Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 6: The gods will manifest (part 1)

Luo Qian walked through the lower bounds, only to find that Du Ning had asked him to do something bad. Originally planned to vote 50,000 votes a month to win the championship, but I didn’t expect that the player who ranked first would also work hard in the last month. Luo Qian’s plan was to drop votes on average in four weeks. After dropping 12,500 votes in the first week, according to Luo Qian’s calculations, the number one might get 2,500 votes this week. Around, the 35th should catch up with 10,000 votes, and the gap between the two was locked to 20,000 votes. But this week’s list came out, and the 35th was 35,000 votes behind the first place! The gap did not disappear, but was widened!

Luo Qian quickly returned to his stronghold, where the people he hired worked. Luo Qian immediately re-arranged the task, added additional investment, doubled the original plan, purchased 75,000 magazines, and started online voting without interruption. And to abandon the purpose of smooth voting. Within one week, all votes will be smashed into the district. It depends on the situation next week.

Luo Qian viciously stamped out a cigarette butt: “Damn, the war has begun!”

He returned to the immortal world and talked about the situation with Du Nengding. Du Nengding was a little panicked: “Lao Luo, how are you sure about it?” Luo Qian smiled and said nonchalantly: “Isn’t it a shady, it’s me. The rest of the world play, these turtle grandchildren, gods play shady, you follow along to join in the fun, isn’t this looking for death!”

Du Cheng said: “Lao Luo, don’t worry, I will definitely make up for the extra money.” Luo Qian shook his head: “This loss is caused by my own underestimation, and you can’t pay for it. Whose mistakes will be borne. Although I am only a smuggler, I also have big ambitions in my heart. I will bear the loss myself this time.”

Du Ningxing was greatly moved: “Lao Luo…” He clasped his hands tightly together! If Du Ning Cheng knew that his so-called big ambition was to be the No. 1 smuggling crocodile in the fairy world, I don’t know what Shao Du, who is staring with tears, should feel?

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A week passed quickly. Luo Qian came to the human world and stood by the door of a newsstand. Seeing the magazine arrived, he quickly bought a copy. Turning to the ranking page, he did not expect that the opponent’s behind-the-scenes manipulator saw the previous ranking list, and obviously realized that someone was secretly manipulating it, so he worked together this week, but he didn’t have Luo Qian. Do it so thoroughly. With 150,000 votes in one fell swoop, the 35th ranked first, ahead of the second place, which was the previous first place with 30,000 votes.

In addition to the two of them, the rankings of the latter few have also undergone tremendous changes. A player who has not been in the top 20 of the rankings before has reached the top three in one fell swoop!

Luo Qian shook his head: It seems that his estimation error this time is not a little bit! “The human world is really getting shameless…” When Luo Qian said this, he didn’t realize that he was actually doing this “shameless thing”, even more thorough than the human world.

He went to the bank to withdraw 50,000 yuan and returned to his stronghold. The 50,000 yuan was slapped on the table like a brick. Luo Gan said loudly, “Everyone, I did a good job this week. This is everyone’s bonus. Next week. We continue, my plan is to buy 100,000 copies of the magazine and continue to smash!”

Everyone cheered and rushed to the red brick.

The emperor is not short of hungry soldiers, and Luo Qian understands this truth well. The reward of 50,000 yuan is indispensable. He is not staring here, and * these people will work hard for him.

When I came back from the human world, I picked up something by the way. The discs Ling Xiaose asked for, the human world snacks that a few greedy immortals wanted, and other odds and ends. Luo Qian’s business experience in this line is that he sneaks into the lower bounds and makes scattered profits.

Those big things in the human world can hardly have a market in the fairy world. For example, those luxury goods, sports car luxury houses, fairies simply don’t need it. Even a waste wood tribulation immortal like Luo Qian, with any spell, can fly faster than a sports car, let alone other people.

On the contrary, it is the small and unremarkable things that are very attractive. And these things cost less, but earn more.

