Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 10: Roche's Lazy Stewed Rice (Part 1)

“Brother Luo is here, please sit down.” In the room, Ling Xiaose’s cousin was sipping a cup of hot tea, feeling content. Seeing Luo Qian walk in, he greeted him politely. Luo Qian secretly said in his heart: How does it seem that he is the master here. He has dealt with many people and knows that this is the habit of the so-called “superior”. He always deliberately takes a vacant posture, so that you don’t feel strange, but he is always at a distance from you.

“Hehe, I wonder if this young fairy is still satisfied with my goods?” Luo Qian had nothing to say. My mysterious cousin nodded: “Very good, I never thought that there is such a good thing in the lower realm.” He kept his face covered and kept his mystery, unwilling to be seen through his identity, even when drinking tea. Just lifted a corner and exposed his mouth.

“Brother Luo, did you personally get these things from the lower realm?” asked the mysterious cousin. Luo Qian glanced at Ling Xiaose. Ling Zaku knew everything about him. He must have already told this cousin. Luo Qian readily admitted: “Yes, the risk is great, so the price is naturally not Low.” The cousin said lightly: “But it’s not high.”

Luo Qian’s heart suddenly jumped: a hundred top-grade immortal jade, not expensive! He couldn’t help but took a serious look at this Kuo Shao, and wondered in his heart: What is his identity?

“You don’t have to guess, you are a businessman, and I am a buyer. You and I only see the money and goods, not as the other party.” The mysterious cousin said, seeming to see Luo Qian’s mind.

Luo Qian nodded and lowered his head. The cousin said: “I’m not telling you, this time I came to see Brother Luo with my cousin. There is really something to ask. Brother Lauro is driving along.” Luo Qian raised his head, the mysterious cousin tilted his head and gestured slightly, and Ling Xiaose took it out. A fairy jade, lightly click on it, a faint spirit penetrates, and a piece of light and shadow is stacked on the fairy jade, which is cast in the air to form a three-dimensional projection.

Luo Qian was shocked. Judging from Ling Xiaose’s resolute behavior towards this cousin, the identity of the mysterious cousin is more than just a relative. Otherwise, as a member of Ling Xiao Se Ling’s family, how could he be like a subordinate and let him call?

“Brother Luo, Brother Luo?” The mysterious cousin saw him a little lost, and called out. Luo Qian quickly said: “Ah, what’s the matter?” The mysterious cousin pointed to the projection: “Brother Luo, please see.” In the projection, there is a white-red jade pendant with double dragon and phoenix patterns, beautifully carved. The dragon eye and the phoenix eye are exactly two protrusions, with a little blood red inside, which is really the finishing touch. The blood red of this protrusion makes people feel that the carving is vivid, and the dragon and the phoenix are about to break out! It can be seen from the projection alone that the jade is warm and moist, and it is indeed a top-quality work.

But Luo Qian could tell at a glance: This is not something from the fairy world. There are essential differences between the fairy jade of the fairy world and the beautiful jade of the lower world, which can be seen at a glance.

“Brother Luo is entrusted with this item.” The mysterious cousin said: “Brother Luo must have seen it. This item is a vulgar item. I would like to ask Brother Luo to take a trip to help me retrieve this item. “Luo Qian frowned, embarrassed: “This young immortal, it’s not that I don’t help. You are Ling Shao’s cousin. Just at this point, I won’t frown even if I have been in the lower realm for ten times, but, The human world is vast, where do you want me to find such a small jade pendant?”

Although the words are nice, but if you don’t look at the scores of the 120 top-grade immortal jade, the ghost will go through the lower realm for him.

The mysterious cousin said: “Brother Luo don’t worry about this. I know where this thing is stored.”

“Haha… we are rich!” After sending away the two Ling Xiaose, Du Ning hugged Luo Qian excitedly, and said generously: “Go, I invite you to Guanyanlou.”

On the top of Guanyan Building, a private dining room with the best view is almost exclusively dedicated to Du Chong. Under the lightly fragrant tea and simple snacks, Mr. Du drove away the young man in the teahouse, closed the door, palmed his hands, and inside his sleeves, a fashionable laptop appeared.

Luo Qian was startled and jumped his feet and said: “Du Shao, what are you doing? It’s not safe here!” Du Ningjing waved his hand: “Don’t worry, no one dares to break in without my permission…” Luo After moving the video of the awards ceremony that was taken for him last time, Du Ningliang has already copied it to the computer. At this time, I went out to watch it, and regretted it while watching: “Well, if I can spend the night with her, I will do whatever I want. willing.”

