I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 411: Coercion in Love (Part 2)

Unexpectedly, Zhang Eryu was panicked when Ye Qi was about to come over.

It’s as if children are fighting outside, and the other party suddenly tells their parents, almost like this.

“Chen Hansheng, this is a conversation between our men, why do you want her to come over?”

Zhang Eryu didn’t want Chen Hansheng to notify Ye Qi.

“Seriously, I really don’t even start to put the word’man’ on my lips, but I’m only trying to coerce it with nothing.”

Chen Hansheng’s eyes were ridiculed: “You want to talk to me, are you the **** qualified? Don’t let Ye Qi come over and wipe your ass, I’m worried that I will pinch you to death!”

Chen Hansheng called Ye Qi directly: “Zhang Eryu came to our company to make trouble. If you come late, I really can’t guarantee that something will happen.”

Ye Qi was editing a short film in the office, and she wanted to split it into two for use by one person. She was stunned when she heard the news.

However, she felt that Chen Hansheng had a bad tone, so she hurriedly asked for leave with the director and took a taxi to leave the unit in a hurry.

The TV station was not far from Tianyuan East Road, and Ye Qi was urging along the way. She arrived in ten minutes, and she saw Zhang Eryu and two roommates standing in front of Rocket 101’s company.

Ye Qi observed first, and found that there was no broken glass or a pool of blood. Everyone was intact. She slowly breathed a sigh of relief, but then she felt embarrassed.

First of all, this behavior is relatively naive. Ye Qi is a reporter who has seen the world and interviewed many outstanding people. Mature men would never do it;

Secondly, work was delayed, and I had to go back to the office to work overtime at night;

In the end, Zhang Eryu didn’t want to find someone, so he just came to Chen Hansheng.

In Ye Qi’s mind, Chen Hansheng belongs to a “higher grade” existence. At least his college boyfriend can’t match it. So Zhang Eryu came to Chen Hansheng for trouble, and Ye Qi felt overwhelmed.

“What are you doing here?”

Ye Qi spoke in a reproachful tone. She came in a hurry, and a thin layer of sweat oozes from her forehead.

“Ye Qi······”

Zhang Eryu, a tall and handsome guy, doesn’t speak very sharply now, and probably guessed that this kind of behavior is what Ye Qi hates.

“You haven’t come out recently, and it took a long time for you to reply after sending messages, and you kept mentioning the breakup. I just came to Chen Hansheng because of worry.”

Zhang Eryu found such a reason for himself, which is actually true. He always felt that the breakup between his girlfriend and himself was not a problem between the two, and a third party must have intervened.

The two have been in love for more than three years. How could this relationship deteriorate?

Ye Qi pursed her mouth. Recently, at the instigation of her best friend, she was hesitating whether to really break with Zhang Eryu. Now that she sees Zhang Eryu’s behavior, besides being irritable, she also has a deep sense of powerlessness. To put it simply I just hate iron but not steel.

“Er Yu, can you mature a little bit.”

Ye Qi stomped heavily: “I’m really busy these days, and I have to work overtime every day. Didn’t I tell you before, let everyone calm down, why do you always trouble me?”

“It’s okay to calm down, but you have to reply to the message.”

Zhang Eryu’s voice seems to be choking: “My QQ signature has been changed and changed again, as is the avatar, and various permissions have been set for you, just to draw your attention, but you simply ignore it.”

Ye Qi frowned deeply. It was not that she could not feel this kind of affection, but if the affection was expressed in a particularly naive way, Ye Qi felt it was difficult for herself to accept it now.

However, Zhang Eryu didn’t notice it. He still said to himself: “I’m really worried that when each other’s calm, someone else will come in to make you happy and comfort you, and then you feel that you will meet someone better than me. the man.”

“Ye Qi.”

Zhang Eryu stepped forward to hold Ye Qi’s hands, but Ye Qi refused directly.

But Zhang Eryu didn’t mind: “When I thought that we were going to break up, I cried suddenly in the middle of the night. Do you know the feeling of tears running across the bridge of the nose and then flowing into the other eye?”

These sincere love words aroused the emotions of the people around him. Zhang Eryu is so handsome and has such a heavy love. The little girls like Nie Xiaoyu and Zhang Mingrong don’t hate him much. They seem to have forgotten that Zhang Eryu just wanted to break the shop. .

Chen Hansheng smokes a “batabata” cigarette. This situation seems to be seen frequently during the graduation season. It is often that girls can recognize the reality of society first, and boys always slow down.

“Yeah, Ye Qi.”

A roommate was also helping: “Maybe you may not like it, but Er Yu really gave him what he thinks is the best.”

Ye Qi saw everyone sympathizing with Zhang Eryu, and she seemed to be the wicked person, and Chen Hansheng also looked indifferent, as if watching a farce.


Ye Qi thought that I also quit work and rushed over immediately. Although she didn’t want to admit it, what she was worried about was Zhang Eryu’s injury.

“Give me the best thing?”

Ye Qi’s emotions suddenly exploded. She was suppressed for too long for too long, and she was out of breath squeezed between pure college love and social reality. In fact, she was the most stressed person.

“I know, you were kind to me in college.”

Ye Qi also cried: “But we have graduated. I am not that 18-year-old girl. I am not the kind of girl who feels heartbeat when I hear love. I want a visible future, but Zhang Eryu, you work hard. Ever?”

“You always feel that you have done a lot for me, it’s just that you are touching yourself.”

Ye Qi wiped her tears, and there were more and more people around her. Except for the Rocket 101 employees, even the porters of Shentong Express next door came to watch the excitement.

Many of them are in their 40s or 50s, and they don’t understand affection or love, and they just grinned around, even thinking that these young people are too hypocritical.

“Er Yu, we really broke up, you must mature, don’t always think that you have done a lot, you must think about what others really need.”

Ye Qi left after speaking, she didn’t even think of asking Chen Hansheng to send it off.

Zhang Eryu was stunned, and suddenly shouted: “Ye Qi, what do you need me to do?”

Ye Qi paused, then turned her head and said, “I’ve said it many times. You always forget that I need you to be mature. Can you do it?”

“But, I’m only 23 years old. How can I be mature at this age… Cough cough cough~www.snovelfree.com~ Zhang Eryu cried very sad, and her stomach water was thrown out. This is an experience. After unforgettable feelings, the real heartbreak.

“Obviously Ye Qi lost someone who could sacrifice her life for her, but why is it me that is the most uncomfortable!!!”



Chen Hansheng sighed. He didn’t know how to evaluate Zhang Eryu. Zhang Eryu was not a giant baby, but he definitely didn’t match maturity. Ye Qi had such a broad vision of work. If the two changed their jobs, the relationship might be maintained.

Suddenly, a message came from the phone, and Ye Qi sent: “Han Sheng, did I do something wrong?”

Chen Hansheng was smoking a cigarette silently, and saw Qiu Anping walk to the boy who was about to smash the shop, took out 100 yuan from his pocket, pointed to the stool in his hand, and motioned to return.

When the boy returned the chair, he bowed slightly to apologize.

“Work hard.”

Chen Hansheng returned a message: “Adults don’t talk about right or wrong, but only look at the pros and cons.”

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