Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 14: 9: Smoke turbulence (above)

Du Nengdeng pulled a golden abacus and crackled.

“Lao Luo, this time the opening, the gift money plus the turnover of the day, the income is 831 top-grade immortal jade, and I don’t forget the fraction. The cost of the banquet and the cost totals 206 top-grade immortal jade. The two offsets, and the net profit is 571 yuan top-grade fairy jade-571 million standard fairy jade!”

Du Ningjing’s voice trembled with excitement: “Lao Luo, I didn’t expect to open a store so profitable. Why should we open a few more?” Luo Qian said with a smile, “This is a one-off deal. How many more do you want to smash? No promise, you If you keep thinking about making money like this, it won’t be long before the merchants in Ningyaoshan will be driven away by you.”

Luo Qian took two steps in the office, looking at the overall situation: “To sum up our recent work, comrades have worked hard, the results are remarkable, the benefits are outstanding, and the gains are huge. Roche’s medicine has been launched, The smuggling business has gone further, and already has a customer base…”

Du Ningding was very uncooperative: “Customer group?” “Ahem, that’s Ling Xiaose’s mysterious cousin.” “Can a person be called a group?” Luo Qian frowned, Du Ningding quickly raised his hand and surrendered: “OK, You keep talking, I’m listening.”

“The next thing we need to do is, first, expand reproduction. We can’t lie on our laurels, my comrade brother. The underground medicine room needs to be expanded. In addition to selling rice cookers from the lower realms, we also need to buy from Xiao Xiangzi has ordered a large number of power generation boxes. Except for our own use, my customers are now waiting in line to buy.”

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Du Ning said: “This is okay, I’ll take a trip right away and order fifty units, is that enough?” Luo Qian had other plans in his mind, and asked, “Do you think Xiao Xiangzi *can* live?” Du Ning For a moment: “Why, are you interested in pulling him in?” Luo Qian shook his head: “No, I want him to be our customer.”

“It’s easy to handle. Our pill can be sold to him at a 20% discount. This kid must be happy.” Du Nengdeng said.

Luo Qian shook his head: “I didn’t mean that…” Du Ning looked at him and suddenly realized: “You, don’t you want to sell him prohibited items?” “That’s why I asked you, he can’t*.”

Du Ningming lowered his head and pondered for a while: “It’s hard to say, but…” Luo Qian said, “Let me come forward. If something happens, don’t involve you.” Du Ningming thought for a moment, and reluctantly agreed: “It’s okay. If something goes wrong, I can figure out a way to fish you outside. But what do you have to make him tempted?”

Luo Qian smiled confidently and took out something: “How do you think about this?”

At Xiushuiya, Luo Qian carrying a baggage on his back, standing outside Xiao Xiangzi’s yard, shouted: “Little Bear, Little Bear…” Xiao Xiangzi heard someone shouting “Brother Xiao” and greeted him with a smile:” Oh, it’s Brother Luo, we have been neighbors for a while, you can think of coming to see me.”

Everyone got acquainted and started joking with each other.

Luo Qian smiled treacherously: “Hey, yes, little bear, I didn’t come to see you. I was so busy the other day that I hit the back of the head with my heels.”

Although Xiao Xiangzi felt that Luo Qian’s accent today was a bit strange, he didn’t think much, and enthusiastically introduced Luo Qian in: “Brother Luo, please.”

The room was still the same. While Luo Qian sat down, Xiao Xiangzi had already put down a cup of hot tea and said, “Brother Luo is looking for something to do with me?” He looked at the swollen baggage behind Luo Qian, and guessed in his heart: Xianyu? Such a big bag, but a lot, it seems that a big deal has come!

Luo Qian smiled, put down his burden, and said: “Yes. We are not dating for two days. I have a big deal. I don’t know if you dare to make a little bear.”

Xiao Xiangzi’s spirits lifted up: “Dare, what can I be afraid of as a ghost repairer? What’s not to dare…” Luo Qian smiled weirdly, scanned the surroundings seemingly casually, and said lightly: “Xiao Xiong, you Without your permission, ordinary people can’t enter the house, right?” Xiao Xiangzi nodded confidently: “Unless a fairy of Tier 6 or above, I can know who comes in.”

Luo Qian couldn’t help but chuckled again: “Hehe, it’s still not safe.”

Xiao Xiangzi couldn’t help being cautious. It seemed that the big deal Luo Qian was going to talk about this time was not so simple. He considered it for a moment and got up and said, “Brother Luo, please go here.”

There is a cliff behind the house, and a cave under the cliff. Luo Qian followed behind Xiao Xiangzi, entered the cave, and his eyes were dark, there was a gust of wind in his ears, and then his feet were light. He was about to use the volley and his feet were already on the ground.

“Brother Luo, this is where I usually make crafts. Without my permission, even if the Emperor Immortal comes in person, don’t even think about coming in.” On the four walls of the stone room, there is a bright light on each wall, and a stone bed directly opposite. There is nothing else.

Luo Qian nodded with satisfaction: “Little Xiong, I have a question, so don’t worry.” Xiao Xiangzi said generously: “Brother Luo, just speak up.” “I don’t know what your success rate is?”

