Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 14: 9: Smoke turbulence (bottom)

After Luo Qian turned around, a store associate came up and asked enthusiastically: “What does the immortal officer want to see?” Luo Qian casually said: “Qimen maze.” The store associates smiled: “Then your old man can It is in the right place. The flag gate array of our shop is one of the best in the entire Ningyao Mountain. You are satisfied! Please come here.”

The store clerk led him, bypassing the lined shelves outside, and went straight to the innermost level. “Please take a look.” The shop clerk pointed to the three rows of shelves in front of them, which were filled with small flags of various colors: “These are all flag gate formations, and only a few fairy spirits can be activated. Small in size, light in weight, easy to use, and powerful, it is really an indispensable weapon in the fairy world to kill people and grab treasures, and to look after the home!”

Looking at the funny look of the store clerk shaking his head and shaking his head, Luo Qian couldn’t help but smile: “I want some puzzles, do you have any here.” “Yes!” The store clerk led him to the back of the container. Sure enough, there was a half of the container. Used to display the puzzle array. “Look at it, this is the Misty Formation of the Sea of ​​Fog, this is the Mystic Formation of the Four Elephants, this is the Taolan Formation…”

Luo Qian waved his hand: “Don’t introduce these ordinary goods, I want those.” He reached out his hand and pointed to the top of the container. There were three flag gate arrays on top of the container. Although it was only a mold, it was still easy to see. See the extraordinary.

“That’s more expensive,” the shop assistant said euphemistically. Luo Qian asked, “How much?” “The twenty top-grade immortal jade on the right.” Luo Qian nodded, “How is the effect?” The shopkeeper proudly said, “The effect? ​​Those three things are famous artifacts in the fairy world. Master Xin Yezi’s work, the following items, all added up, can’t compare to it!”

Luo Qian asked calmly: “Which of the top three is the strongest?” “Of course it’s the middle one.” The shop clerk said, “Nine realms of smoke and chaos–just listen to this name and you know it is not Fanpin. However, Hehe, you get what you pay for, and that can cost 30 top-grade immortal jade.”

*, really black! Can buy a piece of land in Ningyao Mountain. But we have money now and don’t care about it. “Okay, I want it.” The shop clerk raised his eyes: “You, do you really want it?” Luo Qian took out three pieces of high-grade immortal jade: “This is fixed money, you take it first. I didn’t carry that. More money, I will get it for you.”

The store clerk was stunned for a moment, and he didn’t expect that he had done the biggest business since he joined the sales industry! The store clerk who was knocked down by happiness and stunned, holding the fairy jade and muttered: “It turns out that success can be so simple…”

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Luo Qian held a green jade box in his left hand, and copied it in his trouser pocket with his right hand, humming a small song, and returned to Fushan Cave House with ease. Thirty top-grade immortal jade, although a bit painful, but after all, it is worth the money. The number of days in the Great Zhou Dynasty, 108 blue sky white jade as a fan, black gold as the bone flag gate formation, suddenly there are nine wandering dragons running, the dragon travels and clouds rise, and the entrance of the underground palace is strictly blocked. When he strayed into the formation, he would feel that the sky was spinning around, and then he found that he was back in the fairy world.

The Nine Realms of Smoke and Chaos are not lethal, but they can create a complete fairy world. The nine realms of the fairy world have a lot of them, and the details are exactly the same as those in the memory of those who strayed into the formation. This is the advantage of this formation. Distracted. Use the memory in your own heart to disturb your heart.

The fairy world is like spring all seasons, enjoying endless bright sunshine and the fragrance of birds and flowers. Whenever the sun sets in the evening, the soft sunlight is refracted through the sky full of fish-scale clouds, and the reflection is on the quiet water surface. The egrets, grasses, and lake water are all dyed into a bright red. A large lake is divided into small pieces of “paddy fields”, Tianhu Lake in the sunset, egrets are drunk with fish, and the beauty of the scenery is the fairyland, and there is no comparison with it. This lake is named Tianxia Lake, and sunset clouds can also be planted in paddy fields. The fairyland where Tian Xia Lake is located is also named Tian Xia Yuan.

Tian Xiayuan, one of the six sources in three days.

Tian Xiayuan’s Zuo family, in the immortal world, has no less status than the Ling family of Qingyuan. The Zuo family not only owns one-third of Tian Xiayuan, but also controls the origin of the best immortal jade in the fairy world. Shibaodong, one of the top three and bottom ten holes, is not weaker than the Qing plain Ling family.

Shibao Cave often produces the supreme water attribute immortal jade “Water Linglong”, and its value is even higher than that of the Lingjia Cave.

The immortal families like the Ling family and Zuo family did not have enough staff to mine the fairy jade mine, so they had to hire miners. It is impossible for the immortals to get immortal jade only by practicing. There is a specialization in the art industry. Those ordinary immortals can neither make alchemy nor make artifacts. The elixir magical items need to be limited to purchase. Even better caves also need a lot of immortal jade. They can only work through this kind of immortal world. Get the fairy jade.

