I Really Didn’t Want to be Born Again

Vol 3: Chapter 413: The red scarf of the scumbag (Thank you for the leader whose 1: word has not changed)

Latest website: Since Chen Hansheng has a car, he always asks Xiao Yuer and Wang Zibo if he wants to go home every time he returns to Hong Kong City. Other students studying in Jianye occasionally send messages: “Chen Hansheng, are you going back to your hometown recently? Give me a ride and I’ll go home to do something.”

Generally speaking, Chen Hansheng took it easily. After all, the bus from Jianye back to Hong Kong City costs more than 60 yuan. How much money is saved, and there are people chatting with him along the way.

But at this time, there are no holidays except Children’s Day in early June.

The next morning, Chen Hansheng left school at 6 o’clock. Apart from worrying about his mother’s body, he also wanted to know what was going on.

Yesterday afternoon, after watching Ye Qi and Zhang Eryu’s farce, Chen Hansheng didn’t have time to recall, Liang Meijuan called, claiming that someone had seen Lao Chen sitting opposite a woman in a coffee shop and had a very happy exchange.

According to the description of Empress Dowager Liang’s appearance, the woman is a bit similar to Mo Ke, but it stands to reason that the character and conditions of “Mo Er’s mother” shouldn’t be the same as Lao Chen’s reluctance. At most, two people just sit for a while. .

Don’t look at Liang Meijuan’s bluffing at home, it is because there is a husband who tolerates her and a son who “if you can’t fight back, you can retaliate”. In fact, Liang Meijuan is an ordinary middle-aged woman in a small city.

She felt that after her husband had “derailed”, she quarreled without listening to the explanation, and then thought of relying on her for the rest of her life-this not very obedient but very filial son.

“Which fool is so gossip, this is purely to scare the Queen Mother Liang.”

Chen Hansheng complained sullenly, stepped on the accelerator, and Xiao Xiali was still crawling slowly at high speed like a tractor.


Back to Hong Kong City at noon, Chen Hansheng did not go home immediately, but first came to Old Chen’s unit.

He is experienced and must first understand things before and after, so that he can have a coping strategy.

When Chen Zhaojun saw that his son was back, he was both happy and worried.

Happily, my son has really grown up, and he can come back to solve problems in the family;

What is worrying is that the wife’s temper is not so good, and the son may not be successful when he comes back.

“Go eat first.”

Chen Zhaojun hugged his son who was taller than himself and went to the cafeteria. He felt a little proud of himself, but he didn’t show it. He just saw a colleague who was about the same age and asked Chen Hansheng to call him “uncle and aunt.”

Old Chen’s colleagues also looked at Chen Hansheng kindly and responded with a smile.

“It’s really accidental, we are getting old, Director Chen’s son is so old.”

“Yes, he came here to do his homework when he was very young, and he still wore a red scarf around his neck.”

“Han Sheng still looks more like Lao Chen. The eyebrows and mouth are carved out of a mold. The nose is a bit like Liang Meijuan.”


Hong Kong City is a very small city, and various bureaus and offices in government units often meet, so everyone knows that Chen Zhaojun and Liang Meijuan are married.

Chen Hansheng recalled that the last time he came to Lao Chen’s unit, it seemed to be the fifth grade of elementary school.

At that time, there was no air conditioning in the house, so I ran here when I was greedy and cool, but after a thing called an “Internet cafe” appeared, Chen Hansheng would rather watch someone call a red alert.

When eating in the cafeteria, Dian Shao’s teacher came out wearing boots and white work clothes to talk to Chen Hansheng. The agency paid more attention to seniority. Even if the teacher did not have a staff, he had been cooking in the kitchen for more than 20 years. The director has changed a lot, but the old man still stands tall.

However, don’t think of him as the sweeping monk in “Dragon Babu”. That is an unrealistic martial arts. In reality, this uncle has a poor mouth and a loud voice. He doesn’t have to want anyone except the chief director. .

Chen Hansheng greeted him politely, and took out his cigarette to pay respects. The uncle chef left with his head upright.

