Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 16: Strangulation (Part 2)


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Swallow it!

The Yaoshui Dan, like a throat, turned into a piece of coolness, suppressing the fiery fire from his arm. He did not remove his hand, although he wanted to do so. But Li Xuegang is in danger. If she removes this hand and doesn’t help her share some of it, she may not be able to hold on to one bombardment. She still has Yaoshui Pill to support, but she has nothing.

When Du Chengxing stuffed the last two Yaoshui pills into his mouth, the evildoer was ready for an attack. Three groups of blue-red flames protruded in a row. Obviously, the evildoers also consumed a lot of true energy. The fourth group of flames had become the same size as the first group.

Seeing the flame, Du Chengqing felt confident: This must be the last blow of the evildoer. As long as he persists in the past, the evildoer will be killed by the immortals!

However, the people in Yuanyuantang were even more unhelpful. If Du Ning looked back at his staggering and squirting colleagues, he would not be so optimistic.

“Bang!” In the last round of attacks, the power of the explosion struck, and under the fiery firepower, Li Xuegang, who was in the front of the eye, couldn’t hold on anymore. For a while, Du Ning’s palm felt Li Xuegang’s body. Suddenly, she was hit hard by the enchanting firepower. Then, her body weakened and fell down.

A burst of firepower came from Du Ning’s palm, and there was confusion in his body, and he fell together with Li Xuegang…

Li Xuewang watched Du Ning Cheng push the Jinshan down Yuzhu and pressed him towards him, screaming in fright, but at this moment, the formation was broken and the evildoer emerged from the trap. The scene was chaotic, screaming and roaring. The shouts and curses were in a mess, and no one noticed her exclaiming.

Du Ningjing held the two Yaoshui pills in his mouth, but never swallowed them. This time the attack was not strong, as long as he swallowed it, he could suppress the fiery power that ran in his body.

But he didn’t.

The fiery power arbitrarily destroyed the meridians in his body, swallowing the immortal power, and Du Ning’s limbs were stiff and could no longer move. With his eyes wide open, he used all his strength to adjust his body to ensure that when he fell, his lips were exactly on Li Xuelang’s cherry lips…

“Hmm…” Li Xuegang couldn’t move, feeling ashamed and angry. Suddenly there was a chill from her lips, and two Yaoshui pills were drawn into her mouth. As soon as the Yaoshui Dan wrapped in Du’s condensed saliva entered her mouth, it immediately slid into her throat, turning into a refreshing breath, and suppressing the prairie fire in her body!

Burst. Zuo Lingzhuan roared: “The evil evildoer is the end of the crossbow, everyone will kill the demon together!” The Zuo family forces took the lead and shot out from the flanks, intercepting the blue light. There is no need for him to shout, all the immortals present are the generation with torch-like eyes, how can they not see this doorway. The seven sects swarmed up, and in an instant, they chased behind Qingguang.

Helplessly, Qingguang had seized the opportunity and fled quickly. It is going to leave, and everyone can’t catch up. After all, the power of the evildoer is far above everyone. Even if it is a series of fierce battles, it has been seriously worn out, but after all, it has not been severely damaged.

Fortunately, it was eager to escape. For the distant crowds lying on the ground, there was no time to kill, a gloomy wind swept over, and Li Xuegang shook all over, and then it reappeared that he could move again! At this time, she realized that she had been kissed by Du Ning on her lips for a while. The consciousness was restored to clarity, and in an instant, a strong man’s breath poured into the nostrils. The two of them were in such close contact, breathing the same mass of air. They drilled out of Du Ning’s nostrils and got into Li Xuelong’s. In the nostrils. An alternative feeling made her feel confused.

At the entrance of the Yao Shui Dan, she knew that Du Ning was not deliberately frivolous. Seeing that he would rather sacrifice himself or save himself, Li Xuegang was deeply moved. Li Xuelang, who had never been in such close contact with a man, opened his eyes wide, and watched Du Ning’s stiff body. The alarm clock was in chaos and he forgot to push him away.

Looking at Li Xueyan, Du Chengxing had never thought that the figure of the ice and snow girl was so hot! Although the body was out of control, the feeling in the whole body became more acute: a fire in the chest, two fires in the chest! Du Ningjing couldn’t help but snorted. The two soft flames were not as powerful as the fire poison in the body. They trembled. Du Ningzhen felt that his blood, which was originally not very stable, was surging. trend!

But this girl seemed to be frightened stupidly. Looking at herself so motionlessly, she shuddered just now, and she should be able to act. Although Du Chengxing was obsessed with the two soft flames, he didn’t want to kill himself because of this. He struggled and barely made a sound. He originally wanted to say “Save me”, but the words turned into a moan. But it was enough. This moan was like a thunderstorm in the winter in Li Xuelang’s ears. Li Xuelang shook his whole body and lifted Du Ning Cheng off.

