Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 12: Counterfeit Drug Factory (Part 2)

“When do I come to work?” “You don’t use it for work, I will notify you if something happens. By the way, leave your phone number.”

After Pei Sefei held her head high and “sold” herself, she returned triumphantly from Luo Qian’s stronghold like a victorious general.

Luo Qian smiled: “This silly girl…but she’s also pretty silly and cute.”

There was another knock on the door. The delivery staff from the mall arrived. There were twenty rice cookers. The delivery staff was very strange. What does this person want so many rice cookers for.

Luo Qian first saw the packaging box of the rice cooker and yelled: “Pei Sefei!” On the packaging box, a lovely girl smiled like a sun, holding a bowl of fragrant rice in her hand.

The delivery person said: “Yes, you chose a brand-name high-end product, this brand of electrical appliances, just invited the recently popular Pei Sefei to endorse, this is the only packaging…”

Luo Qian felt inexplicable for a while: it seems that Pei Sefei is not as good as he had guessed, and has disappeared since the competition, but it has become a big hit. Since she is so famous, why did she come to be a clerk for herself?

After shook his head and dispatched the delivery staff, Luo Qian thought for a while, found a newsstand, and flipped through a few magazines. Of the five magazines, three of them contained Pei Sefei posters. She was changeable. Temperament makes her competent for the image of any kind of product. Luo Qian became more confused.

Throwing aside the things he didn’t understand, he ran ten times between the human world and the county boundary before smuggling all 20 rice cookers to the fairy world. With twenty rice cookers in the warehouse, Luo Qian began to have trouble again: the power supply was not enough.

Spending money like flowing water! This is how Luo Qian feels now. I also ordered ten power supply boxes from Xiao Xiangzi, 30 million standard jade!

The ten power boxes ordered for the second time have not arrived yet, so Luo Qian can only use ten rice cookers to test. The effort paid off. After dozens of failures, Luo Qian finally used a portion of Five Immortal Valley, half of Canghai Millet and a portion of Half Cui Luo Dou to create ten three-color elixir!

This elixir, drink! From a food point of view, how can it be good in color, flavor, and flavor! It’s a pity… From the perspective of the elixir, the first successful work of Roche’s lazy stew is far inferior to the lower-level Yaoshui pill of the Baodan in terms of the abundance of the fairy spirit. Dan is even.

However, among the three raw materials used to make this kind of three-color pill, Wuxiangu and Cuiluodou are all higher than Canghaisu. Luo Qian pouted, feeling that he had made a transaction that was obviously losing money. It seems that the “nutrition theory” of the lower realm is not applicable in the fairy world: the nutritional value of edible miscellaneous grains is not as good as consuming a certain kind of fine grains alone. Sansedan is proof.

In any case, at least half of his theory of “Roche’s lazy stew” is correct. Luo Qian was quite happy in his heart. If you lose it, you will lose it. We are now “wealthy and rich”. This drizzle is not in our eyes.

Luo Qian added another three-color pill, threw it into the rice cooker, plugged in the power source, and began to gurgle and cook. Among the other nine rice cookers, there were no surprises, and Luo Qian had to remix.

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Three days later, there was a gray-brown rice cooker in the rice cooker with the three-color pill, but there was no expected three-color pill. On the contrary, in another rice cooker, a new kind of pill was prepared.

Luo Qian Daqi, it was obviously the last formula, so why couldn’t he make it out? He rematched it again, and plugged it in again without giving up.

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Then, he started to check the rice cooker that came out of Dan again.

Ten dark-brown pills, oozing like evil ghost eyes, Luo Qian frowned. The immortal grains in this rice cooker are equal to one portion of Eichhornia crassipes and one portion of Cui Luo bean, two portions Cang Hai Su. What is it? Luo Qian held up a black pill and placed it on his head and looked at it carefully for a while, a chill in his heart: Isn’t this food undead? Thinking of the horrible rumors of the pharmaceutical factories in the Lower Realm before, Luo Qian was frightened. How did he feel like those black-hearted fake drug dealers now?

“Lao Luo, I’m back…” Du Ning’s voice hasn’t been heard for a long time. Luo Qian needs him as a strong man and immediately arrested him: “Quickly, these two pills, let your uncle appraise them. Is it useful?” Luo Qian stuffed two elixir pills in Du Ning’s hand, and couldn’t help but smile and said: “Okay, Lao Luo, I have only been there for more than half a month, and you have come out with two elixir. In our pharmacy, there are five kinds of pill to buy. The variety has nearly doubled and it can be opened…”

Luo Qian pushed him out and pushed him out: “Go and come back, I’ll wait for a reply.” “Ok, you can rest assured.” Du Ning took a step, volleyed up, and went straight to the uncle’s prescription medicine. go with.

“Huh -” When Du Boan saw these two medicine pills, his expression became serious. He carefully took two peculiar medicine pills from his nephew, placed them on a jade board, and gently scraped them off with a jade knife. Du condensed his temper and couldn’t help but urged: “Uncle, how? Uncle, how?”

Du Bo’an was so noisy and impatient with him, and with a big wave of his hand, Du Ning looked at the foreground object, already in the wild forest outside the prescription medicine house. There was a cold sweat behind Du Ning’s back. He knew the pros and cons of this day’s desolation, and he didn’t dare to move a little bit and vomit.

Du Boan didn’t know what method he used. After studying for a long time, he summoned Du Nengding back and asked sternly, “Ning’er, where did you get these two pills?”

Du Ningjun was a little embarrassed to tell his uncle that we were robbing your old man’s business and came to you for identification. He hesitated to say, but just asked: “Uncle, how is it?” Du Boan saw that he would not say, nor Forced: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say it. I’m just a little curious. This pill is not high-level, that is, it looks like a top-grade spirit pill.”

“Oh.” Du Nengding was disappointed, and Du Boan said lightly: “But although Dan is mediocre, but the effect is very strange.” Du Ningming rabbit generally cocked his ears: “Huh?”

“This three-color pill has the function of removing poison and dispelling obstacles. It contains one in the mouth, and the general poisonous mist does not invade itself. This dark brown pill, although it is a little poor in appearance, can increase the fairy spirit. The accumulation of qi in the body, although the effect is slight, but it accumulates as little as possible, and it accumulates over time, but it is also quite impressive!”

Du Ningjing cried out strangely: “Haha, good stuff!” “It’s indeed a good thing. The reason why I am curious is here. According to my analysis, the level of the alchemist of these two medicines is very low. It’s not just a trivial spirit pill. If it is…” He glanced at Du Ning, it meant that if it were refined by a pill master like his uncle, the natural level would be much higher.

But if he really said that, it would be nothing more than pulling his face down to ask his juniors for the formula, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com, in his capacity, these words can’t be said anyway.

The level of the alchemist is indeed very low, and he has not even touched the side of the pill furnace. Being able to make a spirit pill is already an explosion of character.

Du Ningjing did not hear the meaning of the uncle’s words, grabbed the two pills on the jade board, and exited the prescription medicine room like a whirlwind. His heart was so excited that he flew in the sky, and a heart and liver thumped from his throat. Pop out. “Hahaha…” A magic smile crossed the sky, frightening the crow!

Du Boan sighed regretfully and murmured: “This Ning’er, I usually hurt him for nothing.” After smacking his lips, Du Boan still couldn’t figure it out: “Obviously he is a beginner in Dan Dao, how can there be such a clever formula, if I’m right. The raw materials of those two kinds of pill are extremely common materials, so there is no unique smell in the pill. How can such a clever formula appear in the hands of a novice…”

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