Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 7: Portable generator

A sapphire meteor slid down inside Fushan, and the sapphire light turned on the spot and turned into Du Ning. “Lao Luo, Lao Luo…” he yelled and entered Luo Qian’s cave. Luo Qian chuckled and said, “Master Du, is there no electricity again?” Du Ningding shook his head, “No, things are a little bit this time.” Trouble. That kid Lei Ming has researched out the treasure you want, but he can’t make it. We need to find a master craftsman.” “So fast?” Less than three months later, Thunder made it out. Luo Qian was really surprised.

“Master controller, do you know Shao Du?” Luo Qian asked. Du Chengxing was reluctant to mix up these things with him from the very beginning, and he said with embarrassment: “I know a few people, but you also know that master craftsmen are people with great status in the immortal world. How could they give you this? Refining this kind of thing that only has a treasure level?”

Luo Qian’s eyes rolled, and the topic changed: “Du Shao, do you know what I did in the Lower Realm recently?” Du Ning: “…”

After a while, Luo Qian and Du Nengding reached a consensus after the exchange. Du Nengding patted his chest to ensure that Luo Qian would find a suitable master maker. Luo Qian didn’t guarantee anything, but if Du Ning’s affairs in the lower realm were not handled well by him, the Young Master of Yuanyuantang would definitely not let him go.

In the lower realm, Luo Qian unfolded the magazine in his hand and turned to the page of the ranking list. The No. 35 beauty was at the top of the list. She has already opened a gap of nearly 100,000 votes from the second place. There are still two weeks before the final moment. The event, basically the championship is determined, suspense has been lost.

But Luo Qian didn’t dare to neglect, he called Chen Baozi who was in D city and told him that he still bought 50,000 magazines every week and continued to smash votes.

A weekly magazine has a domestic circulation of less than 100,000 copies, but the magazine is not a fool. The print volume of these recent issues is more than 300,000 copies. This is still in short supply. Chen Baozi is all through the provincial distributors. I told so many magazines.

Back in the immortal world, Luo Qian’s **** hadn’t been hot yet, Du Ning rushed to his death: “Lao Luo, hurry, I have found a good person, you come and see with me.”

It is not easy to find a master craftsman who meets Luo Qian’s requirements. He must have a certain level, but also have no reputation, and be able to keep secrets. Of these three conditions, satisfying one is simple, but it is very difficult to satisfy two at the same time, let alone satisfy three at the same time. Du Ningjing had never expected to find it so soon. It was a coincidence that someone bought a piece of land on Ningyao Mountain yesterday for thirty yuan of top-grade immortal jade. Ningyao Mountain is also a prime location in the fairy world. It is not cheap to buy an industry here. Thirty top-grade celestial jade, equal to 30 million standard celestial jade, for such a large sum of money, in Ningyao Mountain, it was only a piece of land the size of a mat.

Before Luo Qian had time to ask what was going on, Du Ning had already grabbed him, a third-order fairy skill “Piaoping Step”, and headed towards Ningyao Mountain in an unhurried manner. Poor Luo Qian’s first-order immortal technique “Volley Zong” is not very proficient, and he sees that he has not much more years in the immortal world than himself, but he has reached the level of a third-order immortal, Luo Qian is envious.

In a short while, Ning Yaoshan was already in sight, and Tier 3 Immortal Art was indeed not comparable to his poor “Volley Zong”, it arrived so soon.

I saw in the Ningyao Mountains, a treasured land with flags fluttering and gorgeous. Numerous eye-catching cloth flags are dancing in the wind, and various characters are typed on the cloth flags, not afraid of not being eye-catching, but afraid of not recruiting people.

Luo Qian naturally knows that this is a very popular place in the Ningyao Mountain: each cloth flag represents a shop, and the cloth flag is both a signboard and a portal. If you are interested in the products of the store, just stop below the cloth flag. Will be sent to the store. As for where the shop is, it’s hard to say.

Ningyao Mountain has an inch of land and a lot of money. It’s not that people without wealth can open a shop here, but for the huge fairy, it is the king of economical management to put up a banner, open a shop on the side, and attract customers through the portal. .

“Did you see it? It’s there.” Du Ning’s finger pointed, Luo Qian looked over, and saw a pitch-black cloth flag, like a group of chickens standing on top of a crane, and chopsticks inside the flagpole, standing on a palm-sized floor. . Two words are written on the banner: Ghost Lian.

Luo Qian shook his head: “This guy’s business must not be very good.” Du Ning chuckled and said, “Lao Luo, you don’t understand: This is called a gimmick. The more low-key, the more noisy Ning It looks different in the distant mountains. I went to see it yesterday and this guy’s business is really good. Miao is in this’ghost’ word.”

