Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 13: Our shop (part 2)

With Pei Sefei’s qualifications, she shouldn’t have been such a confident “big card”, but she has a deep background, even if she is a brokerage company with a contract in hand, she dare not do anything to her. The agent continued to persuade her along the way. Photographers and advertisements asked her grandpa to tell her grandma. Pei Sefei resolutely ignored it. If these people hadn’t been pestering her, she wouldn’t have the cloth under her skirt.

Pei Sefei smiled slyly: “Do you want to know why?” Luo Qian nodded, and Pei Sefei said: “I can tell you… But in exchange, you have to tell me why you want to help me.” Luo Qian thought for a while, nodded and agreed: “No problem. I am entrusted by others.” “Who?” “I can’t say this.” Luo Qian said: “He will never be able to meet you, so do you know It doesn’t matter.”

Pei Sefei understood his meaning incorrectly, thinking that the person who entrusted him was no longer there, her eyes were red, and the little girl just liked romantic fantasies.

“So, now, can you tell me why you want to work for me?” Luo Qian asked. The girl blinked: “Because… I like it.”

Pei Sefei stood at the door, and after speaking, she flashed out and quickly closed the door. Luo Qian was annoyed for a while: “Why are you kidding me!” Pei Sefei smiled like a little fox outside. This stinky guy finally teased you. Pei Sefei’s considerable chest was filled with a sense of accomplishment, and she walked with her head high. Just out of the building, agents, life assistants, bodyguards, and drivers swarmed up. Some feminine male agents cried out: “My little grandma, please don’t play this hand. If you let the pigeons of other advertisers go, our company will pay them more than six million…”

“Cut!” Pei Sefei said disdainfully: “Your company is not small, just complain about more than six million?” The agent did not dare to argue with her. Every artist is just like you, we’ve closed our doors a long time ago and drank northwest wind.

Pei Sefei thought about it: “Don’t worry, since this matter was caused by me, of course I won’t let the company suffer. I can endorse their second-generation products for free to make up for the company’s economic losses. How?” The agent was overjoyed, while pressing the phone a little bit: “No problem, I will contact them immediately…”

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Luo Qian breathed a sigh of relief behind the door and smiled triumphantly: “Hey, I saved a month’s salary.” To tell an insignificant “secret” and save five thousand yuan, this business is a good deal. Luo Qian is also a fox. Two smiling faces inside and outside the door, with the door as the central axis, are symmetrical.

Holding his electronic scale, Luo Qian returned to the fairy world.

Du Chengcheng has been running for approval from the drugstore these days, and Luo Qian took advantage of this time to delve into all the prescriptions. With sophisticated measuring instruments, the exploration of formulas is proceeding steadily. He has given up the study of Roche’s lazy rice stew like a headless fly. Instead of aimlessly, he should hurry up and find out the formula of Sansedan.

The effort paid off. After nine days, Luo Qian finally found the problem. Sure enough, there must be a slight difference between the two half points, not absolute half points, in order to refine the three-color pill.

After having the formula, Luo Qian immediately used full power to refine the pill. He had to hoard a batch of pill before the drug store opened.

Du Ningming had already given up on Qi Rongwei’s relationship. He found a friend of his own, and asked him to get acquainted with a son of the vice-yuan order of Lirenyuan. The other party offered fifty top-grade immortal jade. Just when Du Ning’s meat was in pain, Madam Qi personally found Ning Yaoshan and brought it with them, as well as the good news of their drug store’s approval.

Happy from the sky, Du Ningming was not a master who didn’t understand the truth. He immediately went to Luo Qian to collect fifty Dian Ling Pills and asked Mrs. Qi to bring them back, and promised that there would be three people’s Dian Ling Pills every year. Madam Qi left contentedly, until Du Ning’s father Du Zhongping looked at her son with admiration.

The Lirenyuan is a Feishui Yamen, a superintendent of the Lirenyuan, which is even bigger than other court orders. Although Qi Rongwei is his friend, they don’t have any deep friendship with each other. Du Zhongping disliked him for being big, Qi Rongwei disliked Du being stingy. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Qi would come to visit in person, which is a huge face. Daddy Du just talked to Du Nengding and told him that he should learn to “interrogate” some things. He didn’t expect that Du Nengding would befriend such an important person. For the first time in his life, Daddy Du felt, um, it really is “a tiger father without a dog”!

Du Zhongping was very happy. When Du Ningding talked to him about the land, he didn’t care much. Du Lao Kie’er, who was happy in his heart, agreed casually. It was not until dinner that Du Lao Kie’er suddenly remembered: “Ning’er , You told me in the afternoon, your friend wants to buy a piece of land in our Ningyao Mountain, how much will it cost?”

