Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 10: Roche Lazy Stewed Rice (Part 2)

“Hey!” Pei Sefei was very angry. Not only did this guy treat herself outside very rudely, he even stared at herself unscrupulously, which was really annoying. She has never been so unreasonable to her since she was little. Pei Sefei participated in this competition purely for fun, and she did not expect to win the championship in one fell swoop!

The champion’s halo was on her body, but she was not dizzy. She is well aware of the darkness of the entertainment industry and understands that she did not “do more”, how could she win the championship? So she used some small tricks to easily find two addresses where a large number of votes were sent. She has a rough count, and the votes sent from these two addresses will cost at least millions of yuan. Millions of renminbi are nothing to Pei Sefei, but she doesn’t want to owe her love for nothing.

The latter address is a temporary rental house, the tenants have already moved out, no trace can be found; the former one is in a community. Pei Sefei couldn’t help being curious about who was helping him secretly. If he was conspiring, why didn’t he contact him for so long after the end of the game after he got the endorsement contract?

Although she can only be regarded as half of her body in the entertainment industry, she has also heard a lot of “entertaining Cinderella” stories: often on the night of the end of the competition, a mysterious golden invitation will be sent to you, dim light , Maybe on a yacht, maybe in a romantic French restaurant, a pot belly, or a middle-aged and elderly “prince” who stands up to the door…

Or should it be called-Lord?

Pei Sefei became more and more curious about this mysterious person, and couldn’t help but come to him again and again. According to the information obtained by Pei Sefei, the owner has not sold the house recently, which means that he is likely to return. So she came here every other time, so that every time she appeared later, the enthusiastic aunts in the community looked at her with an ambiguous look.

Pei Sefei also had a dim expectation in her heart. The girl in her twenties was in her womb. Even if she was pregnant, she would inevitably fantasize about her prince and appear in the most unexpected romantic way. When she thought about it, the most romantic way is that the prince has been loving herself silently in the dark. One day, by an opportunity, she suddenly appeared holding a large bouquet of red roses, half kneeling in front of her, with a soft and deep voice, Tell myself the lovesickness like bitter coffee.

Surprises fell from the sky.

Some special reasons made her cautious, like a cat stepping on thin ice. It’s not that she has never encountered the means of wanting to play.

But she couldn’t stop her mind, the untied rouge horse galloped in her mind, so she appeared out of Luo Qian’s stronghold time and time again.

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Unfortunately… the vase eventually broke. Pei Sefei’s dream was shattered within five minutes of seeing Luo Qian. Luo Qian seemed to be eager to deal with her away, his eyes were indifferent and unreasonable. Pei Sefei has never been so coldly treated in front of a man. He looked at her eyes naked as if she was examining a piece of art. Yes, it is a scrutiny, not the obsessive vision of an ordinary man at all.

Luo Qian was fascinated by her spirit-like temperament, but she was not obsessed. Luo Qian never thought that he would have anything to do with a girl in the human world. The reason for the situation like this is completely because of that guy Du Ning. To apply the most popular set of theories now: Du Chengxing is the butterfly wing of the fairy world. He took a shot, but sent an elf-like girl like Pei Sefei to Luo Qian.

Make up your mind and leave after asking. Pei Sefei decided, whose self-esteem was severely hurt. “Why are you helping me?” Luo Qian decided to resist to the end: “Help you? What are you kidding, I don’t know you, why should I help you.” Pei Sefei snorted coldly, and the vigilance in her heart began to show up again. Effectiveness: “You are really special like this, but unfortunately it is useless. I have seen similar tricks a lot. I came here to find you to declare to you: I will not be just because you spent millions. Do you have any special thoughts, don’t be wishful thinking.”

After Pei Sefei finished speaking, she turned around and walked away with her head high. Luo Qian curled his lips: “Somehow…”

He didn’t hold back. Hearing Pei Sefei’s heels “click” with the stairs, he closed the door and shook his head, suddenly remembering her cute cheeks just now, and couldn’t help but smile: “This kid, Du Ning, still It’s kind of foresight.”

Pei Sefei walked out of the building and didn’t see Luo Qian chasing it out. She couldn’t help but be a little surprised: “Is it wrong, he really has no intentions against me, it’s impossible, he’s not stupid, how could he throw out hundreds of people for nothing? Wan…” Looking back at the buildings behind him for a few years, Pei Sefei frowned: This kid doesn’t seem to be someone who can throw millions of people casually. Is there anyone behind him?

With concern, Pei Sefei left the community and turned a corner. A black Mercedes was waiting for her in the shadow of the tree.

