan. Just like this is how you exposed the store. “

   “Do you want to lose…”

Chen Hansheng stretched out his finger and nodded: “Is Yangzhou far away from Jianye? Rocket 101 has so many part-time college students at Communication University. Believe it or not, I can find your address in less than half an hour. I can catch up tonight. Eat with your parents, you know?”

   At this time, Zhong Jiancheng next door brought a few people over. He heard the noise of someone just now.

  Old Zhong pushed the door and probed the probe: “Someone is making trouble?”


   Kong Jing waved her hand. She didn’t want to make this matter a big deal. The police station was next to her.

   “Oh, there is something to say.”

   Zhong Jiancheng saw something was wrong, but the other party seemed to have only three people, Chen Hansheng should be able to handle it, and he shrank his head and turned back.

   “Entrepreneur star, is it such a hooligan who bullies others?”

   Zhang Eryu made an appearance for his roommate~www.snovelfree.com~ I didn’t expect Chen Hansheng to play reality if he didn’t agree.

Chen Hansheng couldn’t help but sneered: “You guys were going to smash the shop just now, and now you find that you are a younger brother, and you want to reason with me, co-authoring, both inside and out, let you talk about it, the best argument of Communication University. Hand it.”


   Chen Hansheng suddenly changed his face, and Zhang Eryu was taken aback by surprise.

   “If you don’t lose money, then don’t talk about anything, Xiao Yu.”

   Chen Hansheng said to Nie Xiaoyu: “Now check Zhang Eryu’s roommates and friends at Communication University, about 1.8 meters tall, without glasses, from Yangzhou…”

“I give.”

   Chen Hansheng didn’t finish his words, the boy suddenly took out a hundred yuan note because he found that Chen Hansheng was not joking.

   Chen Hansheng took the paper money contemptuously, flicked it in his hand, and made a crisp “click, click” sound.

   He smiled and stuffed the banknotes into Qiu Anping’s pocket, blinked and said, “This is the victim’s compensation, and the company will have subsidies for a while.”

   This Qiu Anping makes a big red face, Chen Hansheng is really not nervous at all.

“right now.”

   Chen Hansheng looked at Zhang Eryu: “I asked Ye Qi to take you, a coward, back. Why don’t you dare to confront her when you have a problem, and you want to run to someone else to make a fuss and persuade you!”


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