Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 4: Immortals also engage in shady (Part 1)

“What, bird food? Are you kidding me, Du Shao?” Luo Qian squirted the tea from his mouth out the window of the Guanyan Building after hearing the weakness of the thunder and lightning spell master introduced by Du Ning. Du Ning shook his head: “Of course not. This guy is a monster, do you understand? Of every ten weird people in the fairy world, nine are monsters.”

Luo Qian nodded: “You’re right.” He touched his chin and made a thoughtful gesture, thinking in his heart that it seemed that he was going to the lower realm again. At the end of the CD that was smuggled to Ling Xiaose last time, there was an introduction to the actress’s latest movie, and a few shots were so hot that it was difficult for Ling Shao to make it. He kept asking himself to quickly get him the new DVD. Luo Qian was worried that Ling Xiaose’s “pocket money” had been deducted recently and had no money to pay his own bills, so he kept dragging on. This time, he should treat it as a good deed, and help him get it by the way.

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Du Nengren lowered his voice and said, “Lao Luo, are you going to go down again?” Luo Qian nodded, and Du Nengren said: “That’s right, give me a game magazine, and send this to me by the way.”

Luo Qian took it and saw that it turned out to be a ballot for a game of beauty pageants. It turned out that this famous game magazine in China is holding a game animation contest to select the most beautiful MM in the eyes of readers. Du Chengxing cut a ballot from the magazine that Luo Qian brought him last time, and filled in his favorite. MM’s entry number and own information.

Luo Qian glanced at it and frowned: “Du Shao, how come all the information you gave is mine?” The phone number and address information that Du Ning gave were all information on Luo Qian’s “base” in the lower realm. Du Ningcheng smiled, and put his arms around his shoulders: “Two brothers in the same world, you don’t even help with this?”

Luo Qian looked at him and showed a sly smile: “Du Shao, do you have any thoughts in your heart? Huh? Honestly tell me, do you like this MM?” He shook the ballot in his hand: “You If you don’t tell me, don’t blame my brother for not helping me.” As he said, he stuffed the ballot into Du Cheng’s hand.

Du Chengxing quickly said: “Don’t, don’t, brother, I said it’s not alright. Let me tell you, this MM plays one of my favorite game beauties, wow, don’t you know, it’s so vivid, from appearance to temperament. , Almost exactly the same as the beauties in the game!”

Luo Qian thought for a moment. He is obsessed with game beauties. What does it have to do with him? He can’t hook up with others in the lower realm, and has nothing to do with him. As long as he has enough fairy jade, what can’t he do for him?

“Okay, no problem, wrap it on me.” Luo Qian patted his chest.

Holding the ballot and returning to his own Fushan Cave House, Luo Gan simply tidied up and prepared for the lower bound.

According to the previous method, Luo Ganmeng squeezed a breath of fairy spirit into his body. It is said that at this time, the fairy spirit will be squeezed into the mysterious passage in the body, and then open the spatial passage to the lower realm. But this time, after a hold in the Faerie Qi King’s body, I soon didn’t know where it was missing!

Luo Qian was taken aback: What is going on? How could Bai Shi Bai Ling’s compensation magic technique be useless. Again! The faerie gas entered the body, as if it had entered a punctured tire, and soon I didn’t know where it had leaked.

Luo Qian was a little panicked. This is not good. He is still doing well in the immortal world. It is all about his own compensation immortal art. If he doesn’t have the skills, he won’t be able to live in the future. Can he survive the five hundred years? In the past, it’s really hard to say!

He tried several times, and the result was the same. But after several times, Luo Qian also found a little difference: it seems that the loophole is not a bottomless pit. After a few times of the fairy qi pouring in, the speed of the fairy qi leakage is slowly slowing down, can it be said that this “loophole” , Is it about to be filled?

Luo Qian simply sat down cross-legged and practiced hard. It’s not that Jiexian can’t cultivate, but no matter how much fairy spirit he breathes, it will be difficult to settle in his body, and cultivation is useless, so Luo Qian can’t remember how much he didn’t cultivate.

After the ascension, the immortal world also has many sects. As long as the aptitude is not that bad, you can get the cultivation mentality of the sect if you just invest in a certain sect. But Luo Qian’s cultivation mentality was bought with money.

Incorporating the fairy spirit into the body, the endless stream is sucked away by the ubiquitous and unknown loopholes. Luo Gan’s body is just a medium, vomiting, vomiting, and vomiting. No vomiting, in or out. In this way, I don’t know how long it has been, the rate of absorption of that loophole is getting slower and slower, and finally it gradually subsides, no longer absorbing the spirit of the fairy.