“Brother Luo? Is Brother Luo here?” A familiar shout came from the door of the cave. Luo Qian changed into a navy blue suit today. His short hair was treated with the icy mist created by the fairy magic, and the roots of the burning bag were vertical. , This hairstyle is very popular in the human world. Poke his head out of his chairman’s office: “Yo, Brother Ling, you are here.” Ling Xiaose sneaked in: “Brother Luo, didn’t you let me advertise your business for you…”

Luo Qian nodded: “Why, what’s the gain?” Ling Xiaose nodded: “I have a cousin who also likes that… CD. Can you get him a computer according to my configuration? And those batteries?” Luo Qian nodded, “Of course it’s okay, what about others?” Luo Qian said as he looked behind Ling Xiaose, there was nothing behind him, and no cousin was following.

Ling Xiaose grabbed him: “He didn’t come. This matter was entrusted to me.” Luo Qian looked at him, and was a little bit guilty.

“That’s okay, but Ling Shao, the price…” Luo Qian rubbed his fingers, pretending to give Ling Xiaose a casual look. The latter slapped his chest: “Don’t worry, I have the final say.” Luo Qian smiled: “That’s good. At the beginning of your equipment, I sold you two middle-grade immortal jade, plus later The batteries are equipped with a total of three middle-grade immortal jade. Ling Shao, we are all old acquaintances, and we are operating with integrity, so we cut off the bargaining process before the business. The current market is not like it was in the past. Everything in the lower bounds I’ll explain to you in advance that the price increases, you can’t buy so many things at this price.”

Ling Xiaose is an otaku and he doesn’t return to bargaining. Luo Qian just doesn’t say that, he won’t bargain either. Now that he said so, he could only say in a consoling way: “Okay, you can say how much it costs.” “Five yuan of immortal jade, I will give ten fine discs, how about?”

“So much!?” Ling Xiaose was taken aback, and Luo Qian said: “Not much, not much, prices are soaring, haven’t you heard that small families in the human world can no longer eat pork.” How could Xiao Se ever heard of it? He looked at Luo Qian dubiously. Luo Qian said, “If you can’t be the master…” Ling Xiaose was agitated by him, and suddenly a self-esteem appeared, and his eyes stared: “Okay, five yuan is five yuan. But you have to hurry up-that guy is always robbing my computer lately, so I can’t watch it properly.”

After sending Ling Xiaose away, Luo Qian was a little curious about his cousin, but the family’s younger brother, the dough is a little thin, even like him, it has reached the highest realm of dead pigs who are not afraid of boiling water.

Five middle-grade immortal jade is also a big deal, and Luo Gan makes a special trip to the lower bounds. Purchased the equipment Ling Xiaose wanted in the electronic market, and bought a lot of CDs. Ling Zhainan would not know that there are such things as rebates in the world, but he introduced a good business to Luo Qian, and he always wanted to give others a bit of sweetness, so the next time he introduced a business to Luo Qian, he would naturally Working harder, I will look forward to it more.

Now that it’s down, just go back and have a look. UU reading www. didn’t expect that when he arrived in the community where his stronghold was located, he felt something wrong in his surrounding eyes. The aunt who collects utility bills stared at him vigilantly. Luo Qian staggered past her. The aunt immediately pulled a rope from her neck, tied an old mobile phone underneath, and quickly pressed three numbers.

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“Hey, 110? I’ll report that the homeowner who had an accident is back…”

Although the aunt kept her voice down as much as possible, Luo Qian’s Xian Er still heard every word. problem occurs? Luo Qian was taken aback, looked around, a trace of vigilance rose in his heart.

A positive seal was pasted on the door with the red official seal of the police station. Luo Qian’s heart sank and broke into the door. He saw all the mess and traces of fire. There were blood stains on a corner and under the table, Luo Qian There was a bad sound in my heart, and at this moment, there was a sirens in the distance. Luo Qian’s figure flashed and disappeared from the room.

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