Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 11: The Bourne: The Identity of Luo Qian

Luo Qian smiled: “You also said that we have limited funds now, and there are more places to spend money. If you ask me for 30 pieces of top-grade jade for a piece of land, how can I stand it?”

Du Condensing thought for a moment, he still has his own share of this transaction, and the money saved is also his own. “It’s easy to deal with land and everything else, but my father’s level is not easy.” Du Ning said: “You also know that my father’s character is related to the interests of the sect. Even if it is me, he is not at all. It will be sloppy.”

Luo Qian also thought about it. Du Zhongping’s father, Du Zhongping, was known as the third pick in the fairy world. Otherwise, the young master of Du Ning Tang Tang Yuan Yuan would not be poor and would have to take credit here at Luo Qian.

“However, I can discuss with my father that our pill will be supplied to Yuanyuantang at half price, in exchange for a piece of land.” Du Cheng said. Luo Qian quickly vetoed: “Half price? Don’t even think about it. Thirty yuan of top-grade immortal jade, I will earn it back in a few months. If I keep supplying you at half price to Yuanyuantang, I will not lose. , It’s not a good deal. I would rather pay for it myself.”

Du Ningcheng thought again: “I’ll go back and discuss with my father and ask him to give you an internal price, how about it?” Luo Qian said, “It’s not for me, it’s for us. The business belongs to the two of us, of course you If you don’t want to buy shares, I don’t make it difficult for you.” “We, of course, we are.” Du Nengming is not stupid. For such a profitable business, it is mentally retarded not to buy shares.

“Luo Qian, are you there?” The two were discussing detailed plans, and an unfamiliar voice heard outside. Seeing Luo Qian’s face changed, Du Ning couldn’t help but care: “Why, isn’t it your enemy? You are waiting here, I will send him.” As soon as possible, Luo Qian grabbed him and said sadly: “It’s okay, I’ll solve it myself, don’t go out.” Du Ningxing looked at him a little strangely, and Luo Qian reluctantly smiled: “Really okay.”

Du Chengxing hid in the cave and stretched his ears. Outside, three jewels of light in mid-air encircled a handsome male fairy like a ribbon. The fairy wore a purple-gold crown, gold-embellished scale armor, and a green robe, underneath his golden boots, and the fire cloak was hunting, and he was a good character!

Luo Qian looked indifferent to him: “What are you doing?” The man stood high, glanced at him, and threw a jade medallion. The jade medallion ancient essay began with a gold seal and the following three lines. “The day after tomorrow is Grandpa’s three-thousandth birthday, you can go home and have a look.”

Luo Qian glanced at the jade card: “I am no longer a cadre, and it is not my home there.” He threw the jade card back. The heroic immortal in the sky was furious, a cyan light smashed the jade card, and shouted: “Luo Qian, you can’t be a traitor!” Luo Qian laughed, bitterly: “Rebellious? Why use it? I betrayed, you have long stopped seeing me as a family member, and if I don’t break the door, do I have to wait until I’m swept out by you!”

“Presumptuous!” The immortal Yingwu screamed, and the three treasures around him trembled. The entire Fushan Qingfu Peak was shaken by his anger. Luo Qian was seriously injured on the spot, and two blood lines shed in his nostrils, and he retreated. Counted steps and fell to the ground.

“Where is the family sorry? Regardless of your evil deeds in the lower realms, you have tried your best to make you a person who has no cultivation skills to ascend, and you want to train you to become the successor of the family. You don’t know how grateful you are, but you harbor resentment. It’s not as good as a beast!”

Luo Qian wiped off his own blood and stood up hard: “Yes, they brought me to the immortal world, but have I ever asked for it? In the human world, there is my lover and my life, but They didn’t care about my feelings at all, and for their so-called family interests, they promoted me to the immortal realm. Hahaha…it’s a pity, the sky doesn’t follow people’s wishes, but I am a robbery immortal, the most useless robbery immortal in the immortal world! So I became a **** and a drag on my family. They didn’t want to waste time on me. I was annoying to anyone. Everyone wanted to insult me. Everyone could support me. I’m not as good as a servant. That’s right. My family is so kind as a mountain, how can I not be grateful for Dade!”

After Luo Qian finished speaking, he didn’t want to pay any attention to him anymore, and turned around and entered his cave.

Du Ning greeted him, opening his mouth to say something, Luo Qian seemed to have not seen him, and walked over with his head down. Du Ning shook his head and chased in.

Outside, the heroic immortal said loudly: “Luo Qian, my words have been passed, it is up to you to go or not. If you want to betray the clan, then never say that you are a family member, so as not to embarrass the family member!”

“Lao Luo, who is that? Seeing that he is young, he has a Baoyan body, at least he is also a Tier 5 immortal, right?” Du Ningxing asked cautiously. Luo Qian lowered his head, closed his eyes, and sat motionless in his chair. He said for a long time: “That’s the magic weapon’Kaiyun Jia’ he wears. His true strength is actually no better than you.” Condensation blurted out: “How do you know?” Luo Qian didn’t answer him this time, but silently said in his heart: Because this Kaiyunjia was originally prepared for me…

Du Chengcheng came out of Fushan Cave Mansion with a stomach of doubts, searched his stomach, and couldn’t think of a “ganjia” in the immortal world. But the family that can own the artifact will never be unknown in the fairy world. By the way, his heart moved. Didn’t the guy wearing Kaiyunjia say that his grandfather’s three-thousand-year-old birthday is three days from now? Such an important day must be a big deal. I just need to find out which one of the immortal world has recently opened a banquet. , You can’t know where this cadre is sacred.