The fairies of the fairy world are not necessarily more beautiful than the women of the lower world. The appearance of those who have changed according to the acquired practice is too obvious. The beauty is beautiful, and it lacks a charm. There are fairy tales that are not human fireworks, for example, the fairy Lifeng, whom Du Ningding and Lei Ming had a crush together, but it’s a pity that even Du Ningming does not have a chance to kiss Fangze.

In the past few days, Du Ningliang always watched this awards video in front of Luo Qian over and over again. Why didn’t Luo Gan understand his thoughts? Seeing that the good brothers who were standing next to each other had gone crazy, Luo Qian dropped the horrible snack in his hand and sighed: “Lao Du, you should stop thinking about it. My ability, only If you can bring someone to the lower realm, I’m afraid I don’t know how to die. And if you cooperate with me now, at most you can sell some stuff from the lower realm. If you are caught, you will be locked up for hundreds of years. It’s a matter, but if you are also in the lower realm, this is a serious sin—brother, I can’t harm you.”

Du Ningcheng heard him sincerely speaking, but also a moment of sadness, patted his shoulder: “Of course I understand that you are good for me, but… alas, the immortal also has the distress of the immortal…” Luo Qian said, “Shao Du , I’m surprised. As you are, there should be a lot of female fairies around you, and none of them are eye-catching?” Du Ningding smiled bitterly and shook his head: “It’s easy to say, you don’t like you who are interested in you. I don’t like you—this love poison rule applies in that world.”

Luo Qian shook his head.

After returning from Ning Yaoshan, Luo Qian began to wonder what he should do next. The auction of the massage chair yielded more than one hundred top-grade celestial jade, which is a huge wealth of more than 100 million standard celestial jade, even if it is placed in the fairy world, it can make many people jealous. Do you want to follow Xiao Xiangzi’s model yourself, buy a piece of land in Ningyao Mountain, and then open a drug store to sell your own Baodan made with a rice cooker?

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Although Baodan’s level is not high, it wins in huge numbers. As long as you keep the price down, business will be good.

Luo Qian thought for a while and felt that this plan was feasible, so he hit Du Cheng’s idea again, and opened a drug store in Ningyao Mountain. How could this little bully of Ningyao Mountain give himself a discount? Maybe he would buy land. This money can be saved.

But opening a shop in the fairy world is not that simple. The fairy world also has a special business management organization “Li Ren Yuan”, which is responsible for the businessmen in charge of the fairy world. Merchants are only interested in profit, so this management organization is called the Lirenyuan. There are four levels of “Hall, Taiwan, Yuan, and Supervisor” in the immortal world. The level of the Lirenyuan is one level higher than that of the imperial prison, which shows the power.

If you want to open a drug store, you must first submit an application to the Lirenyuan Hospital, report your total assets, which is the “registered capital” of the lower bound, and then undergo a series of certifications and tax returns. In short, the procedures are very cumbersome.

In addition, even if the land does not cost money, the teleportation array will always cost money, and the signature banners will always cost money. Luo Qian and Du Nengming can’t be guarded in the drug store, and they have to use fairy jade to hire someone to look at the store.

Luo Qian shook his head, thinking roughly, it turned out that there are still so many troubles, so he should first visit the lower realm and get back the jade pendant that the mysterious cousin wanted. This piece of jade, the mysterious cousin offered one hundred top-grade immortal jade, the price is similar to the massage chair he auctioned, but when he moved the massage chair from the human world to the immortal world, Luo Gan ran seven or eight rounds, this small piece of jade pendant It can be done in just one trip. The money is easy to make.

With a muffled sound like champagne, Luo Qian successfully landed on the top floor of a certain building and saw that there was no one around. Luo Qian, who had a guilty conscience, quickly slipped away.

Below the building, there happened to be a large-scale fast food restaurant, with large posters promoting their new stewed rice. Coarse and fine grains were mixed and boiled together, and some green beans, vegetables, carrots and the like were added to it. It’s delicious, and it makes people salivate. Luo Qian glanced at it, and suddenly his heart moved: If you put all these things like Yuying Rice, Yunying Rice, and Canghai Su in a pot and simmering them, I wonder what kind of pill will appear?

Luo Qian thought about it all the way, made up his mind, and went back this time and immediately started experimenting.

The address given by the mysterious cousin is in an unknown hill in the human world. There was still not a short distance from where he landed. Luo Qian calculated it, and went to the mountain from here, passing by City X where his stronghold was located, and simply went back to take a look.

