Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 4: Immortals also engage in shady (part 2)

“What’s more, it’s the last month now. The magazine is published every Monday. If you want your sweetheart to win and look like there is no shady, then the voting for these four weeks must be even. I will frequently lower bounds. You know this How much risk do you want to take?”

Du Ning raised his hand to surrender: “Okay, okay, Lao Lei, don’t always have a sweetheart. It’s impossible for me and her, I just want to help her. Tell me, how many fairy jade you want. “

Luo Qian expressionlessly stretched out five fingers: “For the sake of your Du Shao’s face, I am willing to take this risk, my own labor costs are not counted, you give me five million standard immortal jade.”

“What!” Du Ningcheng exclaimed, “Is it still for my face?” Luo Qian looked at him with a sympathetic expression: “Du Shao, it seems that you really don’t know the prices of the human world. Level, 1.3 million, bought a Lamborghini sports car…”

Du Ningxing considered it for a while, shook his head and said, “Forget it, I don’t have that much money recently.”

Three days later.

“Lao Luo, please help me. In the past few days, I played the game again with the role she played, and I like her more and more in my heart…”

Luo Qian sighed: “Shao Du, it’s not that I won’t help you. You can’t let me lose money, right?” Du Ningxing thought about it, and said, “I don’t have that much money on hand. Let me pay you two million standard jade , The rest, I have to pay in installments!” This new term was learned from Luo Qian.

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Luo Qian nodded: “No problem, you pay me one million standard jade every month, pay in three months, no problem, right?” Du Ning gritted his teeth: “No problem!”

Luo Qian returned to his Fushan cave, chiseled a small piece from the Jingshimen stele at his door, and went to the lower bound in his arms.

In the human world, a well-known jewelry store, Luo Qianjie wears a fashionable Gucci coat and wears sunglasses to sit in the VIP room. An old man with reading glasses is holding a magnifying glass and is looking at the mirror stone carefully.

At least one thing Luo Qian didn’t deceive Du Nenglong was that he really didn’t have so much money. If you want to make up to 1.3 million, you must “reluctantly cut love” and buy something.

Although mirror stones are everywhere in the fairy world, if the fairy world allows pigs, then the pig farms must be built with mirror stones; but in the human world, this is a rare treasure!

The old man looked at it for a long time, frowned and thought for a while, then picked it up and looked at it, then frowned for a while, but still couldn’t make up his mind. The old man looked at Luo Qian next to him, thinking about his origin.

A famous brand, expensive. It looks like a prodigal who stole the baby from home and sold it out. The old man left an eye on him and returned the stone with both hands to Luo Qian, with a smile on his face: “Hehe, I’m really sorry, this gentleman, he is so old and clumsy, I really can’t see what kind of gem it is. Can you give us some time? Let us ask a few experts to appraise it?” Luo Qian said, “Well, I will come again in three days.” “Why don’t we reserve a room for you in the Garden Hotel, you wait for three days?” Luo Qian shook his head :”I do not have time.”

He put away the mirror stone and just walked out. The old man knocked on the wooden board next to him. In the next room, a capable middle-aged man walked out. The old man winked. The middle-aged man nodded and quietly followed Luo. move.

The old man grabbed the phone on the table and dialed a number, and his beard trembled with excitement: “Boss, yes, it is chalcedony and chalcedony! Our long hair number will finally have chalcedony… Okay, I’ll go over immediately. .”

The old man went out and got into a black Buick at the door. With the old man in his car, he left the city and drove into a villa on the outskirts of the hill.

“Old Xiao, do you really see clearly?” asked a fat, white, middle-aged man in a pale pink shirt. Old Xiao nodded, still a little excited: “Yes, I have secretly observed Deshengji several times. The two chalcedony pieces from Rui Fuxiang can’t be wrong.”

The middle-aged man held a dark brown cigar between his fingers, swallowed a few mouthfuls, and nodded: “Old Xiao, I believe your eyes. I will send someone to investigate the details of that kid. We are determined to get the chalcedony, but it can Don’t get into any trouble because of this.” “That’s what I meant, so I didn’t immediately say that I wanted to buy it, but made a slow-down…”

“Boom…” There was a knock on the door, and the middle-aged man said angrily: “I didn’t say it, don’t disturb us!” The man in the black suit pushed open a crack in the door to let his voice in: “Boss , Daanzi, the old Xiao sent to mark people, is back.”

Old Xiao hurriedly said, “Let him in quickly.”

