Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 3: Linglong Courage (Part 1)

Carrying Luo Qian, the old man walks like flying, walking on the ground in this way, the speed is faster than Luo Qian flying with celestial arts, and without a meal, he has already walked out of the big fog, it turns out that they are in one piece. In the vast mountains, under the mist is a deep valley.

Out of the mist, it happened to reach the valley mouth, where eleven narrow gorges connected to another valley. Weird rocks are hideous, and Yanxia is on the line. There are mountains and cliffs on both sides, the sky and white clouds, passing through the valley, the cold wind swishes, the chill is pressing, the flowers are clustered, the different trees are shaded, the rare birds are alarmed, the birds sing and the insects sing, and it is a scene of immortals. The aura of fairy spirits here is far from comparable to the poor Fushan Cave Mansion of Luoqian. However, Luo Qian was still asleep at the moment, so he was not lucky enough to appreciate such beautiful scenery.

The old man crossed the gorge and entered the connected valley at the back. He casually stamped his palm on a boulder at the mouth of the gorge. The boulder’s aura faded away from the vicissitudes of stone skin and turned into an incomparably beautiful jade seal. At the same time, the clear light on the valley was lingering, the Famen cave opened, and a fairy house cave mansion appeared out of thin air.

A Qingjun immortal, Tayun came from the quiet cave and respectfully said: “The old gentleman knows the “Ask the Road Sign” of this school, and he is naturally an old friend of the family, no need to report, please come in.”

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The old man smiled slightly, ascended the clouds with one step, strode across the sky with two steps, and walked into the high cave mansion between his legs. “You are of the Mu character generation? What’s your name?” “Mu Yue. Have you seen my brother Mu Yang before?” The old man chuckled, “The disciples accepted by the old ghost doctor are smarter than the other, and it hurts. My old man is a little jealous.”

Mu Yue glanced at Luo Qian on the old man’s back, and said, “In this way, this Xiongtai is not the old man’s lover. The younger generation thinks that the old man is seeking medical treatment for his lover.”

Between the two people’s question and answer, they have already walked before a long corridor. The green moso bamboo is chopped and used as pillars, and the dry thatch is pressed into mud as a shed. Pave the floor with blue bricks and carved stones for chess. In an octagonal pavilion, one old and one young sit and play against each other. The old man’s figure is ethereal and faint, sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai, stroking his long beard.

The young fairy opposite the old man did not have this leisurely and contented look. He stared at the chessboard with his brows furrowed, a white jade chess piece in his hand, and a ball of colorful light in his palm. The light flowed, and the white jade chess piece jumped past, the chess piece turned into a piece of white ash and scattered. The old man laughed: “Yang’er, you have lost again. You should wash the medicine robe of the teacher by the way, hahaha…”

The old man carrying Luo Qian was walking along the corridor, and he smiled and asked, “Mu Yue, your old and disrespectful master still likes to bet with you?” Mu Yue smiled: “Master is an old man, he doesn’t gamble for a day. My heart is blocked.”

The old man in the chess pavilion swept away, and a black chess piece flew out. Mu Yue saw only a black light coming. She deliberately dodged but was unable to do anything. Seeing the black light and the body, he knew the temper of his master, although black light could not It hurts me, but I can’t speak for a long time.

Suddenly stretched out a hand next to him, pinched **** and pinched the black light easily, and the old man carrying Luo Qian smiled and said, “Old ghost doctor, teach my apprentice in front of me, your score is big enough. Ah.” The old man in Qiting had already seen him, watching him silently for a long time, and suddenly sighed all his life: “Brother Tie Zheng, have you already decided?”

The old man Tie Zheng carried Luo Qian to the chess pavilion and smiled and said to Mu Yang: “Today’s chess game was interrupted by me. It doesn’t count. Therefore, your master’s dirty and smelly washing robe is still He washed it himself.” Mu Yang got in touch with him and said overjoyed: “Thank you Uncle Tie! Haha, the master is not a fool, but there is the Iron Heart King of the dignified immortal world. You did not lose, nor did your old man win.”

