Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 15: War Money (Part 1)

Inside the treasure chamber, the first section of the mine is very spacious, thirty meters high and sixty meters wide. The more it goes inside, the narrower it gets, and the branching gradually increases. A pit of the level like Baoshidong, even if it is a branch, has great mining value, so no matter which branch, it will not be abandoned.

The immortal worker carried the lower-grade immortal jade in his arms. With a large flow of people pouring into the cave, the flow of people was diverted every time they crossed a fork. Finally, the flow of people became smaller and smaller, reaching the fairy worker who lived at the end of the mine. There are only about a hundred people.

Every fairy worker who enters the mine will be allocated a bag at the entrance of the cave, which is used to hold the fairy jade ore. More than a hundred immortal workers were scattered at the end of the mine, and they were transported to prepare for mining. Suddenly, the brilliance in the mine was prosperous, and rays of light scraped layers of rocks from the mine and crashed on the ground. A little light flashes in the dim rock from time to time, that is the goal of the fairy workers: fairy jade ore.

In order to prevent someone from stealing ores, it is not allowed to bring in magical artifacts here. The celestial workers can only carry their own celestial work to dig, and the celestial jade ore is put into the bag, and the useless rocks are piled up on the special mine carts behind them. This kind of mine cart, which looks like a guide car, has a big bucket at the back and a copper man at the front. When filled with waste rocks, it will be automatically transported to the outside of the mine, and then returned to continue transportation.

One day passed in the boring mining. If I was lucky, I bought the share, so my face was filled with joy, and I was depressed if I was not lucky. A clear bamboo flute sounded in the mine, which was a signal for everyone to exit the mine. All the Xiangong gathered the last ore on the ground, carrying their bags and walking out one after another.

The ant-like flow of people gradually converges again, and every time they cross a fork, the flow of people will grow, as if the rivers meet the sea. The miner who stole the fairy jade did not leave until the end. Before leaving, he secretly crushed the low-grade fairy jade and placed it in the mine.

In the shattered low-grade immortal jade, something faintly revealed, and the familiar red light appeared in the cracks. If Luo Qian were here, he would be able to recognize it at a glance: the dragon and phoenix double pattern jade pendant!

“Boom!” The two heavy golden gates closed, completely sealing the treasure chamber. The fairy sun slowly fell, casting a ruddy spot in Tianxia Lake.

“Lao Luo, Lao Luo–” Du Ning rushed into Fushan cave mansion panting. Suddenly, there was a flower in front of his eyes, and the scenery suddenly changed. He returned to Ningyao Mountain, surrounded by pink and green curtains, and Yingsheng Yanyu heard— —It is actually the inter-college of Yuanyuantang specializing in housing female disciples! Du Ning took a breath: “*, Lao Luo, you hurt me…”

“Hahaha…” Luo Qian casually moved, one hundred and eight small flags flew into his hands, neatly coded in the jade box: “Where did I harm you? Nine realms of smoke and chaos can obey you In my heart, imitated an immortal world, you must have been there, otherwise this formation is impossible to simulate.”

Luo Qian looked at him grinningly: “Du Shao, I always thought you were fascinated by games. It was like a pink powder. I didn’t expect you to have a cowardly and wretched side. You actually peeped at the girls’ dormitory, hehe…” Yihong: “It’s not what you think. I, I have a reason.” “Cut, what’s the reason?” Luo Qian seemed to be about to break the casserole and asked.

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Du Cheng said, “Lao Luo, can you ask me?” Luo Qian nodded, “Of course it’s okay. Yo, Uncle Du, your old man also heard about your son spying on your female disciple? Yes, I also feel very embarrassed. It is a normal reaction for you to feel dull on your face. Don’t feel any guilt in your heart for Du Ning…”

Of course Du Zhongping did not come, everything was just Luo Qian’s performance. The roots of Du Cheng’s teeth itchy: “Luo Qian!” “Hehe!” Du Cheng’s discouraged: “Well, I’ll do it.”

“I, I followed Li Xuewang in.” Du Ning said with a downcast head. Luo Qian frowned: “Li Xuegang, the first young master of the remote hall?” Du Ning nodded: “It’s her, on the entire Ningyao Mountain. Only she doesn’t take me as a young master Du seriously.”

Luo Qian shook his head and said: “You are really ashamed of Yuanyuantang. Hundreds of male disciples have allowed the title of the first young master to be seized by a woman. Three hundred men are not as good as women. What a sigh!” Du Ning was angry. Said: “You are not as good as me, so I am embarrassed to say me.” Luo Qian was hit to the point, and said with a dry smile: “I am Jie Xian, we *use our brains to eat, not* speak with fists. But… Du Shao , You really can. You were still infatuated with Pei Sefei a while ago, and now it’s only a few days, so I am empathetic and not falling in love with Li Xuewang…

Du Ningcheng said in a huff: “If you can take me to the lower realm, I will be unswerving to Pei Sefei!” Luo Qian slapped himself: “Yes, just pretend that I didn’t say anything… But, Li Xuegang But the No. 1 young master of Yuanyuantang, you don’t seem to be in the eyes of others…”

Luo Qian once again successfully filled Du Ning’s anger with words.

