Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 16: Strangulation (Part 1)

There were a lot of male disciples secretly thinking of Li Xuefang’s ideas. Everyone knew that this was a good opportunity to get close to Fairy Li, but after weighing his own weight, no one dared to stand up.

Li Xuefang couldn’t help but his eyes lit up. It was not that she hadn’t considered Du Nengdeng, but Du Shao was the son of the boss. In case she asked him to stand on the auxiliary position, what happened, how could she explain to the boss? Now, he himself asked for it, it was completely different with so many colleagues watching.

“Unexpectedly, Senior Brother Du has such a responsibility! Okay, just stand behind me.” Three auxiliary positions form an equilateral triangle to surround the center of the array, two in the front and one in the back. Relatively speaking, the latter auxiliary position receives the least impact.

Du Ning was shocked. He didn’t expect Luo Qian to come to this hand. He turned his head and glared at him, but when he heard Li Xuegang’s words, he couldn’t help but get angry: What is “unexpected” I have such a responsibility, am I a coward? ! Du Nengding never thought that he would be such an image in Li Xuegang’s mind.

If a man is looked down upon by a woman he likes, it is definitely a blow to the world. Du Ning’s blood is on his head, and he can no longer argue with Luo Qian. He glared at Li Xuegang and said: “Okay! I will stand there.” Here.” Li Xuelang also realized that she had made a mistake, and her pretty face blushed. She had a frosty face and suddenly flew into a blush, suddenly giving people the same charm. The angry Du Ning did not see it, but Luo Qian saw it. She couldn’t help but shook her head, and said inwardly: It seems Du Shao The girl she was looking at was cold and cold on the surface, but in her heart, Hu Mei was tight!

He grabbed a handful of Yaoshui Dansai from his arms and gave it to Du Ceng, whispering: “Beauty is precious, but the price of a small life is higher. You can relax a little bit, don’t go up there because of impulse, these are ten Yaoshui. Dan, remember, at the critical moment, give the person in front of you one, and she will remember your good.”

Du Chengcheng took the Yaoshui Pill and gave Luo Qian a fierce look. Luo Qian smiled and retreated consciously. After hiding in the formation, Luo Qian shook his sleeves and fanned: Du Ningcheng, this kid has hooked up with Li Xuegang, will he never involve himself in the “Thirty-Five Development Plan”, right? *, I really don’t know if this kid has burned his brain through playing games, he can come up with such an idea.

“You fellows, the octagonal heavenly formation is complete, please return to your position, Susu, and I will wait together to trap this evildoer!” Zuo Lingchuan called out loudly, and the masters who had besieged Qingguang together shook their shots with one hand. The magic weapon Xianshu quickly fell into the position reserved by this faction.

Qing Guang suddenly got rid of the restraints, and made two rounds in the Bafang Heavenly Formation, seemingly uncomfortable. After a while, there was a piercing scream, which turned into a blue light and went straight to the north.

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In each of the eight positions, a thick beam of light rises. On the ground, the formations are shining, and the rays of light follow the strange lines and inject into a large net, and a piece of fine light rises into the air, the large net. Among the eight beams of light, Qingguang hit the golden net with one head, and the soft golden net easily resolved its impact. Qingguang rushed out several tens of meters, but was still pulled back.

There was another scream, Qingguang didn’t give up, and chose a direction to break through, but the Bafang Heavenly Formation was extremely strong, and despite its tyrannical strength, it was still unable to break through the formation. Qingguang became impatient, and the screaming became more and more stern and dense. Luo Qian stood behind the formation, his ears were really buzzing with the screaming sound, and his fingers were numb. He couldn’t help but stepped back and cursed secretly: This **** Jiexian physique, he will be You really have to practice hard, otherwise you may be injured by watching the battle, and how can you make a fortune in the future.

Just as he was thinking about it, the blue light in the formation suddenly paused, and then gave up this futile effort and turned to attack one of the beams of light.

The people in the Bafang Heavenly Formation change color together: The Bafang Heavenly Formation is not a secret in the immortal world. Almost all the schools have practiced this kind of formation, so everyone understands that the weakness of the Heavenly Formation does not lie in the seemingly fragile golden nets. It lies in these seemingly solid beams of light.

Although the golden net is as slender as hair, but there are so many, even if it is a powerful enemy, it is impossible to break free. But there are only eight beams of light, not to trap the enemy, but to fix the golden net. Although these eight beams of light are already very strong compared to ordinary immortal formations, the evil spirits were able to find the weakness of the formation in such a short period of time, which surprised everyone. The evil spirits were extremely intelligent and very difficult to deal with. !

A single attack on a certain beam of light will cause great pressure on the sect that supports this beam of light, but this is the shortcoming of this formation: it is impossible to rescue each other. Most of these immortal formations with fixed positions are like this, once they stand in position, they can no longer move.

