I’m a God in an Online Game

Chapter 642: Mr. Meng Jingtian who did not want to be named

In Kui’s startled gaze, Meng Jingtian gently pulled the black and white bracelet on his wrist, and appeared in his hands with one sword and one sword.

Gently getting up, the Qinglong chair turned into a battle armor and appeared on him.

It has not started, it is over.

Meng Jingtian seemed to be standing still, but the knives and swords in his hands began to fly with blood.

There was another peculiar heavy rain in the sky, and wind, fireballs, flowers… and other things fell from the sky.

The pouring “heavy rain” fell on Meng Jingtian’s body, he did not hide, and let these things fall on him.

Putting away the knife and sword in his hand, it turned into a bracelet and clasped it on his left wrist.

As soon as he raised his hand, among these messy things falling from the air, he accurately caught a dark-skinned fruit, put it in his mouth and took a bite.

This is the “celestial mourning” that represents Kui’s fall.

Meng Jingtian sat down slowly, sitting on the Qinglong chair.

On the opposite side, only Yuan was unbelievable, and there was an unwilling questioning voice: “Why… why?”

“There can only be one master.” Meng Jingtian replied unhurriedly.

For Yuan, he couldn’t tell what his feelings were. Anyway, after learning that fate is just a ridiculous way of controlling the true god, he just hated it, right?

Because of this kind of fooling, the sky in the Hongmeng realm reincarnates more than ever, when the battle of the gods breaks out, and when they fight half of the original number, he also knows nothing.

“I am the Supreme!” Meng Jingtian continued after a short pause.

If there is really a fate, then this is his fate!

The voice fell, the last trace of divine power in the body returned to the world, and the soul entered the cycle again, and a heavy snow fell in the sky, covering up everything that was broken.

“Hey!” Meng Jingtian sighed, but then he got a headache.

In the seventy-two realm, only twelve left by them, what can we do?

A group of jelly appeared quietly, and the jelly-like body, turned into a little firefly, generally fluorescent, flying in various domains.

Meng Jingtian was stunned for a while, and then reacted that these fluorescence-like powers belonged to the source.

So far, he has never understood this kind of power, what kind of existence it is.

These scattered fluorescence glues all the broken realms together, but not just glue.

There are also those intact realms that have also been pulled over, all glued in one place, and the most in the middle is the originally humble Hongmeng realm.

With the Hongmeng realm as the center, the 72 realms merged together, and a new huge realm created by it appeared.

However, as the fluorescence flew away, the jelly-like body of the source disappeared.

“Source?” Meng Jingtian was a little anxious, trying to understand all this.

Although, he complained about the source of his work just like a person with mental retardation, but if it really disappears, it is still very uncomfortable in his heart.

He was so eager to find out the source of the information, and finally got a little bit.

The origin of Yuan is bigger than he thought!

The gods were born from “nothing”, and the source is the “being” that evolved from “nothing” after the birth of the gods.

“Nothing” no longer exists, the source is to get away from “Nothing”, a completely different new existence independent of “Nothing” was born.

It is everything in the world, it is everything that can be seen and felt in the eye.

And the jelly is nothing but the condensate of the most original energy that can create everything in excess.

The consciousness of the source is the consciousness of all things, everywhere.

Nowadays, the newly born new realm, everything in the realm is the source.

Looking back in time, the earth star in the New Territories, the era when Meng Jingtian lived in this life, the earth star can only be seen in the movies on the streets of the 1990s.

An eighteen or nineteen-year-old boy wearing a neat white shirt with a cute dumpling pattern embroidered on the pocket lapel of his shirt, carrying a blue backpack on one shoulder, and walking down the street whistling with his hands in his pockets.

After a while, she skilfully walked into a black Internet cafe that was quite noisy and chaotic. He grinned at the webmaster at the front desk, showing a perfect sunny smile, and said: “Give me a machine.”

A large-scale online game is running on a low-configuration computer called “Tomorrow”.

As soon as Meng Jingtian went online, the gang channel of the “Temple of the Gods” started shouting.

“Helper! No surprise, today we can overthrow the final boss of this game. Are you excited or excited?”

“Leader, you have to come to the Gang meeting on the weekend!”

“Yes! As a helper, you haven’t shown up in ten meetings. Is it really good to be so sneaky?”

Meng Jingtian smiled slightly as he watched the chats in the gang that were helping you to talk to each other.

“Tomorrow” has become Zhao Rin’s psychological shadow, but it is a collection that I missed the past!

Changing from the old style of playing games as a lone ranger, this time, after publishing “Tomorrow” to Earth and Star hundreds of years ago in this era of his own life, he established a gang in the game.

The gang is full of ordinary players from Earth Star.

“Actually, I have pushed this boss hundreds of times, and I am not excited at all.”

“Also, how do you talk? What sneaky, am I a mystery? I am Mr. Meng Jingtian who does not want to be named!”

Meng Jingtian didn’t have the high cold as a top master in the virtual online game “Tomorrow”, and soon crackled a string of text and posted it on the gang channel.

“Fang lord, you really have a good assembly, you don’t blush at all bragging.”

“The final boss of this game hasn’t been pushed yet, right? Where have you pushed hundreds of times?”

Soon, the gang continued to chat with him.

Meng Jingtian smiled, of course, from different time and space, and from the “Tomorrow” game pushed hundreds of times!

While chatting, the elite members of the gang gathered together. On the computer screen, a group of paper characters took the teleportation array and came to a map called “The Ruins of the Gods”.

After a period of skillful cleaning of the mobs, everyone came to the entrance of the instance in the center of the Ruins of the Gods.

Just entering the dungeon, a group of gang members were a little confused.

What appeared in front of them was a beautifully modeled and detailed palace, just like the real one.

And the name of the plaque slanted above the palace is three big characters “Temples of Gods”!

“Fuck! This ultimate copy~www.snovelfree.com~ is the name of our gang?”

“How do you feel weird, as if you are beating yourself!”

After froze for two seconds, a group of gang members could not help but discuss in shock.

“Actually, you help me, the chief planner of the “Tomorrow” game company. After so long, it seems that it will finally be exposed! Hey——” Meng Jingtian typed in the gang channel with emotion.

“Fuck you! Helper, can you pretend to be a bit draft?”

“A coincidence also makes you brag, why don’t you say that you are the chairman of the “World Group”?”

Accustomed to Meng Jingtian’s “brilliant bragging”, the gangs subconsciously started to stun in the gang channel.

This gang leader who pretends to be like the wind and always accompanies me is their daily life!

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