Du Ningming returned to the Yuanyuantang. Before his **** was hot, a senior came in at the door: “Senior brother, the old man asked you to come back.” Du Ningding hurriedly went to see his father.

Du Zhongping, the head of the Yuanyuantang, has a fairy style, a clear face, three long beards under his jaw, and a black robe. Although there is Yuanyitang, the largest garment workshop in the fairy world, under Yuanyuantang, but Du Zhongping’s simple Taoist gown has been worn for decades. The third pick in the fairy world is definitely not Lang’s false name.

“His father.” Du Ning’s heart was truly in awe of this father, and he was very disciplined in front of him. Du Zhongping was sorting out a seven immortal mushrooms, and casually pointed: “You sit first.”

Seven-headed immortal mushrooms are meat mushrooms with seven heads growing on one body stem. They are extremely precious and the best material for alchemy. Du Zhongping didn’t know where to get such a plant. He carefully put it into a jade box, sealed the lid and put it away. Then he said with Du, “Three days later, it’s the three-thousand-year birthday of the Patriarch of the Polan Family in the middle of the pot. , I’m ready for the gift, and you will go to the Huzhongjing to have a banquet with me. You are not too young anymore, and you have to learn to deal with some things.”

Du Ning was shocked, and he stammered and asked, “That’s the one who is in charge of one of the nine realms of the immortal world, the one in the middle of the pot, and the family of waves?” Du Zhongping glanced at his son strangely: “Nonsense, is there a second one in the immortal world? The wave of the family is not made.” Du Ning took a deep breath: “My father, what is the name of the wave of the family?”

The masters of the Nine Realms of the Immortal Realm are all officials of the border, and each family has a specific title. Over time, this title replaces the original name of the family. Therefore, Du Ning Cheng only knew the Haichao family and the Bolan family, but did not know that they were originally What should be the last name.

“The Bolan family’s original name is Qian, and the heaven and earth are the gods.”

There was a thud in Du Ning’s brain: Luo Qian is a member of a dignified family, but how did he fall into this world? In the conversation between him and the person wearing the Kaiyun armor, he once said that the family abandoned him. It seems that the grievances and internal struggles of the wealthy family are more cruel than the rumors!

He was a little envious of the noble-born immortals of the Wang clan, but at this moment, he deeply felt that his current family is good. Although it may not even be in the top fifty in the immortal world, the small family is tender, no matter it is. The uncle is still the third uncle, who treats himself like his own son…

Sitting on the stone bed cross-legged, Luo Qian meditated on an ordinary mental method, but he couldn’t calm down anyway. The figure shook in front of me, and the silver bell-like laughter did not echo in my ears, and the feeling was as real as it was before.

Is there anything in the world that can turn the prodigal son back?

Luo Qian’s parents died early—because of Shuangxiu’s ignorance. Of course, this was what Luo Qian didn’t know until after he arrived in the fairy world—the half-year-old son was helpless, which meant that he had no bondage. It was at the age of rebellion, ignorant and fearless, that he resolutely decided to learn from those fierce classmates and start “mixing society”.

Because this society also has something called social welfare, Luo Qian was forced to go from junior high school to high school. Yes, it is forced. Social welfare is the only fig leaf for this increasingly indifferent society. Whether Luo Qian wants it or not, someone needs it—whether as a political achievement or as a psychological comfort for donors.

After a day of ignorance, the stones he threw smashed a boy from a “hostile faction” to his head and fled; a slender figure timidly said to him: “Thank you…”

Luo Qian had never thought of a hero to save the United States. Before the girl turned around, all he was thinking about was “society interests.”

But this rule that he had faithfully adhered to for four years was completely overturned after that slightly fearful thank you. Lightning fell from the sky and Luo Qian was hit by his first love.

The man in love seems to grow up overnight. He knows how to start thinking about the future, how to think about problems from the perspective of two people, and how to look at his own past. That year, his head teacher, because of his hard work, finally made Luo Qian this school The famous prodigal son turned back and was rated as an outstanding teacher in the school.

Luo Qian grinned as he looked at the photo of the head teacher on the big red list. The guy who seems to be a good-looking guy is thinking about grades all day long, hoping that the students will get out and go home quickly, so as not to drag the class performance back. He has worked hard, but he is not thinking about how to save the young man who has missed his footing, but directly rushing the boy who has missed his footing from school to the street.

It was love that changed Luo Qian. It was Zhou Xin who stepped into his life timidly, and then he turned over like an hourglass.

Standing by the Huangpu River imitating the classic shots of the Titanic; together with 600 candles to light two stacked together to form the heart of flame; the first kiss in the Christmas fireworks…

Luo Qian can vividly remember the bit by bit of the two together. UU reading

Life is sweet, until that face suddenly appeared in front of Luo Qian. “The family needs you, the blood in your body determines this.” With just such a sentence, Luo Qian left the human world and did not even have the opportunity to say goodbye to his lover.

…It was not until five years later that Luo Qian found out that he was able to lower bounds. But beside her, other people have appeared. Luo Qian stood silently in the dark shadow, watching them arm in arm, walking sweetly under the dark shadow of the street lamp.

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