Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 6: The gods will manifest (part 2)

Rows of low-density tube buildings are crowded together like rice plants. The sunlight was blocked by the united buildings, and the narrow aisles were dark and damp. Luo Qian stood in the shadows, as long as he concealed him a little, no one would be able to spot him.

He has been waiting here for an afternoon, and he is looking for someone who can tell him what happened.

It was not until midnight that a familiar figure appeared on the other side of the street. Carefully, looking around, even stepping into the muddy and dirty sewage regardless of his own feet. He came to the door of a building and carefully pushed open a slit, trying not to make a sound. Luo Qian walked out of the shadow and shouted: “Chen Baozi.”

The shadow trembled all over, and after seeing Luo Qian’s face clearly, he rushed over as if he had seen a savior: “Boss, you are finally back, brothers can be beaten by them!” Chen Baozi was among the people he hired. , The most savvy one, Luo Qian guessed that it might be hiding, and as expected, he found him in his previous residence.

“Don’t cry, get up quickly and tell me what happened!” Luo Qian frowned.

The two left the group of tube houses and found a restaurant. Chen Baozi asked for a snack and ate it hungrily while telling Luo Qian what happened.

It turned out that on the third day after Luo Qian left last time, a group of people found Luo Qian’s stronghold aggressively, armed with a long knife and a big stick, involuntarily saying that it was a one-shot kill. Seeing that the situation was not good, Chen Baozi jumped out of the window and escaped, but the others were beaten and admitted to the hospital. The stronghold was destroyed, and tens of thousands of magazines that had just been bought were also taken away.

Luo Qian asked, “They didn’t say anything?” Chen Baozi recalled, and said, “It seems that several people are beating people and clamoring at the same time, saying something about women who dare to provoke Geng, and live impatiently… …” Luo Qian frowned: “Brother Geng, do you know who it is?” Chen Baozi shook his head: “I don’t know, maybe it’s not our city. I know a little bit about the Buddhas here… …”

Luo Qian thought for a while and took out a bank card: “There are three million in it. You leave here and find another city. Our plan will continue, but this time, you have to be more careful!” Chen Baozi went on to the bank. Ka’s hand trembled: “Boss, you are not afraid that I will run away with so much money?” Luo Qian smiled, “Do you dare?” Chen Baozi really dare not. Three million is not a small amount, but Luo Qian is this one. People have kept him from being able to see through. This is not the first time Luo Qian has asked him to “work”. Every time Luo Qian can find him no matter where he is, he can disappear with these three million. He really is Dare not. Or the people who rushed into the stronghold to kill were terrible, but Chen Baozi was sure that Luo Qian was a hundred times more terrifying than them!

“Okay, boss, I will leave for City D tomorrow morning. I have netizens over there, so it’s easy to do things.” Chen Baozi grabbed the bank card and said.

Chen Baozi simply dealt with it all night in the teahouse. Luo Qian paid the bill, left the teahouse, recognized the direction, pinched a “volley vertical” first-order fairy technique, and headed north.

Randomly found an Internet cafe, Luo Qian opened the search engine. This magazine plays a pivotal role in the domestic game industry. This beauty pageant is the highlight of the year, so there is a lot of attention on the Internet. Luo Qian searched casually and found a lot of relevant information. After narrowing the scope of the search and confining it to the “scandal” range, there really was a row of red letters.

Without further ado, Luo Qian found the girl’s “gossip boyfriend”-a middle-aged wealthy real estate businessman. However, the real estate developer is not named Geng, but Jia Dao already. Luo Qian checked other related news again, and didn’t find any other male protagonists of the scandal. It seems that this is the guy.

Luo Qian knows what he needs: the criminal system database of the national security department.

The capital city B, Luoqian can be described as a familiar road.

He is not an omnipotent hacker in fantasy novels, nor is he a perverted immortal who is strong enough to directly use his brainwaves to invade the Internet. He is just a waste of wood. But even Jiexian, after all, is an immortal. The doorways of the secret department of the Ministry of Public Security are considered advanced in the human world, and there are even more than a dozen master guards with supernatural powers, including three practitioners.

However, these were not hindrances at all for Luo Qian. He easily entered the computer room, where the authorization was so high that he could check what he wanted to find at will.

Indeed, Luo Qian is just a Jie Xian, but even Jie Xian is invincible in the human world. He doesn’t need to hack the world or invade with his brain. He just needs to find a place that can provide himself with this kind of authority. Luo Qian is very good at this.

After entering Jia Dao’s name and searching, the system queued up a long list of data, and Luo Qian was surprised: Oh, this guy is still a “point”!

He has come to this computer room as a guest, not once or twice. He also found out some of the doorways of the national security department. The name is red, the file is classified as B-class, and the collection is so complete, it is obviously the subject of focus. .

He glanced through the archives: Jia Daoyi, formerly known as Genghuai, ethnic Han, graduated from junior high school. Started from the underworld, known as Brother Geng. At the age of 30, I was in the real estate development industry…

The subsequent records are all about how he paid bribes to obtain land use rights, or violated regulations and used violence to forcibly expropriate farmers’ land. The evidence was conclusive, but he was not caught. It was entirely because the secret service suspected that he had a huge protective umbrella on his head, and had not checked this protective umbrella, so he did not move him.