Ganzi is the capable middle-aged man. He has always acted cautiously and steadily. He is very appreciated by the boss and Xiao Lao. But this time, Ganzi who appeared in front of the boss and Mr. Xiao, sweating profusely, plopped and knelt on the ground when he entered the door: “Boss, Mr. Xiao, I am useless, I, I have lost people…”

The boss and Xiao Lao glanced at each other in surprise. They knew what Ganzi was capable of, and even lost him. You can imagine the benefits of that person!

The boss breathed a sigh of relief instead: “We have nothing to worry about, so that the talented person will not be a dude. You can do this transaction with confidence…”

Three days later, Luo Qian arrived with the mirror stone as scheduled. As expected, Xiao Lao arranged several old experts, and they all pretended to be firm together, and Luo Qian watched indifferently. Since the last time I went out of the store and found that someone had fixed himself, Luo Qian knew what they had made.

He doesn’t say bad, whatever you think in your heart, as long as you are willing to give the money.

“Old man, how is it?” Luo Qian asked with a smile. Elder Xiao nodded and said, “Good stuff, good stuff. We accepted it. I don’t know how much money Mr. wants?”

Luo Qian smiled slightly and stretched out five fingers. “Five hundred thousand?” Old Xiao tentatively asked, Luo Qian touched his clothes casually: “Old sir, my clothes are worth seven to eighty thousand, I have never seen a big money bunny, don’t fool me Now…” Old Xiao flushed and smiled awkwardly: “Hehe, joking, how could such a beautiful jade be worth only half a million. Let’s go, a price of five million!”

Luo Qian said: “Old gentleman, I heard that your long hair number is also a century-old shop, but it seems that your place is not doing well. I don’t know why?” Old Xiao smiled casually: “Business, ups and downs. It is inevitable.”

“But I heard that because your competitors Deshengji and Rui Fuxiang have obtained two pieces of chalcedony, and use this as a means of propaganda to keep hitting your long hair number. Is there such a thing?”

Old Xiao’s expression changed, and he didn’t expect this young man to be so old. He nodded to Luo Qian: “Wait a minute, the amount is too big. I don’t want to be the master. I want the boss to discuss it.” He turned around and made a phone call. After coming out, he said, “35 million. There is only so much cash we can use right now. As you said, we are indeed in a downturn recently.”

Luo Qian’s gaze fell on the hall outside the reception hall. In the center of the hall, which was arranged as the nine palaces, there was a noble and luxurious pure mahogany square cabinet. The cabinet was carved into a seven-story pagoda. A precious piece of jewellery, the more it goes up, the smaller the number of jewellery. The top layer is a jade pendant with a price of 16 million yuan.

Gold has a price and jade is priceless, and it is particularly prominent in expensive jade. Flourishing ages often set off collection craze. This jadeite is also the best, green water-like condensed emerald, the size of a chicken egg, and a price of 16 million yuan. In the eyes of collectors, it is definitely not expensive. This is the treasure of Long Hair.

However, although it is precious, compared with the chalcedony of the other two, it is really the difference between the princess and the princess.

Luo Qian stretched out his hand and pointed: “Thirty-five million, plus that jade.” Boss Xiao was embarrassed: “Sir, this…” Luo Qian said impatiently, “Sir, you know how this stone treats you. The importance of a long hair number. I will not let up the price of 50 million. I am willing to accept the price of goods. It is already my bottom line. If you are not willing, China is big and powerful, and I want to win three. There are not a few large jewelry stores, and they won’t find it expensive.”

Elder Xiao was taken aback. The long hair number was run on by the other two companies. If he couldn’t keep the leading position of the three major jewellery shops in China, it would really break the sign left by his ancestors.

“Wait, I’ll ask for instructions again.” Xiao Lao ran in again. This time, after a long time, he came out. Seeing Luo Qian’s expression impatiently, Mr. Xiao hurriedly said: “The boss has agreed, and we can go through the formalities immediately!”

Luo Qian left his account and the mirror stone, and took away the jade. Three days later, in the next audit, there was an extra 35 million in the account.

The rest is much simpler. Luo Qian found some people, bought the magazine directly from the publishing company, and multiplied all the votes on the 35th, sending thousands of votes every day.

The verification code on the ballot was not wasted. The ballot was sent out and the verification code was left. In this way, only 25,000 magazines were enough for 50,000 votes, and he saved half of the cost.

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And this month, he didn’t have to go to the realm, naturally someone below helped him to do everything. Money can make ghosts grind, and the money of gods is money.

(Continue to have a thick face, begging for votes)

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