There are still dozens of batteries on him. The batch of power generation boxes from Xiao Xiangzi has not been produced yet. Many of Luo Qian’s customers rely on these batteries for power supply. Go back to recharge by the way.

As soon as he arrived at the gate of his stronghold, he was stopped by the aunt who collected utility bills: “Luo Luo, don’t run…” Looking at the super level performance, Luo Qian grabbed the chunky aunt who stopped in front of him with a wry smile: “What is your old man asking for me? It seems that the utility bill hasn’t expired yet?” The aunt blinked mysteriously and asked eagerly: “Xiao Luo, you honestly told the aunt, are you looking for a girlfriend?”

Luo Qian was stunned. It seemed that the community aunts in New China were very keen on this kind of job this month. Luo Qian had a bad feeling: she didn’t want to introduce herself to a girlfriend. If she denies it, she will definitely She will take advantage of the trend to introduce herself to girls. In order to get it right once and for all, Luo Qian gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and admitted: “That’s right.”

“Hehe…” The aunt smiled triumphantly: “I’ll just say it, that girl has come to you several times.” The aunt nodded in satisfaction: “Okay, Ronaldinho, you can’t tell, you usually don’t make a sound , I can still find such a beautiful girlfriend, that girl, I think it will work!”

Luo Qian is depressed: I usually? Am I usually in the human world?

With a dry laugh, Luo Qian escaped the claws of his aunt and returned to his stronghold, but Luo Qian was somewhat inexplicable: Is there a girl looking for me? I found the wrong person. I don’t know a few female animals in the fairy world, and it’s even impossible in the human world. Could it be that… Luo Qian suddenly moved in his heart, and a hazy and beautiful shadow floated on his mind, his heart was hot, his eyes moist, but the impulse lasted for less than half a second, and he quickly rejected it, impossible. It won’t be her, how could she find me, let alone she has…

“Oh, little girl, you are here again, just as Ronaldinho is back…” Luo Qian, who was behind the door, happened to hear the voice of the aunt outside, almost at the same time, there was a knock on the door.

Luo Qian was suspicious, calmed his mind, took a deep breath and opened the door.

There was a beautiful girl standing outside the door. He was a little familiar, but she couldn’t overlap with the beautiful shadow she had hoped for.

“You are…” Luo Qian was a little confused. The girl was dressed in a refreshing dress, white T-shirt, retro jeans, and her black hair tied into a ponytail. She was beautiful and beautiful. Even if she was facing the sky, she couldn’t hide the beauty .

“Hello, I’m Pei Sefei. Maybe you are more familiar with me like this.” The girl held up a magazine in her hand. On the front page poster, Pei Sefei was dressed as a warrior. kill.

“Thirty-fifth, it’s you!” Luo Qian was surprised: “But, but, how did you find me?” Pei Sefei did not answer, and looked at Luo Qian with some playful eyes: this man is unshaven and shabby. , The clothes are very tasteful, but it is a pity that people who live in this kind of community should not be very rich. Why should he help himself in obscurity? The instinct formed since childhood made Pei Sefei feel vigilant.

“Well, I have my own way.” The beauty smiled slightly, tilted her head slightly, looking at Luo Qian’s eyes, a spark called wisdom flashed.

Luo Qian didn’t care anymore. He shook his hand and pressed his elbow on the door frame, seemingly intentional or unintentional, just blocking Pei Sefei who was about to enter the house. The girl instinctively bowed her head and almost ran into it.

“You!” The girl was a little annoyed, her cheeks bulged, and she looked like a little lioness. Even Luo Qian couldn’t help but feel relieved. The first time Pei Sefei appeared in front of Luo Qian, it was a photo. , The feeling is cold and glamorous, the feeling of killing people with ice skates between the Qian still remembers deeply.

When Luo Qian opened the door and saw the girl standing in front of him for the first time, he felt refreshing, as refreshing as drinking a glass of iced lemonade on a hot dog day. Very seductive and comfortable. No extra seasoning, the light taste is the most authentic.

When she refused to answer Luo Qian’s question, those big starlike eyes revealed a kind of narrowing and wisdom.

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When Luo Qian refused to invite her in, his expression was as cute as a child.

Luo Qian couldn’t help but feel a little confused. How could such a girl blend all these temperaments in one body? Sure enough, the fairies in the fairy world are beautiful and beautiful, but they are like printed in a mold. Seeing so much, it makes people dull.

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