Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 1: Shanty Town Residents (Part 2)

In order to arrest the immortals who were smuggling from the lower realm, the immortal emperor gave three immortal artifacts to the imperial prisoners: Kunlongbeard, Jiantianwang, and twelve gold medal swords. The Kunlong must be used as a warning. It was sacrificed from the immortal realm, and could reach the human realm directly, penetrate into the immortal veins of the private lower realm, and restrain him 80% of the immortal power. If the immortal who received this warning automatically returns to the immortal realm immediately, there is a possibility of a lighter punishment-but a lighter punishment is at least going into reincarnation and letting him fend for himself. is used for arrest. For the immortals who refuse to return to the immortal realm, they are sacrificed to the prison skynet, and they can be easily captured from the human realm like fishing. The immortal tools bestowed by the emperor were so powerful that almost no immortal could resist it.

If you really encounter a powerful immortal in the private lower realm, and the first two immortal weapons do not work, then you must sacrifice the ultimate weapon: the twelve gold medal sword. A series of twelve gold medal swords, the power is comparable to the immortal immeasurable calamity, even the ninth-order immortal can hardly escape death!

Not all magical artifacts refined by immortals are “immortal artifacts”. Immortal artifacts are also divided into ranks. Immortals with poor strength are naturally prone to produce “defective artifacts”. Therefore, the magical artifacts used by ordinary immortals in the fairy world are called “treasures”. “Equipment” is the simplest fairy artifact that can be used normally. If some precious materials are added in the refining process, or if the level of the immortal craftsman is quite good, then the level of the magical tool can be upgraded by one level and become a royal weapon. If the immortal level of the craftsman reaches the level of a master, the materials used are all treasured materials, and the crafted artifacts are naturally powerful. Only these grades of magical artifacts can be called immortal artifacts. Dip a “fairy”, naturally become extraordinary.

Treasure artifacts, imperial artifacts, immortal artifacts, there are divine artifacts and sacred artifacts on top of them, and what kind of magical artifacts there are on top, it is not generally known by the immortals.

“I know, how about… one million standard immortal jade?” Ling Xiaose asked embarrassedly, feeling a little embarrassed to let people take such a big risk and only give such a little yellow and white thing. “Recently, because it took too long to watch the video, the progress of the cultivation didn’t catch up, and my father restricted my pocket money again…” Ling Xiaose was a little hard to say.

Luo Qian shook his head, and said to Ling Xiaose’s father in his heart: Even if you want to urge your son to make progress, you are not doing that. Apart from coming to me, this otaku basically does not go out of the door, and is more “turtle lodging” than other ladies. How can he reduce his pocket money to urge him? What Ling Zhai Nan needs now is a big girl who can pass the house.

Ling Zhai man, I will not tell you these things, if you don’t give me money, I won’t tell you-Luo Qian is lustful in his heart.

Seeing that Luo Qian hadn’t spoken for a while, Ling Xiaose thought he was not satisfied with his price. Although he was a little ashamed, he really couldn’t give up the DVD—after all, he was his favorite actress. How could there be such a thing in the fairy world? Waiting for a bold girl?

“Lao Luo? Brother Luo…” Ling Xiaose whispered, Luo Qian suddenly woke up, and hurriedly accompanied a smiling face: “Oh, the price is good, we are all old relationships, and I can still help you with these two little money It’s hard to care about you now. Although you can take the DVD first and watch it when it’s convenient, just give me the rest of the money, haha…” He said it soundly, but a penny is not cheap, but credit is allowed. That’s it.

How can Ling Zhainan be his opponent of the old fritters in the mall? In a few words, Luo Qian said with gratitude and tears. He quickly took out a beautiful jade that was warm and radiant and exuded like a mist, and handed it to Luo Qian. Luo Qian was overjoyed in his heart: This sale is really a bargain, a top-grade fairy jade, equivalent to one million standard fairy jade, behave, why are there so few otaku in the fairy world!