“Strange too.”

While eating, Chen Hansheng talked to Lao Chen: “When I go out with you, people will say that I am more like you; when I go out with my mother, they will say that I am more like Queen Mother Liang.”

Chen Zhaojun smiled gently: “You were born to me and your mother. Isn’t it normal to look like you?”


Chen Hansheng blinked his eyes mischievously: “I think I am a bit like Aunt Mo, especially the eyes.”

Chen Zhaojun:······

After lunch, Chen Hansheng followed Lao Chen to the office to chat. He was also wondering: “Dad, why no one of your colleagues praises me for being good, always praises me for being handsome, this kind of truth that can’t be discovered by blind people requires them to continue Stressed?”

Chen Zhaojun patted his son on the back of the head: “Where are you going?”

“I’m not good enough on TV?” Chen Hansheng said.


Old Chen seemed to just remembered something: “I didn’t say this, nor did you let your mother say, it’s just a bit of money, it’s not worth showing off with colleagues.”

Chen Hansheng was stunned: “This is my only chance to become a “good boy” in the mouth of other parents. Why do you deprive it?”


In the office, father and son sat opposite each other, and Old Chen also talked to Chen Hansheng about yesterday.

It turned out that Mo Ke returned to Hong Kong City for some special reasons. Before leaving, she suddenly wanted to meet Chen Zhaojun. In the past, Mo Ke had no such thoughts, but she had been in contact with Chen Hansheng more recently, so I thought of this high school friend, university. Time’s pen pal.

Chen Zhaojun’s contact information is very easy to obtain, after all, he has been in Hong Kong City.

At that time, Lao Chen also hesitated, whether or not to keep the appointment. Later, he felt that he was “selfless and broad-minded”, just to meet an old friend.

However, he also sent a message to Liang Meijuan, claiming that he was socializing.

Old Chen often had dinners. Liang Meijuan didn’t take it to heart. By coincidence, an acquaintance saw it, and he added oil and vinegar to carry it to Liang Meijuan.

After Chen Zhaojun went back, facing Liang Meijuan’s question, he actually confessed immediately.

Oh, this is all right, Chen Hansheng will go home from Jianye, a few hundred kilometers away, to “fight the fire.”

“Hey, you said you…”

Chen Hansheng was speechless for a while: “How can a clever son like me have an honest father like you?”

Chen Zhaojun glared at Chen Hansheng: “Is it the opposite!”

“At this time, what do you care about the minutiae?”

Chen Hansheng stretched out three fingers: “Dad, there are three omissions in this matter. The first is that the meeting place is not selected. Where can you be in the coffee shop? You should go to some more remote places; the second is that my mother asks, you I must pretend to be aggrieved and fight for reasons, frankly, sit in prison and resist strictness to go home for the New Year. Do I still have to say this?; Third, you shouldn’t let my mother know about it. Ke’s existence, didn’t you create the Shura Field by yourself…”

Old Chen looked at his ecstatic son and couldn’t help but interrupt: “Are you coming back to help solve the problem, or to talk nonsense, let’s say I beat you!”

“Sorry, people in the industry are really heartbroken by this operation.”

Chen Hansheng patted his forehead and thought about it: “Actually, it’s easy to solve the problem. You can call Aunt Mo directly in front of my mother and ask her to prove it.”

“It’s that simple?”

Chen Zhaojun asked incredulously. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

However, Chen Hansheng was more surprised than Lao Chen: “You really want to do this?”

“If it works, why not?”

Chen Zhaojun is very strange.

“Although this trick is simple and practical, in general, most men will not use it.”

Chen Hansheng yawned and said: “Because of this, there will be no way to get involved with others in the future. For example, this time, Aunt Mo will think that in your heart, my mother is more important than her.”

“Your mother is more important than her, Mo Ke will understand.”

Old Chen said with a smile, his face full of openness.

Chen Hansheng lowered his head in shame, his face seemed to be dyed red by the red scarf.


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