Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 2: Small business (below)

The items in the human world are “cheesy”. The bigger the item, the more tacky. The Qin Jie has a special immortal device to monitor the entire nine realms of the immortal realm. As soon as the tackiness of the human realm appears, it will be noticed immediately. It’s okay for Luo Qian to take a little bit of celestial spirit on his body and cover up small things such as computers and CDs. If he flies to the fairy world with a large man like a massage chair, he will be immediately arrested by the imperial imprison and brought to justice. Dharma.

Universe bag? If Luo Qian has such an advanced baby, would he still need to smuggle it?

The Qiankun Bag is a treasure in the immortal realm, even if it is the chief official in charge of the nine realms of the immortal realm, there are not many of those first-grade immortal officials.

But this little thing is naturally hard to come by the Tier 1 immortal Luo Qian who aspires to become the number one smuggling predator in the fairy world, he has already thought of a way. Looking at the battery on the charger, it will take an hour to charge. He opened the door and rushed to the supermarket.

“Hey, hello!” As soon as I left the house, I met an auntie. Her old arms and legs were like lightning, and she was able to grab Luo Qian who is an immortal: “Pay the electricity bill!” Luo Qian kept looking at the number of his electric meter. Jumping up, he said viciously: “It seems that the charging standard for charging items is going to be increased!”

After giving the aunt a few hundred dollars, Luo Qian quickly got away. Smuggling also pays attention to efficiency. Every time he lowers the bounds and eliminates the time spent on the road, he uses the time to charge the battery to buy goods. This time, he has already lost a lot of time with the fat woman. Don’t hurry up, before the battery is fully charged. Can’t come back. It is dangerous to stay one more minute. Luo Qian knows the terrible of the imprisoned prisoner-in fact, as far as his current level is concerned, he can see the “red name” on the other’s head when he pulls out a creature in the fairy world.

Not far from his human base, there is a large supermarket. Luo Qian walked around in the supermarket and easily found a massage chair in the electrical department.

“Can you try to sit down?” Seeing the salesperson’s strange eyes, he quickly explained: “Oh, I bought it for my parents.” The young lady immediately put on a warm smile: “Welcome, welcome, you can give it a try It’s very comfortable.” Luo Qian sat up, but always felt very awkward, not because of the chair, but because of the words of the saleswoman, how did he feel as if he was receiving pornographic services. He glanced at the saleswoman and almost didn’t vomit it out, deeply regretting that he had such an evil thought!

After trying some chairs, Luo Qian chose one of them with moderate price and performance-it’s not that he can’t afford expensive ones. Those who do business must understand that the product needs to be updated, otherwise how to do it? Money is rolling in. Everyone buys one of your products and the market is saturated.

The same goes for smuggling. Luo Qian first buys ordinary ones, and then gradually upgrades the grade.

“How much is this?…Well, can it be cheaper?…No? Can’t bargain, why can’t bargain?… Supermarket? Supermarkets can’t bargain. There is a brand where people can’t bargain. It’s clearly stated that you refuse to bargain and do not open your mouth. Why can’t you bargain if you didn’t write it?…Clearly mark the price? I don’t accept your bid price and can’t discuss it yet?…”

In the end, the sales lady decided to declare to her boss that the brand’s massage chairs will be sold immediately…

Luo Qian picked up his massage chair contentedly, and the sales lady opened her mouth in surprise. It was not a folding chair on the beach.

Luo Qian carried the huge massage chair all the way back to his stronghold. The aunt who had forgotten to collect the water fee just now swallowed and spit, thinking that the money could be slowed down, not in a hurry.

Holding the massage chair in one hand and using the key to open the door, Luo Qian turned out an intricate toolbox from a cabinet, screwdrivers and pliers all went into battle, and finally dismantled the massage chair before the battery was fully charged. , This is his plan, took it apart several times.

With dozens of batteries and some scattered massage chair parts, Luo Qian wrapped a bag with his suit in the fairy world, carried it on his back, and was about to go back.