“By the way, what do you want to do with me?” Luo Qian looked at the about to break out of Du Ning and quickly changed the subject. As expected, Du Lixing had forgotten what had just happened, and he slapped his head: “Look, you interrupted and told me to forget everything.” He grabbed Luo Qian, “Quickly, Tian Xiayuan has something serious!” “Wait, I sealed the entrance to the underground palace…”

“Tian Xiayuan belongs to the Zuo family. Yesterday morning, an evildoer suddenly rushed out of the Baoshi cave. He smashed the Baoshi cave and killed the sixty-two cave guards from the Zuo family to escape. Along the way, he broke through the Zuo family. The four hurdles set up are unstoppable for Tian Xiayuan!” On the way, Du Ningxing simply told Luo Qian what happened.

The immortal world is vast, and there are many people who refuse to obey Wanghua, and there are often evildoers who are lurking in cultivation, disturbing the world. But in most cases, the strength of these evildoers is far from the opponents of the immortals, so every time the evildoer is born, the immortal world can be suppressed without any surprises.

But this time is completely different. The evildoer not only easily killed more than sixty Zuo family masters, but also crossed Tian Xiayuan, what did Zuo family do!

“What does this have to do with us?” Luo Qian asked, “Tian Xiayuan is far away from us, such a dangerous evildoer, let’s not join in the fun, such a serious issue should be handled by those immortal experts. “Hey.” Du Condensed said: “There are three reasons why we want to go. When we walk in, there are three words: affection, righteousness, and profit. The youngest of Tian Xiayuan’s left family has a little friendship with my father. I couldn’t cover it anymore, I asked for help from all immortal realms. It was reported that the jade talisman had flew to Ningyao Mountain. Our Yuanyuantang couldn’t sit idly by. This is righteousness. The father sent the first master Li Xuegang of the young generation of Yuanyuantang to lead the rescue field. Xiayuan, the beautiful lady is in trouble, I can’t just sit idly by. This is love.” Luo Qian’s face is getting darker and darker. You Yuanyuantang is also a big sect, even if you Du Shao is also a third-order immortal, you should be sentimental and intentional. , But I, Luo Qian, is just a robber. I can’t stand the evildoer even if I get a claw, why are you dragging me away?

“As for this last word of benefit, that’s why you went: the war against evildoers, many people were injured, and our medicine pills took the opportunity to sell out!”

Luo Qianshang’s face-changing skill, instantly changed from a black face to a red face, and said excitedly: “You can teach you, Du Shao, you have learned to make a fortune in war, very good, very promising, I am optimistic about you…”

Du Zhongping’s daddy, Du Zhongping, was also very heroic in his early years. He played some “young people’s games”. It was in that era that he met the youngest of the Zuo family-now the third uncle of the Zuo family. The friendship of that era was pure and sincere, and Zuo Lingchuan, the third uncle of the Zuo family, could be regarded as one of Du Lao’s few friends who could shed light on the liver.

Therefore, after receiving the jade symbol for help from Zuo Lingchuan, Du Zhongping immediately organized a rescue team of 60 people under the command of Li Xuegang, the first master of the younger generation. If it weren’t for considering that this enchanting evildoer is likely to burst out of Tian Xiayuan and run around, it might endanger the roots of Ningyao Mountain, Du Zhongping must have gone into battle personally.

He also intends to train his proud disciple, so even though he has sent two of his juniors, that is, the two uncles of Li Xuegang, he still takes Li Xuegang as the commander.

In this matter, Du Zhongping is selfish. In any case, Li Xuegang is a female disciple. Even if she is a dragon and phoenix, she will eventually marry. He deliberately brought together his son, Du Ning, and this beautiful disciple, so he sent Du Ning to also.

When Du Ning drove Luo Qian, a small capitalist in the fairy world who had been dazzled by more than 300% of profits, to Ningyao Mountain, Li Xuegang had already stepped down from the team and opened the head, ready to set off.

“Wait for me…” Du Ning screamed from three kilometers away, dragging Luo Qian to arrive panting. Li Xuegang glanced at him coldly, snorted softly, and never looked at him again. Du Zhongping saw it in his eyes and sighed secretly. He is not easy to do it this month. It seems that it is not easy for his son to hold a beautiful woman.

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“Ning’er, saving people is like fighting fire. How can you be late for this kind of thing!” Du Zhongping frowned and began to teach his son. Du Laojie treated his disciples equally, even his own son.

Du Nengding said: “I’m going to find him.” He pushed Luo Qian forward: “This is a dangerous act. I think there is a drug dealer by his side, and he is always insured.” Although Luo Qian is very familiar with Du Nengding, But it was the first time I saw his father, and he hurried forward and bowed: “Junior Luo Qian, visit Uncle Du. The younger generation of UU Reading www.uukā is willing to provide free elixirs for Yuanyuantang, only that Yuanyuantang can protect the juniors and considerately. “

Du Zhongping smiled: “It turns out that it is Nephew Luo, Ning’er has told me about your matter. Okay, let’s say it!” Luo Qian was overjoyed and bowed down: “Thank you, uncle!”

After all, it is to get rid of the demon. Although war money is easy to make, high profits are accompanied by high risks. Luo Qian is not a master who wants money but life, sacrifice some pills and seek shelter from Yuan Yuantang. This deal is too cost-effective.

Before leaving, Luo Qian went to the underground palace to collect a lot of spirit pills. Although the level of spirit pills was not high, it was better than the number. This kind of spiritual pill is like the aspirin of the immortal world, which can not only replenish the celestial energy that has been severely consumed by the war, but also accelerate the recovery of the injury. It can be said that it is an indispensable equipment for every fairy.

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