Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 8: Accident

Xiao Xiangzi received the money, but he was very dedicated to doing things. As expected, the face of Young Master Ningyao Shandu didn’t need to be boasted. Soon, a metal block with bluish red light was placed in front of Luo Qian. Luo Qian looked at this thing that looked a bit like “X-“, and asked in doubt, “That’s it?” Du Ning said, “Yes, you try it.” Xiao Xiangzi was a little dissatisfied when he saw his scrutiny eyes. : “The method you told me is just a concept. Many aspects are not perfect, and I corrected them one by one. And I made a metal shell for you for free, what else are you dissatisfied with? If it weren’t for the publication of Du Shao Come on, this thing requires you at least 10 million standard jade.”

Luo Qian curled his lips and secretly said that you only spent 30 million standard fairy jade on buying a piece of land on Ningyao Mountain. If you want you to make such a palm-sized box, you need 10 million standard fairy jade. How is the profitable industry ranking in the fairy world? On the list, did you see the master craftsman? If it’s not that you can’t do this job, you can consider changing your job.

“Here, insert a standard fairy jade, which can provide a constant thunder and lightning for three days.” Xiao Xiangzi’s nose is upside down, his eyes are down, and he doesn’t bother to take care of you. Luo Qian didn’t make trouble either: You don’t bother to care about me, and I don’t bother to care about your ghost. We are purely a cooperative relationship. If it weren’t for the fairy jade, Grandpa Luo, I would go around when I saw you this ghostly guy.

“Ka” Luo Qian said as he said, inserting a standard immortal jade, and sure enough, a thunder and lightning appeared on the box, and a trace of electric current shot out from between the two metal rods on the box. Luo Qian shook his hands with a sound of electricity.

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Du Ning’s eyebrows opened and smiled: “Haha, it’s done!” Luo Qian waved his hand, held up the box and said: “I’ll go back and test it.” He was calm on the surface, but in fact he was extremely excited. Up. Du Ning’s words of thanks, and hurriedly left with Luo Qian. “Lao Luo, wait for me…”

In Luoqian’s Fushan Cave House, apart from his own laptop that cannot be returned, the only other electrical appliances are the rice cooker that has not been sold, and the massage chair.

The massage chair is Luo Qian’s secret. I don’t want Du Ningxing to know it for the time being. What’s more, it’s a waste of experimentation. I managed to get it into the fairy world. What if the current is unstable and burns out? Three electrical appliances, the only one to choose is the rice cooker.

Luo Qian carefully disassembled the plug on the rice cooker. The two wires were wrapped around the two metal rods of the box. Only a beep was heard and the red light of the rice cooker turned on. Luo Qian Yixi: “Ha!” Du Ning patted his shoulder vigorously next to him: “Brother, we sent it!”

Luo Qian’s eyes rolled: “Shao Du, didn’t you say that you were just helping with this matter, and everything has nothing to do with you?” Du Ningming smiled embarrassedly and pretended to be stupid: “Have I said something like this again? What am I doing? I don’t remember, hehe…” Du Ningjing saw the billowing profits right in front of his eyes. For the most part, he was a famous person in the immortal world, so he couldn’t help but be moved. Think about Luo Qian’s business for many years, and he has not been seized by the imperial imprison. Although it is dangerous, it is safe, so I can’t help but want to get involved.

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“Well, Du Shao, since you give face, let’s do it side by side, but in the future, you and I will be grasshoppers tied to the same rope!” Luo Qian stretched out his palm, Du Ningeng hesitated, and glanced at the one. Box, finally couldn’t help the temptation, reached out and vowed with Luo Qian to book an account-Luo Qian finally managed from his own small workshop and upgraded to gang committing crimes, even though this gang is still at the lowest standard configuration.

“Lao Luo, give it a try!” Du Ningxing was a little impatient. Luo Qian thought for a while and took out some immortal jade rice from his office-gods also want to eat. It is said that gods do not eat grains. It’s just that you don’t eat the vulgar things like grains. This kind of jade rice is a kind of rice that is widely planted in the fairy world. Each grain is full of celestial spirits. It is eaten for a long time and accumulated over time. It is also very helpful for cultivation.

Luo Qian’s grains of jade-like crystals were poured into the rice cooker and scratched his head: “You wait, I’ll get some water.” There is only one spring on the mountain, the size of cow urine, and it is still in the deep valley of the back mountain. Among. Luo Qian went out for a while and came back with a bucket of water. Find the instruction manual of the rice cooker, add water to the scale line, close the lid, and the green light of the rice cooker lights up.

