Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 5: Gifts are also a book

In the five hundred years of the human world, Thunder is a white-eye bird with a green back and a yellow belly. Of course, this was just a coat he used to hide his true face. Lei Ming is a Peng-backed Thunderbird. Soon after he was born, he was caught and locked in a bird cage. Bird owners are mostly bird lovers, and they love such beautiful white-eyes. Thunder and cleverness are extremely clever, and often do things that please his master. Therefore, the eight thunderous masters are very good to him.

Demon cultivation is not easy, and the Millennium Ascension is already an outstanding achievement. However, thunderous mingled in the human world, seeing the warmth and coldness of the world, and the coldness of the world, on the contrary, he has greatly developed his mind, and it is also very helpful in practice. In just five hundred years, he has ascended to a demon.

Thunder’s body is Peng’s back Thunderbird. Although the demon’s immortal seed is not good and its spiritual talent is not as good as that of spirits, the thunder and lightning spells of thunder’s body make the earth handy. Among the younger generation of immortals, his lightning spells Can be ranked in the top five.

Although he was at ease in the immortal realm, Thunder often remembered that when he was in the human realm, each owner would feed himself by himself, and touch his head feathers lovingly with his hand. Also, there are those delicious bird foods in the human world.

Lei Ming stretched his waist in his cave, and a blue electric current flickered between his hands, and said with some regret: “Hey, I can’t taste it again…”

“Thunder! Xiaolei?” A shout came, and Lei Ming stretched out his head from the cave mansion and looked down. There were two people standing under the cave mansion. One of them was familiar, as if he had seen him there. The other is wearing a black suit, but he has no impression at all.

The thunderous cave mansion is aloft, inheriting his thunderbird nature, built on a cliff 30,000 feet high, but because he is the thunderbird body, his eyes are sharp, otherwise how can he see the two people under 30,000 feet clearly?

“Hey, Brother Lei Ming, it’s me, Du Ning Cheng from Yuan Yuan Tang. The year before last, Fairy Lifeng was married. We had a wedding wine together, do you remember?” Lei Ming suddenly remembered. This Du Ning Li is the young man in Yuan Yuan Tang. Hallmaster!

Fairy Lifeng is a beautiful thousand-tailed phoenix, painted as an indispensable thing of the natural beauty of the fairy, and is the first beauty among the demon. Among the younger generation of demon fairies, Lei Ming is not too big or too small, and he has a secret affection for this beautiful fairy Lifeng. It’s a pity that before he could say anything, Fairy Lifeng had caught the golden turtle son-in-law, married like a wealthy immortal world, and controlled one of the nine realms of the immortal realm of the sea tide family, and became a madam.

Lei Ming was invited to his wedding banquet. There were many young talents who were secretly hurt in the banquet. Lei Ming was not the most prominent one, just like Du Ning. The two were working next to each other, and some of them had the same disease. They pushed their hearts together with few glasses of wine.

It’s just that they were drunk that night, and the two of them had their arms around their shoulders and told the truth. Their admiration for Fairy Lifeng, who was already a woman, naturally became the core of the topic. After waking up, the two of them were very regretful, and since then, they seem to have a tacit understanding and have never seen each other again.

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The Nine Realms of the Immortal Realm is the immortal emperor who divides the entire immortal realm into nine parts and entrusts them to nine aristocratic immortal kings for the convenience of management. The source of heaven and earth, one of the “Six Sources”, the “Autumn Spring Cave” of the upper three and the lower ten holes, and the five fairy mountains in the Thirty-Six Mountains in Yunei, are among the nine realms of the fairy world, the most powerful of the three realms One.

“Oh, it’s Du Shao, please come up soon!” Lei Ming’s heart was low, this kid suddenly came to me, there must be nothing good. But he is the young master of Yuanyuantang, and he is alone in his own family.

Du Nengming dragged Luo Qian to fly to the thunderous “Dong Tian Dongfu”. Lei Ming glanced at Luo Qian and asked: “Du Shao, this is…” Du Nengming quickly introduced: “This is my good friend Luo Qian. .”