Luo Qian said: “Oh, is he a soul immortal?” “How can it be so simple.” Du Ning said: “He is a soul immortal, and more importantly, this ghost character makes those who have ghosts in their hearts. People who come to Ningyao Mountain are relieved. It is inevitable that some people’s requirements are not visible, so this one ghost practice just meets their requirements…” Luo Qian smiled lightly and whispered: “Just like We are the same?” Du Ningding smiled and nodded, ignoring that Luo Qian had successfully replaced “me” with “us”.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see.” Standing under the black cloth banner, a gloomy light flashed in front of them, and the next moment, the two were already in a beautiful place. Luo Qian glanced at it and said, “This is the’Xiu Shui Ya’ next to Ningyao Mountain. Although it is not comparable to the treasures of Three Heavens and Six Sources, it is much better than my Fushan.”

A grassy cottage with black smoke curling up. The simple wooden gate, the fence of withered bamboo, the owner here is obviously innocent and harmless. Du Ningxing sneered and said, “You don’t want to underestimate these furnishings. The thatch on the top of the grass house is highly poisonous through the heart. Behind the firewood gate is the’Nine Ghosts Decapitation Formation’, and the insidious’phosphorus fire is buried under the fence. Dark Thunder’…”

Luo Qian’s eyes almost popped out: “Goodbye, I thought I had enough vaginal damage. I didn’t expect someone to be more poisonous than me!”

“Brother Xiao, Brother Xiao!” Du Ning yelled twice, and a shadow floated out of the Zamen, a black robe and a white face, a gloomy appearance. “It turned out to be Brother Du, young Master Ning Yaoshan came to the humble house, what’s the point?” The words were good, but it was a provocation to say it in his cold voice. Du Chengcheng already understood his temper, and he smiled: “Naturally, he will go to the Palace of Three Treasures for everything.”

“Come in and talk.”

The two walked into the Hunxian’s grass house. The layout inside was as simple as the outside. Hunxian pointed his finger, and three soft grass paves fell on top of his head. Hunxian “sit” one by himself, and signaled, please Condensation and Luo Qian settled down.

“Lao Luo, this is Ghost Refining Master Xiao Xiangzi. Brother Xiao, this is my friend, Luo Qian. He is looking for you for some business matters.” After Du Nengding introduced the two to each other, he sat aside , Quietly stop talking.

Luo Qian is helpless, as long as he tells his intentions and details, Xiao Xiangzi glanced at him and said lightly: “No problem, since Brother Du introduced him, I will give you a discount. Each finished product will have five top-grade fairy jade. “Luo Qian jumped up from the futon and shouted: “What! Five pieces of top-grade immortal jade, it’s not for refining immortal artifacts!” Xiao Xiangzi said with a smile: “It’s not just the cost of making artifacts. There are also confidential expenses…”

Luo Qian turned around and left: “Farewell.”

Du Chengxing hurriedly chased it out: “Lao Luo, Lao Luo, what are you doing so impulsively? Don’t you know the current market of manufactures, the price is not expensive!” “Five high-grade immortal jade is not expensive? I will help you There is a shady scene in the lower realm, so much noise, and a huge risk, but this price…”

Du Feng said: “The system is not 100% successful. The material loss, coupled with the labor cost and sealing fee, the price is not expensive.” Luo Qian sighed helplessly: “Well, anyway, you The money owed to me has not yet been paid, so the debt will be passed on to him. I won’t go in, go and talk to him.” Du Nengding agreed and turned back again.

Luo Qian flew back to his Fushan cave mansion alone, and suddenly thought that if the treasures he refined according to the method given by the thundering boy could not meet his own requirements, wouldn’t his five million standard immortal jade be overwhelmed? Up!

“Bang!” He hit his cave mansion with a fist, and said viciously: “Damn, if you really fail, Thunder, you won’t want to eat the bird food of the lower realm in your life!”

Counting the time, the beauty pageant in the lower realm was almost over. Luo Qian took a breath of celestial spirit to prepare for the lower realm, but the weird situation appeared again last time. The celestial spirit entered the body, not knowing where the loophole was, and disappeared silently. With the first experience, although Luo Qian felt a little flustered, he was not too confused.

Sitting cross-legged in his cave mansion, his five hearts turned to the sky, and he vomited. The celestial qi on Fushan is thin. This time, the appetite for that “loophole” seems to be bigger. Luo Qian obviously felt that the celestial qi he breathed out this time was one-third more than last time.

Finally the loophole was filled, Luo Qian lined up his clothes and stood up-he didn’t worry about his body at all, is there anything worse than it is now? Tribulation immortal, within five hundred years, mixed life and death are still a Tier 1 immortal, five hundred years later… can we survive that catastrophe?

I found a newsstand and bought a magazine with a striking headline on the cover: Phoenix Cup Competition, annual champion: Pei Sefei. The girl’s name, in oversized explosive fonts, was even more eye-catching than the banners in Ningyao Mountain.