The evildoer is much smarter than everyone thinks. It has seen through the weaknesses of the formation, and did not blindly attack a certain beam of light. Instead, it wandered around the formation, and every beam of light was blasted. One note, in the end, it found the weakest position: the southwest corner.

Although there were more than sixty people in Yuanyuantang, and two uncles, after all, they were mainly young disciples, and there was no way to compare their strength with the other seven martial arts. After a try, the evildoer found out. The weakness of the formation.

“Puff puff puff…” A series of cyan fireballs hit the beam of light one after another, the blue flame exploded and the light on the beam of light peeled off layer by layer, and Li Xuewei shouted: “Everyone hold on!” The disciples in the formation pinched the magic tricks. Spirit power poured into the feet, golden light flowed into the beam of light, and the beam of light that had just “wasted” once again returned to its original state.

In the blue light, suddenly opened a pair of black and red eyes, staring coldly at the people in the distant hall. If Li Xueyan’s icy eyes were as cold as ice and snow, then his eyes were as cold as Jiuyou Yinfeng! There is no breath of life at all, and no acquaintance is watching a group of lives. In these eyes, everything in front of me is just blocking. As for whether it is a mountain, a big river, or a group of immortals, it makes no difference.

The people in Yuanyuantang have no projection in these eyes.

“Hey–” Qingguang suddenly opened a huge fangs, and a huge blue-red fireball spurted out. As soon as the fireball came out, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose by more than ten degrees, even Luo Qian, who was a few kilometers away, I felt a heat wave rushing toward my face, and the air became swaying like water waves because of the sudden cold and hot.

“Be careful!” Excited voices all around reminded the people in the distant hall. How could the people in the remote hall facing the fireball not know the danger of this attack? Li Xuelang and the two uncles yelled in unison, puffing up the immortal energy of the whole body into the formation, keeping the beam of light anyway.

The bluish-red fireball flashed and did not enter the beam of light. Li Xuegang’s secret thoughts were not good. Before she could react, a powerful and unmatched force in the beam of light surged through the formation and directly affected The body of the people in Yuanyuan Hall.

Li Xuelang, who was in the position of the front eye, had withstood the largest part of the attack force, shaking her whole body and stepping back. As soon as she left the main position, the whole formation shook for a while, and the beam of light was shaky, and it seemed that she could not hold on to it.

The people in the three auxiliary positions were also uncomfortable. The disciples behind them shook as if they were drunk.

Du Chengcheng felt that he was hit hard by a steel hammer that was bigger than his own body. With a muffled sound, the blood worm came out of his nostril. He had already contained a Yaoshui Pill in his mouth, and at this moment, he swallowed it quickly, and then slipped another one into his mouth, prepared for trouble.

As soon as he raised his head, the formation was shaken, and Li Xuelang had left his position!

As soon as the formation was scattered, their position was the direction of the enchantment’s breakthrough. With the enchantment’s strength, none of the Yuanyuantang elites brought out this time would be able to go back alive! Du Ning was shocked. At this moment, he couldn’t care about the many men hindering women’s defense. He stretched out his big hand, stroked Li Xuelang’s back, and pushed her forward.

The formation was stabilized, and the formation was stabilized again, and the people of other schools around finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Xuewei’s cheeks are pink, but not because of shame, but because of a serious internal injury. At this critical juncture, she didn’t even have time to think about who was behind her back.

“Hey–” The evildoer opened his mouth once, and the cyan fangs lined up from the lips to the throat like shark teeth. It opened the mouth as much as possible, and then the group was bigger than before. A huge green-red fireball spit out.

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“Boom!” There is no fancy, it is a bombardment of real strength. The special attack method of UU Reading forces the people of Yuanyuantang to be unable to compete with it, and can only stand still and let it continue. Bombardment, and they can only defend.

“Puff!” There was a **** flower around the eyes—not Li Xuerong, but Du Chengxing.

Du Ning’s hand hadn’t left Li Xuegang’s back, the powerful force followed his hand and rushed from Li Xuegang’s body into his body. With Du Ning’s share, Li Xuegang this time, On the contrary, it was not as bad as the last time, but Du Ningxing was different. He squirted a mouthful of blood, and he didn’t even know where the Yaoshui Dan was sprayed. Du Ningjun, who was full of air currents, quickly grabbed two Yaoshui pills and swallowed them, barely suppressing his injuries. But the breath in the body was still unstable. The power that rushed into the body, there was a faint hot breath, burning his immortal energy, Du Ning’s feet were soft, his heart was stunned, and he quickly grabbed another Yaoshui pill. Go down.

The effect of the Yaoshui Pill was not very strong. Du Ningxing saw the evildoer and was still preparing for the third green fire bombardment. After thinking about it, he stuffed three Yaoshui Pills in his mouth.

(Secondly, in the enrollment of chanting circle…)

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