I Will Die If I Don’t Give Birth To The Male Lead!

Chapter 91: "End of Full Text"

Lu Fanfan looked forward to the stars and the moon. Finally, when he was eight years old, he looked forward to a tender, white and tender sister.

When the younger sister was born, she was super ugly, red all over, and she had a lot of hairs on her body, like a little mouse.

But the whole family is super happy, especially Dad.

That night, he saw his father lying on his mother’s arms with red eyes, and he didn’t know if he was crying.

Lu Fanfan had been novel for two days, and he lost interest in the little buns who ate and slept all day except for the little buns who would spit bubbles and cried.

It turns out that my sister is not so fun, hey…

He was very melancholy.

There was 001 as melancholy as him.

One person and one machine were sitting on the steps, with their hands supporting their cheeks, and the setting sun stretched the two silhouettes.

Next to them, another robot was busy happily.

Little Sun directs the lawn mower to mow the lawn, followed by the garbage disposer, the sprinkler…

A group of machines were very busy, in sharp contrast with the dejected Lu Fanfan and 001.

When the little sun passed by 001 for the first time, 001 finally said unbearably: “You are already a mature advanced system, you should learn to be lazy!”

After Lu Ranran and Ji Zeyang got married, Ji Zeyang, a little bitch, made a mandatory link between 001 and Little Sun, and upgraded the system.

001 thought that after the upgrade, the little sun would lose it like himself.

Who! know! Dao!

The mentally handicapped system is the mentally handicapped system. The biggest effect of upgrading is that it is more pleasant and efficient when doing housework.

001 almost got angry to the system disorder.

Every time I saw Little Sun talking about his work, he felt that there were countless viruses eroding his system.

Little Sun kept walking, and when she turned her head, two thin curved lines appeared on the screen, and it was her smiling eyes.

“001, don’t be lazy, come and mow the lawn with me.”

001: “Mowing your sister’s lawn, I am an advanced system, and it is impossible for me to do this kind of mentally retarded work in my life!”

Lu Fanfan glanced at 001, filled with righteous indignation.

Sure enough, within three minutes, 001 was pulled out by Little Sun to do the mentally handicapped work he said.

Lu Fanfan shrugged unsurprisingly.

Really, every time I get slapped, I’ll talk so full next time.

With so little memory, where does it look like an advanced system?

However, no one can escape the true incense law.

A few months later, Lu Fanfan discovered that his sister was really fun!

It was summer when there were most insects and small animals.

At that time, my sister was more than half a year old, and she would crawl around on the ground, holding things up and still standing up.

One day, Lu Fanfan finally caught a cicada and put it in a box, preparing to study its vocal organ, but accidentally lost it.

Lu Fanfan was so sad that he finally caught it.

Unexpectedly, when I went downstairs in despair, I heard my grandma’s voice: “Baby, come and play with this, okay? This is my brother’s, you can’t play…”

Lu Fanfan quickly ran down, stunned, watching his sister sitting in the stroller, his chubby little hands holding the cicada’s wings, waving his thick arms in excitement, his mouth babbling.

And his poor Cicada, who was dying, had wings and broken legs, thumped hard in her hands.

Lu Fanfan’s eyes gradually brightened.

My sister, like him, likes little bugs!

He likes his sister!

When Lu Fanfan was ten years old, Baby Lu was two and a half years old.

Jumping up and down with my brother made it a headache.

No, more skinny than her brother when she was young.

At the beginning, Ji Zeyang, who was still holding the idea of ​​raising a soft and cute little princess: “…”

One day the couple closed the door and whispered.

Ji Zeyang: “Ran Ran, these two kids are so skinny, who do you think they look like?”

Lu Ranran: “Does this still need to be asked? It must be that your genes are bad.”

Ji Zeyang: “…”

The conscience of heaven and earth, he was a model child when he was young.

Lu Ranran sat up, threatening his eyes: “What do you mean by this expression? Are you saying that I’m bad genes?”

Ji Zeyang hurriedly hugged her and kissed her: “No, no, no, my genes are not good…”

This year happened to be the 30th anniversary of Peng Lan and Lu Zhengyu’s wedding. On their wedding anniversary, the two left their daughters, son-in-law, granddaughter, and went on a romantic trip.

Ji Zeyang and Lu Ranran are going to work again, so, in addition to the housekeeper and aunt, the important task of caring for the younger sister falls to Lu Fanfan, who is the older brother, and the robots at home.

Since having Sister Lu, Ji Zeyang asked the company’s people to work overtime and added a new function to the robot-parenting.

So the robot sold better.

The bored Lu Fanfan simply took 001 and Sister Lu out to find his mother.

Unlike ordinary schools, Huiri School is extremely secure. Outsiders are not allowed to enter and those inside are not allowed to leave.

One big one and one small one plus a robot were stopped by the security guard, called Lu Ranran, and let them in after confirmation.

At that time, I was taking physical education class right next to me, and I saw the girls surrounded by people at a glance.

She was sitting there, someone holding their clothes to block the sun, someone eagerly unscrewing the mineral water and handing it over, pulling it away.

001 lost his voice: “Ji Mu!”

Ji Mu? Lu Fanfan looked back at 001, who immediately covered his mouth.

But it was too late. The girl had already noticed the three here, her eyes changed instantly, she stood up abruptly, and walked towards the three.

The surrounding students hurriedly followed.

Lu Fanfan pointed at him: “Ah, I remember, you are that sister!”

Ji Mu glanced at him, resisting ignoring the mental retardation, and went to see 001: “What are you? Why do you know my name?”

001 covered her mouth, looked left and right for two seconds, suddenly turned around and ran, still shouting: “Lu Fanfan, run away, the devil is here!”

Ji Mu said immediately: “Bring me that robot back!”

