Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 1: Shanty Town Residents (Part 1)

Fushan is an unremarkable hill in the fairy world. The shape of the mountain is scattered but not gathered, and the aura is sluggish but not condensed; there is no spirit of mountains but no water, no mountains and no forests are no beauty, no mountains and no caves. The secluded. This kind of “three nos”, in the fairy world, where there are mountains and beautiful eyes, can really be called a shanty town-the immortals who live here must be the most depressed and desolate immortals in the fairy world. .

But the partial life was on Fushan in the shanty town of the fairy world, but someone used celestial force to sculpt a high-door cave house, which occupies one-third of the height of the main peak of Fushan Mountain, and a cheap one was erected at the entrance of the cave. Mirror stone, one line in the letter: Roche Trade Development Co., Ltd.!

This mirror stone is the cheapest door stele in the immortal world. It is so cheap that you can pick up a mirror stone worth 10,000 tons in any mountain. Although this mirror stone is huge, standing at the door does not show the slightest nobleness of the owner. What’s more, the line of words on the mirror stone is crooked and snake crawling, so ugly and ugly, it seems that it is not written with the hair of the long bearded wolf commonly used by people in the fairy world, but it is somewhat like the human world that has only become popular for nearly a century. Font written with a pen!

Although the mirror stone gate stele is half a mountain high, this Fushan shanty town is a rare place. The high-end and big Luoche Trade Development Co., Ltd. is not very business.

Luo Qian, the general manager of the company, is a male immortal of medium build and not surprising appearance. At this moment, he was sitting in front of his fashionable meniscus desk carved out of mirror stone, staring meticulously at the laptop in front of him, observing his business situation this month.

Suddenly, the laptop made a “dididi” alarm sound, and then the power light flashed twice, the battery was exhausted, and the computer automatically went to sleep!

“! This **** parallel imports lasted for less than four hours. The **** shopkeeper even told me that it had adopted the most advanced energy-saving technology and could stand by for at least 20 hours! Next time I go, he must give it to me I returned the original price.”

There is no power plant in the fairy world, and the battery is out of power. It can only be recharged next time in the lower world, and it is temporarily out of use.

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Closing the computer fiercely, Luo Qian stood up, ready to take a tour of his company.

Although the sparrow is small and well-equipped, let alone the Qianluo Trade Development Co., Ltd. whose face can be regarded as “magnanimous”? Entering from the cave, a spacious hall was excavated in the belly of the mountain. In the hall were a table made of mirror stone. This was the reception desk-although there was no beautiful and hot receptionist, but… Luo Qian touched his chin. Self-comfort: Well, there will be bread, “” Sooner or later there will be.

On the left side of the hall is the door, with a wooden sign inlaid with two words: Warehouse. There is also a sign on the Shimen on the right: Conference Room.

There is an ultra-thin DVD player, two laptop batteries, a large-capacity CD box, and an electric rice cooker in the warehouse. This is the entire inventory of Tangtang Qianluo Trade Development Co., Ltd.

In the meeting room, the oval-shaped meeting table made of huge mirror stones is quite a big company.

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Why are mirror stones always used? Because there are so many things, thousands of tons of mirror stones were mined just by digging this cave. Mirror stone is indeed the cheapest material in the fairy world.

The Qianluo Trading Company was left cold in front of the door. There was a sudden wind outside the door, and then a timid face stuck out from the entrance of the cave. Seeing that Luo Qian was alone, he finally breathed a sigh of relief: “Lao Luo, I’ll take it. Goods. Those video discs ordered last time…” When the business came to the door, Luo Qian became enthusiastic, and hurriedly greeted: “Brother Ling, please come in quickly, please come in, the goods are already here, you have tea first, I’ll get it now.”

Luo Qian swept away his sleeves, and a cup of hot tea appeared on the table: “Sit for a while first.” As he said, he turned into the warehouse next to him. Take out a video disc from the large-capacity CD case. On the DVD, a woman with a bee-chested and slender waist was displayed horizontally, and her eye-catching eyes made people feel an urge to commit crime.


