Immortal Realm’s Smuggling Kingpin

Chapter 9: 1: small fortune (on)

After six days of boiling, Luo Qian and Du Nengming made ten red-yellow medicine pills from three catties of Yunying rice, and ten sea-blue medicine pills from three catties of Canghai Su. Du Nengming took them to Du Boan. After identification, the red-yellow medicine pill is still the high-grade spirit pill, but the effect is nearly twice as strong as the previous pill cooked with jade rice, while the water-blue medicine pill has reached the low-grade treasure pill. level.

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Du Ningxing was overjoyed and felt that this time his “investment” was really wrong.

In the Fushan cave mansion, Luo Qian carefully used his immortal power to carve a flat jade box. Ten grooves were cut out in the jade box, and ten red pupil pills were put in one by one-the two combined them. The cyan pill made from Yuying rice is named “Bi Luodan”, the red yellow pill made from Yunying rice is named “Red pupil pill”, and the water blue pill made from Canghai millet Medicine pill, named “Yao Shui Pill”.

“What are you doing?” Du Nengding asked strangely: “Isn’t it just take it to Xiao Xiangzi, let him refine some more power generation boxes for us, what are you doing so solemnly, don’t you always dislike that guy? “Luo Qian said: “It is precisely because I don’t like that guy, that’s why the packaging is like this. Do you understand the packaging? Packaging in the Netherland is very important. The cost of packaging is calculated into the cost of the product. For example, those cigars How do you know how expensive these cigars are if you don’t use a crystal box or a silver tube to cover it?”

Du Ningming didn’t know anything about this, he could only listen to Luo Qian’s boasting, and nodded stupidly. “…So, what we are going to smuggle is not only the products of the lower realm, but also the idea of ​​the lower realm!” He shook the jade box in his hand, and gently opened it in front of Du Nengding, ten red pupil pills in two neat rows. Placed in the jade box, the box opened, and there seemed to be a lingering air rising, and it looked different as expected.

Du Chengcheng admired: “Not bad, Lao Luo, you really are!”

The two came to Xiao Xiangzi’s residence in Xiushuiya again, and offered the box. Xiao Xiangzi was really moved: “This is a high-grade spirit pill–and it seems to be reaching the level of a Baodan. Such a precious gift, I How embarrassed to accept it.” Although he said embarrassed, he didn’t mean to send the box back. Luo Qian smiled in his heart, and he guessed right, Xiao Xiangzi knew the value of these ten spirit pills, enough to save his ten failed devices.

“Brother Xiao, don’t be polite. Since we have taken it out, how embarrassed to take it back?” Du Nengding pushed and shoved, “hardly” let Xiao Xiangzi accept it.

Xiao Xiangzi took the other person’s short hand and his attitude was much better. He put away his stinky face, and asked with a pleasant face, “I wonder if you two are here this time, what’s the matter?” Du Condensed: “It’s the same thing last time, we hope I can order more.” Xiao Xiangzi thought for a while and said, “No problem, we are all old acquaintances in terms of the price, so we can negotiate. I only charge you 3 million standard jade for each piece, how about it?”

Luo Qian smiled, his carrot policy has worked.

“Okay, no problem.” Luo Qian took out six top-grade immortal jade: “This is a deposit of 6 million yuan. I will order ten pieces first and pay on delivery, how about?”

These six top-grade celestial jade, but Luo Qian’s wife was born, had been in the fairy world for so many years, and didn’t save much money.

“The deal. I’ll let you know when I get it done.”

Du Yingying followed Luo Qian out of Xiushuiya, and immediately said anxiously: “Lao Luo, your brain is getting hot. Order ten pieces at a time. That’s 30 million standard jade. I am penniless now. Where can we find it? So much money? Those spirit pills can’t be sold by selling them.”

Luo Qian smiled weirdly: “Don’t worry, Shanren has his own tricks. You follow me…”

Du Ning sat on the black massage chair, groaning comfortably. Luo Qian impatiently rushed people out: “Hey, Du Shao, it’s almost done. I got this thing back. I haven’t tried it yet. Get up and let me try it too.” Du Ning squinted his eyes and swayed comfortably. Waved his hand: “Lao Luo, this thing is yours anyway. You can use it whenever you want. Do you care about this moment? Ouch, my waist. For a while, my father forced me to practice and meditate all day long. It hurts like a needle stick in my lumbar spine…”

Immortal bodies will also “overwork”. After all, they are not mechanical. Although they are more tolerant than human bodies, they are also creatures. Fairies meditate for at least several days at a time. Who hasn’t had any “occupational diseases”?