“Toot toot…” The heat spurted out, and a quiet fragrance lingered in the cave. Du Ning could not help taking a big sip and swallowing his saliva: “It’s so fragrant, I never knew it, it turned out to be the cheapest Yuying rice can cook such fragrant rice.” Yes, Yuying rice is the cheapest fairy rice in Immortal Realm. Du Yuyinggui is the young master of Yuanyuantang. The lowest level he usually eats is two higher than this Yuying rice. Level of “Yunying Rice”.

The cooking level of the fairy world is far inferior to that of the human world. Although China is known as the Kingdom of Food, these soaring people are devoting themselves to cultivation. How many people have time to satisfy their “appetites”? If it weren’t for the use of these immortal grains full of immortal spirits to help cultivation, I am afraid that no one would grow this thing in the immortal world.

When it was eaten, it was just spitting out some fairy fire to cook, so it was just eaten casually. People like Du Ningcheng have specialized chefs, but the level of chefs in the Immortal Realm is far less than that of the Human Realm—promising immortals are busy cultivating, so who would be a chef.

“Lao Luo, why isn’t it okay?” Du Ning groaned at the fragrant belly. It happened that half a day had passed. The indicator light on the rice cooker was green, indicating that it was not cooked.

A series of blue thunder and lightning rushed to and fro on the rice cooker. At this time, the rice cooker was not like an electrical appliance, but more like a furnace for refining pills. The raw material is the material of the immortal world, and the energy is also the lightning of the immortal world. Only this cooking guy comes from the human world.

Du Ning’s room became more and more hungry, but the rice cooker over there was not so stunned that he couldn’t cook it. Du Ningxing looked at Luo Qian helplessly, Luo Gan spread his hands, meaning how do I know?

One day passed.

Two days passed.

Three days passed…

Just as Luo Qian was about to replace the standard fairy jade in the power supply box, he suddenly “beeped” and the red light of the rice cooker turned on, and Du Ning Cheng almost cried excitedly: “It’s finally healed…”

Luo Qian wanted to grab a bite first–to be honest, he was hungry enough, who said that the immortal would not be hungry anymore, it was because there was no food right now–it was just that Luo Qian’s poor first-order fairy technique volleyed, and How could it be faster than Du Shao’s third-order fairy technique? Luo Qian saw a dark shadow in front of him, and Du Ningming had already turned on the rice cooker.

A bluish-red light flashed in the pot, and the aroma was fragrant. Du Ningeng couldn’t help but froze, a drop of translucent liquid slipped from the corner of his mouth…

“Lao, Lao Luo, we really did…” Du Ning said with dementia. Luo Qian hurriedly leaned over: “Why, what is it cooked? Do you want us to open a restaurant?” Two heads were put together on the small rice cooker. After seeing the scene inside, Luo Qian also Frozen, he stretched out two fingers, twisted a longan-sized green medicine pill from the pot, held it in his hand, and took a photo of it against the light: “What is this?”

Du Ning slapped his neck with a slap: “Lao Luo, this is an elixir, we have developed an elixir…”

Just like craftsmanship, not every immortal can make alchemy. Immortals who are not specialized in this way not only have a low success rate in alchemy, but even the effect of practicing elixir can’t be compared with the master of alchemy. Craftsmanship and alchemy are two profitable businesses in the immortal world.

Luo Qian was overjoyed: “Really!” “My eyes are not blind, of course they are true!” In the rice cooker, there were about a dozen green pills of medicine, and Du Ningjing snatched the one in Luo Qian’s hand. Mei Yao Pill: “I will take it back and let my uncle be firm, and see how effective the medicine is.”

Du Boan, Du Ning’s uncle, was obsessed with Dan Dao, and left the Yuanyuantang to stand on his own at an early age. Therefore, the heir of the Yuanyuantang could fall to Du Ning’s father.

After these years of painstaking research, although Du Boan could not be regarded as one of the best alchemy masters in the immortal world, he could at least rank in the top twenty.

“Okay, go and come back!” The two of them were still shallow and couldn’t see the quality of this elixir, Luo Qian urged for a while, and Du Ning broke through the air.

