Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 17: Fairy watching **** (Part 1)

“Bang”, Luo Qian opened his mouth, *, why does it hurt so much! I woke up in a daze, found a sharp pain all over my body, and touched it, all of which were in contact with the ground. Luo Qian woke up to a very small truth: it turned out to be a fall!

That’s right, falling in front of Fushan Cave Mansion from a height of several hundred meters, even if he is an immortal body, it will still hurt.

Luo Qian struggled to get up, and suddenly he was taken aback: Am I not dead? It is not clear why, after Luo Qian was reborn, he had such a trace of regret! He clearly remembered the feeling of the moment before he died. That feeling was not the fear he had always expected, but the relief.

Struggling to survive in the immortal world alone, Luo Qian’s joking appearance hides his fearful heart. He didn’t want to be under the fence, and when he came out of the gang, he told himself that he should not live too badly and be looked down upon by the gang’s family. Every time he is in the lower realm, he is afraid, if he is discovered by the imperial prisoner that time, he will be forever!

It’s just the misery in this heart, but there is nowhere to talk to others. Occasionally the night is faint, standing at the entrance of the cave, looking at the vast night sky of the fairy world, Luo Qian will quietly think of his life in the human world, Luo Qian, who is immersed in memories, is the happiest, as if he has returned to her. But every time he woke up, he would burst into tears.

Death may really be a relief!

Luo Qian sat down on the boulder in front of the cave and smiled bitterly: “Why are I so bitter?”

“Lao Luo…” Du Nengding chased the white light all the way, halfway through, the white light disappeared. He saw that the direction of the white light was coming from Fushan Cave Mansion, and he also flew towards the cave mansion, one step late.

Luo Qian waved his hand: “I’m here, you kid, you still have a conscience. There is no Li Xuegang who only cares about your house.” Du Ning fell to the ground, his face pale and panting: “You are fine… “As he said, his legs softened and fell to the ground with a “plop”.

Luo Qian was shocked: “Du Shao, Du Shao!” Du Ning Cheng’s body was poisoned by the enchanting jade fire. Although Yao Shui Pill temporarily suppressed its toxicity, Yao Shui Pill was not a drug for detoxification after all. After arriving at Luo Qian, his thoughts were finally let go, unable to hold on anymore, and fainted.

Luo Qian rushed to Ningyao Mountain in his arms in his arms, and Li Xuegang and the others also came back. In this battle, Yuan Yuantang resisted the evil spirit’s life and made great contributions, and Yuan Yuantang became famous. Du Zhongping was joyful in his heart, and all his disciples were rewarded. And he personally found his eldest brother, Dan Dao master Du Boan, to treat everyone. Du Ning’s injury was serious, but the uncle’s action was naturally not a problem.

Luo Qian’s bamboo basket was empty, but the war fortune was not paid, and he was killed. He still doesn’t understand how he survived. It seems that there has never been a rumor that Jie Xian has come back from the dead. Luo Qian didn’t want to fall down. After thinking about it, the enchanting calamity this time, the doubt is not even a little bit…

Du Chengcheng was seriously injured and was recuperating on Ningyao Mountain; Luo Qian was “scared” and recuperating in the cave. There are a large number of women waiting in line at Du Ning’s door, and from time to time there is a wonderful person Li Xuegang visiting; Luo Qian has a large number of rice cookers who need him to personally take care of alchemy, and from time to time some customers come to visit.

Luo Qian not only looked up to the sky and sighed: “The gap between being a fairy can be so huge!”

“Brother Luo, Brother Luo?” Ling Xiaose was the only one in such a timid voice.

Ling Xiaose is now his first client…The middleman, Luo Qian naturally wants to take care of him enthusiastically, and he greets him with a smile: “Yo, Brother Ling, you haven’t been here for a while, why, did you treat me the last time? Are you dissatisfied with the goods?” Ling Xiaose’s face blushed, and he said quickly: “No, no, that, I’m very satisfied. This time, there is another thing to trouble Brother Luo.”

Luo Qian nodded: “What’s your relationship with me, don’t be polite to me, just speak if you have any difficulties.” Ling Xiaose’s face was red again: “This, that…” He hesitated for a long time, but didn’t say anything. come out. Luo Qian had a knot with his nerdy man. He couldn’t make a fart with three strokes. He snapped Ling Xiaose: “What the hell?” Ling Xiaose was startled by him, and finally said with a wry smile: “Yes. My cousin.”

“My cousin, but the baby of our two families has lumps, and several elderly people are in terrible pain. Therefore, no one dares to provoke her. She is daring. Wherever she goes, chickens and dogs jump, chickens and dogs are restless…”

“Wait, Ling Shao, are you sure you are introducing your cousin?”

Ling Xiaose nodded solemnly: “She herself is absolutely inferior, so Brother Luo, I’m really sorry about this matter!”