In recent years, there have been many people who have soared. Fairyland’s commoner workshops have also introduced Xianjie suits in due course, which are quite popular. When Luo Qian used to join the club, he was envious of some of the “big brothers” in the club, black suits and black sunglasses, but there was no money to buy at that time. When he arrived in the fairy world, he immediately got himself whole.

This set of suits imitating the world-famous Armani is produced by the famous garment workshop “Yuanyifang” in the fairy world. The backstage boss of Yuanyifang is the Yuanyuantang of Du Ning’s father.

The model of the suit was smuggled up by Luo Qian from the human world. The two had a good cooperative relationship. Luo Qian did not collect money for an unprecedented time, but ordered four blacks, three blues and seven sets of clothes. The unified retail price of each set in Xianjiede is 700 standard **** coins.

He took a sharp breath and squeezed into his body, “bang”, a sound burst in the air, the air sank inward, and Luo Qian had disappeared.

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At the same time, somewhere in the fairy world, a fairy fell off his head and feet. With a cry of exclamation, Luo Qian hurriedly used the imperfect first-order fairy technique “Volley Zong”, stabilized his body, recognized the direction, and flew to his own Fushan cave mansion.

Although Fushan is a shanty town in Xianjie, even if it is a dilapidated mountain, the spirit of the fairy is more abundant than that of the fourth-order fairy, so the vulgar objects that Luo Qian has in the company’s warehouse will not be discovered.

Opening his own Dongfu, Luo Qian put the things into the storeroom all at once, and then sat in front of his desk, preparing to make a “message” to notify his customers to come and receive the goods. Sitting in front of the table, he patted his head: “*, forgot to buy a computer…”

The old computer is definitely not enough. The battery is like that. I guess this computer is not much better. When doing business, customer information is the lifeblood. Luo Qian doesn’t want the computer to suddenly crash one day, and all the customer information he worked so hard to collect will disappear.

After engraving the message talisman, slapped the fairy spirit in, and the message talisman automatically flew towards the target. Luo Qian sat down in the cave and continued to make the messenger. It may not be necessary now, but after he has assembled the massage chair, he is ready to make a big deal: auction. At that time, notify all of your buyers, whoever you like can bid. This is the first massage chair in the fairy world!

After sending the message to Fu Qianli, it didn’t take long for Ling Xiaose and Du Ningjing to come one after another. They took the things and settled the balance. Luo Qian packed up everything, and ran a few more times to bring the other parts of the massage chair. .

“Bang!” There was a muffled sound in the air, and Luo Qian came back again. This is the last time. All the parts have been moved up, and the rest is assembly. Looking around, there was a white mist in all directions, even with the eyes of an immortal, he couldn’t see it through. Luo Qian is not worried, the immortal world is changing a lot, and there are so many puzzles. He drew out a celestial spirit casually, chanted a spell silently, and said: “Fine!” The celestial spirit condensed into the shape of a wooden stick. He turned twice in front of him, but failed to point out a direction.

Luo Qian was taken aback: Although his path-discrimination technique was only a first-order immortal technique, he used to try Bailing, and it was easy to find a way out of the puzzle. What happened today? He tried again, chanting the spell, casting the magic, and still couldn’t find the way out.

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Luo Qian screamed: “No way! My human world is unrestrained and unrestrained. I have to make me immortal. I become immortal and become the most useless robbery immortal. I finally made a small business. UU Reading www.uukahnshu .com fell into the dead before it became well-off! God, are you playing with me!”

As he yelled for a while, a cloud of brilliance suddenly appeared in the white fog. The brilliance swallowed Luo Qian from the outside to the inside like a trap. He was blinded in front of him and unconsciously passed out. A burly old man walked out of the fog, looked at Luo Qian on the ground, sighed, and said kindly: “Child, so you are also Jiexian.”

He thought for a moment, stretched out his hand to carry it on his back, and then shot out a celestial spirit, which condensed into a purple dragon pattern in the air. The dragon mouth opened and his tongue spit out in one direction, pointing out the direction for the old man. If there are other immortals here, I will be surprised, because the old man’s understatement is actually the “dragon guide” of the 9th-order immortal technique, and at least the cultivation base of the 9th-order immortal can be displayed! The old man showed it so easily, his strength can only be described in one word: unfathomable!

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