The thirty-fifth girl Pei Sefei, dressed in a white samurai costume, with a cool look, appeared on the cover of the magazine.

Luo Qian showed a smile and put away the magazine-I still have to give this to Du Ning to explain to him. He didn’t go to see Chen Baozi. After the mission was completed, the kid would disappear automatically.


“Pop” Luo Qian threw the magazine in front of Du Nengming, lazily* on the comfortable chair in Guanyan Building: “Du Shao, I have done everything I promised you.” Du Ningming glanced at the cover. The girl who got up excitedly grabbed it and looked at it for a long time, and then turned around: “Lao Luo, the awards ceremony, and the awards ceremony! I want to see…” Luo Qian quickly waved his hand: “That won’t work. Yes, if I want to take another person down, I can’t do it.” “Brother Luo, I didn’t mean that. I wanted you to go down and record it for me. Can I watch it if I bring it up?”

Luo Qian frowned: “Okay, but…” Du Ning had been dealing with him for a long time. How could he not know what Luo Qian meant, and quickly said: “Don’t worry, I will add another million standard immortals. Yu.” Luo Qian nodded “reluctantly”: “Well then…”

“Damn it, it’s a loss!” When Luo Qian saw the poster on the poster that the ticket for the awards ceremony cost 3,000 yuan, he felt that he was fooled: the high-definition three-megapixel DV hanging around his neck, spent For Lao Luo 13 thousand, three thousand tickets, and twenty thousand yuan for the small, the cost is so high that it has exceeded Luo Qian’s expectations.

This time the competition is a major event in the domestic game industry. When Luo Qian rushed to the awards scene in S City, countless game enthusiasts had already gathered outside. There are enthusiasts wearing game costumes everywhere, and the spotlights flicker, aiming at the news figures who have come out of the luxury cars. There are bosses of game companies, gossip actresses, and many players in this game.

Luo Qian stood aside inconspicuously holding the ticket.

The venue is very rich in game features and is said to be one of the main scenes of a new online game from a main sponsor. Gray-blue sky, ruby-like sunset, elven forest painted on the wall, and a scaled model of the cliff of giant beasts stood in the venue.

In order to satisfy the customers, Luo Qian chose a better shooting angle and bought tickets for the “guest seat” in the front row, and added another 2,000 yuan.

Sit down and adjust the DV, Luo Qian doesn’t care how star-studded on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, he has only one goal, the champion of this competition, No. 35 player Pei Sefei.

The lengthy ceremony has finally passed. The scale and influence of this competition have greatly exceeded the organizers’ expectations. The original top three awards plan has been expanded, and the top ten have prizes. The awards naturally start from the tenth place.

After the game, everyone can tell that those who don’t swipe their votes can’t make the list. Those who have the ability to swipe their votes have no background? The magazine is extremely shrewd and expands the scope of awards. Those who do not wait to offend, everyone will give comfort.

Applause, flowers, flashing lights, and noisy for a while, finally, the final champion of this competition, No. 35 contestant Pei Sefei took the stage to receive the award. Luo Qian quickly raised the DV, from the moment Pei Sefei came out of the backstage and walked onto the red carpet, he followed the shooting.

The girl was washed out of the lead today, with her face facing the sky. A well-fitting light gold evening dress outlines a feminine figure and walks lightly, like a fairy walking down from the clouds. Although this time the competition was heavily controversial, even though the champion had been controversial before, when this moment appeared, Pei Sefei completely conquered the entire venue with her beauty and elegance, and the warm applause lasted for a long time…

The first time Luo Qian saw the girl’s true face, he couldn’t help but was stunned. Even in the fairy world, he had seen countless national colors and heavenly fragrances, but he was still shocked by this girl’s stunning littleness. Luo Qian sighed in his heart: After ascending to an immortal, he can certainly modify his appearance according to his own wishes, but how can he modify his appearance in such a way that it can be created by nature and is naturally beautiful?

Luo Qian performed his task conscientiously. Although Pei Sefei’s beauty exceeded his expectations, it had nothing to do with him. I no longer belong to this world, and people in this world have no connection with me.

From stepping on stage to receiving the award, Pei Sefei seemed very decent in his final speeches. There was no excitement “tears” or deliberate “sweet humiliation”. Her generous demeanor won the praise of everyone present. .

Pei Sefei exits, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Luo Qian also turned off the camera and left the awards ceremony. There are many performances later, but Luo Qian is not interested.

After coming out of the award ceremony, Luo Qian did not immediately return to the immortal world, but went to his stronghold. It’s been a long time since the last smashing incident, and the police uncle stopped asking. After Luo Qian came back, after a full year of water and electricity bills, the street aunt’s expression changed from looking at the criminals. Appreciate the eyes of promising young people.

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