Luo Qian opened his eyes and wiped his cold sweat on his forehead. This time he was very scared. It is unlucky enough to fly ascending to become Jie Xian, if you can’t use Jie Xian’s only compensation immortality, then you must be the most unlucky one of all Jie Xian!

Taking a deep breath, he slammed into the body, the channel was pushed aside, and Luo Gan disappeared with a “bang”.

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In the human world, Luo Qian had a dozen different bird foods in front of him. He was sitting on a garden square with some fat square pigeons flying in the center of the square. Luo Qian sprinkled bird food handfuls and looked at those squares. Which kind of bird food do pigeons like most? This bird food is definitely the most “delicious”.

In the end, he determined one of them and took a look at the package: “It really is the most expensive one…”

After buying the bird food, Luo Qian went to the post office and mailed the ballot to the address Du Cheng gave him. Then I went to the electronics store in the city and bought the latest tertiary film from a wretched man with black-rimmed glasses.

Then, in the newsstand at the entrance of the electronic shopping mall, I bought a new issue of the magazine for Du Nong.

I flipped through the magazine and found the color page of that contest. This is the main commercial project of this famous domestic game magazine for nearly half a year. It has been running for five months and is drawing to a close. In addition to publishing votes in magazines, you can also vote online and mobile phone text messages.

In order to prevent repeated voting, a verification code must be entered in online voting. This verification code is a set of two paragraphs, and each magazine has one set. Therefore, to vote online, a magazine is also required. Voting via mobile phone text messages is much more convenient, but each voting text message is one yuan.

In fact, to put it bluntly, it is a promotional means to earn money.

The entire election contest lasted for half a year, and finally the championship was decided. The reward is an endorsement contract from a well-known game company. In addition, twenty lucky voters randomly selected by the computer can get a 10-day tour of Europe.

Luo Qian flipped through it and found the MM number 35 that Du Ning Cheng liked. After makeup, he looked very cold and glamorous. The indigo-colored eyeshadow made a pair of phoenix eyes, the eyebrows were thin and deep, and the forehead was neatly drawn with bangs. There is a sharp arc like a blade, and the pointed chin is slightly upturned, making his eyes more cold. A purple-blue skirt, with large openings on the sleeves, is a circle of three-finger-wide white cloth. With one hand on the snow-white thigh, the other held the handle of the long knife behind.

“This kid, just look at this?” Luo Qian shook his head. He is not like Du Ning’s such a wide immortal world. He has not seen how many times he has gone away in the world. Now girls can’t look at makeup. Even prehistoric creatures only need makeup. Can also dress up a fashionable beauty.

Flip back, because this issue is the first issue of the magazine in the last month, so the total votes for the first five months are published to encourage readers to support their favorite MM. The No. 35 girl that Du Condensed liked did not get a high vote rate, only occupying the fifth place. The first-ranked contestant put on a seductive posture, bowed his body on the ground, tilted his round buttocks, and smiled back, with a short knife filled with red ink on his mouth.

Luo Qian nodded: Now everyone likes this type of girl, with round hips and thin waist, and **** can squeeze the pope to death. No wonder she can firmly occupy the first place on the list, pulling the second place away by tens of thousands of votes.

Luo Qian took the magazine into his arms, found a place where no one was there, and went back to the fairy world.

“Pop!” The magazine slammed in front of Luo Qian, and Du Ning Cheng clenched his fists and roared: “Lao Luo, you just watched this unfair beauty pageant and didn’t do anything?” Luo Qian frowned, and UU reading was a little dissatisfied: “Du Shao, what do you mean?” Du Ning Cheng didn’t know what his plan was, and he started to preach to Luo Qian with a benign and docile attitude: ” Lao Luo, we are immortals! What immortals are, are the existence of justice in the hearts of the suffering people in the world. You didn’t hear those people always saying: God bless the gods and bless the gods? This election is unfair, isn’t it? Are you really sitting back?”

Luo Qian glanced at him and said faintly: “I want me to help your sweetheart to make a beautiful pageant, isn’t it impossible…” Du Ningxing was overjoyed: “Thank you…” “Come on!” Luo Qian interrupted him: “Shang Yan Shang, to be honest, this magazine is not cheap, do you see it? Twenty-six yuan a copy! On the ballot, the number one and the fifth place are separated by more than 30,000 votes, which is more than 30,000 magazines. And the last one has to be added. The difference in this month would be equal to at least 40,000 magazines. To ensure that your sweetheart wins with a convincing and overwhelming advantage, you must have a lead of 10,000 votes, which is 50,000 votes. This Count it down…” Luo Qian took out the big calculator he carried with him from his arms and cracked it: “This is 1.3 million! How can I have so much money!”

(He asks for a ticket.)

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