There was joy in Luo Qian’s heart: This Ling Xiaose was a disciple of the Ling family, a well-known family in the fairy world. The Ling family controlled the “Jizhen Hole”, one of the famous “Up Three Down Ten” thirteen fairy jade mines in the fairy world, even though it was ” The next ten holes”, but it also made Ling Jiafu run down! However, this young Ling Xiaose is a fairyland otaku, with a dull nature and not good at communicating with others. Even if you talk to a stranger, you will be flushed and incoherent. He has been soaring for hundreds of years, and he can be regarded as a normal “adult man” in the fairy world, but he has not even talked about a relationship. Heaven and earth yin and yang, copulation double cultivation, this is the right way; there are countless double cultivation methods in the immortal world, whichever is faster than one’s own single practice.

It’s a pity that Ling Xiaose has a good skin and a distinguished family background. He was born with a clumsy mouth and tongue, and is still single. It’s just that the otaku also has a need, and Luo Qian didn’t bother much in order to become such a big customer. However, the return of high investment is high output. Since Ling Xiaose tremblingly watched the CD that Luo Qian gave him for the first time… he has become even more dignified!

With the optical discs produced in the kingdom of **** and the DVD player, apart from going to Roche Trade to buy new optical discs and batteries, Ling Xiaosexian will never leave his home in the prime location of “Qingpingyuan” in the fairy world. Shifu.

The fairyland “three days and six sources, twelve continents overseas, and thirty-six mountains in Yunei” are all great treasures with aura. The higher the ranking, the more helpful to practice. After the “three days” of “Yuqingtian, Shangqingtian, and Taiqingtian”, there are the so-called six sources, and Qingpingyuan is one of the “six sources”. Being able to have a cave mansion in this kind of place means that you have entered the “upper society” of the immortal world, and it is definitely not something that can be done with only a considerable number of standard immortal jade.

The currency in the fairy world is the standard fairy jade, one level higher than the standard fairy jade is the lower grade fairy jade, and the exchange method is one to one hundred. Two grades higher than the standard fairy jade are middle-grade fairy jade, and the exchange method is one to ten thousand. Three grades higher are the top grade immortal jade, with an exchange ratio of one to one million. Going up, those top-quality jade that can be used to refine immortal artifacts is not so easy to exchange for.

Before and after, Luo Qian has earned three million standard celestial jade from this young Ling Xian! This is his biggest customer, so the general manager Luo Qian will take care of him personally—it doesn’t work if he doesn’t take care of him personally. He doesn’t even have an employee now. He even has a hot front desk for serving tea. A signpost standing far away…

“Haha, Ling Shao, this is the latest movie, it’s not easy to make!” Luo Qian revealed the disc, and Ling Xiaose quickly snatched it, as if he might be seen. Although there will be no “others” here. No way, otaku.

After a glance, I found that the heroine was her favorite actress. UU reading Ling was dying with blood. Who said there was no fairy? Ling Xiaose’s gaze fell on the two blushes on the female actress’s chest on the disc, and suddenly felt that the part of himself as a man had not stayed in the deep room of Ling’s family like a house.

“Okay, okay, go back and enjoy it slowly!” Luo Qian chuckled, Ling Xiaose’s face blushed, and quickly put the disc away, gratefully said: “Thank you Brother Luo!” Luo Qian said, “You know Shao Ling, too. What kind of felony this private immortal world is, I take a great risk!”

With the rise of the technological frenzy in the human world, there are more and more detection methods. Fairies who like to fly around in the sky are getting easier to find. Therefore, in the past few hundred years, whether it is the immortal realm, or other gods, demons, and Buddha realms, they have exercised strict control over the lower realms.

Take the fairy world as an example. Originally, there were only three immortal officials responsible for inspecting the guilt of the immortal lower world. However, with the increase in the intensity of the private immortal world, three hundred years ago, the fairy world established a special department “Qin Jian Supervisor”, which belongs to the security of the fairy world The department “Jieanyuan” is responsible for detecting and smuggling immortals in the fairy world.

And in order to prevent the imprisoned prison guards from stealing, it is also stipulated that even the immortal officials in the imprisoned prison cannot be lowered. In the entire immortal realm, no one can lower the realm unless there is a golden and jade order from the emperor.

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