Luo Qian mumbled: “Your cousin, why are you sorry to me.” Luo Qian’s heart moved: Didn’t this kid want to introduce me to my cousin? He pondered it to himself, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized it was possible. Such a demon cousin disturbed the family. But the old people liked it and couldn’t fight or scold him. What should I do? Naturally drove her away. If you find someone and marry her, you can just “drive her away”, even if the old people love her, there is no way to stop this kind of thing.

Such a cousin, probably in the ears of acquaintances, has long been known as “famous.” None of those people would dare to marry her. Of course, they should find someone they don’t know well. Luo Qian gave Ling Xiaose a peek: only That way, you will feel ashamed of me…

“This cousin didn’t like me, and felt I was too bored. Unexpectedly, five days ago, she suddenly ran into my room…” Ling Xiaose stopped here, and couldn’t continue.

Luo Qian frowned: “Then what?” “I, I…” Ling Xiaose hesitated: “I was watching a movie…”

“Puff!” Luo Qian sprayed a sip of tea into Ling Xiaose’s body. Fortunately, Ling Xiaose had already anticipated that Luo Qian would react like this, and he had no more barriers in front of him.

What other movies can Ling Xiaose watch? It was awkward to be hit by a girl unexpectedly!

“How did you make it so that you don’t even close the door when you watch the movie? If I were to build a dozen barriers around me!” Luo Qian shouted. Ling Xiaose said with a bitter face: “Do you think I’m really that stupid? I can’t fit the three levels of enchantment and inserted the door… But, but, my cousin is the number one master of the two younger generations. At the top level of the fifth-order immortal, I am afraid that it will break through the sixth-order soon…”

This is no wonder, Ling Xiaose has just entered the third rank, how can his enchantment block the fifth rank high-grade immortal? What’s more, at that time, he must be “full attention”, even if there was a slight movement, he would not notice it.

Luo Qian gave him a weird look, and asked, “You, didn’t you do anything indecent at the time?” He said and looked at Ling Xiaose’s left hand.

Ling Xiaose’s face blushed, and he shook his head quickly and said, “Fortunately not.”

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Luo Qian chuckled, “What then?” Ling Xiaose’s face became even more red: “I was caught by her and gave a severe lesson…” He said, rolling up his sleeves and trouser legs: “Look. “Bruise. Can leave a bruise on the immortal body, that one can not only be done with strength, but also with some skills. Luo Qian nodded, he was indeed a fifth-order immortal.

“…Then,” Ling Xiaose lowered his head and continued: “Then she drove me out and watched all my movies by herself…”

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“Puff!” Luo Qian’s second sip of water was sprayed on Ling Xiaose’s head without warning, and the poor Young Master Ling became a rookie on the spot.

“You say it again, I just experienced some incredible things, maybe the ears don’t match this body a little bit.”

“You heard that right.” Ling Xiaose said: “She, she asked me to help her guard the door outside and watch pornographic movies on the inside.” Luo Qian stared at him in a daze, suddenly had an urge to get to know Ling Xiaose. The family, this family is so powerful, from the otaku to the fierce woman, everything is rich and productive!

It’s not scary for women to watch pornography, but for fairies, it’s a bit creepy.

“Sorry!” Ling Xiaose stood up and paid a respectful bow to Luo Qian. Luo Qian waved his hand. Your woman is terrifying. What does it have to do with me? What apologizes to me? Now he is affirmed that the guess just now is completely self-sufficient. Ling Xiaose is definitely not here to show his cousin. Red line.


Luo Qian’s heart suddenly moved: Ling Xiaose doesn’t need to go so far, tell himself the scandals of their family? So what is his purpose? Luo Gan suddenly became alert.

“What do you apologize to me? Really, hehe…” Luo Qian laughed dryly, and a strong premonition suddenly appeared in his heart.

Ling Xiaose bit his head and said: “Brother Luo, I don’t want to betray you, but the cousin’s methods are terrifying, and I and I can’t force me to submit to the enemy.” Luo Qian was shocked: “You, you have recruited me. It?!” Ling Xiaose nodded helplessly. “How much did you say?” Luo Qianqiang calmly asked. “All said.” “All said?” “All said.”

Luo Qian hurriedly began to pack things. Ling Xiaose watched him go in and out, busying himself, and asked strangely: “Brother Luo, what are you doing?” “Moving. If you don’t move, why wait for your sturdy cousin, Baqin. The arrested person is here?”

Ling Xiaose smiled heartily: “You don’t have to worry about this, Brother Luo, I promise she will never say it.” Luo Qian refused to trust him: “What guarantee is yours, you yourself have been severely taught by others. pause.”

Ling Xiaose said: “This is why I want to apologize to you. My cousin is very interested in your business. She wants to join your business. She is out now…”

(Thank you, thank you, tickets are here!)

(Call in, call in, call in again!)

(…Can you do it again?)

(The last trick…)

(My words this time it’s not a ticket…)

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