Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 13: Our Shop (Part 1)

“Lao Luo…” Du Ningxing rushed in like a pair of hot wheels, and hugged Luo Qian: “Haha, your kid is really a ghost!” Luo Qian pushed him away: “Why am I? Isn’t your idea of ​​a ghost or a bad idea? My talent is also a ghost? Can’t I be a genius?”

“Hey, genius, genius, you are a genius!” Du Ning blinked mysteriously, “Guess what the result of this appraisal was?” Luo Qian knew that there was good news when he looked at him, originally because of Sansedan. He couldn’t figure out the formula, and he was a little depressed, and he couldn’t help but feel refreshed: “What is it?”

“Scary poisonous barrier pill.” “Dianling pill.” Du Ning had two hands, one holding one in one hand, and told Luo Qian the results of the identification.

Luo Qian’s eyes straightened, leaving Du Ning aside, and plunged into the warehouse: “Damn, it’s all good things. If I can’t work out a formula, wouldn’t I regret breaking my intestines…”

Du Ning’s father has a lot of friends in the fairy world. It’s just that he is really not very good at the wind evaluation: the third pick in the fairy world. However, Du Ningding is different from his father. He has accepted Luo Qian’s indoctrination: without “paying”, there will never be “harvesting.”

Standing in front of the hall with ten beautifully packaged Dian Ling Pills, Du Ning Cheng called out with a smile on his face: “Uncle!”

“Oh, it’s the child of Zhongping’s family, haha, sit down quickly, don’t be polite.” On the main seat, sitting on the main seat was an old man with a ruddy face with a jade hairpin in his head. This is the old acquaintance of the Lirenyuan that Du Ning said, the supervisor of Lirenyuan Qi Rongwei.

Du Ning presented his gift with both hands and sat aside properly. Although Qi Rongwei said politely, he didn’t think much of the son of the third pick in the fairy world. It’s not that the Du’s family has no money. On the contrary, they are rich. Yuanyitang is also the No. 1 garment workshop in the Immortal Realm. The place where the Ningyaoshan mat is large can also buy 30 million standard immortal jade; therefore, the Du’s is not. Can’t afford to give gifts, Du Zhongping is too stingy.

So Du Lao’s son, who came down in the same line, is of course “Du Xiaocu” in Qi Rongwei’s eyes.

That jade box looks beautifully decorated, but Qi Rongwei has no hope that there will be something good in it. Soon, Mrs. Qi’s expression confirmed his guess.

Cut, ten high-grade spirit pills are ashamed to get it? Mrs. Qi sighed in her heart: the third in the fairy world, the style is shining!

The moment Mrs. Qi was well maintained and the white jade-like fingers were about to close the jade box, she inadvertently scanned the lettering in the jade box. Dian Ling Pill-How come this name has never been heard…

Looking further, Mrs. Qi’s face changed slightly-if this proves true, then this gift is not light. The function of Dian Ling Pill lies in its accumulation. Taking one tablet does not show obvious effects; after all, this kind of pill is just a pill, and the effect is slight. However, if you insist on taking it, every time you breathe out, the user will accumulate more spiritual energy than the average person. Over time, the gap will show up.

If it is taken by the immortal who has just built the foundation, at the initial stage, he can leave his peers behind; if it is taken by the immortal with profound power, the medicinal effect is calculated according to the percentage. The qi is much more than that of the immortals during the foundation-building period, and the accumulated celestial qi is also much larger-that is to say, the higher the level of the fairy, the more effective it is to use!

Mrs. Qi couldn’t help thinking of a vice court order that the master was currently competing for the temporary vacancy of the Lirenyuan; the other two immortal officials were evenly matched. If at this time, the master’s immortal merit cultivation is one step ahead, the chances of winning will be greatly increased!

Mrs. Qi carefully picked up a Dian Ling Pill, her heart was flustered, and she couldn’t help nodding.

Qi Rongwei was a little strange. At first, he looked at his wife’s expression and thought it was something worthless, but soon the wife’s expression changed. It seemed that the objects in the jade box were not simple. After a while, the lady couldn’t help but in front of the guests, took out gifts to play with, and nodded at herself!

My wife knows best, sitting in the position of supervising officer, the person giving gifts is like Jiangzhi crucian, what kind of gift the wife has never seen, and she has never seen her so gaffe. Qi Rongwei was curious, and wanted to see what Du Xiaokou was giving, so he picked up the tea bowl.

Du Ning took a look, stood up quickly, and said: “So, my nephew will leave first, and my nephew’s affairs will be taken care of by Uncle Lao.” “Well, well…”

Before Qi Rongwei asked, Mrs. Qi held the jade box in front of Qi Rongwei with his hands shaking with excitement. “Master, the vice courtyard gives hope!” “Stop!” Qi Rongwei stared angrily. The same, after all, this is the front room, not the back room. Some things cannot be said nonsense.