Luo Qian said, “This thing is not mine. The payment for the ten power generation boxes has landed on this thing.” Du Nengding opened his eyes, “What do you mean?” “Sell this thing, you How much money do you think you can get back?” Du Ningjing listened to his words, his eyes lit up: “Good stuff, Lao Luo, you can figure it out. Well, if you want me, you can make at least 50 million standard cents. jade.”

Luo Qian added: “I have sent invitation letters to all of my clients, asking them to come to Busan Dongfu to participate in the auction of massage chairs the day after tomorrow. Think about it, what kind of people do you know? Interested in this thing?” Du Ning’s eyes rolled, and a carp sprang up from the massage chair hill: “I’ll go and notify everyone.” He said to leave, leaving the cave with a whirlwind, Luo Qian hurriedly pursued Come out loudly and exhort: “Look for someone who can hold it…” “Don’t worry!”

Two days later, in the always deserted Fushan, a fairy light flashed from time to time, which was the afterimage of the immortals passing by at high speed. Luo Qian was busy around, greeted all the guests alone.

The meeting room of Roche Trading was refurbished. The oval meeting table was removed and replaced with rows of spacious and comfortable stone chairs. Most of the 30 stone chairs have been seated. It’s just that these people are wearing big cloaks and hats covering their faces. Although everyone is interested in what Luo Qian said, no one wants to let others know that they buy this prohibited item by themselves.

Except that Luo Qian knows everyone’s identity, these people are not clear to each other. More than twenty people sat together, quietly, without whispering or chatting.

A hand stretched out from the door and dragged Luo Qian over: “Brother Luo.” Lifting his hat, it turned out that it was the otaku Shaoling. There was still a person standing behind Ling Xiaose, wrapped in black clothes, and he was even more afraid of being seen by others than the people in the conference room.

Putting down his hat, Ling Xiaose said: “Brother Luo, this is my cousin, the one who asked you to buy a computer last time…” Luo Qian remembered, and quickly nodded: “Fortunately to meet you…” When he took off his hat, Luo Qian looked at Ling Xiaose strangely. The latter smiled awkwardly: “My cousin has a weird temper.” Luo Qian glanced suspiciously at him, wondering whether it would be Qin. The one who wants to be in prison…

Seeing Luo Qian’s look, the cousin guessed his thoughts, and said, “Brother Luo, don’t worry. I’m only here for things.” Luo Qian smiled and nodded: “Please!” He gave it. Two people have a brand, thirty-five.

I don’t know what happened recently, and I have competed with the 35th.

As soon as the two Ling Xiaose brothers were sent in, there was a sound of people outside, and Du Ning had barged in with a group of people. Luo Qian hurriedly stopped him and threw him a hood: “You are not afraid of being known about your current job?” Du Ning was taken aback, after thinking about it, there was a huge remote hall behind him, so he put it on obediently. hat. There are about ten people behind him, and there are not enough seats. Luo Qian quickly moved some stone chairs from another place. All the buyers have arrived and the auction can begin.

Standing on the stage, Luo Qian knocked on the auction mallet, cleared his throat, and said loudly: “Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to Fushan Luoshi Trading Company. I believe everyone is very curious about today’s auction items. , Don’t talk nonsense, let’s be clear about today’s protagonist!”

“First of all, the first auction item is ten Baodan-level Yaoshui Pills, everyone, please take a look.” In a box carved from immortal jade, ten water-blue medicine pills are neatly stacked. UU Reading www.uukanshu. com

Although it is a treasure pill, it is of average quality, that is, a low-grade treasure pill. The people here are not simple in origin. Although Bao pill is a good thing, it can’t make them impressed.

These people all have profound backgrounds, which are not comparable to those of Xiao Xiangzi who walks alone. Naturally, there are immortals who specialize in alchemy among the powerful schools. Although Baodan is rare, it is not enough to let them put aside the things at hand and come all the way to participate in the auction.

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Sure enough, everyone’s enthusiasm for this item was very low. After Luo Qian said that the base price was 500,000 standard immortal jade, only a few people increased the price, and finally sold at 1.2 million standard immortal jade, which was only slightly higher than the normal price. a little.

But everyone understands that this is just a “warm up”, an appetizer before dinner, and everyone is not in a hurry.

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