I haven’t heard of this name, but Lei Ming, in view of Du Ning’s face, he politely bowed his hand: “Brother Luo!” Luo Qian returned the gift, and Du Ning said on the side: “Brother Lei, don’t take part in the third. Baodian, when we come today, we really have something to ask for.” Lei Ming said in his heart: Here comes…

“Haha, Shao Du is polite, what can you ask of my lonely demon head, young master of the far-reaching hall?” Lei Ming didn’t dare to agree to it. He had been in the human world for five hundred years. But not all of them are used to eat bird food.

Regarding scheming, Du Ningming is naturally not Thundering’s opponent. He didn’t hear that Thundering was playing Tai Chi. He thought he was polite with himself, so he couldn’t help but said seriously: “Brother Thunder doesn’t have to be modest. Brother Thunder’s lightning spells are also unique in the immortal world. Today, we are asking for Thunder Brother’s thunder and lightning spell.” Thunder lowered his head, the bird’s eyes rolled, and the plan was settled in his heart: “Hehe, Shao Du has praised the little demon. If you have anything to say, it can help. , I will never refuse. “It can’t help, but I can’t blame it.

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Du Ning said: “Let me, Brother Luo, tell you.” Luo Qian handed his hand, with a smile on his face, but he understood that this thunder and cunning is extremely difficult to deal with. He is not Du Ningjun, who plays leisurely games in the mountain gate every day. From the human world to the immortal world, he does all good and bad things, and no one has seen anyone. However, he naturally has his own assassin, so you don’t have to worry about your thunderousness.

“Brother Lei, I need a treasure that can continuously supply a stable current. I wonder if Brother Lei can develop it?” Luo Qian stated his request. Lei Ming suddenly felt suspicious: Isn’t it a generator that continues to supply a stable current? What is the origin of this surname Luo, can tell the young hall master of Yuanyuantang. What does he want a generator for?

Private Immortal Realm is a crime of decapitation, and Thunder did not expect that the young master of the remote hall with a big family will join a smuggler from the Private Immortal Realm to get together. However, he still kept his mind, and not to mention that Luo Gan’s request was difficult to achieve, even if he could easily refine it, he could not immediately agree to it.

Lei Ming frowned: “Brother Luo, Shao Du, this is not easy. You also know that the power of lightning spells lies in its explosive power. It is not easy to be stable and sustained. Let’s do this. , Let me think about it, and I’m using a messenger to inform you.”

Du Nengding wants to say again that Luo Qian has already taken him to leave: “Brother Thunder is so laborious, let’s say goodbye first, and there will be a big reward after the matter is done!”

Lei Ming arched his hand: “So, I won’t send it, and the two brothers will go well.” When the two turned around, Luo Qian fell off his body and kept the bag. Thunder was taken aback, and when he picked it up and wanted to return it to Luo Qian, the two The person had reached the cliff, and the figure disappeared in a flash. Thundering smiled slyly, and said in his heart: Are these little tricks playing tricks in front of me? If I had been fooled by you, the human world would be considered a fool for five hundred years.

Originally, Lei Ming didn’t want to open the bag, and caught up with Ning Yaoshan and returned Du Cong. But a familiar scent came from the bag, and the distant memory was aroused. After I soared, I hadn’t heard this familiar scent for nearly a hundred years…

Du Nengding hurriedly flew away Luo Qian and complained: “I have to tell him a few more words later. You just left in such a hurry. If things don’t happen, no wonder I am. Among the people I know , And this bird’s lightning spell can still be seen. If he refuses to help, I can’t help it.”

Luo Qian said: “Du Shao, you can rest assured, as long as the rumors you hear are true, this thunder must be on our thief ship…cough cough, we must be on the same boat as us.” Du Cheng said. : “I really don’t understand, he has become an immortal, why is he still obsessed with bird food in the human world.”

