Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 9: 1: small fortune (below)

Sure enough, Luo Qian then took out a blockbuster: a massage chair.

As soon as this big guy appeared, an exclamation suddenly sounded below. Luo Qian was very satisfied with the effect. He looked at everyone with a smile and waited until everyone’s voices were lowered. Then he said: “Maybe some people don’t know this thing, but I can let everyone try it for free.” Luo Qian, please go up. A guest sat on the massage chair, turned on the power, and the massage chair started to move. Soon the guest was comfortable and didn’t want to move. Lazily lying on the massage chair until Luo Qian reminded him that he still refused to get up. Opening his eyes, he gave Luo a handful of top-grade immortal jade: “Lao Luo, I want this thing, twenty top-grade immortal jade!”

“Hey, how can you do this!” “Hurry down, we are all waiting for the trial.” “Yes, 20 million is a great deal, do you think others can’t afford it…” There was a scolding sound below, and Luo Qian smiled helplessly. , Spread both hands: “Look, this is an auction. Although I have a good relationship with you, I can’t break the business rules…”

The guy still refused to get up. He had a lot of enjoyment for a while, and he bargained with Luo Qian for a while. After talking, he stood up reluctantly, smacked his lips, and said, “Lao Luo, this is a good thing, I It’s about to be set!” Luo Qian smiled: “Next…”

The result of the trial was unexpectedly popular with Luo Qian, and almost all of them tried to stay on the chair for a while longer. In addition to comfortable chairs, which can alleviate some of their long-term illnesses due to meditation and practice, there is another reason that the service industry in the fairy world is pitiful. The usual pastime of immortals is drinking tea at most, and the footwashing rooms all over the human world are missing from the fairy world. This massage chair is only the lowest-end. To be honest, the effect of massage is not a little bit worse than those massage girls. It’s just that those who have never received this kind of service, enjoy this kind of massage at first glance, it is natural and comfortable. Eat flat peach and fairy fruit.

As a result of the trial, the auction, which would have ended soon, took an entire afternoon and has not yet ended. After finally waiting for the last person to get off the massage chair, Luo Qian’s face that had always maintained a professional smile became a little stiff. Luo Qian helplessly rubbed his cheeks and knocked on the auction hammer: “Okay, everyone knows the benefits of this chair. Now we are bidding, the reserve price is…20 million standard immortal jade!”

Seeing that this massage chair is so popular, Luo Qian sat on the floor and raised the price, doubling the original auction reserve price! Du Ning Cheng was taken aback at the back. This kid was too bold. Although this thing is a good thing, it is something from the lower realm. It costs 20 million yuan when it comes up, and there are a few people who are willing to increase the price.

Unexpectedly, the trend of the auction went far beyond Du Ning’s expectations. As soon as Luo Qian’s voice fell, the first guy who tried it raised the sign in his hand: “Twenty-five million!” Good guy, he added five yuan at a time. For the top grade fairy jade, obviously the last words he said were not just words.

However, some people were more determined than him. In the back row of seats, someone held up a placard and said flatly: “35 million.” Although Du Ningeng was also one of the “big and young”, compared with these people, he felt like he Become a good baby of Yuanyaoyuantang, when did you squander like this?

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“Forty million!” “Forty-three million!” “Forty-five million…”

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The price skyrocketed and soon broke the 50 million mark. The bidding momentum continued unabated. It went up all the way and broke through 60 million, 70 million, and reached the high price of 80 million. At this time, the people with no strength have died down. There are only three people who are still bidding. , But the rate of price increase is not as crazy as it started. It is all one million and one million plus. It seems that everyone’s strength is about the same. If it is much higher, it is beyond the ability to bear.

“One hundred million!” A flat voice sounded, Luo Qian’s heart trembled, and he looked past the voice and saw a white sign: No. 35! There was never a bid before the 35th, and Luo Qian still had some doubts in his heart as to what he was doing. Unexpectedly, he suddenly came out at the last moment and cut everyone under his horse in one fell swoop.

One hundred million standard celestial jade, one hundred top-grade celestial jade, the price is a bit ridiculously high, the three people looked at the high number plate helplessly and shook their heads.

Luo Qian resisted the excitement in his heart and raised his hammer: “Is there a higher price for 100 million standard jade? The first time for 100 million, the second time for 100 million, and the third time for 100 million. Transaction!” After falling, No. 35 got the coveted massage chair.

In the audience, a voice said coldly and warmly: “Lao Luo, you are so scheming. Although this thing is comfortable to use, it consumes a lot of power. Who bought this thing, I don’t know if I need to buy it from you. How many batteries, your kid is really cunning…”

Luo Qian smiled and took out the third auction item: “Hello everyone, this item can just solve the problem raised by the Xiongtai just now. Haha, I originally wanted to take this opportunity to announce this item to everyone. It was born, but since someone has proposed it, then I will also use it for auction.”

“Look at everyone.” Luo Qian started the demonstration, and it didn’t take long for someone to see the name: “This, this is a generator?” Luo Qian smiled slightly, “Yes, a standard fairy jade can work for more than three days. Haha, there is only one copy of this thing now, and there will be a large supply of it in the near future, and this is a treasure that will not be detected by the police.”

On the 35th, he raised the sign in his hand: “Twenty million standard immortal jade!” No one robbed him. Luo Qian has already said that it will be mass-produced in the future. UU Read www.uukanshu. Com buys it now, the price is definitely ridiculously high, they don’t have a massage chair, and they don’t need it urgently.

Luo Qian smiled slightly: “Twenty million for the third time!”

Although Du Ningming is the young master of Yuanyuantang, his financial power has always been in his father’s hands. He has never seen so much money in his entire life-one hundred and twenty top-grade immortal jade piled on the table, shining brightly, and moving. . Du Ning walked around the table three times, excitedly not knowing what to say.

Luo Qian was invited into the next room by Ling Xiaose. After the auction was over, after Ling Xiaose had cleared the delivery of the money and goods, he pulled Luo Qian into that room.

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