Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 15: War Money (Part 2)

Du Zhongping smiled and waved to Luo Qian: “Okay, let’s go.” Li Xuegang got the permission of the head, raised his hand, and said coldly: “Go!” Adding Luo Qian, sixty An immortal floated up and his clothes became a cloud, and each urged the immortal power to rush to Tian Xiayuan.

In the support team of Yuanyuantang, quite a few people are familiar with Luo Qian, most of them are the “part-time” brothers in Luo’s drugstore in Luoqian.

Luo Qian also learned this trick from the human world, allowing Yuan Yuan Tang’s disciples to work part-time as pharmacies, which not only improved the relationship with Yuan Yuan Tang, but also saved expenses. These part-time brothers can get medicine from the pharmacy at half price. Yuanyuantang is also a martial art school. Although there is a special medicinal pill for intensive research, the medicinal pill that can be allocated to each disciple is limited and not enough, so With this convenience, these brothers who work part-time in the pharmacy have progressed through cultivation much faster than their peers. They are all grateful to Luo Qian; seeing him also go out with the team, chatting and laughing together, it’s so lively .

Li Xuefang is as the name suggests, her beautiful face seems to be hidden behind a layer of ice, and she never smiled along the way. Even when facing the two uncles, she spoke with half of her body respectfully, but didn’t laugh. .

This is the first time that Luo Qian has seen the legendary No. 1 young master of Yuanyuantang. He couldn’t help but glanced at it twice-Du Ning’s eyes were good.

Luo Qian didn’t think much about the female animals in the fairy world. Since he knew that he was Jiexian and understood the meaning of Jiexian, he never thought about which virtuous fairy would look after him. In the fairy world, strength is everything. Fairy Lifeng is the dream lover of the young man in the fairy world. However, did the love story during the call happen? No. She married into a wealthy family, this is the reality of the fairy world.

Luo Qian is very realistic, knowing that with his ability to rob immortals, even self-protection is a problem, and love is nothing but a mirrored picture. Even if you can *smuggle and get married, how can you stay with a woman forever?

Love, Luo Qian has already lost it in the human world.

“Lao Luo, how is it?” Finally, he found an opportunity and asked Luo Qian quietly. Luo Qian deliberately pretended to be stupid: “How about what?” Du Ning’s face flushed: “What else can she do.” Luo Qian laughed, patted Du Ning’s back and said: “Yes, your eyes always Not bad.”

“But…, she seems to be a little cold towards you.” Luo Qian said politely. Du Ning was discouraged: “Of course I know, she does this to all male disciples.” Luo Qian frowned, and Du Ning suddenly said, “Lao Luo, can you do me a favor?” “What?”

Du Ningjing quietly said: “Do you remember the last time the girl in the lower realm, I think you will help me get her up…” “What did you say!” Luo Qian was shocked, and Du Ningxing quickly gave him a elbow: ” Be quiet! I am not asking you to smuggle her to the immortal world, but to give her a cultivation technique.”

Luo Qian pondered for a long time, wondering: “Don’t you already have Li Xuewang?” Du Ning Cheng was very unconfident: “She is fascinating with me, how do I know what she thinks? It’s better to wait for me. In a few years, wait for that girl to ascend. Lao Luo, you give her some scarlet pupil pills. Within thirty years, she will be able to ascend, right?”

Why does Luo Qian feel that this is the fairyland version of the “virgin training plan”, why feel so awkward.

Before he could talk, Du Ningjing smiled suddenly and waved his hand: “Forget it, I am also a temporary conscious, as if I hadn’t said anything.” Luo Qian breathed a sigh of relief. For thirty years, such a long-term investment Buying and selling is definitely not cost-effective.

Luo Qian’s immortal skills were insufficient, Du Ning and the senior brothers took turns with him. After the crowd flew for half a day, Li Xuelang in front said loudly: “Everyone is in the same door, and Tian Xiayuan is in front. The evildoer may appear at any time, please be careful!”

Everyone responded in unison, like a thunderstorm.

After entering Tian Xiayuan, everyone’s speed slowed down a bit, and Luo Gan was able to keep up in front of him without help.

Li Xuewang and the two uncles in front were contacting Zuo Lingzhuan, releasing three transmission jade symbols in a row, but there was no answer. The expressions of Li Xuelang and the two uncles were a little solemn, and it was obvious that the chaos caused by this enchantment was more serious than they thought. Zuo Lingzhuan didn’t answer the three rumours of the jade talisman. There was only one possibility: the war was urgent and Zuo Lingchuan could not get out.

Even the third uncle of the Zuo family has done it, knowing that the Zuo family has reached a critical juncture.

Li Xuewang waved his hand and made a decisive decision: “Go to Zuojiazhuang!”

Zuojiazhuang is adjacent to Tianxia Lake, with green mountains and clear waters, sunset glow and ancient trees. The front of the village is surrounded by Tianxia Lake, the village is full of immortals, the pavilions and corridors are exquisitely arranged, and the crown of the high platform is magnificent; it is known as the top work of the fairyland garden.

But when the reinforcements of Yuanyuantang felt this well-known fairyland manor, the beauty of the past was gone, only a piece of broken walls could not hide the scorched earth!