Grabbing the car phone in the car, Pei Sefei dialed a number: “Hey, Uncle Liu, I have to trouble you. You can check it for me…”

H County is located in the southeast of Qinghai Province. The land is barren, the climate is dry, there are no special properties, and the living standards of residents are much lower than the national average. In such a barren place, the reason why Luo Daxian was able to work as a master was entirely for the sake of a hundred top-grade immortal jade.

The hill mentioned by the mysterious cousin was in County H, and there was still a long distance away from the county seat.

Floating in the sky, Luo Qian searched for the location given by the mysterious cousin, and he found the rock that looked like a roaring tiger. With joy in his heart, he floated down and smashed Shihu with a punch. A group of golden light disappeared-it seemed that it was the seal of someone’s favorite subordinate. However, to the immortal, the seal of the human world is almost fragile like a layer of window paper. Even a robber like Luo Qian can destroy it without any effort.

Since this thing is wanted by the people of the immortal world, it must also be related to the cultivation of the human world. There are some spells such as seals, which is nothing strange.

The celestial spirit swept away, and a little white light flew up from the gravel. Luo Qian stretched out his hand to grasp it, and it turned out to be the dragon and phoenix double-patterned jade pendant. The blood red in the dragon and phoenix eyes seemed to be a living thing.

Luo Qian smiled slightly, and took the jade pendant into his arms. The goal had been achieved, and he left the human world with a secret technique.

He didn’t have much research on “Shi”, after all, he was a half-hearted fairy. He couldn’t see that this place was an extremely rare “Sanyang” cave, and that stone tiger was where the cave was. Objects suppressed in such a place are by no means simple. Not long after Luo Qian left, there were a few clear lights coming from different directions. Several people had old acquaintances. Seeing the broken stone tiger, they couldn’t help but startled together: “Who can break this tiger-killing cross-Japanese formation? , Take away the Jade Demon’s soul?!”

“Boom” Luo Qian once again went up and down, staged a falling object. Adjusting his body laboriously, Luo Qian was very annoyed: it seems that he should work hard, even though he is a robber, the results of his cultivation are slightly poor, but the accumulation of small amounts, at least to be a second-order immortal. This “volley vertical” is really unsafe. Don’t become the first immortal to fall to death in the immortal world since the ages!

Carrying a gold and precious jade pendant worth a hundred pieces of top-grade celestial jade, Luo Qian returned to his Fushan cave, released a jade talisman, contacted Ling Xiaose, and waited for good news in his cave.

“Lao Luo, are you back…” Du Ning’s voice sounded outside. Luo Qian loudly said: “Come back, come in.” The silhouette at the door flashed, Du Ning flipped his palm, and a bunch of power generation boxes appeared in his hand: “Lao Luo, I took things back from Xiao Xiangzi, these two I borrowed 14 top-grade immortal jade from my brother. In other words, when will you let me also take charge of the financial power?”

Luo Qian laughed, and took out 24 high-grade immortal jade and handed it to him: “You don’t have to worry about that. You still don’t know how much money we make? You will definitely not miss your share. You just came here. , I have something to look for you.”

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Du Ning’s brow furrowed: “Your smile is getting more and more evil, there must be nothing good.” “Why!” Luo Qian began to call himself wronged: “I thought of a way to make money for us all again.” When I heard it, my spirit suddenly came: “Speak quickly, I know you have a lot of ghost ideas.”

“Why does this sound so awkward?”

“Can you tell me?” “Okay, let me say I said. Let’s also open a pharmacy-just use a rice cooker to refine the pill. Although our varieties are small and the taste is low, we are better than good quality and low price. Sufficient, do you think you have made a head start? And I also want to develop some new medicinal pills, which will be mixed and cooked with different immortal rice, maybe there will be surprises!”

Du Ning’s eyes flashed golden light, and he slapped Luo Qian’s shoulder hard: “Haha, I’ll just say you are a ghost…you have so many bad ideas.” Luo Qian frowned again: “It’s not a good word anyway.”

“Then let’s make a decision. You hurry up to develop a new medicinal pill. I will prepare the shop. My father has an acquaintance in Lirenyuan, and he should give me a few elixir. Various procedures can be completed quickly.” Du Ningxing rushed.

Du Chengqing is impatient, he will do what he says, turning around and running. Luo Qian grabbed him: “Wait, I haven’t finished speaking yet. Where can our medicine be spread out?” Du Ningxing said without hesitation: “Of course the more prosperous the place, the better, but we have limited funds now. , Too golden area, I’m afraid…” He glanced at Luo Qian suddenly, and tasted: “Oh, so you are thinking about our place in the Ningyuan Mountains. Fortunately, you went around such a big one. *.”

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