Every immortal family that controls the fairy jade mine has thousands of “immortal miners”. These people are not high in cultivation and belong to the people at the bottom of the next class.

Every day you enter the cave at sunrise and exit the cave at sunset. Only by diligently completing your share of mining can you get a pitiful little reward. If you are lucky, you can mine high-grade immortal jade, or the best immortal jade, similar to water. The kind of Linglong, the family was also very reasonable and gave an extra bonus.

There is no danger in mining in the cave, but it has to go through strict inspections to prevent someone from stealing the fairy jade with magical instruments such as Qiankun bags. In addition, there is a special fairy formation in the cave, which shields all immortal arts. It is impossible to use the immortal arts like the universe in the sleeve to hide the immortal jade.

Tian Xia Lake is located in the very center of Tian Xia Yuan, and Bao Shi Cave is far away. It is already on the border of Tian Xia Yuan, crossing a mountain northwest of the entrance to Tian Xia Yuan.

There are one hundred master guards from the Zuo family at the entrance of the treasure room all the year round. The two golden gates depict three-layer charms. They were cast by Tiangongzi, the first master craftsman in the immortal world. Do not break these two doors. In front of the gate that was shining with golden light, there was an octagonal fairy formation. People entering and exiting the cave must pass through this fairy formation, otherwise they would be killed on the spot by the left masters on both sides of the gate.

This fairy formation, when entering the cave, monitors whether there is any magic weapon on the fairy miner, and when leaving the cave, it checks whether there is any fairy jade on the fairy miner.

The sky is twilight, and the warm fairy sun is rising, like people who are rising in the morning, breathing out a hot white gas toward the sky. There has been a long queue at the entrance of Baoshi Cave, and the fairy workers waiting to work in the cave have been waiting here for half an hour.

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The fairy jade mines in the fairy world all follow the distribution of strange mineral veins, and they must also be mined in the direction in which this vein extends. If they are dug in from other places, there is no fairy jade. Therefore, every fairy jade mine has only one entrance, which is the starting point of the vein. Therefore, the owner of the fairy jade mine, as long as he guards the entrance of the mine, he does not have to worry about someone going back to open a hole from another place to steal his own fairy jade mine. And the other end of the vein is buried deep underground in an unknown place.

Under the two tall golden gates of Baoshidong, there are two fairy guards lined up in a V shape, dressed in dazzling fairy armor, holding powerful magical instruments, with piercing eyes, staring vigilantly at the line waiting to enter the cave Xiangongs of Xiangong—the matter of Xiangong’s looting of the Xianyu Mine is not uncommon in the fairy world.

The two golden gates were synchronized with the fairy sun. When the first ray of light was revealed by the fairy sun, the golden gate also opened a gap. A fairy in charge came out from inside, raised his arm, and sang aloud: ” Open—hole—” The two immortal guards standing in front of the octagonal fairy array gave way to the side, and the fairy array shone slightly and began to move. A famous fairy worker lined up and passed through the fairy formation one by one.

The small half of the team had been swallowed by the fairy hole opened by the double doors, and the steward at the side of the fairy formation suddenly frowned: The fairy formation revealed that there was something hidden on the fairy worker standing in the fairy formation.

The steward raised his eyebrows uncomprehendingly, and the two immortal guards rushed up to him and framed the immortal worker as if they were connected. The manager smiled and said without a smile: “Good boy, have the courage. Dare to run wild on the site of Zuo’s house, come on, drag me down…” “Mrs, adults, misunderstanding, misunderstanding…” That fairy worker hastily Called: “I do have something on my body, but it’s not for stealing the fairy jade. If you don’t believe me, you can take it out and have a look.” The fairy said quickly. The manager looked at him and shook his head at the two immortal guards, and one of the immortal guards stretched out his hand and felt something out of his arms.

“Huh?” It was a piece of fairy jade, a low-grade fairy jade. Xiangong said loudly: “I am worried that I will not be able to complete today’s quota so I brought a piece of immortal jade with me. If I don’t get enough share, I can make up the number.” Fairy jade, ordinary, nothing wrong, he threw the jade back to that Xiangong casually, waved his hand: “Go in.” Xiangong caught the jade, bowed and thanked, and hurriedly retreated to the cave. : “Thank you, sir, thank you…”

In the small storm, the manager didn’t pay attention to it. Suddenly he remembered something and turned his head to look again. The Xiangong had disappeared at the entrance of the cave. Looking at the entrance of the black hole, after thinking about it, he shook his head.

Even if an immortal worker completes the mining share of the day, his reward is only one hundred and fifty standard immortal jade, which is one and a half low-grade immortal jade. The immortal worker took in a low-grade immortal jade by himself, which seemed to outweigh the gain. But when he remembered, the fairy worker had disappeared, and the manager didn’t bother to make a big fuss because of this guy who lacked calculation ability, and went into the hole to search for it.

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