Xiao Xiangzi frowned, helplessly speaking first: “Not high, 50% or less.” “50% is not low anymore. As far as I know, many instrument repairs are within 30%. But have you ever thought about increasing the success rate? some?”

Xiao Xiangzi didn’t know what medicine he bought in the gourd: “What the **** did Brother Luo want to say?” Luo Qian smiled, “What is the reason for such a low success rate?” Xiao Xiangzi said slightly displeased: “Of course it is Xiao Mou’s cultivation base. It’s not enough, huh.” Luo Qian didn’t care about it: “What else?”

Xiao Xiangzi said angrily: “Luo Qian, what are you trying to do! What are you going to do!” Luo Qian is also not angry: “Hehe, my medicine shop refining medicine is about the combination of raw materials. A formula, including If you just add a little more raw materials, this furnace pill will be scrapped. I think it should be the same for your equipment, right?”

Of course, Xiao Xiangzi was more aware of the system than Luo Qian, knowing that he was right, this was indeed one of the reasons for the high failure rate. After all, the accuracy of the scales in the fairy world is limited, and sometimes it is completely judged by the experience of the maker. It is inevitable that young instruments make many mistakes.

“What can you do?” Xiao Xiangzi asked. “I have a high-precision measuring fairy.” Luo Qian said. He opened the baggage, Xiao Xiangzi immediately felt a tacky slap on his face, and exclaimed: “Forbidden things, you, you…” He pointed to Luo Qian in surprise, Luo Qian did not answer, and took out a Xiao Xiangzi The power generation box made by himself was gently plugged into the power supply of the electronic scale. Xiao Xiangzi was soft and slumped on the ground with a bleak expression. He muttered, “At first I thought this thing was tricky, sure enough…”

Although Luo Qian didn’t have a threat, Xiao Xiangzi knew at a glance that this power generation box was made by himself. After Luo Qian was exposed, he could not stay out of the matter.

Luo Qian said lightly: “I have a big deal here for you: this high-precision electronic scale, in exchange for you two hundred power generation boxes.” Xiao Xiangzi showed a fierce look, but Luo Qian turned his back on purpose, as if he didn’t see it. .

“I’ve been in this business for some years. If I didn’t even have any precautions, my soul would have been wiped out long ago.” He said unintentionally. Xiao Xiangzi behind her body trembled slightly, and the left hand that had accumulated her skills hesitated for a moment, and then let it go.

“You are too ruthless.” Xiao Xiangzi said angrily: “Two hundred, I can’t make it even if my family is bankrupt.” Luo Qian thought about it: “Well, one hundred and eighty.” Xiao Xiangzi gritted his teeth. “A hundred! This is the limit. Although your thing is extremely useful to me, it is not worth that much.” He hurriedly put away the electronic scales, for fear of a little tacky leaking out and inviting murder.

Luo Qian laughed: “From the point of view of the old acquaintances, there are one hundred of them. When will I pick up the goods?” “With this thing, I can make fifteen in three days. You don’t have three. Come and go once.” “Okay.”

As soon as Luo Qian left, Xiao Xiangzi hurriedly couldn’t put down a seven-yield desert array, concealing the breath of the electronic scale, then pinched his thumb and middle finger, a little blue light flew from behind, turned in front of him, and turned into a blue jade bowl. Xiao Xiangzi murmured a spell, the cyan jade bowl shed a cyan light, covering the Qiyao Motian formation, and after doing all this non-stop, Xiao Xiangzi breathed a sigh of relief, and he had already directly linked Luo Qian, by-passed him, All the female relatives who were out of touch with each other greeted them one by one.

Luo Qian left Xiushui Cliff, did not return to Fushan Cave House, turned around in the air, and went to Ningyao Mountain. He didn’t go to Du Nengdeng, but to buy things.

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Twenty-one rice cookers were placed in the Mishandi Palace. If discovered, it would be enough to make a sensation in the fairy world. He dare not care. Although the entrance of the underground palace is extremely secret, there is no guarantee that it will not be discovered. He still feels that it is necessary to buy something and put it at the entrance of the underground palace to cover it.

With Luo Qian’s current financial resources, it is not impossible to buy some immortal artifacts to guard the entrance of the underground palace, but… that is going to ruin the family. The imperial weapon level is placed at the entrance, and as long as someone with a little ability can break it, Luo Qian finally locked the target on the maze. UU Reading

After visiting a few Xianjia shops, the business of the factory was quite good. The shadows in front of the cloth banners swayed, and rays of light sent the guests to the distant shops. Constantly flowing, continuous light. Yao’s eyes hurt Luo Qian. Don’t get me wrong, he was not dizzy by the dazzling light transmitted, but because he was jealous of other people’s good business: with so many customers, only one-tenth of the business was made, and that was a lot of money. When will our shop have such prosperity!

Feel free to turn to one of the banners, the back of the extraordinary is written with the scope of business: fairy artifacts, imperial artifacts, treasures, various flag gate formations. Luo Qian nodded, and slammed under the cloth banner. After a ray of light passed, he was placed in a spacious room. On all sides of the house, there are supermarket-like shelves, and the shelves are filled with all kinds of artifacts. Of course, these are just molds, you don’t want to see it without paying for it. Take precautions before they happen, there are many experts in the fairy world, of course you have to be careful.

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