Ling Xiaose took out three rechargeable batteries from his arms again: “Lao Luo, please help me charge these batteries. I have two more… Well, I’m afraid it won’t be long, please hurry up.” Luo Qianyi Frozen: “This is a 35,000 mAh large-capacity battery, each can be played for 60 hours, how do you…”

Ling Xiaose’s face blushed, and Luo Qian immediately understood that this kid might have reached the realm of “no **** in a day, no taste of food”. He also didn’t want to embarrass Ling Xiaose, a good customer, so he laughed and concealed the past: “Don’t worry, I will leave tomorrow. The old price, a charge of five hundred standard immortal jade.”

After leaving Ling Xiaose away, Luo Qian set up a formation at the entrance of his cave to prevent birds, beasts, fish, and insects from getting in. In addition, it can also cover up the tackiness of the “vulgar objects” from the human world in the cave, so as not to be affected by others. The fairy found out.

After checking everything, Luo Qian holding his laptop and preparing to go to the human world. He just swallowed a breath of immortality, the mysterious method was about to start, and suddenly there was a shout from outside: “Luo Qian, you should have changed the formation of the crooked door. You can’t stop the birds and insects. You Are you hitting a pistol inside? If not, I will come in…”

Luo Qian vented his pure fairy spirit and replied: “Come in. I’m not you. It’s okay to do that dirty thing.” The formation at the entrance of the cave spreads like a wave of water, Luo The array that Qian had worked so hard to arrange was thus cracked. A short man stepped into the cave, with beautiful eyes and a handsome boy.

“Hey, how can this be nasty, do you have to hold back to death?” The handsome young man asked. This young man is also one of Luo Qian’s “excellent” customers. Since Luo Qian sold him a high-performance gaming computer, the young master of “Yuanyuantang” and the outstanding young master of the immortal world, Du Ningcheng, has become a game. fan. For a while, he is obsessed with Warcraft. A few days ago, Tuoluoqian gave him the “Quick Secret Skills of Warcraft Master” and some video materials.

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“How is it, do I get what I want?” Du Ning asked. He was seen by Luo Qian. The name is the most different from the person. Not only is it not cold or cold, but also a little overly cheerful, always making fun of Luo Qian with some threatening jokes. His fists are bigger than Luo Qian, and Luo Qian’s parents, Luo Gan can only laugh at these jokes. In fact, he himself is not much better.

Luo Qian agreed, and went to the warehouse again: “Here is the secret technique, and there are the competition videos you want-these things are not easy to find, especially this video, the game you want, but years ago Yes, I asked several enthusiasts before I found it.”

Du Cheng is in the immortal world, isolated from the human world, and news is blocked. The reason why he knows the video of this game is because from the perspective of another “Secret Technique”, he is naturally much behind the human world.

Du Ningjun grabbed the CD and the book, and gave Luo Qian fifty yuan of middle-grade jade: “Damn, stop crying with me, I don’t know you? Is this enough?” Luo Qian smoothly stuffed it into his pocket : “Hey, enough, enough!” The two have similar personalities, and they don’t have to do business a day or two, so they are very open to each other.

Du Chengcheng took out a large bag from his sleeve: “Twenty-five batteries, help me charge, and next time you pay you.” This kid played games and claimed that he hadn’t shut down the machine for 30 days, and of course the battery was running out quickly. “no problem.”

In the sleeves of the universe, UU reading is just a third-order celestial technique, and all immortals above the third-order can learn. It is a pity that Luo Qian has been in the immortal world for decades, and he is still a first-order immortal at the lowest level.

Du Nengming put away the CD and the book, stuffed them into his sleeves and wrapped them in the spirit of spirit, so as not to be discovered. Waved his hand and said goodbye to Luo Qian: “Lao Luo, I’m leaving, I’ll see you in two days.”

After completing today’s second business, Luo Qian was in a good mood, packed his things, and rearranged the formation of the cave entrance. Standing in the center of his cave, he took a sharp breath and drew it toward the body. The black imitation Armani suit on his body swelled outwards. The space around him was centered on him, sinking inward, and spraying out immediately. , Luo Qian disappeared from the fairy world with a muffled sound like opening a wine bottle.

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