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Luo Qian blew a whistle, and he was already thinking about it. Shao Du was right. Of course, such wicked people should be punished by gods. Otherwise, people chant “Blessed gods” all day long. As a member of gods, wouldn’t they be ashamed of them?

Luo Qian, who had a rare “immortal consciousness”, left the capital and returned to Province Z. The city where Luo Qian’s stronghold is located is not in Province Z. Jia Dao can already send people to attack his stronghold. This shows the level of rampantism. No wonder the country has to punish it. There is a saying: God wants to make it perish, must first make it crazy; God wants to make it crazy, must first make it buy a house. This is a true portrayal of house slaves in the new era, but this sentence actually applies if one word is changed: God wants to make him crazy, he must first sell his house.

People who sell houses are more crazy than those who buy houses. They dare to set any price and use any means.

Jia Dao is already such a typical.

Yuan himself has a family of more than one billion yuan, lying underneath him are the first-line stars of Hong Kong and Taiwan, but this time, I met this girl who just debuted at an insignificant cocktail party. Somehow, just Be fascinated by this little vixen. Wushan, after walking between the bed, he immediately couldn’t stop, he couldn’t do without this little vixen anymore.

In his opinion, it is not a big deal to spend millions to buy the first place in the draft. He often does this. This time he didn’t think there would be any problems, but he happened to meet someone who was against him.

Seeing the first place drop, the little vixen was crying and making trouble. Jia Dao had already begun to secretly pressure game magazines, but the background of the magazines was quite deep, so Jia Dao didn’t dare to mess around. The magazine has its own plan, so that the more aggressive the players are, the greater their profits. Regardless of his shady or not, the media hyped up, but expanded his popularity.

So Jia Dao had no choice but to pick up a soft persimmon and pinch it. I found some friends on the road and destroyed Luo Qian’s stronghold.

It’s not that Luo Qian can’t bear humiliation, but why should he bear humiliation in the human world? I am dignified… It is also the Jiexian, not ranked in the immortal world, but the only **** in the human world!

It was dark and the wind was bleak, he was floating above a villa that occupies half a hillside, looking at a room with two yellow lights below. In the room, two people are dying and dying. Luo Qianzhi glanced around and recognized the round butt-yes, it was the one who was the number one before.

Luo Qian was very angry, and the consequences were serious.

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He is just a smuggler, not a “push-hand” professional who was born for the black wood. This trip could have easily earned five middle-grade celestial jade, but they were all mixed up by these two guys. The so-called anger starts from the heart, and evil grows on the side of the gall. Luo Qian is definitely the kind of person who doesn’t offend me or me, and is neither arrogant nor cowardly.

The two people in the room finally lived and rested. With a big belly, the man touched a few hairs on his belly, picked up the wine glass by the bed and walked to the front of the table. With a laptop on the table, he began to browse some accounts.

Luo Qian floated into the room, an invisibility spell, two people in the room could not see him. What the man is looking at is just a list: the list of officials who have been with him over the years, what year, month, and day, what is the value of the gift, the list is clear.

It’s not a fluke that Jia Dao has been able to go from street gangsters to the present step by step. He is as cunning as a jackal. These materials will one day become the last straw for him to sign up. If he falls in, everyone on this list must do everything possible to get him out.

Luo Qian looked at it, and there was a USB flash drive on the table. He walked over, casually, a faint air sealed Jia Dao’s meridian, and then in front of him, began to copy the files.

Jia Dao only felt a “yin wind” sweeping behind his head, and then he couldn’t move. After that, I saw the small USB flash drive on the table. I usually plug it into the computer when I was alive. Then the mouse was also alive. I clicked it, and the file copy was completed soon.

Jia Dao is already in the underworld, and he especially believes in this kind of ghosts and gods. Every year he takes his brothers to worship Guan Erye and Zhong Kui! The supernatural event happened in front of him, Jia Dao had already rolled his eyes, his eyes were turned to the sky, and he fell to the ground with a grunt.

“Ah–” A woman’s scream cut through the night sky, and Luo Qian was already dozens of miles away.

As I said long ago, it is not the first time that Luo Qian has visited the computer room of the security department. He is here again. UU reading put the information into the computer, and Luo Qian discarded the U disk. This list just completes this “criminal evidence file”, and then the case can be filed for review.

Early the next morning, the police officer in charge of database management turned on the computer, his eyes widened unbelievably, and a colleague in uniform gave him a push: “What’s wrong with you, you will be stunned early in the morning. Beware of being criticized.” ……” The officer pointed to his computer: “The gods appear…”

The manifesting **** had already returned to the immortal realm. This time he had been delayed in the human realm for several days, and Ling Xiaose had already come to him several times during this time. Luo Qian apologized again and again, and finally had to give away a few yellow CDs for free before Ling Zhai Shao returned back contentedly. After weighing the five middle-grade immortal jade in his hand, Luo Qian finally showed a satisfied smile.

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