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The ghost doctor didn’t mind, and waved his hand and said, “You two go down, I have something to talk with you Iron Senior.” Mu Yang and Mu Yue bowed and quit together.

Tie Zheng put Luo Qian down on his shoulders, and the ghost doctor asked, “Who is he?” “He was picked up halfway, and he is also a Jiexian like me.” “Oh,” the ghost doctor was surprised:” Tribulation immortals are rare. It is a rare encounter in five thousand years. I can’t expect to see you in three thousand years. You two Tribulation Immortals have appeared in the immortal world.”

Tie Zheng smiled and said nothing. The ghost doctor looked at him, the atmosphere in the chess pavilion was a little subtle, or the ghost doctor first said: “You really have already decided?” Tie Zheng really nodded, “So I came to you.” He looked around. Luo Qian, who was still asleep next to him, said, “This kid is also a robber like me. Even if I do good deeds, I will lend Linglong to him for five hundred years.”

The ghost doctor nodded: “Well, since you are determined, I won’t persuade you much. It’s just…” Tie Zheng laughed, “I know: ghosts in immortals, doctors in ghosts, ghost hands and body, The price is more than ten thousand gold. Your medical supplies are not cheap.” He touched it casually, and a beast charm carved from white jade appeared in his hand. The ghost doctor took a look, nodded and said, “Okay, the nine-tier fairy beast, the clear water unicorn, the five elements of my cave mansion are in the east, and it happens to be the water level. It is perfect for me to be the gatekeeper of the beast. As expected, it is a famous iron heart in the fairy world Wang, one shot is a Tier 9 fairy beast.”

“Can we start?” Tie Zheng asked. The ghost doctor nodded and pointed to Luo Qian: “Since you want to perfect him…carry him and follow me.”

The ghost doctor is a soul immortal, turned around and floated, he was already ten meters away without much effort. Tie Zheng grabbed Luo Qian on the ground and followed closely.

A long corridor of the Lianting Bamboo House leads directly to a medicinal hut, and there are bursts of simple medicinal fragrance from far away. The ghost doctor said: “It just happens to use the clear water unicorn you gave me to protect the law.” He took out that. The beast seal talisman sparked a little blue light, and the white jade suddenly became dazzling, the light and shadow turned, and it became a huge body. The clear water unicorn is light green all over, with skin like armor and teeth like sharp knives. The whole body was filled with fairy energy, and it was indeed a ninth-order fairy beast.

The ghost doctor instructed Bishui Qilin. The Bishui Qilin, who could already understand human words, clicked on his huge head, obediently crouched outside the medicine room, with cowbell-sized eyes, and looked around vigilantly. The ghost doctor took Tie Zheng into the medicine room and opened a small door. The flames of a hexagonal four-legged pill furnace was booming, and it was gurgling with heat.

“Let’s get started. UU reading” said the ghost doctor and opened his iron sandalwood medicine box. There are several layers of bottles and cans on the top, and a set of instruments similar to a scalpel on the bottom layer. However, all of them are made of top-quality celestial jade, which is as thin as a cicada’s wings and is radiant and gentle. The ghost doctor took out a piece of white jade from the medicine box, and drank: “Mustard seeds, white jade is the hall, sick!” A white light flashed, and the three of them were already in a white jade hall, all around them were clean. It is beautiful and immaculate.

The ghost doctor said: “This is the place where I performed the operation. I guarantee that there will be no interference from outsiders.” The two jade beds in Bai Yutang are slightly tilted at both ends, forming a gentle arc. Tie Zheng first put Luo Qian on one of the jade beds, and then lay on the other one. The ghost doctor snatched out three sapphire needles: “Are you ready?” Tie Zheng nodded, glanced at Luo Qian, and said in his heart: Linglong dared to help me step by step to this day, and I hope it can also help him to flee safely. Five hundred years have passed.

Three sapphire needles pierced the top of his head, Tie Zheng’s vision gradually blurred, and his consciousness sank into the darkness…

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