Zuo Lingzhuan saw that everyone couldn’t catch up with the evildoer. They released their “great wind and snow sword” and pierced the sky to the blue light. Today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you don’t destroy this evildoer, the opportunity is lost, and you want to find it. It’s harder than reaching the sky!

The Gale Snow Sword is Zuo Ling’s natal fairy weapon. It was tempered by him with his essence and blood for hundreds of years. When the servant released it, it suddenly caused a change in the world. The goose feathers fell from the sky, and a cold light pierced the evildoer. Although the evildoer is already At the end of the crossbow, facing these powerful immortal weapons, they were not afraid. In the cold black and red eyes, two black and red lightning shot out, and the electric snake’s “swish” entangled the cold light. The two phases ripped apart. Zuo Lingchuan pointed his hands in parallel, manipulating the flying sword from a distance, but he was unable to continue chasing.

Zuo Lingzhuan entangled the evildoer, and other people looked at it and released their own magic weapons. For a time, the light was brilliant, and no less than three hundred various kinds of fairy artifacts blasted the evildoer’s body together in the chaos.

The explosion sounded like a machine gun, and the brilliance of the attack flashed one by one, mixing together and could not distinguish you from me. Hundreds of immortal artifacts work together, and even if they don’t work together, their power can be described as “destroying the world”. That evildoer is not the immortal body of Da Luo Jinxian, how can he withstand it?

Amidst the patches of light, a hazy blue light flew up, and the body of the evildoer had been hit to pieces, and a complete piece could not be found.

Zuo Ling’s Gale Snow Sword disappeared, and fell into the air. Sen Leng Hanguang happened to cut off most of that blue hazy light, and shouted at the same time: “Be careful, everyone, don’t let the enchanting Yuan Po escape! “

The evil spirit only has less than one-third of the original soul. Although its strength is weak, the speed has accelerated because of the lack of the fetters of the body. Everyone still wants to replicate the victory just now, but the evil spirit is so fast. Even those fairy artifacts can’t catch up.

After the evildoer spit out the blue-red flame, Luo Qian quietly found a mountain col to hide. This level of battle is not something you can participate in. Don’t even think about friendship and cameo.

At this moment, he heard Li Xuelang’s voice: “Mr. Luo, Ning is seriously injured, do you still have a pill?” Du Ning is his own brother. Although Luo Qian is afraid of death, he still understands that a friend has both sides. The moral and righteousness of inserting the knife bit the bullet and rushed out, holding the Yaoshui Dan in his hand: “Also…”

Before he shouted out, a blue light flashed on his face. Luo Qian looked regretfully at Du Ning in the distance. The boy was lying in the arms of the off-student and had already got his wish. But what about myself…

Goose all day long, there will always be time to be pecked; often walking by the river, how can you not wet your shoes; three-year-old children can occasionally collapse the mother; the earthen jar is broken by the well, and the general will inevitably forget it; Luo Qian regrets that the good swimmers drown in the water and do business all day, and there will always be a day of losing money-only this time, the loss is too large, and his war wealth has not been released, so he was swallowed by war beasts. have eaten.

“Bang!” After being hit, Luo Qian flew up lightly, and the evil spirit Yuanpao was heavily planted, and then the Zuo Lingchuan Gale Snow Sword who rushed over swung a cloud of snow and wind around the evil spirit Yuanpao. , Strangle it completely!

The poison of the jade fire in the enchanting soul was injected into Luo Qian’s body. Luo Qian’s thoughts turned a few times, his chest was blocked, and his consciousness plunged into darkness…

Zuo Lingchuan finally slashed the bad family feud under the sword. Looking back, the Zuo family disciple was miserable and haggard. The disciples supported each other, with scars on their faces, hands, and bodies, and their clothes in embarrassment. The joy of the revenge was not the slightest, but a feeling of sorrow was poured into his mind. He couldn’t help laughing up to the sky with a sad voice!

Du Ningjing watched Luo Qian being knocked into the air. He knew exactly what Luo Qian was. He knew that Luo Qian couldn’t stand the fire poison of the evil spirit Yuan Po at all. His helplessness was reflected in his inability to speak, his body, and his double stare. But there is no way.

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Li Xuelang hugged him quickly, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com ran to Luo Qian’s side, found five Yaoshui Pills in the grass that had already become, and hurriedly fed Du Chengxing. After a long while, Du Nengming finally moved his hands and feet. For a while, he felt sad, pounced on Luo Qian, and cried: “Lao Luo, Lao Luo, wake up, it’s all my fault, it’s all my harm. For you, Lao Luo, Lao Luo…”

Du Ning held Luo Qian’s corpse, crying into darkness, but unexpectedly a light in his hand, the white light dazzled in front of him, Luo Qian’s corpse was wrapped in the jade-like white light, soaring to the sky, as fast as lightning, in the blink of an eye The trail is gone!

“Yu Yutai Zheng Daoguang is here. Where does the evildoer dare to disturb the immortal world!” A splendid celestial armour shines in the east. A group of Yutai immortal officials who are responsible for the public security of the immortal world are just like the police in the lower world. Arrived.

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