Mrs. Qi hurriedly put the jade box in front of the master, as if Master Qi was short-sighted.

Qi Rongwei looked at it again, and his neatly combed beard shook: “Hahaha…” After a long laugh, Qi Rongwei closed the box hard: “Madam, you are right, I can’t think of it, Du Lao picked it up. Son, I can’t give up such a generous gift!”

Mrs. Qi said: “Master, there are only ten Dian Ling pills here, which is a one-month dose. Obviously Na Du Xiao… Young Master Du wants to offer more after the master has done something for him. What does he ask the master?”

Qi Rongwei frowned: “Oops, I just paid attention to your expression just now, but I didn’t even hear what he said to me… I am afraid that Du Laoji’s son can give such a heavy gift! “Qi Rongwei fell into a dilemma for a while.

Du Nengming walked out of the gate of Qi’s mansion, turned his head, and smiled at the steward who was sent out: “Haha, don’t leave it for Niancheng.” He reached out from his arms and took out a document written on silk and pressed a top grade underneath. Xianyu, put it in the hands of the housekeeper: “This is the information from our pharmacy, please give it to Mr. Qi.” The housekeeper flicked his finger, Xianyu slipped into his sleeve, and smiled heartily: “It must be!”

Du Ning was not depressed. He sent ten precious Dian Ling Pills. The buttocks hadn’t been hot yet, and the matter was not clear. He was kicked out without even passing the application materials from the drugstore. He thought that he was boasting about going to Haikou in front of Luo Qian. If this matter is not handled, what face would he have for cooperating with Luo Qian—Luo Qian did everything, and he followed him to get money. Jun blushed and hurried back to Ningyuan Mountain, ready to find another way.

Luo Qian never understood what the problem was. The formula of Dianling Pill is correct. According to the formula, six out of ten pots can produce pill, but why is the three-color pill not good?

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Luo Qian has tried it seven times, and he has worked it out according to the most primitive formula. He sits on the ground, surrounded by rice cookers, looking funny. “There must be something wrong!”

Luo Qian’s brain flashed: matching! That’s right, there must be something wrong with the ratio. My ratio is weighed in the simplest way-one serving with a jade bowl, and the three-color pill formula has two and a half points. The problem is probably in these two halves.

Thinking of the problem, Luo Qian happily got up from the ground with a roar, and the “bang” disappeared.

In the base in City X, Luo Qian lay comfortably on his S-shaped recliner and dialed Pei Sefei’s number with the newly purchased phone. No matter what medicine the girl is selling in the gourd, I pay her a salary of 5,000 yuan every month, not to use it.

“Hey, it’s me. Buy me a precision electronic scale… well, let’s buy two.”

Within an hour, Luo Qian heard a knock on the door, and Pei Sefei’s slender figure rushed in with two large paper boxes.

Luo Qian didn’t help either. He opened the door with one hand and put one on his waist. He smiled and looked at Pei Sefei, who seemed a little overwhelmed. The girl frowned: “Even if you are the boss, you shouldn’t stand by like this. You are really a gentleman. Girls nowadays don’t like you. No wonder you are still a bachelor.”

Luo Qian closed the door and said: “I’m just a little strange, the most popular entertainment star, how come the queen of the future will hit me to work here? You are usually very busy.” Luo Qian said as he walked to her side, from her A piece of silver cloth was pulled out from under the skirt.

Pei Sefei was shocked and jumped and shouted: “Rogue, what are you doing?” Luo Qian smiled slightly: “What a joke, even if I’m playing a rogue, I will pick one that interests me. UU Reading You followed the studio and rushed over. Time is tight and didn’t even look at the change of clothes.”

Luo Qian meant that even if he was indecent, he would at least look for a fairy, but if this was heard in the ears of a girl, it was not a taste. Pei Sefei, who has always been confident, gave Luo Qian an annoyed look, and the little dissatisfaction in her heart grew rapidly as the seeds of the demon thorns.

Pei Sefei is rising like a new star. Less than a year after her debut, she is already a figure at the level of a small queen. Her agency has assigned her three life assistants to take care of her diet and daily life. In the afternoon, she was indeed rushing to shoot a print advertisement. After receiving a call from Luo Qian, she took off the complicated advertising clothes that took an hour and a half to put on her body, and asked an assistant to buy an electronic scale and quickly remove her makeup and change clothes. , And then hurried to Luo Qian’s stronghold. When she arrived, the assistant just got out of the car with the electronic scale.

(Lao Luo’s pharmacy is finally about to open, but this is just a sideline, and Lao Luo will still focus on smuggling in the future. After all, his dream is “smuggling predators”.)

(Open your mouth like a crocodile and ask for tickets…)

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