“How could this happen!” Everyone was shocked, but an evildoer, even the dignified Zuo family was destroyed! “Everyone disperse, search for survivors, and be careful not to get too far away!” Li Xuelang floated down and flew down, and the same door behind him was also scattered among the ruins.

After searching for nothing, Li Xuegang breathed a sigh of relief: “This is good, at least it proves that Zuo’s family is not destroyed. Although the enemy is strong and difficult to resist, they can still carry the wounded and retreat, indicating that they are protecting themselves. No problem yet.”

At this moment, a golden light flew from the horizon, and Li Xuegang stretched out his hand to catch it: “It is the talisman of the third uncle of the Zuo family.” She and the two uncles opened it and quickly pointed to the northwest: “Quick, set off.”

More than sixty people were mighty and mighty. After flying for a few hours, they heard a ring of iron and gold in front of them, and everyone felt tight, and they found it!

An uncle uncle waved his hand, and a faint blue aura danced, and the clouds in front of him opened and the mist dispersed. I saw the clouds tens of thousands of miles away, and the rays of light were shining, beating like rabbits and dancing. Snake, dozens of rays of light circled a group of blue light, hitting it from time to time.

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Without saying a word, Li Xuelang added a breath of immortality and hurried to the battlefield. “Ning Yaoshan Yaoyuantang came to help, what can Senior Zuo send?”

Although the group of blue light was surrounded, there was no sign of desperation. On the contrary, the masters who besieged the blue light looked very embarrassed. Their attack could not damage the body of the evildoer through the blue light, but they did. They had to work hard to maintain such a costly attack method, because once they gave up these powerful magic weapons and spells, the evildoer could immediately break through, and it would be even more difficult to trap it.

In the Zuo family formation, a middle-aged man floated out and said joyfully: “It’s Lao Du’s people here, where is Lao Du?” Li Xuegang bowed and said, “This is the third uncle of the Zuo family. Master respects him. I didn’t come, I ordered my niece and two uncles to come to help.”

Zuo Lingchuan nodded: “Okay, you came just in time. We laid an eight-sided sky formation, and just one corner is missing. You go to the southwest.” He pointed his finger, and Li Xuegang really saw the southwest corner. There is a vacancy.

The various factions in the fairy world supported Zuo’s family. Ningyao Mountain was far away and it was too early to arrive. Before them, six sects had arrived one after another. Those masters who besieged Qingguang, except for the Zuo family’s people. In addition, there are masters of various factions. These masters teamed up to trap the blue light, buy time for the disciples behind them, and lay down the “Eight-Faced Array” known as unbreakable in the immortal world. But there were only seven schools, and it happened that Yuanyuantang arrived to fill this gap.

The two uncles waved their sleeves, released their proud magical weapons, and drove the magical weapons straight to the battle group: “Xue Hong, you lead the disciples to form an array, and we will help them.” There are quite a few of those masters. The two knew each other well, so they volunteered to rush forward.

Li Xuegang compared the layout plan passed to her by Zuzuo Ling, and quickly figured out the position, and pointed his colleagues one by one to stand up. Later, there was a headache: What should Luo Qian do?

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Li Xuegang didn’t know that Luo Qian was a Jiexian. Since he came with him, he was naturally a member, but he didn’t know what his foundation was, so Li Xuegang didn’t dare to rush him in. However, if he just said that he gave up and the face of an immortal could not survive, she was hesitating, Luo Qian smiled and stepped forward: “Hey, Fairy Li, this fighting and killing is your strength, such a difficult thing. , Or don’t let me participate, right? I’m just behind the battle, waving the flag and shouting for everyone.

Li Xuelang breathed a sigh of relief, her tight face loosened slightly, and she nodded gently. Secretly said in his heart, fortunately, this guy is interesting.

Seeing that Li Xuewang didn’t force herself to go into battle, Luo Qian’s affection for her greatly increased, and he patted Du Ning’s shoulder with satisfaction: “Du Shao, you wife, you just want it!” Du Ning’s frustrated: “The eight-character return Nothing…” Luo Qian said: “What are you waiting for, don’t hurry up. See you, the position next to Li Xuegang is empty. This is a great opportunity to fight alongside her!”

Li Xuelang himself stood in the southwest position, and the three auxiliary positions beside him were indeed empty. Of the three auxiliary positions, two were reserved for the two uncles, but the remaining one made her commit a difficult task. Everyone is from the same school ~ ~ usually practice together, and understand each other’s strengths. Among these fellow sects that I have brought, those who can stand in this position are really hard to choose.

Du Nengding whispered: “I’m stupid, that’s the three auxiliary positions, damn, the entire southwest position, the attacks that other disciples can’t bear, will eventually converge to the front and the three auxiliary positions. Come on, I’ll go up, isn’t that looking for death! Although the wife is good, life is important!”

Luo Qian shook his head: “It seems that you haven’t reached the highest level of lustful ghosts. I have to teach you a lesson. Come here, I will tell you in detail, it is said that you die under the peony flower. , It’s also romantic to be a ghost; it’s better to be romantic than nasty…” He babbled nonsense, and unknowingly brought Du Nengren to Li Xuelang’s side, and suddenly pushed Du Nengten out: “Fairy Li, you are It’s not that I’m having a headache for the last auxiliary position, Du Shao volunteered and is willing to share the worries for you.”

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