Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 12: Counterfeit Medicine Factory (Part 1)

Ling Xiaose’s mysterious cousin did not appear, but instead sent Ling Xiaose with a hundred top-grade immortal jade, and took the jade back. Du Nengding has something to do these days, and Luo Qian is the only one left. He was in a bad mood recently, and he didn’t bother to go to the human world. He simply nestled in his cave and began to study Roche’s lazy stew.

There are three materials on hand, which are slightly thin. Luo Qian bought another five or six kinds of materials from the grain shop in Ningyao Mountain and tried to mix the hits among them. For the first time, he chose the combination of Yuyingmi and Canghaisu, and poured them into the rice cooker in half and half. The rice cooker gurgled while cooking, crackling with a blue arc, and Luo Qian started to meditate and practice.

What’s wrong with Jie Xian, Jie Xian can also survive in the fairy world with his own power!

The immortal world is long, and the time of three days is just a blink of an eye. Luo Qian just finished two weekly transports, and the green light of the rice cooker was already on. He rubbed his palms and turned on the rice cooker expectantly. The white mist dissipated. He couldn’t help but frown: there was only a pool of dark green juice in the rice cooker, and there was no pill at all.

He shook his head, cleaned the rice cooker, replaced the fairy jade in the power generation box, and blended Yunying rice with Eichhornia crassipes, but failed again.

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Luo Qian is not discouraged. Although failure is frustrating, as long as there is one success, the reward is huge. Luo Qian was a little annoyed after doing it a few times, not because he lost confidence, but because of an electric rice cooker. Each experiment took three days, which was too slow.

He thought for a while, and went straight to Xiushui Cliff out of the cave.

“Brother Xiao, Brother Xiao!” He yelled a few times while standing outside. Xiao Xiangzi’s workshop was surrounded by traps and crises. He didn’t want to break in by himself and be burned into charcoal.

“Oh, isn’t this Brother Luo, please come in quickly.” Seeing that it was his biggest customer, Xiao Xiangzi suddenly became enthusiastic. Luo Qian walked into the yard and said, “Brother Xiao, may I ask, there is no formation method that can cover up everything in the formation without leaking any traces?”

Xiao Xiangzi said: “Of course there are, and there are many more. For example…” Luo Qian saw that he meant to talk loudly and quickly stopped and said, “This is the purpose of my coming today. Please Brother Xiao to refine it for me. How about such a set of flag gate formations, everything is driven by Xianyu, without additional spiritual power?”

“No problem.” Xiao Xiangzi promised: “You come to pick it up in three days. It’s not a difficult job. Just take you fifty thousand standard fairy jade.” “OK.”

After waiting for three days, Luo Qian received the Qimen Formation from Xiao Xiangzi, and Xiao Xiangzi received five middle-grade immortal jade from Luo Qian. A group of flag gate arrays, seven colored triangular flags of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Each of the seven flags is arranged in a row, a total of seven rows, seven forty-nine, inserted in a palm-sized jade box. Exquisite and exquisite, immortal lingering.

Luo Qian happily took the “Seven Lights Desert Sky Formation” and returned to his Fushan Cave Mansion. After throwing it away in his warehouse, the flag gate formation fell down and inserted into the ground. A hazy mist rose, and standing outside the array, I couldn’t feel a trace of vulgarity anymore. “Hahaha…” Luo Qian burst into laughter, put the jade box aside, and danced with his hands: “Lao Luo, go!”

Taking a breath of the fairy spirit, Luo Qian frowned, but he did not disappear from the fairy world as expected. “Damn it, that problem is coming up again!” Luo Qian cursed loudly, he really didn’t know what was going on with his body. Reluctantly, Luo Qian sat down cross-legged and began his “diligence” practice again.

This time, it took three full days before he barely filled the hole. Luo Qian shook his head, really wondering how troublesome it would be the next time this problem reappeared.

Although Jiexian’s cultivation effect is meager, it does not mean that Jiexian can’t absorb the qi of the celestial spirit. On the contrary, Jiexian can absorb the qi of the celestial spirit very fast, even faster than ordinary Xuanxian and spirits. No less than real immortals. However, the absorption is fast and the release is also fast. The problem with Jiexian is that it cannot settle. No matter how much fairy spirit gas is absorbed, it can only be released, just like a breath.

Without the celestial energy in the body, the natural state cannot be improved.

Luo Qian’s three days of cultivation has absorbed a huge amount of fairy qi. No matter what kind of fairy seed, the ratio of the celestial qi absorbed during cultivation to the faerie qi that is precipitating will not exceed twenty to one. Generally, thirty to one is good. However, all the fairy qi absorbed by Luo Qian filled the loopholes, and there was no need to settle!

So in three days, the amount of fairy qi that Luo Qian filled in that loophole was actually terrifying.