“Yes! Sister Tong!” A few children left to chase after 001.

Lu Fanfan and Sister Lu, who were standing still holding their sisters: “…”

Ji Mu looked at one big and one small with complicated eyes.

Especially Lu Fanfan.

Obviously they are all Ji Zeyang’s children, so why can Lu Fanfan get Ji Zeyang’s love, his sister, and his mother…

He was going crazy with jealousy.

“Sister, you are so beautiful.” Sister Lu, who was held in her arms by her elder brother, suddenly said milkyly.

Ji Mu: “…”

You are the elder sister, and your whole family are elder sisters!

He still couldn’t accept the fact that he became a girl.

Sister Lu babbled something out of her pocket, clenched her small fist, and said, “To sister…”

The little doll was chubby, white, tender, and cute, so Ji Mu snorted in his heart. After reaching out, he wanted to see what this fool was going to do.

The little chubby hand loosened, and a fluffy, soft thing fell into his hand.

Ji Mu stiffened, his eyes moved to his palm, and a colorful caterpillar was lying in the palm of his hand.

His nerves were tense.

In the next second, the caterpillar even squirmed.

With a bang, the scalp exploded.


Ji Mu let out a horrified scream, jumped out of the place all at once, threw the caterpillar in his hand to the ground, then stepped on it with his foot, stepping several times in a row.

The eldest sister who had just been madly cool and tyrannical has disappeared.

Lu Fanfan and Sister Lu looked at each other and laughed exaggeratedly.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha–“

Lu Fanfan pointed to Ji Mu: “It scares you, that’s a fake hahahahaha!”

The simulation caterpillar can scare her like this, hahahahahaha!

Ji Mu froze in place. The next second, she became angry from embarrassment, and said loudly: “Hold these two fools!”

The little brother behind her quickly returned to his senses and was about to catch Lu Fanfan as soon as he embraced him.

Lu Fanfan put his sister on the ground, rolled up her sleeves, and come, he has never been afraid of fighting.

The atmosphere stalemate, the smell of gunpowder is full, and the explosion is on the verge.

At this moment, 001 was also brought back.

The chunky robot was carried by the two children, waving its limbs feebly, babbling and screaming.

Ji Mu took a step forward, grabbed 001 abruptly, and asked, “What the **** are you?”

He never thought that someone in this world would know his identity!

001 rolled his eyes and suddenly laughed, “If you want to know, give me your hand.”

Ji Mu took a deep breath and stretched out his hand. In the next second, the information he was looking at crazily poured into his mind.

Ji Zeyang, Lu Ranran, Lin Jingshu…and him.

The things he didn’t know in the last life were all clarified.

It turns out that I was born that way;

It turned out that his father never loved himself;

It turns out that everything is just Lin Jingshu’s conjecture…

It turned out that his birth was just a joke…

His father…

All ideas were completely shattered at this moment.

Ji Mu suddenly covered his face and started crying.

Lu Fanfan stared blankly at the girl who was suddenly crying like crazy, and turned to look at her sister, “Baby Lu, you see you bullied your sister and cried again.”

Baby Lu took out a piece of milk from his pocket and put it into his mouth. While eating, he blinked innocent eyes and looked at his brother. He didn’t understand what his brother was talking about.

Lu Fanfan: “Well, it’s not the baby’s fault. Give my brother one too…”

The siblings each took a piece of milk and ate them happily.

001 didn’t expect Ji Mu to react so much. He pushed her a bit and said, “Oh, it’s easy for you to call Ji Zeyang’s father.”

Ji Mu suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed 001: “You say!”

001: “When you grow up, you can marry Lu Fanfan. Hahahahaha.”

Ji Mu: “…!”

He turned to look at Lu Fanfan who didn’t realize it.

Marry him? Are you kidding me?

He replaced it well.

“No, you entered Shen Jiatong’s body because the space was accidentally folded. There will never be a second time.”

001 seemed to be able to hear what he was thinking, and the voice sounded directly in his mind.

Ji Mu’s face kept changing, marrying this mentally retarded?

Isn’t he going to call Lu Ranran’s mother?

Finally, he gritted his teeth, walked to Lu Fanfan, and grabbed his neckline: “Hey, marry me in the future, have you heard?”

Lu Fanfan blinked, wow, what is this neurosis talking about?

Before speaking, the bell rang after class.

Someone yelled, “Ms. Lu is over.”

A group of elementary school students stood up in an instant, and Ji Mu quickly loosened Lu Fanfan’s collar, and said quickly: “If you dare to tell your mother, you are dead.” Then stood up with the other students and started doing the tenth. A set of national broadcast gymnastics for primary and secondary school students.

Lu Ranran came down from the teaching building with his textbook, and saw two unconscious little fools from a distance, as well as the mentally retarded system, leaning against the wall and hooking his fingers at three.

Lu Fanfan didn’t feel anything, the group of pupils doing exercises next to them turned pale in fright and looked at the three in sympathy.

Everyone is a problem student, and no one in the school is afraid, just because of Teacher Lu.

Especially Ji Mu, he didn’t know how many things he had done in the past few years, and they were all pressed down easily by Lu Ranran.

Just like a grasshopper, it can’t jump out of her palm no matter what.

Frustration and fear completely shattered the arrogance of the genius boy.

He felt a sense of powerlessness when he saw Lu Ranran.

This woman was born to restrain him.

Ji Mu lowered his head and continued to threaten Lu Fanfan: “Don’t tell your mother, you know?”

In the next second, Lu Fanfan picked up his sister, walked towards Lu Ranran, and said proudly: “Ms. Lu, I can tell you the good news that your precious son was proposed by a beautiful girl hahahaha…”

Although beautiful girls are crazy.

Ji Mu: “…”

Damn, this mom Baonan!

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