Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 2: Small business (on)

“Pump!” Luo Qian cursed angrily in the icy pool water: “Damn, the suit of the seven hundred standard fairy jade is over!”

“Mom, why does that uncle take a bath in the fountain?” A cute little girl took her mother’s hand and pointed to Luo Qian, who was standing in the fountain in the street square. People flow like weaving, Luo Qian in the winter of the human world!

The reason why Luo Qian can freely enter and exit the fairy world without being discovered is because he has a special skill to steal the fairy world. Luo Qian is a rare unlucky fairy in the immortal world: Jiexian. Jie Xian has a nickname in the immortal world called “Xian Yu Xian”. The reason why he got this nickname is because Jie Xian was very useless for a long time after his ascension. It may not be three hundred years. From the second-order immortal to the third-order immortal.

However, there is one disaster for every five hundred disasters. After the difficulty of the disaster is over, you can “turn over the salted fish”, which is even stronger than the skill of the average fairy who has cultivated for five hundred years! The chance of turning over in five hundred years is not easy, the immortal world is not safe, most Jiexian will disappear before that moment.

Those who enter the Taoist martial arts are Xuanxian, the immortal species with the highest martial talent in the fairy world. Those who enter the Taoist art are the spirit immortals, the immortal species with the highest magic talent in the immortal world. Those who enter the Tao with the ghost body are the soul immortals, and those who enter the Tao with the demon body are the demon.

In addition, there are also the legendary “True Immortals”, whose power is no less than Xuanxian, and spells are no less than Lingxian. It is rare to see in a thousand years!

There are also some rare fairy species, such as Jiexian and Dexian. The reason why Jiexian appeared is not clear, but it is less than true immortal, because Jiexian was almost useless before the 500-year catastrophe, so every Jiexian will get a compensation from God. It may be a life-saving immortal technique, it may be an immortal weapon to defeat the enemy, or it may be a magical cave. Luo Qian’s compensation is this secret technique that can cast into the fairy world without being discovered. It is precisely because of this secret technique that he dared to start the smuggling business with confidence.

As for virtues, they are those who enter the Tao with virtue. People of high moral character can also become immortals. There have been many legends since ancient times, and there are countless stories similar to those who gave themselves and saved others and were taken to heaven by the golden dragon. The realm of Dexian is extremely high, but its combat effectiveness is extremely weak. However, because of its high realm, it is a very prominent fairy species in the fairy world. In the four-level official system of the fairy world, “Hall, Terrace, Court, and Supervisor”, Dexian controls one third Position.

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In City A, a famous electronic mall, Luo Qian, who changed into cheap Youdanu casual clothes, blushed and yelled at the shopkeeper: “This is the latest energy-saving technology you promised? Damn it. I haven’t been able to hold on for hours! I request a return!”

“Return the goods?” The female stall owner who looked like Sister Furong seemed to be looking at the guests visiting the earth from Mars: “You don’t want to inquire, in this business, when did my fat sister return the goods? Look, Take a look!” His ham-shaped fingers snapped a broken paper sign: “The goods are sold and will not be returned! Black and white…”

Luo Qian is a smuggler, not a street bitch. He turned around and walked back and forth around other people’s doorsteps. He stepped on a strange set of steps under his feet, and placed a simple one at the door of Fatty Sister. Waiting for the fairy array: flowing water array. Money is like flowing water, going east and never returning. This is a simple method of dispersing wealth. Although in the immortal world, even the bones in the mouth of the guard dog of the Lingxiao Palace can’t disperse, but in the human world, this is a veritable immortal formation! Good deed, is Xianzhen easy to mess with? Luo Qian sipped fiercely: “Let you sell Laozi’s inferior products! Damn, it’s smuggling, and it’s also reputable. You actually sell fakes…”

Luo Qian left bitterly. Several invisible air currents circled the originally lively shop twice, and then a breeze blew out of the shop door. The customers who were talking about a few big orders suddenly felt that the products were not so good as they watched them, and they got up and left. The fat woman used both hands and feet to block: “That was a misunderstanding just now. That person is a ruffian, who often cheats in the market. We sell him good goods, and he will get a bad one when he goes out. We have to return it. Only I can deal with He is, what I said is true…”

It’s a pity that the fairy formation has already begun to work. Those people are not leaving because of her curse just now, but because they don’t like their goods. The shrew scolded angrily: “It’s all the little gangster making trouble!”

Luo Qian has no time to entangle with fat women. If he stays in the human world for an hour, the danger increases. The imprisoned people are not vegetarians. If they find out, with the level of a first-order immortal, they will not even be able to carry the first Kunlongbeard.

The nine ranks of immortal officials and the nine ranks of immortals, the less the rank, the higher the official, the more the rank, the stronger the immortal. Tier 1 immortals… Basically anyone who can ascend can mix with Tier 1 immortals.

Luo Qian has his own real estate in this city. He doesn’t have an ID card, but what does it matter? Some of the cities in the city are rebuilt houses in urban villages. You can live in them if you pay and get the keys. They have no property rights but are cheap. Luo Qian did not intend to sell, but also saved expenses.

There is nothing in the room, the most eye-catching row of fast chargers. Luo Qian took out large-capacity batteries and inserted them into the array of slave appliances. Then he held his head and put himself on a comfortable recliner beside him. Although Luo Qian is a profiteer, he is not Grande. He pays attention to his taste in life. This recliner is the latest model, soft and comfortable, and the world-renowned concept furniture chain store killed him for three thousand dollars.

Lying on the S-shaped recliner, Luo Qian stretched out comfortably, UU reading www.uukanshu. com lazily muttered to himself: “Life is like this, why be immortal?” Thinking of his experience of becoming immortal, Luo Qian’s good mood was gone, he sat up on the recliner and sighed: “Forget it, I still want to think of something to make money…”

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Luo Qian’s gaze fell on the chair under his ass, and he had an idea: “Why am I so stupid, I didn’t even think of the good things ready-made.”

Furniture—Furniture in the fairy world is beautiful, but when it comes to practicality and comfort, it is far inferior to the human world—people are really lazy animals. The gods also have to practice, even more crazy than the monks. Cultivation requires practice, and even sits for several years. Even the fairy body can’t stand it, wow, the backache has become an occupational disease of the fairy. If there is a massage chair, the fairy world must be perfect in the eyes of the cultivator.

Luo Qian felt that the business was just done, but soon he frowned again, and a very real problem lay before his eyes: he could not move a huge massage chair to the fairy world.

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