I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 412: The correct way to open "to the hotel at night"

Latest website: Zibo, you haven’t seen how pitiful the boy is, crying and throwing up. You can’t think that handsome guys will also be broken in love. “

After getting off work from the Rocket 101 headquarters, Huang Hui was having dinner with Wang Zibo while telling the gossip she saw today, and finally urged: “You can just ask Chen Hansheng if he has any trouble with that coquettish TV station female reporter.”

“Impossible, she is not as pretty as Shen Youchu.”

Wang Zibo shook his head. Chen Hansheng showed off the text messages with Ye Qi, and staged a lesson on dealing with scumbags, and even encouraged himself to take Huang Hui to the hotel.

Huang Hui didn’t believe it: “Everyone’s boyfriends have come to the door, and they said that there is no situation. The female reporter is indeed not as beautiful as Shen Youchu, but she has a good career. A female host wearing a short skirt and black silk is the dream of how many men.”

At the end, Huang Hui said ambiguously: “Home flowers are fragrant, but wild flowers also have their own taste.”

Wang Zibo didn’t say a word, but Huang Hui laughed and trembled, probably joking with Chen Hansheng behind his back. This is a way to relieve stress.

This western restaurant in Xinshikou was full of people, and the air exuded bursts of fragrance. Occasionally, one or two beautiful women in long skirts walked by, revealing their white and smooth backs in the dim light, stirring Wang Zibo. Heartstrings.

He is no longer the poor student who has to pay for his western food. Rocket 101 is becoming more and more famous in Jianye University, and his commission is increasing.

Even if it is not the peak season of the Spring Festival or the end of the term, Wang Zibo’s monthly commission can often exceed 10,000.

However, he couldn’t save too much money. As Chen Hansheng had predicted earlier, Huang Hui had relatively large expenses, and there was also the so-called “poor and refined”. Her salary could not afford some luxury goods, and Wang Zibo often had to subsidize it.

Huang Hui is used to it, she seems to think Wang Zibo should be used to it.

After eating, Huang Hui looked at his watch and was about to take a ride back. Wang Zibo hesitated for a long time and suddenly coughed twice: “Night, don’t go back.”


Huang Hui didn’t hear it for a while, but looked at Wang Zibo suspiciously.

Wang Zibo’s face flushed, and he cursed Chen Hansheng for harming himself, but he still mumbled: “Or, don’t go back tonight?”

“If I don’t go back at night, where do I live…”

Huang Hui didn’t react at first, but seeing Wang Zibo’s embarrassed expression, she suddenly woke up, and she was a little unbelievable.

Because Huang Hui never thought about going to the hotel with Wang Zibo, her motive was not simple, she just wanted to find an honest and wealthy man, she never considered Wang Zibo for marriage.

If Ye Qi and Zhang Eryu had a true feeling, then Huang Hui had nothing to say about Wang Zibo, and occasionally held hands or hugged them, just to better achieve their goals.

Wang Zibo seemed to be very satisfied before, but now that Huang Hui suddenly wants to accompany him to the hotel, Huang Hui subconsciously wants to refuse, but when the two of them have determined that the relationship has been almost half a year, this request seems to be not excessive.

“Zi Bo.”

Huang Hui said with some embarrassment: “I feel sick this week…”

“Then, that’s okay, I, I just say it.”

Wang Zibo stammered in reply, then turned around and walked to the school. He didn’t send Huang Hui to the bus like usual, probably because he was too nervous, he almost fell.

Looking at Wang Zibo’s staggering figure, Huang Hui didn’t smile this time because Wang Zibo didn’t understand.

When a man’s thoughts exceed his own control, Huang Hui knows what it means.

This means that he has a sense of independence, he is no longer as conscientious as before, and he can no longer coax like before.

At this time, Huang Hui knew that he had to come up with some real things to deal with, and then used the talk of reasoning in life, and sooner or later he would leave disappointed.


Huang Hui looked down at her body, always feeling Wang Zibo was unworthy.


“Damn, you guys know how to watch my jokes!”

After Wang Zibo made this request in a fright, he wanted to find a hole to drill down. He didn’t know how to face Huang Hui in the future, why he trusted Chen Hansheng so much!

Therefore, Wang Zibo immediately called and went over to report on the situation and scold Chen Hansheng.

“I just said, let Huang Hui go to the hotel tonight, now I don’t know how to get along in the future!”

Wang Zibo gritted his teeth and said.

Chen Hansheng was playing cards, he greeted another classmate to take over, then walked to the balcony and asked: “How to get along with you, what did you say at the time?”

“I just told her not to go back.”

“When did you talk about it?”

“About 7:30 in the evening.”

“Isn’t this a idiot? There is no such request at 7:30.”

Chen Hansheng smiled and said, “It’s almost summer now, and maybe it’s not dark at 7:30. It’s only strange that Huang Huineng agrees to your current relationship.”

Wang Zibo thought about it too, but he was still frustrated, but there was a vague expectation in his heart. In short, this mentality was very complicated, but it didn’t affect him to transfer the responsibility to Chen Hansheng.

“You didn’t make it clear at the time, the ghost knows that you have to pay attention to the time!”

Wang Zibo said loudly, he was standing on the school playground and talking on the phone while running. Only when his body moved could the hot mood stabilize.

“I didn’t know you were so stupid.”

Chen Hansheng sneered and said: “My feelings with Xiao Yu’er must be deliberately taken to watch late-night movies. You must at least satisfy Huang Hui’s wishes, dryly saying’Go to the hotel at night’, you will be a good man. I also want to be a bit of fun.”

“Fuck, get out!”

Wang Zibo was embarrassed and hung up angrily.

However, Chen Hansheng’s words are actually very useful because his guess is too accurate.

Today, Huang Hui really used “physical discomfort” to avoid it. At that time, Chen Hansheng said that Huang Hui would probably use “physical discomfort, too busy work, too low mood” and other reasons to prevaricate, but she did not escape this range.


Wang Zibo wanted to roar very much, but he was not as unscrupulous as Chen Hansheng, he could only turn this repression into running power, and stopped running full of sweat.

When he returned to the dormitory, there was a missed call. He thought it was Huang Hui’s. After opening it with expectation, he found that it was Chen Hansheng’s.

“What’s the matter, I want to take a shower.”

Wang Zibo is also not polite with Chen Hansheng.

“I will go back to Hong Kong City tomorrow, do you want to follow me back?” Chen Hansheng said on the phone.

Wang Zibo thought for a while. Recently, there was nothing wrong with his family. He shook his head and asked, “I’m not going back, are you okay?”

“I’m a cousin on a blind date. I happened to be on TV. Grandma and the others must be with me.”

Wang Zibo nodded. The rural blind date in northern Jiangsu really liked this tune.

Both the man and the woman brought out the “heavyweights” in the family, and the two families sat like this~www.snovelfree.com~, smoking a cigarette, drinking some tea, and getting married immediately.

However, Wang Zibo was also a little strange: “It stands to reason that you usually don’t bother to take care of this kind of thing.”

“Yes, because there is another situation.”

Chen Hansheng sighed: “My mother said that Lao Chen had cheated. She was about to divorce, and she asked me who I would follow.”


Wang Zibo was taken aback: “How can Uncle Chen cheat.”

“Yeah, you can understand your stupidity. My mother can’t understand. She says that she has heartache, leg pain and low back pain. Anyway, it hurts everywhere. Even if nothing happens, I have to go home and see to be relieved.”


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