“Bang” Luo Qian appeared in the human world and returned to his stronghold in City X. The first thing he had to do was to buy an electric rice cooker. After rushing into the home appliance store, Luo Qian bought twenty rice cookers with the most advanced technology, which also had the function of a pressure cooker. The ten rice cookers are not small in size, and Luo Qian didn’t bother to carry them back by himself, so naturally he let the mall deliver them. He returned to his stronghold and waited. With so many things, it is impossible to move to the immortal world at once. In that case, as soon as he appears, he will be discovered by the imperial prisoner. It is bound to be smuggled several times like last time.

In the stronghold, Luo Qian put himself restrained on the S-shaped recliner, squinting his mind. On the small table at hand, there is a cup of good steaming tea. In the scent of tea, Luo Qian’s eyes were misty, and he felt very comfortable in a daze.

Someone wanted to disturb his silence, “Dong dong dong…” There was a knock on the door, and Luo Qian was annoyed. The aunt who collected the utility bill was really stingy, and she came after the door as soon as she came back.

Opening the door irritably, Luo Qian was about to attack with a black face, and suddenly stopped: “Why are you?”

Pei Sefei saw Luo Qian’s continuous upset, and she felt sad for a while: Why, does he hate me so much? Pei Sefei believes that she still has a little bit of attraction to men. This point is not too much, not too much, at least during the 22 springs and autumns of her life, not less than one row of men fell down Under his own pomegranate group.

But she happened to meet Luo Qian—if she knew Luo Qian’s true identity, she wouldn’t have any extra thoughts at all, but she didn’t know. Pei Sefei, with a little bit of self-esteem hurt, has a little bit of eagerness in her heart. At the same time, she was also curious about Luo Qian. This man spent millions to help himself, but then pretended not to know himself. Why?

There was only one explanation Pei Sefei could think of: he was disappointed after seeing himself, so he refused to admit it.

This speculation made Pei Sefei feel uncomfortable in her heart since she saw Luo Qian last time until today. She thought very stubbornly: What’s so great, this lady is beautiful, you are still not satisfied.

Because of her special identity, Pei Sefei has always been wary of the men around her since she was a child. If Luo Qian really pounced on like a fly, she would slap to death, but when Luo Qian saw her, it was as if she was eager to throw her away. This attitude made her very unconvinced.

Uncle Liu helped him investigate. This person has no background information and can’t find it out at all! The house has incomplete property rights, so Luo Qian gave the money, took the key from the original owner, and lived there without going through any transfer procedures. He is like a person jumping out of a crack in a rock.

Pei Sefei knew the skills of Uncle Liu, even he could not find out, Pei Sefei became more curious about Luo Qian.

Pei Sefei didn’t know that curiosity could kill the wild cat with nine lives. Under the action of this dangerous element, coupled with a little bit of dissatisfaction in her heart, she was subconsciously approaching Luo Qian.

“Huh, why, I’m very upset to see me?” Pei Sefei pursed her mouth and said dissatisfied: “How many people line up to see this girl, and this girl hasn’t taken care of them yet.” Luo Qian smiled bitterly: “I That’s not what I meant, it’s just…oh, I really don’t know how those votes were sent from me. Maybe someone has stolen my address.”

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Pei Sefei raised her eyes and looked at Luo Qian’s arm that once again “seemed intentionally and unintentionally” in front of her. She raised her hand and pushed it away, and walked into Luo Qian’s stronghold on her own initiative.

Luo Qian is helpless, and people come in uninvited, what else can he do?

“No taste.” Pei Sefei said disdainfully when she saw Luo Qian’s “Snail House”. She unceremoniously occupied Luo Qian’s favorite S-shaped recliner, raised her head, facing Luo Qian with her smooth forehead, and said, “I’ll work for you.”

Luo Qian was taken aback: “What?” Pei Sefei smiled slyly: “I didn’t seem to tell you, I found this place through the address on the ballot paper?”

Luo Qian felt a little in his heart: It’s over, let’s talk about it.

Pei Sefei stood up, put her hands on her round buttocks, and came to Luo Qian with a bounce, and said proudly: “How about it, I caught it? Haha, let me guess…” she made He looked like a detective, frowned his delicate eyebrows, and said, “Well, you do that kind of commissioned business. If you take other people’s money, you can do things for others. Including the one that helped me.” Once, right?”

Luo Qian breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this girl was “smart” and thought of a good explanation for herself, otherwise she really didn’t know how to explain this to her. Seeing the triumphant Pei Sefei Luo Qian showed a heartfelt smile: “Yes, you guessed it right, so smart.”

Pei Sefei was very helpful to Luo Qian’s “praise”, and put her hands behind her back, like an old pedant, lowered her head and hooked her back, walking around in the house: “Of course. Why? So, do you feel honored to have an outstanding talent like me volunteer to join?”

Luo Qian laughed, Pei Sefei was annoyed, and tugged at his sleeves and said, “Hey, don’t laugh! People told you to be serious.” Luo Qian thought about it, he should indeed find an agent in the human world. People, so many things do not need to come forward, and many dangers can be avoided. So, he nodded: “Okay, but I can’t pay you much. How about five thousand a month?” Pei Sefei stretched out a little hand and patted him: “No problem, it’s done.”

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