Luo Qian said, “This is a quirk, and immortals are inevitable. Speaking of these, I see more than you, like in the human world…” When Luo Qian talked about the human world, he seemed to miss it very much, and he was full of memories. Lulu, unable to speak anymore, dazed in a daze.

Du Nengding gave him a push: “Lao Luo, what’s the matter with you?” Luo Qian came back to his senses, smiled bitterly, his eyes were a little red: “It made you laugh, alas, I don’t want to be immortal. It’s also a quirk.”

The two broke up after reaching the foot of Ningyao Mountain. Du Ning returned to the mountain, and Luo Qian’s Fushan was still some way away, and he drove alone.

As expected by Luo Qian, within three days, Du Nengming received a thunderous talisman, inviting him to go to Cengtian Cave. Du Ningcheng had to make an appointment with Luo Qian. Before leaving, Lei Ming was already impatient to find the door by himself!

Gifts should also be given in a special way and with a degree. Luo Qian knows this well. The finest bird food in that area of ​​the human world is no more, no less, just enough for thunder to satisfy the desire of the tongue, but not to make him too full. After Thundering finished eating, for three days, chewing the fruit and vegetables in the fairy world, A’an Ran no longer tasted it. After three days, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He quickly sent Du Chengxing a talisman. The talisman had just been sent. When he went out, he simply performed the fairy skills himself and flew to Ningyao Mountain. Once the appetite is hooked up, it can no longer be suppressed.

Before Luo Qian reached Ningyao Mountain, thunder had already arrived. Du Chengxing sent a message to invite Luo Qian to come.

Lei Ming knew that he had fallen into Luo Qian’s calculations. During these three days, he suddenly realized that this bird food is something of the human world. If Luo Qian can get this thing, he must have violated the great law of the immortal world, but this The cold sweat that was frightened hadn’t dried up yet, and the delicacy of the bird’s food was on his tongue again. So Lei Ming deceived himself and thought: Since he has not been spotted for the first time, it will definitely be difficult to spot in the future. What’s more, he just ate food from the lower realm, and didn’t steal the immortal realm by himself. Even if he was found out, he was implicated, at best, he was exiled to the sea of ​​clouds between the fairy world and the gods for decades.

Still on the Guanyan Building in Ningyao Mountain, Du Ning and Leiming soaked a pot of fresh Huayu Xinfeng, waiting for Luo Qian. When the door rang, Luo Qian came in with a smile to confess: “Sorry, sorry, let the two of you wait a long time.”

Thunder chuckled: “Hehe, Du Shao and I have just sat down, the chairs are not warm yet. Brother Luo, a few days ago you said that kind of treasure, I already have an idea, let me tell you two first One cry.”

Luo Qian cursed secretly in his heart, you sly flat-haired beast, if you don’t have bird food in your heart, can you come to me? The initial idea, if I let you say now, it would be weird if you could say one, two, three, four or five.

Leiming really didn’t have any thoughts. For the past three days, UU read www.uukā all he was thinking about was the deliciousness of the world, how could he have the mind to think about treasures? If Luo Qian had to tell him, he really couldn’t tell. Therefore, he only chuckled when he saw Luo Qian, didn’t ask more, and he was secretly relieved.

“I bought this from a friend. I heard Brother Lei likes it, so give it to Brother Lei.” Luo Qian said, pushing Lei Ming from the table with a box of finely packaged bird food. By coincidence, the dexterous and lively bird on the box is exactly the image of the white-eye bird with a green back and a yellow belly in Thunder.

The thunderous man gave this gift, such a large box, enough for him to enjoy for several months.

The three had a tacit understanding in secret, and agreed on the time for the next meeting, and Lei Ming got up and left. He knew that next time he had to bring out at least one semi-finished product, otherwise he would be confused in front of the two.

After sending away thunder, Du Ning patted Luo Qian on the shoulder: “Okay, Lao Luo, you really got it!”

(Milk and milky ticket…)

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