“Uncle, Uncle…” Under Du Ning’s feet, there was a green sea and huge trees into a forest, which covered everything on the ground without leaving a gap. Du Ningcheng was helpless with his uncle’s “wandering formation”. Every time he couldn’t find his uncle’s “prescription medicine house”, he shouted in the sky. If he is lucky, the uncle will come out to pick him up soon. Okay, just in time for the uncle to open the furnace for alchemy, and there was no response after more than a dozen sounds, and Du Ning could only go back in despair.

But today’s luck is good, Du Leng, after you yelled twice, a funnel-shaped blue light rose up and dragged him into the maze below.

“Pumping” Du Ningjun fell to the ground and complained: “Uncle, you can’t change the way of introduction?” Du Boan turned over an old thread-bound book in his hand and asked without raising his eyelids: ” You little guy, what can you do when you come to me again? Are you out of money, come and steal my spirit pills to sell?”

Du Chengxing has done such a thing frequently. Du Boan is alone and childless, and is extremely fond of this nephew. Although he knows, he does not punish him. Du Nengding smiled, holding out the green medicine pill with both hands, and said: “Uncle, what grade do you think this pill is in?”

Seeing him holding it cautiously, Du Boan couldn’t help frowning: “Ning’er, what kind of pill do you need, even if you come to ask your uncle, you are so precious here. Could it be that you bought it from elsewhere for a big price? …” He twisted the medicine pill with two fingers, looked at it carefully, and then rubbed the medicine hard in his palm, returning the medicine to Du Ceng, put his hands on his nose and smelled it, nodded and said:” It’s okay, a high-grade spirit pill.”

Like immortal implements, not all magical implements refined by immortals can reach the level of immortal implements, and not all pill refining immortals have reached the level of elixir. Pills can be divided into many levels: spirit pill, treasure pill, elixir, and **** pill. Each level is also divided into three grades: upper, middle and lower.

“Really?” Du Ningjing was overjoyed, and Du Boan nodded: “Yes, although it can’t increase the cultivation base, it’s still good as a kind of spiritual supplement.” Du Condensed said: “That is to say, this kind of Can the pill be quickly replenished when the immortal energy in the body is greatly damaged?” “Yes…”

If at a critical juncture of the battle, your backing is suddenly weak, what will happen to you? What will happen if the supply of immortal energy in the body is suddenly insufficient while making alchemy?

You don’t need to worry about these problems now, because with this high-grade spirit pill, you can quickly replenish the spirit of the fairy. Therefore, this kind of low-level spirit pill seems to be of little value, but in fact it is an essential pill for everyone. The market is huge and the prospects are broad!

Du Ning ran a somersault into the sky and said loudly: “Uncle, thank you, next time my nephew will bring you a good wine…” Du Boan shook his head and said, “Hmph, every time you say this, when did you cash it…”

Luo Qian is experimenting with a fairy power generation box in his Fushandong Fuzhong. Although Xiao Xiangzi said that a piece of standard fairy jade can supply electricity for three days steadily and continuously, this is only an average standard. For a laptop with a small power consumption, a standard jade can be used for a long time. According to Luo Qian’s estimation, it is at least nine days. Relatively speaking, a massage chair with much more electricity may only last for a day and a half. But who would open a massage chair and press it for a day and a half? Therefore, a standard fairy jade can be used for a long time.

“Lao Luo…” With a cry from far and near, Du Ning excitedly rushed in, carrying two huge bags behind him. “Lao Luo, I’ll give it to you.” Two large cloth bags that were as tall as a person were thrown onto Luo Qian’s body. Luo Qian was staggered by the weight: “What?”

“Two hundred catties of Yunying rice, one hundred and fifty catties of Canghaisu–I emptied the kitchen in the remote hall, you hurry up to make alchemy for me!” Du Ningxing rushed. Luo Qian couldn’t help but smile, but Du Ning’s enthusiasm was not diminished: “Lao Luo, we will post it now, you know, this is the top-grade spirit pill-the market in the immortal world. One high-grade spirit pill can buy one hundred standard jade. , Haha, we are rich…”

Immortal realm rice is expensive, but it is of the same grade as Yuyingmi, that is, a piece of standard immortal jade per catty. Luo Qian used three catties of rice to refine ten high-grade spirit pills, plus the consumption of a standard fairy jade in the power generation box~www.snovelfree .com ~ Spending three standard jade and reaping 1,000 standard jade, it can be regarded as a huge profit.

Du Ning said: “Let’s experiment with better materials, maybe we can make a good medicine pill, hahaha…” This is why he emptied the kitchen of Yuanyuantang.

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