“My father, ten top-grade immortal jade, the child has already replied to others, the son is very grateful for the generosity of my father…” Du Ning lowered his head, respectfully report, his eyebrows have become a happy ball. If it weren’t for the head down, the old man would find it.

Du Zhongping dumb eats Coptis chinensis, there is hardship to tell. I was very regretful in my heart: 20 million standard jade, that’s it! Alas, you have to learn your lesson in the future, and don’t be overwhelmed…Papa Du’s mouth is bitter, and he didn’t taste the taste of dinner at all.

The signature banners, of course, were customized from Luo Qian and Du Shao’s “Queen Use” maker Xiao Xiangzi. Du Ningjing originally planned to fix the land with 20 top-grade immortal jade, but he didn’t expect that the father didn’t know why that day. He was probably practicing immortal skills, and he had a lot of progress. Ten top-grade immortal jade agreed and let him save. Made a lot of money. As a result, the natural budget for the production of this signboard was greatly increased. Xiao Xiangzi took the money and worked hard, and soon made a gorgeous banner.

Green background and yellow edges, the pole made of King Kong Laurel produced in Broken Moon, the bottom of the pot is Cui Luo silk cloth, and the yellow coral cotton cloth is embellished in the dream state; a pair of wandering dragons grabs the beads and uses tens of thousands of pearls below The name of the drugstore is embellished: Roche Drugstore. At the bottom is a line of small characters: Ningyao Jinxiu Store.

Du Nengming carried the huge and beckoning cloth banner, just like the monkey monkey carrying the fake banana fan, and flew to the Fushan cave in Luoqian: “Lao Luo, Lao Luo, come out and have a look, what do you think?”

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Luo Qian floated out of the cave: “So-so.”

Du Nengming found a place in Xiushui Cliff near Ningyao Mountain, and only spent two top-grade immortal jade, bought a large piece of land, and then built a medicine house. It lives next to Xiao Xiangzi.

Xiao Xiangzi built more power generation boxes, and practice makes perfect. Recently, the “production speed” has greatly increased, and ten more power generation boxes were delivered soon. Luo Qian opened the Fushandi Palace and moved all 21 rice cookers underground. There are seven Yao Mo Tian formations hidden, and with the Qianren Qingfeng peak above your head, even if the imprisoned people are standing at the door, they can’t feel a large number of “prohibited” items hidden here.

“Lao Luo, I asked the uncle to check us a lucky day. His old man said that if it opens on this day, it will definitely make a lot of money.” Du Nengding said through Luo Qian’s medicine jar. Luo Qian has just refined a “pot” of three-color pill-other people’s alchemy on the furnace, Luo Qian alchemy, on the pot.

“Have you sent opening invitations to the merchants in Ningyaoshan?” Luo Qian asked. Du Ningding shook his head: “I don’t want to make such a big fuss. I have an appointment with a few seniors and just blow and beat.”

Luo Qian put down the work in his hand and knocked on his head: “Stupid! You are a local snake on Ningyao. Why don’t those merchants have any meaning when you open a store? Don’t count, every family has a piece of top-grade immortal jade, Ning There are at least a thousand or eight hundred shops in Yaoshan. How much is this? After receiving the gift, we will send them away after a table at the Guanyan Tower.

Du Ning’s eyes lit up: “Lao Luo, or you are treacherous…”

Luo Qian picked up Mi Yazi and was about to knock him. Du Ling laughed, and floated out of the cave: “Okay, I will prepare the invitation immediately.”

A three-finger wide, one and a half-long white jade plate, with a simple pattern carved on the front, and a line written on the back: Luoshi Pharmacy, scheduled to open on September 11th, Tianwei 37. Respectfully invite everyone to visit the shopkeeper . The signature is: Roche’s No.2 Drugstore, Jiadu Yu.

Tianwei is the third reign of the immortal emperor today.

Such an ordinary invitation card is very common in the fairy world, and you can buy one for a standard fairy jade. Now every shopkeeper in Ning Yaoshan has such an ordinary invitation card in the hand.

Although the invitation cards are ordinary, the people who send them are not ordinary. In the Ningyao Mountain, no one knows the name of Young Master Du. Although things are normal, the doorways are not simple.

Since I sent the I always want to be more or less interesting. If you give less, Young Master Du will definitely be unhappy, and if you give too much, he has become a target of public criticism.

As a result, the shopkeepers in the mountains of Ningyao suddenly became acquainted with each other, and moved around each other greatly. Luo Qian opened a shop, but he did not expect to greatly promote the unity and cooperation of the merchants in Ningyao Mountain, which he had not expected beforehand.

On this day, Du Ning Cheng took the ordinary fellows, looked at the huge and enchanting bright banners, beat gongs, drums, and sang, and held a lively and noisy opening ceremony.

Luo Qian did not show up, moved a stone table and sat down beside him, receiving gifts one by one.

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